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Thor Senju
Thor Senju
Ryo : 10

Gathering Animals(Mission) Empty Gathering Animals(Mission)

Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:46 am

"Are you fucking kidding me", Thor thought to himself as he read the mission he had received the last mission that was on the board once again." I gotta stop coming here so late cause this shit is ridiculous", he thought as he walked away. Even though the mission was only a E rank he decided he would do it anyway. It wasent every day a shinobi of his rank would stoop so low as to doing E ranked mission , but it was a first time for everything. He went home and put most of his ninja tools away , knowing that it wouldnt be needed for a mission like this. He was seriously disappointed that that was the only mission  he could do at the moment, but he had his own personal mission that he was on and he would need every ryo he could get his hands on. Thor didnt waste much time in his home since this mission didnt need any type of prep to do so. He left back out and headed towards where the animals catchers were. He wasent an animal fan but he didnt dislike them either, it all depended on the animal per say. 

He always liked dogs , but he felt as though cats were vile creatures and only wanted to use you. While dogs were trust worthy , loyal and would even defend you if needed, they were mans best friend. If it was up to Thor though he would rather have something more dangerous than a dog as pet , something that would scare away the average man. He wasent sure what kind of animal would do such a thing but he was sure going to go and find one soon enough. It didnt take him long to meet up with the animal catchers , since Thor had passed by their shop a couple times in the past so he knew a quicker way there. As he approached the two catchers who were outside talking , he couldnt help but feel slight bad for them that this was their profession. Thor knew everyone couldnt be a great shinobi and their was no glory in risking your life for nothing. "Im here to help you guys catch the remaining animals", Thor said as he stood infront of both of them. "Great , theres only two left so if you want to grab those and bring them back that would be great", One of the men said to Thor with a smile. Thor shook his head in response and walked away. He summoned two shadow clones and would have both of them head out and retrieve the missing animals. He didnt feel like going to hunt them down himself, so what better to use than shadow clones. 

It didnt take long for Thor clones to come back with a dog and a cat , surprisingly enough they both was able to retrive the animals at the same time and make it back at the same time. Thor was quite impressed with his clones ability to do such good work , but then again the clones were a reflection of him. Thor walked up to his clones and grabbed the animals from both of them, he thanked them for their worked and smiled as they both disappeared in a cloud of smoke. "I love that Technique", Thor thought to himself as he turned around and walked to the two men who were still outside at their truck. "Heres you two remaining animals", Thor said in a slightly iritated tone. "Thanks for your help we really appreciate it", one of the men said. Thor gave a slight smile and walked away, another one completed.
Claims: 3+ stats, 500ryo, 1 ap, 613 Will be claimed at a later date.
Thor Senju
Thor Senju
Ryo : 10

Gathering Animals(Mission) Empty Re: Gathering Animals(Mission)

Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:26 am
613 into Mayfly (4230/5000) rest is Here
Primrose Uchiha
Primrose Uchiha
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 12000

Gathering Animals(Mission) Empty Re: Gathering Animals(Mission)

Thu Apr 09, 2020 8:29 pm
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