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Lara Hyperion
Lara Hyperion
Ryo : 3750

Pretty Plants, Potent Poisons [B-rank][INV:Kaito] Empty Pretty Plants, Potent Poisons [B-rank][INV:Kaito]

Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:06 am
Mission Name: Pretty Plants, Potent Poisons
Type:Augmentation Farming
Character Requirements:None
Mission Location:Wherever one might find pastures
Word Count Requirements:3000
Repeatable?Yes, over and over, by the same people
Reward:3,000 Ryo, 7AP, 1x Hemlock

Task: Please prepare personnel to peruse pastures positively packed with poison parsley. Pertaining to personal profit and payment, we'll provide a pouch of poison parsley without probing for purpose of purchase

The sounds of cicadas filled the air in a beautiful symphony as a small chariot passed through the streets of kumogakure , Lara had grown accustomed to this mode of transportation. It was less expensive than hailing a taxi and a little more classy. In truth the main reason she didn't take a faster form of transportation was due to her being tight on cash , with her roommates' sudden ‘disappearance’ she was in need of several rather large cash grabs. ‘I have to admit though looking at the world from a seat like this is rather comforting , just a moment to admire everything around her’ if her new teammate had anything negative to say about her mode of transportation they would simply have to learn to deal with it.

“This guy was the only jonin i could find listed willing to work with someone of my rank” she would sigh out slouching in her seat her pink hair drooping covering the right side of her face which further hampered her vision more than her one pink bang. ‘I really hope this guy is agreeable , because rent is due next month’ she would scream internally as she situated her hair sitting up in the small chariot for two as the chariot pulled in front of a house. The old lady at the front of the chariot would hop down off the driver seat and walk over to her horses soothing them petting their necks as she walked by heading to the door. When the elderly woman made it to the porch she would rap her knuckles against the door rapidly and quickly before saying “Taxi for Kaito! I'm here with Miss Lara to deliver you to your requested destination!” she would repeat this process until someone came to the door or an hour had passed.

Should kaito answer the door she would bow , “please follow me” she would say as she would step back and gesture to her tiny chariot drawn by two strong looking black horses. Once she got him in the chariot she would hop back up on her drivers mount and put the chariot into motion once more , Lara would extend her hand which was effectively gloved by her jacket’s style “im lara hyperion i'm happy to be on this mission with you” she would say outloud ‘and my landlord thanks your contribution’

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