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Relaxing on a Day Off - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxing on a Day Off

Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:39 pm
Ryu was surprised by the calm kage's sudden burst of excitement. The puppeteer could clearly see that Yasaki truly did care about his village. He really was a leader worthy of being the head of Hoshi. The man had something that the pink haired jonin did not, trust in his people. While Ryu fretted and worried about what might be to come, Yasaki focused on what was already in front of him.

"You know... you are right. The village is doing fine right now. I'm squandering this peace and tranquility by worrying about how to make it last." He would sigh, "I think I have been looking at our shinobi all wrong. I shouldn't see them for their current capabilities, but for their potential."

Ryu remembered the students that he taught recently at the academy. Many of them were bright youths with outstanding talent. Just because they weren't ready to fight a monster like Valen or Kenshin right this moment didn't mean Hoshi was weak. Ryuken took off his glasses and placed them on the table in front of him. He pushed all his hair out of his face and smiled.

Taking another sip from his cup he would let out a harsh breath and look up at Yasaki once more. "Thank you sir. All my worrying was getting in the way of enjoying the peace that we have all earned. I'll continue to grow day after day, but not out of fear. We'll all grow together so that I can look back at myself, pulling out my hair in stress, and laugh."

The alcohol was starting to make the puppet masters face warm and he was certainly full from all the food. What Yasaki said next caught him a little off guard. The kage tasked him with gathering the troops of Hoshi. Perhaps he had a speech to serve as a rallying call. Whatever it was, Ryu was too drunk to think that hard about it. All he really grasped was the task at hand, bringing everyone together.

"Consider it done. I'll get on it first thing in the morning." He would say trying to sound as serious as possible with all the alcohol swimming in his veins. He would soon after call a server over and ask for the bill. The tab was a little expensive but the jonin didn't care at all. Not every day that someone gets to sit down with the Hogokage and have a man to man chat. Ryu had never really given much thought to his own rank after achieving jonin status. He simply thought of it as a fancy title and nothing else. But now he realized the doors it could open for him and the responsibility to help preserve the peace. "Thank you once again sir. It's been an uhhh...enlightening evening. I had a good time." He would say before turning and going his separate way. He made sure to write down in his notebook to remember Yasakis order. He would get to work right away in the morning. But for now he needed to crash in his bed and sleep the booze off.

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Relaxing on a Day Off - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxing on a Day Off

Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:28 pm
TWC: 1549 
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Primrose Uchiha
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Relaxing on a Day Off - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxing on a Day Off

Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:00 am
Relaxing on a Day Off - Page 2 Imagee45
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