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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Ryo : 48400

City Life (Mission) Empty City Life (Mission)

Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:40 pm
City Life:

Mission: Knowledge vs. Wisdom E-rank

Zeo Kamigawa Stats

His dorm in Hoshigakure was nothing flattering. A simple room with a small attached kitchen and a bathroom installed. It was good enough for a person who was a refuge and newcomer to the ninja village. Zeo had decorated a little bit as well. A starry poster, a clock, some books but nothing bare. he had spent his time in the academy in his room when he wasn't actually in class. Even afterward, he spent a good amount of time in his room just thinking...

Too much pessimism, regret and mourning his family's fate. To lose them as he did was already traumatic as is, and it was not going to help him. So when he got the mission, it was an interesting opportunity-- and yet he wanted to dismiss it. The goal was simple. He had to go around town and learn about things. Already he felt dwarfed by the large village-- which felt more like a big city like the ones in Kumo, Kiri or Konoha. he had read a bit about Hoshigakure and even heard about it from the classes in the academy. The hoshigakure was the youngest of all the shinobi villages. Formerly a middling humble land with no military presence, it was a peaceful land but often subjected to pressure by its surrounding nations. Its religious and peace-loving dynamic soon gave rise to the royal family and then to the shinobi village. While small, they grew-- originally found when a meteorite with chakra-altering properties fell from the sky.  

While the history was fascinating, he did learn how this village came to be. But from what the mission described, he was otherwise entitled to go out and explore the city. Learn from it first-hand. As a new resident to the village, it made sense and he reluctantly decided to do it. He got out from his bed, put on his jacket and shoes, and headed for the town.

Zeo needed to get out more, in more ways than one. By nature, he was a book worm. He studied, he read, he was always in his head. It wasn't anything to be ashamed of, but he knew he had to experience things first hand. If he wanted to really understand his new home, he had to experience what life was around this place. It made this simple mission a good one to help broaden his horizons.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom...

His first stop was the town square-- a place Zeo had visited now and again from buying food to picking up books to bring home and read from, including shinobi tools and scrolls to learn Jutsu. He observed the people as just another face in the crowd. He didn't have anyone he truly knew as a friend yet beyond Soma, but no one else he truly knew to go around with. Still, what he didn't bother checking out was the local mall-- a building full of things located inside a single building. This was something he never saw in his humble village. Multiple stores in a single building, marked by colorful and conditioned intermingling, like Air conditioning, charges, eateries and other places to relax while indoors. The shops he saw too were not just limited to ninja accommodations. There were electronics, toys for younger children, book stores-- which Zeo was drawn too-- blacksmiths, apothicaries, flourists-- you name it. In the depths of Star Village, they still had natures of trade, even for being this far north.  One thing that caught Zeo's attention. In the electronic store, was a device worn over the ears-- a pair of stylish headphones that played music from a small device.

Even though the age of Ninjas had been a long-standing history in the world-- modern developments had begun to reveal itself. He made a small list of items he would aspire to get to when he earned more money.

The next stop was a place he heard about. Kozai Yuki National Archives. He heard of this place and taken interest in it. A grand library, containing many things from the village's Jutsu and more vital information for anyone seeking knowledge. It was something Zeo could get to use in due time. He would learn much about the different arts beyond natural practice. Either way, certain areas were off-limits to Genin. It was obvious and understandable while certain shinobi couldn't access certain information or techniques.

The Royal Palace was something special. If anything it was almost like a tourist spot as many people would travel to it. Some dukes, some governors and lords, even visitors from other nations. While the public only had access to certain parts, most of it was quartered off to only authorized personal and high-rank shinobi and guards. The palace was extraordinary, the shine of gold in the sunlight. Many areas of it was like a museum, and for that, Zeo had to make time to come back to enjoy the place.

The last place was the Unseen University. He had been there once before, when he first entered t he village. He was asked to wait in the downstairs office and didn't move. Many shinobi were there. Curious, he approached the gates of the building, where two Shinobi stopped him. "Hold on. No one may enter at this time." one of the guards said, the two of them wearing the Star Village headbands.

Zeo presented him as well, identifying himself. "I am Zeo Kamigawa, a genin here. I was hoping to check on my status and look in at the office here. Is there a reason why I cannot enter?" he asked.

The other guard looked to Zachary, a more sympathetic look on his face compared to the first. "I'm sorry but there is an important meeting going on and we cannot allowed uninvited personal in right now. Please come again tomorrow."

Zeo paused for a moment as he considered this. "Well if that is the case, may I ask you two a few questions then if you cannot let me in?" he asked. "I'd just like to know the importance of the Unseen University regarding to Hoshigakure, please?"

Both guards looked at one another, then back to the Genin cautiously. While Zeo understood it was unorthodox, it wasn't horrible for him to inquire about such an important place. "Sure, we can answer some questions-- within reason, of course," the guard said after a pause.

Zeo smiled with appreciation and bowed to them. "What can you tell me about the importance of this place and how it affects the village?" Zeo asked.

"The Unseen University is the primary hub for Hoshigakure's shinobi activity, from intelligence to assigning of missions. Chunin and Jounin often use this to receive and relay information. It also includes research and development. It is actually a higher grade security than the royal palace. It also houses the Hoshikage's office as well." he said.

Zeo listened and appreciated it. He didn't realize the Hoshikage took office in that building. Perhaps someday he would get the chance to meet him. "Thank you for your time to answer my questions. I look forward to when I too can enter here. Have a good day," Zeo gave a bow to the shinobi and promptly left. Having seen many of the sites, he now returned back to home-- and to write his experience for his superiors to prove he did the mission.

He learned much about Hoshigakure that day and looked forward to doing more with them.

WC: 1250

Rewards: 500 Ryo, 1 AP +100 Ryo
Training Rewards: +6 to Chakra. (Bonus for over WC or so I am told) +3 to Stamina
+ Genjutsu Release 250 WC
+ Spirit Gun Jutsu 1000WC

Last edited by Zeo Kamigawa on Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:11 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Correcting rewards due to over Word Cap for it :P)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Ryo : 131150

City Life (Mission) Empty Re: City Life (Mission)

Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:13 pm
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