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Big Training 2, Spelunking Boogaloo(solo training) Empty Big Training 2, Spelunking Boogaloo(solo training)

Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:22 am
Keita was once again going to head towards the training center for another round of training. With all of the crazy training that he had done before, he was definitely going to reap a larger number of rewards this time, as he had been practicing outside of the training area. He had finished training up his chakra chains, and was now going to head to the training arena so that he could master them. He did not want to get dull, so he was spending his off days after he had come back from the training arena meditating on the gains he had gotten from the fights, trying very hard to make sure that he learned from his mistakes. He was thinking back to his first fight, when he fought against that random raider with the club. He had blocked the club with his body, even though he could have dodged with the clubs large swings, but he could still not be considered experienced within that small time frame. He should have already known that he was inexperienced, as he had even asked his father about whether or not it was a good idea to fight someone that knew how to fight when he did not, and his father said that he should definitely fight someone  that was much higher in skill level than he was, as getting thrown in the deep end was the easiest way to get better than you already were. Keita was definitely taking his fathers words to heart, and decided that he was going to fight a higher tiered genin when he went to the training area again, but he was simply too busy. He had earned quite a bit of money as of late with all of the missions he had been doing lately, and he had decided that he was going to move out of his parents place. He was walking around this week looking for houses, and currently, he was looking at this fairly small and quaint apartment that seemed to be away from other people, and in a slightly quiet part of the neighborhood. He took a liking to the place instantly, and said that he was interested to the real estate agent, but that he was simply going to look around the area a bit more before deciding. He made his way around the neighborhood, talking to the normal people that he said hello to, and they were chatting to him, giving him advice about which places were the best. It was actually these ladies that he was talking to that originally gave him the idea to look around this area. the area was almost perfect for him, the only thing he was not sure about was his potential neighbors. The apartment that he wanted to rent was on the first floor, meaning that he had an apartment above him, and so he really needed to know if the people that were above him were loud and noisy before he actually moved in. He needed a lot of peace and quiet, but he also wanted to make sure that the house was in a good area. so far, the apartment fit every criteria Keita had, but he had no idea who his upstairs neighbor was, so he was actually looking for him for the past couple of days. The person that was living above him was said to be an old man that actually still trained his body, which made Keita think that he was some spry old man that actually kept up some sort of weight training, and he hoped that this was not the case, considering weights were heavy and loud, and it would be terrible if that was the sort of person that was actually living above him. As he was contemplating this, he had inadvertently gotten to the front gate of the training facility with his money, He was once again going to go through that hell like training, but this time he was definitely going to go the extra mile, and go all out. He wanted to make sure that he was battle ready, and ready for anything that this training facility could throw at him, and this required multiple weeks of harsh training, followed by what was likely another week or two long trip to the hospital. Still, Keita was ready for this, as he had steeled himself as he walked into the door to the facility. he immediately saw the small woman at the front desk, who probably had to see him get carried out of the facility last time, as he was fairly injured and had to be taken to the hospital by the kind old people that were wandering around the area and knew him. It was time to start this hellish training, and this time Keita was ready for it, as he had brought a couple healing balm canisters, as well as a fairly large amount of bandages, just in case. 
Keita was absolutely sure that he was definitely going to make it out in one piece this time around, and confidently strode into one of the many training rooms within the facility, after paying the woman at the front desk of course. Keita sat in the plain room for a couple of moments, meditating one last time to calm the nerves that had accumulated now that he knew that he was right here, about to get down to the fighting that he had planned for. But no plan lasts against an encounter with the enemy, and so Keita was extra vigilant. He was going to go for simply fighting enemy ninja within the parameters of where he could potentially face them, but instead, he was looking through the various options, and one of them caught his eye. It was an option to run through some sort of underground zone that was a set of dangerous ruins, filled with traps, mazes, puzzles, and dangerous entities from fiction within it. Keita beleived that his training was going to be fruitful no matter the circumstances, so he decided that he was simply going to have a bit of fun with this side of the training, and if he needed to come back here to fight actual enemies, then he would be more than happy to. The dungeon exploration  simply seemed like too much fun, and something that he had never experienced before, so he could not resist the temptation. After a couple of moments of quiet contemplation, he decided that he would definitely choose that option, and so he went through with it. As he clicked it, the scenery around him changed to that of an oasis out in the desert. Surrounding this oasis was a vibrant city scape, that seemed to be dyed in various colors, with people of dark skin tones wandering around and chatting with each other. The small city seemed bustling with life and music, and there also seemed to be a large number of caravans surrounding the city, with the majority of them wanting to head straight into the city through the citys main gate. The movement was fairly slow, however, as the guards in front of the city were being particularly thorough in checking all of the belongings in the caravans. Keita simply politely waited in the lines of caravans and people, until he finally got up for his turn to go into the city. As he was stopped there, it seemed that the guards were looking at him fairly suspiciously. They asked him if he was a foreigner, and what his business in the city was, especially since he did not seem to know the difference between the line that the traders came from, and the line that actually had the visitors. Keita attempted to explain that he was simply a scholar, coming on a trip to this beautiful city to gain experience and knowledge of the surrounding area. The guards seemed to believe him, and then asked for him to give them the fee for entering the city. Considering he did not have any of this fictional money on him at the moment, Keita could only shake his head and leave, considering the people behind him started berating him for stalling the line because he was poor. As Keita was walking away and considering what he was going to do next, and where this so called dungeon ruins were, a strange, fairly portly man came up to him. The man was in what appeared to be a safari outfit, complete with a monocle and a waxed handle bar mustache. It looked fairly comical, but it did not seem that the people around him were reacting in any particular way, so Keita would still give the man his utmost respect until the man lost it somehow. The man introduced himself as an adventurer and an archaeologist, wanting to go and explore some ruin. Keita thought that this was it, he needed to do something like that to stand out so that the man would come up and mention it to him. Keita was intrigued, and seeing as how the man was a fellow scholar, much like Keita, it seemed that they would get along very well.

They talked for a while, and Keita figured out that this man was going to hire a large number of adventurers and scholars much like himself, to go into the ruins, as they were said to be dangerous. The pay was quite a lot, because it was very easy for people to lose their lives if they were not careful, especially when dealing with the unknown. He also heard that there was some sort of poison or curse in the ruins that would harm people even after they left, so he also grabbed quite a few apothecaries and healers for the trip, and he was missing someone that knew the ins and outs of the world, and quite a bit of knowledge. Well, Keita was just one sort of person, and he wondered if the illusion that he was witnessing would be tailor m,ade for the person inside of it, as what if he was simply a person that studied tiajutsu or the way of the blade? Would the man still call them fellow scholars, get along with them, and even offer them to join the party that they had created to go and delve into the dungeon for treasure and adventure. He assumed that the people were simply going to ask the people that came in here for their help, hired muscle, as it were, but it seemed that because Keita was so fluent and scholarly, and he had quite an amiable personality, that the man got along with him better than any other adventurer, as they simply wanted to do the job and get the gold, for whatever various purposes they wanted it for. Keita was different, however, and he could not care less about the money, and was simply in it for the knowledge and learning things that he did not know before. Little did the man know, that Keita would have definitely asked for quite a bit of money, if he knew that he would actually get to keep it when this little adventure was done, alas, Keita knew that this was simply an illusion set up by the training arena specialist, and what a realistic one it was. Keita readily agreed to take part in this expedition, and was soon brought inside the city and to an inn, where he met the rest of his team members. There were eight team members in total, not including Keita and the scholar, making ten people in total. A fairly sizable party, one that also seemed diverse enough in skills and back grounds, that they could handle the majority of things that came their way, not matter how unexpected. They were tasked with simply waiting here for the night, and they would continue on tomorrow, heading straight into the dungeon ruins for the spoils. They all agreed, and left their separate ways, Keita getting a free room at the inn at the behest of the archaeologist that brought him there, which Keita thanked him profusely for. After getting a good nights rest, which actually was not all night, as the moon drifted by in the sky incredibly quickly, as to simply symbolize the passing of time by the illusions standards, the sun was peaking over the horizon, when Keita went downstairs and met with every one else in his make shift party that would go out. He was fairly early, but only had to wait a few moments before the guide told them that they would be off. The ground started to travel by the backs of camels towards their destination, a decrepit old tomb in the depths of a sand dune. They eventually came to a point where two mountains seemed to be cut in half by a giant swords, and in a crevice within the sand dunes, there seemed to be a small circular opening, enough for one person to barely walk into. They were told by the guide that this was the entrance to the tomb, and that they should prepare themselves and be vigilant from here on out. The party agreed, and they slowly made their way into this small tunnels, with the guide opting to allow a big burly person with a sword go first. 

As the man went first, the tunnel started getting darker and damper, up to a point that it had turned into a small cave tunnel. There were vines hanging from the ceiling obscuring the view of what was ahead, so the burly man brought out a machete like swords, and started hacking the vines of of the way, while the person behind him, a dashing middle aged man wielding a bow, lit up a torch and held it out for the man. Keita remarked silently about the groups inherent cohesion, and wondered if that was simply the story to make it easier on the person playing this game like experience in the dungeon, or if the personalities that were created would actually mesh this well. There was not even that much arguing on the way here, as the female companions that they had all struck up conversations with Keita, and he politely talked to them throughout the whole trip, much to the chagrin of the other male members. Even in a world made by illusions programmed to be as close to real people as possible, Keita was still a hit with the members of the opposite sex. Although, the men in the group did tease him for his slightly pretty appearance, which was indeed a bit of a sore spot. Still, Keita grinned and bore it, which made his standing with the group a bit better, as he was able to still poke fun at himself and laugh with the group, although inside he was still making sure that he got them back for it later somehow. Usually Keita was not a spiteful person, but these were simply illusions, and if he could not use this experience to vent his anger, than it would be a waste. This was almost perfect therapy so that he could unwind all of the stress from being made fun of all the time, and even threatened by quite a number of men to stay away from their women. Suddenly, as they were waling through the tunnel, it seemed to open up into a fairly large cave system. Inside of the cave system there seemed to be quite a number of markings along the walls, but other than that, the cave was empty. The other members immediately started searching through the area, as Keita looked through the symbols carved in the walls. He wrote down the symbols that were scattered around the surface of the cave walls, occasionally scarping off some moss or other overgrown plant material to uncover more. He was fairly sure he got all of them written down, when he started to study them. He noticed that there seemed to be some sort of alphabet of sorts, each symbols corresponding to some sort of letter. These symbols were in the central locations on the wall. Then, there seemed to be almost random symbols around the area that were away from the central location, and so Keita separated these ones, and started to see some sort of pattern within them. It seemed that they were spelling out some sort of words or phrase, but considering he did not know what the actual alphabet was, he could only speculate, and then ask the guide if the symbols meant anything to him, and it seemed that the guide recognized the symbols as an ancient language, and soon they were able to work together to decipher a bit of coded message within, that when they lifted a certain rock and tapped on a certain brick on the wall, they were suddenly greeted with the sound of rock grinding on rock, and a large wall was opened up to reveal a large passageway. The ground started to get impatient when they were searching for clues and secret doors, and so when the passageway opened, a couple of them started to head towards it immediately, telling everyone to follow them. Keita managed to stop them with his chakra chains in the mean time, and they looked at him like they were seeing some sort of enemy. 

Keita had to remind them that they were still in a very dangerous area, and they that should not get carried away, and scout the area out for some sort of traps. The group understood, and the two men that almost rushed ahead apologized for getting ahead of themselves, before simply walking slowly and cautiously into the passage way, looking at everything around them and on the floor. Soon, the people saw some sort of weighted pressure plate on the ground, meaning that if they stepped on that area of the floor casually, something bad would have been triggered, and might have been very dangerous. Still, they thanked Keita for reminding them once again, and they headed into the passage fully ready for the unexpected and dangerous things that could lurke down here. soon, they realized that the passageway was quite long, and it seemed that there were quite a bit of pressure plates and small wires, Keita making sure that these were checked for before he proceeded. Suddenly, it seemed that something dropped from the ceiling, and Keita was the first one to react and grab that thing with a chakra chain before it landed on the ground. When he looked at it, it seemed to be a grotesque creature that looked like a spoke made of stone that hung from the ceiling, but it had a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, and a tongue that seemed like it was for sucking up the blood that came out. Before Keita could properly see what the thing was, it seemed that others dropped on the other in the party, and there was some screams, as it seemed that these things would stab into their bodies and grievously injured. However, Keita could easily see this coming, as there would never be a single rogue enemy lying in wait that would actually choose to ambush a group this big, and Keita summoned more chakra chains to capture the other falling enemies before they could do any damage, and immediately killed them by crushing them with his chains. The chains had been significantly strengthened recently, and he was happy to terst out their power in an environment like this one. The group sighed in relief and thanked him, and although they were not life threatening attacks, the combination of them and the traps earlier might have made it a lot harder for them to continue on. The women thanked him much more than the men, saying that they did not want to deal with something so creepy and weird, as creepy crawly things like that were not really popular with most of the women he had met. It seemed that the womens' opinions of him became even greater as they continued on, and the men poked fun at him for attempting to build an harem of women. Still, it was fairly fun to go around like this, and being able to poke fun with people like this even in a rather precarious situation was a good way to relieve stress, especially because they were fairly deep under a mountain right now. They continued on, until they had entered a large room, which had a pedestal leading up to a dais, which seemed to house some sort of glowing crystal. The group agreed that this crystal was definitely valuable, and was one hundred percent chance going to cause a trap or other mechanism to be triggered, and so they once again looked to Keita for support, as they could set up while he used his chakra chains to grab the crystal on top of its strange pedestal. Keita agreed, and let the other members of his party get read and get into proper positions, before yanking the crystal from the pedestal in one violent swoop. Almost immediately, Keita realized something was wrong, as a large number of the skeletal remains in the room started moving, and they seemed to raise from the dead. 

There was an ensuing fight against undead, with most of them surrounding the place where the crystal had been located before, and it seemed that it was a really good idea to use some sort of ranged ability to grab it. As Keita looked around, he saw that the majority of these rotting skeletal remains were coming towards him, with only a marginal amount going after the rest of his party, which seemed quite a bit unfair. Keita knew that he was the one that pulled the crystal out, but there were still plenty of dangerous people in the party you know, there was no reason to single him out so intensely. He noticed that most of the skeletal remains that were shambling towards him had some sort of bow with some arrows. They seemed to realize that getting close to a person with a bunch of nearly indestructible chains was a fairly bad idea, and fruitless, so a lot of them started to knock some arrows onto the bowstrings, and Keita wondered how in the world the rotting bows did not snap under the pressure of being pulled back. Still, there were almost fifteen such arrows targeting Keita, so he needed to think fast. The only thing he could think of at the moment that he had access to were his chakra chains. He did not really have much of a shield, and he was still fairly inexperienced in fighting, so for some reason, he did not even think of using a barrier technique that he had, so the only thing he could do was completely wrap himself up in his chakra chains, before he got struck with the barrage of projectiles. After a quick second, a massive amount of clinking noises assaulted his ears, as the arrows slammed into his chakra chains. They warped slightly, worrying Keita to no end, but they stayed firm after all, and so he was sure that they would be fine against this onslaught. Still, he wondered how strong these skeletons were if their normal and decrepit looking bows and rotting arrows could cause his chakra chains to strain. He might have overthought it at first, but perhaps this was actually programmed to be difficult for him, regardless of what he used, simply because the test and training were tailored to him specifically. They knew how strong his was, so it was simply a matter of fact that the enemies could threaten him, there would be no point if the enemies were all simply helpless under his oppressive abilities considering he had trained for quite a while. After going through that in his head, he opened up his chakra chains to look out, and realized that the skeletons were getting ready for another shot. Keita barely had enough time to move a little bit before he had to go back into his chakra chain shield, hearing the little tink noises all over himself, feeling that the chakra chains were going to snap, but in the end, that never came to be. Keita decided that he needed to at least destroy or incapacitate one of the skeletons, as he could not let this continue. Eventually his chakra would run out, or his chains would break, so he would definitely try to kill some of the skeletons, or at least make sure to incapacitate their arms so that they would stop shooting their bows. As soon as the second round of shooting was done, there was a split second where he had a little bit of time to strike out, attempting to grab one or more of the skeletons. The first time he did it, he only managed to pay attention long enough to focus on a single skeleton, and managed to grab his arm. After which, Keita simply violently jerked his chakra chain that was attached to the skeleton, and to his surprise, the skeletal arm popped out of its socket and got thrown violently across the room, which made it shatter into pieces. Before Keita could quite process the information, the other skeletons shot their arrows, forcing him to bring back the chains to defend himself once again. He did not even get to see how his companions were fairing. 

After a few rounds of this, Keita figured out that while the skeletons and their arrows packed quite a punch, they were made of a crumbly material, and it was fairly easy for anyone to simply destroy them with a bit of damage. This was something that Keita was not really familiar with, as he had not really delved too deep into the semantics of tactics and enemies. He was not quite sure how the enemies could be so strong with the bow but still not be able to take even a little bit of force from the chains, but he put that to the back of his mind as he continued to whittle down the force, the second time he managed to smash two skeletons to smithereens, and then the third and fourth time he managed to destroy the rest of them. He looked around and saw that his companions were looking at him strangely, as they had already made sure to dispatch their skeletons, and although they had a bit more leeway when it came to the number of skeletons, they were simply weak skeletons, and they wondered why Keita was taking so long destroying things that were so weak. Keita told them that iot was because he was inexperienced in any sort of combat, so he was simply being extra careful when dealing with the skeletons, as he was also unsure as to whether or not there was poison on the skeletons weapons or something of the sort. It seemed that it was a bit too easy to get this crystal if all they managed to trigger fighting them were fairly weak skeletons. Everyone went into a bit of deep though, thinking that what Keita said was true, and that there must be something that they were missing. Before they were able to think about it too thoroughly, the skeletons that were smashed to smithereens seemed to regain a sense of life, and all started to combine into one very large bone golem. It seemed almost like sand made of bone dust that was swirling through the air to a single point, before the bones rebuilt themselves into a large skeletal golem. Keita wondered if this golem looked anything like the Kaguya clan bones that they used for attack and defense. Keitas mind was wandering as the large bone golem seemed to finish his reconstitution into a form that could move and attack, and its soulless eyes that seemed to burn with small embers turned slowly and looked right at Keita. This was when Keita was unsure if he should even try to block this things attacks with his chain, as if there was any indication from the skeleton archers from before, these things could indeed threaten him, and so the large monster that was now in front of him was something of a concern, and he did not want to test his luck to see if his chains could stock a large punch after seeing what the arrows almost did to his chains. Still, he needed to do something, as the large creature slowly lumbered over before throwing a huge fist towards Keita, specifically targeting the chain that the crystal that he had stolen earlier was. The fist was large enough to severely damage multiple parts of Keita's body if it hit, and Keita never really trained his speed, so he had no choice but to cover himself with a small wall of chains instead of covering his entire self. He then held up a hand seal for confrontation, which summoned up a barrier made of rainbow light for a mere moment, before it hid itself back into nothingness. The fist came screaming through, his companions yelling out for him to run and dodge, but it was too late. Some of them simply gasped at what was happening, and a couple of the women even looked away, not wanting to see their new companion get flattened. The rainbow light barrier seemed to stop the fist for a split second at the time of impact, before it shattered. the next thing was the chains, and all of Keitas chains were used, and the one with the crystal simply dropped it onto the floor as it helped the other chains out with blocking this giant things attack. Most of the chains shattered, but it gave Keita enough time to dodge out of the way before the fist slid next to him, the air pressure almost knocking him on his back.

Keita looked up from his position on the ground as he rolled out of the way, and the other people came u to him, one of the older gentlemen lifting him up from the shoulder and asked if he was okay, before looking at the monster. The monster seemed to be staring at them, before starting to pull his massive arm back for another strike. This strike seemed like it would take a couple of seconds at the least, which was fairly slow for a group of adventurers such as the members of the current party. It gave them a small bit of time to devise a strategy, as Keita re summoned his chakra chains into existence. He was not going to take another one of those hits, as the chakra chains cost him quite a bit of his overall chakra, he could not simply keep summoning them consecutively, eventually he would run dry. The party devised a plan, to where they would distract him with the crystal, before launching as many attacks as they could muster towards the monsters legs, thus making it fall over. They then hoped that it could not simply rebuild itself, and that this plan was definitely worth a try. Keita agreed, and taking another look at the crystal, nodded his head, before suddenly throwing the crystal directly over the skeletal titan. This proved to be quite a good plan, because as soon as the monster saw that the crystal was thrown and headed towards the wall on the opposite end of the room, it lurched its giant body as fast as it could to catch the crystal, and although the effort was valiant, it proved to be fairly useless. The monsters slow and bulky body prevented it from actually grabbing the crystal, and it seemed that the monster went crazy, and in one last ditch effort to get the crystal, it lunged forwards and fell on its chest and face, some of its bones shattering in multiple places before the noise and rumbling from its fall came to an end. The part look at the monster, and slowly started to figure out that the monster was only alive because of that crystal, and would stop at nothing to make sure that it was not destroyed. The group looked to the guide that had paid them and brought them here, asking him if he really needed this crystal, or if they could attempt to smash it to hopefully over come the crisis that they had currently. The guide did not need to think for more than a few moments, as the monster was struggling to get back up from having fallen down, to realize that their lives were much more important, and decided to let the team attempt to destroy the crystal. Considering that the monster was starting to stand up now, it was the only chance the group had to attempt to destroy the crystal with as little difficult as possible, so they rushed into action. Keita made sure to use his chains to pulverize the legs of the giant bone titan, making sure that the titan could no longer get back up. It took some smashing and lashing, but eventually the legs crumbled as the giant was getting up, causing it to fall flat on its face once again. This gave the rest of the team, who were busy contending with the giant arms of the skeletal titan, a chance to suddenly grab the crystal and hopefully smash it. One of the female rangers of the group managed to shoot the small bluish crystal out of the skeletal titans hand, as it went smattering towards the floor. The titan reacted immediately, swatting at her, making her retreat, before lunging towards the crystal that was now on the ground. It went towards the large burly fighter type of the group, who raised his sword up high, before bringing it down and striking the crystal, shattering it to pieces almost instantly. There was qa large flash, before the skeletal titan let out a large screech of his death throes, before finally turning back into dust.

Keita and the group sighed in relief, before one of them suddenly gasped, the crystal seemed to be spewing out the souls of the deceased from its shattered remains, and they were fleeing in rapid order. The guide simply looked on in awe at this scene, and although it seemed beautiful and peaceful, something that Keita would love to sit down and draw, he simply did not have the motivation or the drive. He wondered why that was for a moment, and came to the conclusion it was because he knew that all of this was fake, and he simply could not see the joy or majesty in something that was created by human hands, imitating what it would be like to witness all of this. Still, Keita enjoyed the spectacle nonetheless, although he was not about to stop and write some poetry or calligraphy for the experience. After a couple of moments, the souls were finally freed completely and at rest, and the room was quiet once more. The group was now left with a choice of going to the right or the left, this room leading to two seemingly identical passageways, and Keita asked them if they had any abilities that could scout the area for them, so that they could get on their way without encountering anything out of sorts. The groups sort of shook their heads, and the ranger woman reminded Keita that she could scout for them,. but she would need to take time and user her physical body to do so, which was of course more dangerous that using some sort of animal familiar or magic to do so. The guide had told them that he could not find any of the people that had such techniques for the price that he was willing to put up for the mission, so he had to unfortunately go without it. They ended up simply choosing the left door because it was closer, and went on to remind each other to be extra careful when traversing the underground passage. After a could of twists and turns, it seemed that this path led to the abandoned area where the residents of this old ruin ate their meals. There seemed to be a long table made of a large amount of decaying wood, which almost seemed like it could fall apart at any moment. In the chairs surrounding the table sat around ten or so dead bodies, their positions seemingly frozen in positions that noble members of society would use to dine during a party. There even seemed to be rotted food still on forks and in mouths, although any spoil-able food would be long decayed if this tomb was anything short of recent. A quick check with the guide made sure that they were correct in believing something was wrong with these corpses and the food that was on the table. Having already deciphered the alphabet of these people using his notebook and the guides assistance, Keita looked around for another set of these words, and this time, he seemed to find some, but they were under the table, and carved into cutlery that the dead people were wearing. Keita made sure not to go near the under himself until he grabbed and prodded them with his chakra chains, as he was not in the mood to fight decaying corpses. After grabbing all of the symbols, it seemed that there were only a few of them, and it was fairly simply what they all meant. The symbols added together and rearranged spelled out the ancient languages symbol for eating. A simple phrase, but a rather terrifying, if not disgusting, concept. Eat. Some of the members of the party each asked and discussed what this could possibly mean, as there was no way that they were supposed to eat any of this rotted food, and so this test seemed impossible. Keita was always fairly hardy when it came to things such as this, so he was the first to volunteer his services. He smelled around on the table at various things, and looked around. It seemed that the dead people were all doing something, and after a quick look around, he found that one of the undead was offering food to another person, although that body was not there. Keita believed that his intuition was correct, and that he needed to eat what the dead body had offered the other person, while he himself was sitting in the chair. 

The thoughts were there, but when he actually came face to face with some sort of rotting piece of meat with eyes that he would most likely have to eat to get out of this mess, he was definitely apprehensive about it, and stalled several times. The group agreed that his plan was sound, and asked if he was not going to do it, and if he could not stomach it. Keita shook his head, and said that since he was the one that offered to do it, he was going to see through it to the end. And so, with a very shocked and disgusted face on, he inched his mouth closer to the rotted piece of meat handing on the end of the fork that the undead was offering, before cautiously taking a bite of it. After he bit into it, he was expecting it to be extremely horrible, slimy, and rancid, but the opposite was true. It tasted like a fine preserved meat, and so he gratefully choked it down, and made sure to pay attention to his body. They had brought an apothecary that was skilled in healing and anti toxins, so she was also constantly checking him. Keita simply smiled and thanked her for her concern, to which she got a little embarrassed at the prospect of such a pretty boy being so close, and it was almost akin to whispering sweet nothings into her ear. She told him to save the talking for when she absolutely knew he was fine, and it did not seem like anything was happening for a little bit, before the dead body he had accepted the food from suddenly nodded. The party was about to cut the dead body in twain, before the dead body simply moved slightly and started to point in a certain direction. The partys eyes seemed to follow where the finger was moving, and when they did, they happened to see a piece of the wall leading to a door that they could not see before. It was almost like an illusion was cast on them when they entered, and the dead body seemed to be the key. They needed to do a set action that was hinted at in the room, and by doing so, they would unlock the way to the next area, and it seemed that all of these rooms were of a similar make up to this one, in the fact that they had a similar gimmick. The group seemed to be amazed at this, and wondered how Keita was able to figure it out so easily, and that was simply because Keita knew he was playing some sort of game. He had read many fantasy novels and even played some games related to this, and it was all the same. The treasure chests always had traps on them, or were living creatures that tried to eat you called mimics, and the floors had booby traps, all of this was the same as all of the fantasy stories that he had read, and now he knew that the designer of this was a fan. Keita obviously could not tell these people that, as they were simply npcs, and so creating some sort of problem by telling them they were not real, while interesting to see what the designer had in mind when that sort of situation happened, would make his job even harder and more complicated. Keita simply said that he was lucky, and that he had read similar stories and decided to try it, and although they had passed this hurdle, Keita was always vigilant on the way that his stomach was acting, making sure to check on himself every once in a while to make sure that the food he ate did not actually have any side effects or poison in it. They were traveling in this manner for quite a whole, before Keita and the group stumbled upon a room with what seemed to be a treasure chest. Now, Keita knew instinctively that this chest was trapped somehow, now this could be as simple as it being a mimic or having some sort of mechanism that poisoned you when you opened it, or something complex like summoning more enemies for the group to fight, but whatever it was, there was no reason that a treasure chest would randomly be in this room, other than the fact that the person who made this place wanted to tempt them into opening it for some reason. 

Keita voiced his concerns to his party members, and they believed him, which made Keita take a step back and think once again. He wondered why these people were so gullible and simple minded, and it seemed that the designer did not really put too much thought into their actions, or the design space was limited by the technology they had access to at the time. This was obviously a high level fuuinjutsu using genjutsu on you in a pre determined pattern, but the intricacies were definitely in the fact that it could change based on the users input, and Keita figured out that he was subtly influencing the story around him, and these people were simply side characters designed to help out the person traversing the dungeon, rather than them dictating what was going to happen. Keita asked if any of them could check the chest for traps, and if they could disable them, and one of the men there said that he was pretty good at disabling mechanisms and stepped forth. Before he could fully get to the chest, however, Keita stopped him and told him that they should simply attack the chest lightly with some sort of weapon, as they had been known to be animated to attack people. The party agreed, hit the chest with a small saber from a distance away, and the chest did nothing. The person then looked around the chest, making sure that there was no sort of mechanism on the chest that would trigger when he opened it. After a minute or two of fiddling, the man produced a length of cord, a wire that was strapped to the under side of the chest, which would have broken a small vile of poison when he opened it. The party asked Keita to open the chest since they believed that he was the one that helped out the most so far. Keita graciously accepted the praise from his party, but when he lifted the lid of the chest, suddenly, his surroundings turned back to the inside of the room he was in, and he was told his time was up. So Keita left and went home.
Exit --- 7600 words
Claiming 37 Stamina - 3700 words needed with 20% discount = 2960 
Claiming 58 Health -  5800 words needed with 20% discount = 4640
                                2960 + 4640 = 7600
Claiming 1000 words towards Chakra Absorption Technique C Rank 1000/1000
Claiming 1500 words towards Chakra Draining Seal - B Rank 1500/1500
Claiming 1500 words towards Seal of Suppression - B rank 1500/1500
Claiming 1000 words towards Fuuinjutsu(breaking) - C Rank 1000/1000
Claiming 1500 words towards Fuuinjutsu(breaking) - B Rank 1500/1500
Claiming 1000 words towards Five Seal Barrier C rank 1000/1000

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