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Ikari Senju
Ikari Senju
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Pike to grave Empty Pike to grave

Thu Mar 05, 2020 4:30 pm
Mission Details::

Walking through the village, Ikari noticed that there was a foul odor coming from the other side of the wall that he was walking along. Ikari had been noticing this smell for a while and wondered when they were going to finally move the bodies that still remain outside the walls of the village, impaled on spikes after they had been given a special poison that caused their bodies to produce a volatile puss within their body, still keeping them alive. Ikari knew that it was a form of torture to those who must have deserved it. But still the smell was absolutely disgusting. 

Ikari was walking by the village gates when he noticed that there was a small gathering, looking as though they were heading out the gates for a cleanup job. Ikari figured that he could possibly get some money if he helped them with whatever they were preparing for. Upon arriving the village gates, he was waved at by a man with a flak jacket on, showing that he was of a higher rank then Ikari was. He walked up to the jacketed man and asked if he could help in any way. 

He responded with a short and choppy, "yes." He was informed of the job at hand, they were planning on removing the impaled bodies that were left outside of the walls, killing them and burying them in a mass grave. He was then informed on what was needed from him, which was to dig the grave that they were planning on burying the soon to be dead within. Ikari was unsure as to why they didn't just find someone who had control over the Earth with their chakra, but he was perfectly fine with some old fashioned work. He grabbed the pick axe and shovel that he was handed and he headed over to where they wanted the mass grave to be. 

He analyzed the dirt beneath him, luckily enough it was a very soft spot that didn't have too much granite in this specific area. He dropped the shovel and he began swinging the pickax into the dirt and started to pull it away from the rest of the Earth. As quickly as he could, more and more dirt and rock was tossed from within the hole and out, piling it up high. He would continue this process until he had dug a hole big enough to throw in whatever bodies they were going to be throwing within the hole.

As the bodies started to fall, Ikari realized that he was no where close to being done with the hole so he was going to need to work even faster or he was going to be joining the bodies within the hole. He was now six feet deep into the Earth expanding the hole to the side as quickly as he could. He gripped onto the shovel that he had in his hands, and he began pushing his body faster and faster to get more of the dirt out of the hole. He did this with the hope that he could finish the hole as fast as the people were throwing the bodies into it. As much as he didn't mind germs and whatnot, having dead bodies filled with a volatile puss that smelled worse than death didn't sound to pleasant for him.

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