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Poor unfortunate soul  Empty Poor unfortunate soul

Mon May 25, 2020 8:38 pm
[url=]Poor unfortunate Soul[/url]

Soma Shin got his mission about rescuing a young lady from a temple in the city square.  She was wanting to escape the temple life and start a new one.  He woke up in the morning and got dressed. He made sure to put on his hood today.  He did not want them to see his headband or his bright green hair.  He thought that this would help him to blend in.  He ate breakfast and tried to come up with a plan for the mission. He knew that the actual rescue would not be till later tonight.  So he was going to go to the area the temple was in and start doing some reconnaissance for the mission.  He was going to be looking for a number of things like guards, exit points, entrance points and what people usually wear to go into the temple.  He went over the details of the mission and the description of the young women. After he had finished this he headed towards the temple to do some scouting for the mission tonight. 
He arrived at the temple and started to act normal or at least tried to. He went to the restaurant that was just down the street and ate an early lunch and started to count how many people went in and out of the temple. He saw that quite a few people went in and out throughout the day.  He wanted to get an idea about the foot traffic and if it changed. He also wanted to see what people who went to the temple would wear.  He thinks that if he can blend in with the crowd he might be able to sneak in better. So he finds the robe he thinks they are wearing and buys one to put over his shinobi outfit.  So now he goes to the temple and tries to make a mental map of where everything is from guards to tables and chairs.  Once he mapped things out in his head, he decided to head out of the temple and wait for the specified time that they would try to do the extraction.  But he decided that he should make sure he knew the way to the gazebo at the watery gardens.  He then plotted the fastest way and the way that had the most places to lose people who may be following him.  He wanted to leave nothing to chance.  Soma shin felt like he had a plan but he needed to learn more about the person that he was rescuing.  So he headed home to look at the briefing details a little more. 
He heads home to learn more about this person that he is extracting.  She was born into the  temple and raised there her whole life.  She was a younger girl according to the description.   She had black hair and blue eyes.  It said she would be wearing a yellow flower in her hair and that’s how Soma Shin would be able to identify her but it does not say anything about how he was to identify himself to her.  He was trying to think of a plan.  He cannot show any sort of jutsu because he would risk exposing himself and maybe get attacked.  As he sat down and ate his dinner reading more about this woman.  He learned that she was rarely allowed to leave temple grounds or explore.  The temple sounded more like her prison then her home.  It did not make sense to Soma Shin but that might have been because his grandfather and parents always allowed him to go and explore places. As the clock ticked by he finally decided it was time he put on a hood and the robes he had found and headed towards the temple.  He grabbed the headband and stuck it in his pockets just in case he could use it.  He walked out his door and towards the temple he had done surveillance on earlier in the day. 
Soma Shin heads towards the door and calmly walks in the temple. He begins by scanning the room looking for the yellow flower.  He does not see her on this level of the temple.  He heads towards the stairs when he finally sees her coming down the stairs.  “Excuse me ma’am, I think you look lovely tonight.  Could I help you with anything” I show my headband to hear secretly and she acknowledges it.  So he has figured out one problem. Which was finding the person he was supposed to escape with. Now Soma Shin looks around and tries to find the quickest route to get out of the temple.  He knows there is a small door they can fit through that the delivery man uses.  That should not be guarded.  He whispers to the young lady“stay as close as you can. I am going to get us out of here as fast as possible.  I will be getting you out of here tonight.” They quickly head towards the kitchen.  He looks inside and sees a few chefs and workers but no guards.  He tries to snake the two of them through the crowd.  He goes through different groups and things making sure that they were not being followed. He finally makes it to the kitchen door and starts to head towards the back while everyone else’s back is turned with the girl.  They finally sneak through the back door.  
Soma Shin and this girl made it out of the temple but he still needed to sneak through all the alleys.  The saw some guards around the corner and Soma Shin knew he had to find something to distract them but he had already planned for this he gave the girl his new robes.  And they calmly walked out with an easy disguise; he also had her take the flower out and put his head band on. They looked at them and saw the headband and gave a look of disgust but the plan worked for now. As soon as the guards who saw them looked away they started to run towards the gazebo at the gardens. They made it with no further disturbances. 
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Poor unfortunate soul  Empty Re: Poor unfortunate soul

Wed May 27, 2020 6:21 pm
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