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Thread and RP Rules Empty Thread and RP Rules

Wed Apr 08, 2020 2:47 pm
Thread Rules

When making a thread, there are a few rules you have to follow. The most important is the tags you are allowed to put on the thread title and when you are allowed to use them. Thread tags are used to label a topic private to only the ones you invite or to label one as a non-violent thread.  However, keep in mind that even if you have a tag on your thread, it does not make it absolute; you will not be able to make a private thread to sneak into a village, for example.

Private Tag:
Used to label a topic private to only you and those you invite.  Private topics can only be made in your village, you may not make one on the country borders due to missing ninja roaming the lands, nor can you make private topics in another village unless you're permitted to stay in the village. If you commit crimes in the village, then the security within the village has every right to enter a private thread.  Missing ninja are allowed to make only private training threads due to them always being hunted.

No Kill Tag:
Meaning a thread where killing is against the rules, all intentional killing posts will be voided.
Just because you have a No Kill tag does not make you immortal; if you mess up and cannot counter a post, you can still die, and if you make a no-kill topic with someone and give them a reason to kill you, then they still can. IE; Tell them you were responsible for killing their family, saying they can't act IC because of the tag. A No-Kill tag also carries over to its branches, such as No Kidnap/Capture, etc.; you cannot knock them out, carry them to another thread, then kill them there.

- Maximum of 10 characters in a single topic. This includes a character leaving early, once 10 have been in the topic there will be no additional characters admitted. 

- Players are allotted 1 mid claim per topic, no more than that.

- Training Topics; Topics in which a character is teaching another character a jutsu/element/skill, is maxed out to 4 people - this abides by the same rule that if someone exits the topic early none are allowed to enter in their place.

- Combat Topics; Topics in which combat is present, Village Destruction Topics, and topics involved in active War. Max 5 Player Character Combatants on any one side - if someone dies or leaves early they are not able to be replaced with a new character joining the topic.

-All tags are meant to be used properly; if any form of abuse occurs, then a staff member has every right to step in and give their judgement on the thread.

-Exceptions can be made for the tags; IC actions still apply. You cannot make a no-kill thread, then tell a player you were responsible for killing their family and expect them not to kill you.
If an exception to the tags is made, staff can void a particular tag if the IC actions support such.

-All thread tags must be clearly visible and should be either in the title of the thread or specified at the start of the initial post. You may shorten the tags to save space as long as it is clear what is meant.

-Threads concerning village attacks must have tags in the title.

-Once the thread is made, the tags cannot be added at a later date.

Roleplay Rules

With the many writing styles floating around, we have compiled a list of what is acceptable on NRPG to make things fair for all users; if you have anything you would like to see added then, please message a staff member before using it in a live roleplay to see if it is acceptable.

Third Person:
This is where all actions are typed as "He does this" or "She does this".
This is universal across the site. Thus all roleplay posts must be made in the third person.

The timeline is the entirety of the thread from the first word to the last.
This is where you have your character act in response to anything in a post, opposed to reacting to the full thing.
An example of such is;
"Bob bounces on his heels, bends down, picks up a rock with his right hand, and throws it towards John."
^This would be a timeline for one particular player.
"John sees bob bouncing on his heels; when he bends down, John swings his right foot forwards attempting to kick him in the face."
^A counter cut off timeline performed by John.

Thus, due to John cutting off Bob whilst he was going for the rock, it was never picked up or thrown, forcing him to react at the point where John cut him off.

You can only act upon the most recent post, and if you have a thread going on for multiple posts and try to jump in and respond to something on the first post, you will be voided.

Code Style:
This is where you describe your attack with enough detail that you hint at it instead of outright saying what it is.  This style is allowed; however, it will be heavily monitored for abuse. Should it be brought up, you must fully explain to the staff member what happened and where. (Instead of "Uses Amaterasu," one can instead go "Black flames erupt from the man's eyes after a trickle of blood"). At the bottom of a combat post, a member has to list at the very least the amount of AP being used in the topic to signal their being ap expanding creations used. However, the rapper isn't forced to disclose the name of the creation whatsoever if a staff member is called upon and deems the text is appropriate and decipherable unless they wish to do so, of course. If the AP isn't present, a void will be done depending on the severity of the issue. An example of Code Style: Instead of "Uses Amaterasu," one can instead go "Black flames erupt from the man's eyes after a trickle of blood."

Vague Manipulation:
This is where you can put your own detail into someone's post if they do not have it in themselves.  Small uses of this are allowed. Such uses must have a within reason outcome. Important information must be edited by the player who is missing it.  An example of allowed uses of Vague Manipulation are as followed;
*Bob punches Fred*
Due to not listing which fist hit Fred or where the target of impact is, Fred can within reason say that it was his left hand, and the attack was aimed at his stomach.

If someone does not detail out their entire form, you cannot use this to change what they look like or show up to a battle naked; such uses are considered trolling. Additionally, attempting to vague a characters speed or other attributes that were left unspecified is another form of vague manipulation frowned upon and not allowed on this forum if it logically makes no sense with the characters intent and clearly done to provide an unfair advantage in a battle(I.e., Rper A forgets to say they do handseals in a heated battle at max speed. Therefore Rper B says the handseals were initiated at a speed of 2. This is grounds for voiding.

Rper A says they’re marching with a mass army slowly approaching a village while doing handseals; it’s logical for Rper B to say Rper A is walking at a low consistent speed that the army can all handle, such as 10, as not all shinobi wield the same level of speed. However, they’re still within their right to do handseals at full speed.)

Banned RP Styles:
- Filler Style, the method in which you fill your post with nothing but unneeded detail of things completely irrelevant to the situation for the sole purpose of having a word block to read through, we do not need to read about what the old lady next door was doing to her cat while you're sparing at the training grounds.

- Blitzing, there will only be infrequent occasions where this is allowed.  Blitzing is where you boost your speed or power to such levels that you kill someone in one post without them having time to react; this is done with jutsu, as well as the actual stats.  The bottom line, don't do it; it's rude and kills RP's fun if you can only win a fight by just boosting your stats to god points above someone else; this will be voided the majority of the time.  This is not to be confused with a jutsu or a person just being fast; it instead covers someone just dashing past you with a sword and cheap shotting you by cutting you in half at 250 speed. Try and be fair, and have fun.

-Staff has the full right to void a post and or topic should it be an abuse of any of the styles stated on this thread.
-If you have a style you wish you have added, send it to an administrator before using it on the site, so arguments do not start over the new style.
What is written on this thread is allowed; if it is not listed, do not do it; otherwise, the staff has every right to void the post and thread.

Post Voids

Yes, we all know about them, we have all used them, and we have all had them used against us; this is a quick guide on how post voids should work and be used.

First off, let's talk about what it means to "Void" a post.

-Voids are caused by rule-breaking actions such as auto hitting, godmodding, and impossible actions.

A void in a post causes everything at the point of voiding afterwards to be non-existent.

An example is thus;
Johnny runs at billy; johnny attacks Billy over and over, killing him.

^ With Johnny's last valid action being "running," that is the only part that remains of his post with the sentence after which includes auto hitting to be voided and never occur, thus allowing Billy to get in a free attack due to Johnny only running at him.
However, just because Johnny was voided, it simply means that the last part of his move did not occur. He is still free to counter Billy's attacks as if he was still running at him.

How to "Void" a post:
To void a post, you must have ample proof to back up your rule-breaking claims; you post your argument along with your proof on the topic stating where the void is and why.
The void must be approved by a staff member or accepted by the other player. The topic is frozen until any of the two occurs.

Stupid Voids:
Yes, without a nicer word for this section, it is for all the honestly stupid voids to call and are only used to get in a free attack.
This category's voids can include but are not limited to typos, a single word missing, or slight grammar problems.
Like those listed above, voids cause problems when brought up due to how petty their nature is. Unless the void actually has a true reason and is relevant to the post, staff will ignore the void and allow the one accused to fix the issue.

A stupid void example is thus;

Tommy throws a kunai at bob.
Bob blocks the shuriken.
Voided post and bob is hit with the kunai due to saying shuriken as a typo.

^With the above, everyone who reads the post clearly knows what they are doing. Thus there is no confusion and nothing truly wrong with the post.
The proper way to handle something like this is to either go on as if they blocked the kunai or request they edit the post to change it to the correct word.

Handling Voids:
Before you can call an outright void, we now require you to talk to your fellow roleplayer about it beforehand, and if it is something that can be handled with a simple edit, you should allow them to fix it.
Now, just because you should allow them to fix it does not mean that every time you should allow them to get away with it, everyone has to accept their mistakes at one point.
Should an edit be required in a combat thread, the ability to edit must be agreed upon by the parties in conflict. This should be kept to a minimum and is not required unless overruled by the presiding moderator.

Be careful when fighting. To have a character die or massively injured over something that could be fixed by adding a single word kills off the fun for RP for most.
[An example is a kage getting killed in battle by a student solely because they made a typo.]

Unauthorized Edits:
While sometimes a post must be edited either to add new information or fix a mistake once a post has been made in a thread, any edits must be authorised by all parties in a thread unless a battle mod has requested an edit per the above rules.

If a member suspects that unauthorised edits may occur, they may either make a placeholder post or take screenshots of the post in question. Note this placeholder does not stop the timer for your post.

This being said, if grammatical edits are made before a placeholder post has been placed, this can be done without seeking permission from all parties involved. Note that this exception only applies to edits that are sole to fix grammar or flavour. Any edits that change your characters' actions or affect others' actions require permission regardless of whether a placeholder is posted.

Anyone caught editing their post without permission will have their post voided.

Banned Characters

Banned characters belong to banned members who have been removed from the site due to multiple offences against the staff, the community, or role-play.

When in a topic with a banned character, you can skip said character's posting turn if the ban is temporary. Should the ban be permanent, it is assumed that they walked/teleported/disappeared from the topic. Their acting village heads will decide these character's fates.

You are not allowed to take advantage of a member's banning by claiming their body, money, and/or items.
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