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Village Creation Guidelines Empty Village Creation Guidelines

Sun Mar 08, 2020 7:49 am
Village Creation

Everyone with even a basic understanding of the Naruto Universe knows that multiple Hidden Villages exist within their own countries, the villages themselves being totalitarian autocracies with their own self sustaining military. The village system has existed for centuries at this point, and it seems as though new villages pop up quite often while older ones vanish or get destroyed by the newer ones seeking to prove their worth. Despite their names, these Villages are in no way Hidden, usually extremely large and bustling cities or towns. 

Villages are quite easy to form, as most shinobi are swayed easily by the promise of steady pay and a safe place to call home, so usually those with the money to do so will have no issue with forming a village. There exist three different sizes of villages, the simple settlement, the smallest and weakest of them all, The Minor Village, not quite in the same ballpark as the Major Villages, but still leaps and bounds more powerful than a simple settlement. And finally, the Major Villages such as Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure and Hoshigakure, military powerhouses whose wars could and oftentimes did shape the nations themselves. Any Village is a valid starting location for PC’s


At this stage your village is little more than a remote town, yes you have your own private shinobi force and they are loyal to you, but you do not have access to many missions and those that you do are simple and do not pull in much money. You are certainly not poor by any means, and your village is profitable… but you know this is nothing compared to the money afforded to those villages such as Konoha, and due to your small size you know you are easy picking for some more ambitious and powerful Missing-Nin.

  • 1 Main Forum in a country of your choice (Only one village per country)
  • 4 Categories (Gates/Store come free and do not count towards the limit)
  • Limited to 5 Village Upgrades
  • Limited to Missions of B-rank and lower
  • 2k ryo gifted every Friday
  • 2 free D-rank NPC’s

Price: 50,000 Ryo
Minor Village

At this stage your village has grown quite substantially in size, and your shinobi force in both number and power. You pull in far more missions and those that you do are more difficult, but the true cream of the crop are beyond the capabilities of your forces. Your village is pulling in quite a bit of profit each week, but you know that it could always be greater… and you know that your village is still chump change compared to the Major Villages.

  • 1 Main Forum in a country of your choice (Only one village per country)
  • 7 Categories (Gates/Store come free and do not count towards the limit)
  • Limited to 10 Village Upgrades
  • Limited to missions of A-rank and below
  • 4k ryo every Friday
  • 2 free C-rank NPC’s

Price: 100,000 Ryo (Requires at least 2 PC’s to form, one of whom must be B-rank or higher)

Major Village

You’ve done it, your little village has become what many dream of crafting, equal in size, power and strength to the Great and Legendary villages such as Konoha, Kumogakure, Kirigakure and Hoshigakure. You have access to missions of all levels, your forces are mighty and their numbers immense, and most of all you are pulling in a virtual fortune weekly. Only the truly powerful could dare to mess with you at this point, and you have access to a virtually unlimited amount of defences

  • 1 Main Forum in a country of your choice (Only one village per country)
  • 10 Categories (Gates/Store come free and do not count towards the limit)
  • Limited to 15 Village Upgrades
  • Access to missions of all ranks
  • 6k ryo every Friday
  • 2 free B-rank NPC’s

Price: 150,000 ryo (Requires at least 4 PC’s to form, one of whom must be A-rank or higher, and one of whom must be B-rank or higher)
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