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Gidyne[Travel] Empty Gidyne[Travel]

Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:56 pm
Old Faceclaim:

The faucet water would delicately intertwine with his smooth umber skin tone as he cupped a portion of the rushing stream and decorated his face with it’s cool texture, peering into the debris riddled mirror witnessing the slideshow of his various egos throughout his long reigning journey: the ignorant King who once dominated the black market with an iron fist, to the lost and directionless blank canvas that traveled to Sunagakure, before obtaining a sense of purpose and drive to educate himself and amass various boons to his own aptitude, to now a stern and composed adversary at the pinnacle of his own skill yet still featuring humility.

It’d be time to enter a new age of his life once again, setting aside the man he knew who faced such difficulties and strife to rest for a period of time, potentially forever if his plans would continue along in the spider web as his intent dictated. In truth all his life he wished to be laid to rest and escape this eternal nightmare known as the Shinobi era, and now it seemed Kutari could finally allow himself to rest and tranquilize the poor boy that’s fate required such horrors to take place all for naught.

The sculptor would stare into his weary eyes overlooking the experiences he’d lived up until this point as Kutari, and the pieces of himself that had to be left behind up just to survive. The faceless man had the aptitude to take on a persona different from the one he’s known all this time, and seperate the one he knew all this time to replace with the new installment to properly secure his plans and uncertainty otherwise; Kutari wasn’t strong enough to lead the Hakumei and place himself as the forefront of the Kumogakure army to guide the world to a more produced place to live out his fantasies, a setback due to his training and coherent code over the years. Though with the various tools he obtained during his short stay in Sunagakure, it’d be possible to invent a man that felt comfortable to go the extra mile and pick up where Kutari left off as the assassin retreated to his much needed slumber.

Shackled in the Raikage attire that would properly portray to the Kumogakure citizens the return of their true leader upon his arrival, Kutari would begin to commence the handseals that would give birth to the humanoid monstrosity he envisioned to oversee the direction of the feeble world.

Upon taking the final handseal for the advanced transformation, he’d begin to sculpt his skin tone to shift to a ghostly appearance as his near snow white, pale shade seeming to look as if the apparition lacked natural necessity of nourishment and void of all internal contents. The scars along his body from years of torture and battle would disappear instantly, his face structure becoming more angled and slim yet flushed out. The man’s body structure would still be lean, however obtain slightly more muscular structure and pronounced accolades in muscle tension though overall appearing slim if clothing was worn. His height would gain an inch to be 6’1 now, his lips slightly more wide yet firm and nose outlined to be more round then sharp as it was before. His eye shape would come off a bit more slanted then round, though his pupils would grow to be larger. His iris would become a cold black charcoal along with his hair, eyelashes and eyebrows featuring a very similar color. The hair he once had being wavy and textured would begin to fall limp and straight with the color change, his hair lacking any uniqueness texture wise and being simply straight. The outlying features of his body would fall in line with the general scheme and present itself as he pictured.

New Faceclaim:

His long hair would now fall to his shoulders more easily than before, in which the scissors beside him would provide useful as he snipped away and layered the ends of his hair successfully. After some time he’d look at himself in the mirror, the man who would overtake the world by storm and lead Kumogakure to his own ideals. No longer known as Kutari, but a blank canvas. The glasses to his side would aid in the new person and tailored action, placing them on as the image was finally complete.

With everything all said and done, the corpse he prepared for the coming moments upon arriving in Kumogakure again to proceed in his actions would be in the main room, a corpse he prepared prior to showcase the reality of the man who conquered Kumogakure and his demise. He’d acquire the body in a corpse storage scroll and be sure to make sure his outer and inner contents were seemingly identical, before stepping outside and wishing this village goodbye for the time being. He knew Kenshin likely was aware of his soon to be departure, and would wish him luck upon his journey. With that he’d begin to mingle with the earth below and begin his journey back to Kumogakure, a specific chakra signature he could pick up on so far away being the main person he’d be interested in speaking to first to see how the village has fair since Kutari left, and whether he did his job as Jounin of the village.

[Exit;Travel to Kumogakure via Mayfly]
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Gidyne[Travel] Empty Re: Gidyne[Travel]

Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:55 pm
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