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Arcanis Hedatari
Arcanis Hedatari
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Completing Fuin training [Solo] Empty Completing Fuin training [Solo]

Thu May 14, 2020 11:37 am
Arc knew that he was going to need a lot more power to complete his goals in the near future.  That’s why he began training fuuinjutsu.  Seals in this world worked something like magic batteries in other worlds.  With a simple seal and some sort of ritual you can store commands in seal to be carried out upon a condition happening.  This is how Arcanis interpreted it at least.  That was his desire for the seals.  And if he could use this jutsu to create locks and barriers as it was commonly done, that would be even more helpful.  Arc started the day out as many he had before, at the training facility.  The reason he came here everyday was one: to have a ritual to keep himself in top shape.  He didn’t know how he lost his strength while he was away from this world but he certainly wouldn’t lose it again while he was here.  

Today he brought some sealing scrolls, tags, a couple books on the subject, and some expendable items… just in case.  He checked out a meditation room instead of a training room.  That way he would have a very peaceful environment to work in.  Arc laid his items out on the floor around the centrally located meditation seat.  Taking a seat, Arc began to regard the items individually.  He didn’t touch them or move them, he just looked at them formulating a plan of action.  He had glanced through the books already.  In fact he had read them several times before, though the memories of some of the times were a bit hazy.  The book detailed some basic principles and formulae to create basic seals and the concepts behind them.  Unfortunately the book goes on to say that seal creation is somewhat of an art form and requires a sort of signature style to create more complex arrays.  Arc quickly flipped through the book again.  It was beginner stuff but Arc had to start at the beginning because that was how it was learned.  It wasn’t just chakra manipulation and control, it was intricate, like surgery.  

The second book he had brought were common fuin seals and how they worked.  Different from the first book in that it took the opposite approach to a fuinjutsu seal.  Instead of building the jutsu it broke down the jutsu into its basic elements.  This allowed arc to understand the purpose of the element in regards to a specific ending.  Both books were helpful to him.  

He set the second book aside and picked up a sealing scroll.  It has a shuriken in it and the seal was plainly visible.  This helped Arc separately from the books because not only could he see the formula on this scroll but he could test its feel when he applied his chakra to it in an attempt to unseal it.  Doing it this way was like learning to pick a lock by picking a lock without a casing to it.  You can watch to see what your efforts accomplished.  It was a method of learning through multiple senses.  Arc bent his chakra forming it on the seals and testing the feel, savoring it actually.  The seal was so simple that it was designed to be used even by those who didn’t know what they were doing.  So after feeling it out he popped the seal and held the shuriken in his palm for a moment.  The weight of the object was one to the things the seal had to take into account.  Sealing the object into the scroll required sealing the weight and size as well.  The scroll felt like just a scroll when the sealing was done.  Arc decided he would pick at this aspect of the sealing jutsu.  Commonly the formula was designed to seal the object in its entirety.  What if the seal was designed to absorb the object but not it’s weight.  

Arc started scrawling his chicken scratch formula on a new tag to test it out.  He started with the sealing zone in the middle and deftly worked his brush as he was taught in the academy.  He wrote his sealing kanji with swift flicks of his brush and tweaked the part of the formula that he considered the most pertinent to the sealing of the object's weight attribute.  He laid the shuriken in the sealing zone and channeled his chakra into the sealing tag.  

The shuriken disappeared and the tag suddenly turned to metal.  Arc shook his head in disappointment.  He had tweaked the wrong part of the equation.  Unsealing the shuriken Arc started on a new tag.  After pouring over the formula again he designed a new array and sealed the shuriken.  This time the scroll gained the extra weight from the shuriken just as he wanted.  This would be useful in the future but for now he was just glad he was able to figure out how to tweak seal properties and he gained a better understanding of the demands of the jutsu.

Arc wasn’t done though.  Just understanding the formulae wasn’t enough.  He needed practice with several types of arrays to fully understand the concepts.  Aligning the two seals he had created he made notes of the differences and set them aside.  Arc picked up a new tag and a small item he had brought from home.  It was a trinket he had kept since he was a child.  He didn’t know why he kept it as it had no use as of now.  Arc had a concept he had been working on in his head that he wanted to try.  When he had sealed the shuriken in the tag earlier he had given the tag properties of the object he sealed in it.  Which was pretty basic compared to what he wanted to do.  He figured if he could crack this idea he would be able to unlock depths of knowledge in fuinjutsu seals that he had not yet attained.  

Designing the seal specifically adjusting a certain part of the formula he set his trinket in the center of the sealing array.  With a pulse of chakra and puff of smoke the sealing tag was gone.  Arc had created a reverse sealing that sealed the sealing aspects of the tag into the trinket.  The trinket was now a sealing implement like the tag had been.  Arc smiled at his creation.  He had confidence in his new found art.

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Completing Fuin training [Solo] Empty Re: Completing Fuin training [Solo]

Thu May 14, 2020 7:33 pm
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