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Kizmaru Senju
Kizmaru Senju
Ryo : 25700

Dark Path, Bleak Future Empty Dark Path, Bleak Future

Wed Mar 04, 2020 2:34 am
Mission Objectives:

Found at his desk as per usual, Kizmaru was scribbling away at the paper in front of him as if everything was currently on the line. He was annoyed as per usual but over the course of time he's been Kage, he's mostly gotten used to it. Thinking to himself, he figured he'd have to hire an adviser one of these days so he could go out do something a bit more productive than signing documents and stamping seals of approval or denial. This was his life now and all he had to do was accept it until better days came along, if there were such a thing. As he wrote on the documents, an older chuunin knocked on the door as if to alert the Kage to his presence. Without looking up from his paper, Kizmaru let out in a commanding tone, "Come in," as he continued to scribble on the sheet of paper. The chuunin walked in sheepishly before addressing his Kage in a formal manner. "Lord Mizukage, we've received word that we caught a shinobi from the previous war plotting to get revenge for the victory we achieved over Konoha years ago. It seems his lust for vengeance has finally caused him to slip up and try to take out the newly constructed bank in attempts to deal a vital blow to our economy. What should we do, my lord?" The chuunin said, finishing up his report.

As Kizmaru heard this, he paused his right hand's movements, letting a loud irritated sigh knowing he would have to deal with this himself under the guise of a Jounin. After awhile he continued to moves his hand, signing papers and stamping them with his seal of approval. "I'll get a Jounin to gather a team of some able bodied shinobi and take them to the holding cell they are currently residing in. Thank you for your report and good work, you are dismissed," Kizmaru said, not looking up from his work but waving the chuunin away with his left hand. The chuunin did a courtesy bow before exiting the room as his duty was done. What a day this was turning out indeed. He didn't really want to deal with this himself and he was busy cleaning up the mess left behind by the previous Kage. It would be a shame if it became public knowledge that Kiri's military might is no longer the might nation it once was and only very select few knew the truth. If war to break out right now, only him and a handful of select Anbu would be the only people able to defend it in its current stat. As he wracked his brain for solutions in order to avoid taking the task himself, in the end, he fell back towards gathering a group of shinobi in order to help with the situation. 

He figured their rank doesn't matter as they would be getting valuable experience when it comes to dealing with prisoners of war, or prisoners in general. Finishing up his written work for the moment, Kizmaru placed his pen done before going into the common room to change his attire from his Kage outfit to his Jounin disguise. He wore his yellow shirt, navy blue pants and jacket, as well as his head band. He then walked out of the common room before making his exit from the office, proceeding to the lobby where he greeted his receptionist. He then began to have a conversation with them before bringing up the report he had previously heard, instructing them to find any able body shinobi willing to 'assist' him with this task. He didn't really plan on interrogating the person himself but he did expect to assist them in any way he possibly can. After the message was sent out, Kizmaru decided to keep it strictly business as he wasn't feeling very social at the moment so he wouldn't address them as individuals, even if he personally knew them. This was a serious matter at hand to not take it lightly as it could spell the destruction of Kiri if its secrets were to get out. When the three chosen shinobi had arrived, he had gotten right down to business. His facial expression to mirror the dire situation he was in as well as what he was currently feeling; a mixture of anger, fear and contempt towards what was discovered today. 

"Greetings fellow shinobi, My name is Kizmaru, some of you may know me or seen me around the village and some, may have just been meeting me for the first time, this matters little. Right now, what I'm about to tell you a matter of significant importance to your Kage and we shall be the ones to carry it out. Word is, that a remnant from the previous Konoha-Kiri war has surfaced, been brought into custody and is being kept in a holding cell within this mansion. I will take you to the holding cells to where your mission will be held and explain on the way," he said in a rather venomous and malicious tone. With that, he walked towards another door that was marked as the 'Janitorial Closet'  and after fiddling with a hidden mechanism, another door was revealed behind the cleaning supplies leading to a narrow corridor that housed a couple of holding cells. There, they saw a gagged shinobi wearing a destroyed Konoha headband chained up with his head covered in a black bag, fastened with white cloth as a way to muffle the amount of sound he could hear and strapped to a table. It was quite obvious he had suffered injuries in the scuffle that led to these events but it was evident he hadn't suffered enough. "Now, your job is to interrogate this shinobi until he speaks of his plans, who he works with, how many people are involved in this incident and what their overall goal was. One more thing, this is a confidential mission. Speak NOTHING of this mission after today. I will be in another room next to this one to monitor your progress, record his confessions and aid you in whatever way I can," Kizmaru said as he pointed at a nearby mirror before beginning his exit. "I will be just over there if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask for help. If all goes well, I'll let the Kage know of your efforts on this mission. When you're done, I want you to compile a written document of everything that was said and to leave it with the receptionist on your way out. I'll come back to collect it after I have a 'personal interview' myself with this shinobi."

After that, Kizmaru had exited the holding cell in order to return to his work upstairs. He nodded at the receptionist once more before returning to the Kage's office. Sighing, he changed back into his Kage attire, the hat acting as a veil to hide his face, only revealing his eyes. What a predicament he was in but he was far too busy with other matters of progression to really take care of it himself. He could only hope the other three he assigned to the task was up to it. He had to embellish a bit on the story of a room being behind the mirror for recording. The room was already tapped to make sure he could hear anything that was coming from it from the comfort of his office but he wanted to make it seem believable that he didn't know anything until the squad of three did the job themselves. In the end, he only hoped they would find out what the shinobi wanted and then decide what he should do with him afterwards. Depending on how much he knows, most likely it would lead to a secret execution of some kind. Picking up where he left off, Kizmaru picked up his pen and continued to sign off and certain requests and changes. 


T.W.C: 1338

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Sayaka Uchiha
Sayaka Uchiha
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Ryo : 500

Dark Path, Bleak Future Empty Re: Dark Path, Bleak Future

Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:30 am
It seemed like any other day, when Keita was practicing his calligraphy outside. He was currently on standby, as he had accepted a mission to attempt to get some information out of a hardened ninja of another village, or perhaps it was a missing ninja, he was unsure. Still, the mission was fairly simple, the other ninja of the village were out and about, making sure to patrol the surrounding area, and Keiita had been on call for a few days, as they believed that in the coming days or at the most a week, they would uncover a plot of enemy shinobi attempting to infiltrate the village. Keita had agreed to this, as he found that he was a bit too compassionate towards people that could be considered enemies, and even though this person was of no threat to Keita, and he did not do anything to Keita specifically, he felt that he understood the need and the value of extracting information out of this person. Keita personally hoped that it was not a woman, as he would find it very difficult to torture someone of the opposite sex unless they personally did something to him to make him hate him. Still, Keita was currently sipping on some tea, and watching the rolling fog rapidly creep in, as it was night time. He had to be sort of on call, ready to head to the military building so that he could do his work, and he also had to make sure that he was ready at some odd hours, seemingly deep into the night. Now it was only a little past six pm, meaning that most people had barely started having dinner, but Keita was not quite in the mood. He had been thinking on how he was going to torture this person, and still couldn't find anything that actually seemed like it could work. The method he finally decided on was a simple bucket of water. He was simply going to start drowning the person, as this was a very simple and effective method. However, Keita could do something better than simply dipping a man's head in a bucket, and that was suspend them over the bucket for a time, slowly squeezing the air out of their lungs, before dumping them in the bucket and bringing them back out. He thought that this would surely work, or at least soften the person up for further questioning by his fellow shinobi, as he was only one of three that were also going on this mission, as well as one of the Jounins of the village that would be supervising it.

Suddenly, Keita got a messenger bird, and although he had yet to read this bird, he already knew that it was the matter of his mission, and that he would have to report to the military installation so that he could get his mission underway. Keita quickly tidied himself up, grabbed a quick drink of water out of his sink before filling up an entire bucket of water. He made sure the bucket was rather large, before storing it into a scroll that he could use later. He also still had quite a bit of water inside of his water scroll as well, just in case he wanted to do the method of drowning where their head was under some sort of towel as water was continuously ran over their face so that they had a hard time breathing. Both methods, when used together, seemed like it was going to be very effective in dealing with this person. As Keita proceeded to the mission grounds, he was obviously questioned by the shinobi that were already there, guarding it. He went to a small meeting area, where the Jounin responsible for presiding over the interrogation was sitting there, waiting for the others to show up. When they finally did show up, the Jounin quickly briefed them on their mission, telling them that he would give assistance when necessary. This was merely a formality, as if they could not get any information out of him, then they might as well not even show up, because as a jounin, he would have plenty of ways for this enemy shinobi to talk, there was no reason that they had to be there. So Keita figured out long before that this was simply a mission to test them, and make sure they had what it takes to be apart of the bloody mist. It was Keitas turn first, and his job was to simply soften the criminal up, so that when the later people went in, they could get the most information out of him. Keita volunteered for this position, as it was the least damaging on his soul.

Keita walked into the room, where the man was stuck, sitting in a chair. He was injured from the capturing used on him, and Keita decided to be a bit nice at first. 

"Hello. My name is Keita. I'm going to be honest with you, I don't want you to tell me everything you know or something as cliche as that. I'm going to torture you, not because you might give me the information, but because I need to. Even if you give me the information, I'm not going to stop, I'll just end this when I feel like it. Now then...: 

Keita said his piece to the man without letting him get in a word, before he called fourth four of his chakra chains, sprouting them from his back, two each from the sides of his lower spine. The man seemed confused, but anyone could tell that his eyes were glued on Keita's amiable and fairly attractive smile. The innocence contained in the smile when he was about to do something so vile, was fairly sinister in and of itself. this was a mental tactic that Keita chose to employ, and it seemed that it was effective, at least as a shock tactic in the beginning. So, Keita wrapped around the man, breaking the chair that he was restrained to, and tightly coiling around him with the chakra chains, making sure that he could not move an inch, before tightly squeezing him. Keita watched the man to make sure that the man could still breathe, but barely. Keita then held the man upside down for a few moments, before unsealing the large bucket of water that he had in his scroll. 

Keita made sure that the man was only about six inches from the water, and used the chains on the back of the mans neck, to make the man stare directly into it. The man seemed to look at Keita, and started to ask a question. "If you want me to speak, why are..." the man barely got out with bated breaths, but Keita was sure to cut him off, still wearing that warm amiable smile that you would give a close friend or loved one, as he dunked the man face first into the bucket, and then out of it swiftly. The man immediately came up with a coughing fit, and Keita could tell that the man was about to speak again, maybe to berate him, maybe to question him, or maybe even to tell him the information. Keita did not care about any of this, and simply did what he said he was going to do to the man, and dunked his head in. This continued until the man was so oxygen deprived that it seemed that he was going to pass out, before Keita simply released him. The man slumped to the floor, heavily gasping, not even realizing that he was out of all restraints, but it did not matter, as the oxygen deprivation made him weaker than most genin fresh out from the academy. Keita looked at the man, satisfied with this result, because as the man looked at Keita, his eyes still hung on that soft smile of his, and in the mans eyes, you could clearly see sheer terror. It seemed that the man was finally aware that what Keita had said when he had firt gotten in here was true, and that he was not here for any sort of information, and that he was simply here to torture him for a while, before LEaving. Keita then simply turned around, and started walking away. 

"Oh, and by the way, the next people actually might have the incling to save you if you talk to them, although you're really going to have to work for it." Keita said, still holding that amiable smile as he proceeded out of the room. The guard quickly walked into the room before tying the man up in a new chair once again, the man giving little to no resistance. 

"Alright, whoever wants to go next, I softened him up for you. He definitely isn't all the way broken yet, but he should at least give out something simple."

Keita then checked with the Jounin supervising to make sure that his performance was adequate, before leaving the building.
EXIT ------ Word Count: 1,516
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Kiyomi Yuki
Kiyomi Yuki
Ryo : 500

Dark Path, Bleak Future Empty Re: Dark Path, Bleak Future

Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:35 pm
Kiyomi wasn't too sad about what she was hearing at the moment. She sipped her tea in silence, averting her gaze in order not to look her father in the eyes. Apparently, her mother passed away last night in her sleep. Her father thinks her heart just couldn't take the loss of their child anymore after all these years and finally gave out. In short, the woman was weak. Kiyomi continued to sip her tea as her father explained that we would be leaving the estate in her name along with all of the other things her family possessed, which was a lot. He told her that he would be living the rest of his days alone far from Kirigakure and he apologized for not being there for her like a father should. Kiyomi could only nod and accept his apology. She didn't care and she was happy to not have both of them burden her life any longer. She could be truly free of them and not waste another moment having to take care of them, her attention can be solely on becoming a better ninja and providing herself fully to her husband and this village. In an effort to look as if she was actually invested in the conversation she would ask about funeral preparations but her father told not to worry about that as he would have her mother cremated. Finishing up her tea she could feel a tightness around her chest and a stinging behind her eyes. She was putting on one hell of a front but it was getting harder for her to ignore the fact that she just lost her mother. Yea she wasn't being much of parent to her and she was just as willing to allow her daughter to be married off but at the end of the day she was still her mother and all she wanted was the same attention that they were giving a dead child. Cleaning her dishes she explained to her father that she understood and excused herself, making her way outside and towards the Kage's building. If there was anything she needed right at this moment it was to be with someone she loved.

Upon reaching the building the receptionist explained that her husband was no longer in the building but she knew where he would be if Kiyomi was willing to take up a mission. Kiyomi was upset but she wouldn't let it show. The woman was in no mood for something like this but she smiled and nodded, taking the missions and quickly making her way out of the kage building and to the destination that took her straight to her husband. She wanted to jump into his arms but this was a mission still and the way he spoke told her that this was not the time or place for public displays of affection. In fact, she realized now that the mission she took up was one that she would never imagine herself doing. Kiyomi wasn't sure she had the stomach for torture but she couldn't show weakness right now, she had to be strong and carry out the mission. It was important that she didn't disappoint Kizmaru and she didn't want to look like the weakest link in the bunch. Once she and a small group of others were briefed fully on their missions she watched one person go in first. She was glad that she wasn't going in first. She needed to think about what sort of thing would make a ninja, that has probably had nothing more to lose already, speak to her and tell her the information she needed to get. Had she known about the nature of the mission before she got her she would have bought along some tools to help her but she figured there was already some inside. Kiyomi waited patiently until she was able to go in next. She thanked the person that came out for doing a good job in making her job easier and she quickly stepped into the room.

Kiyomi requested that the prisoner be removed from the chair and instead have him stripped and tied in a way that his arms were restrained from a chain that hung from a ceiling and that his legs were separated and held down with chains from the floor. The request was quickly carried out by jounin before they left the room. Kiyomi made her way over to a table with various instruments of torture. She quickly grabbed a pair of black gloves from a sterile box and placed them on. The prisoner kept yelling something about not telling her anything and to let him free. Kiyomi wasn't hearing any of it as her fingers ran along some of the objects before picking up on that was clearly phallic-shaped. It looked more like a baton probably for a beating but she would be doing something else with it. Picking up the baton Kiyomi made her way over to the individual and frowned. " I'm only going to ask you this once before they'll have to pull me away from you. I've lost someone today, I think to be able to kill someone regardless if I get the information I want or not will be overlooked. If the people you were working with are as stupid as you are then we'll get the information we want anyway. " Kiyomi's voice was sickly sweet as she circled the man before stopping behind him and gliding the baton down the spine of his back. He knew exactly what was about to happen to him and unlike the last person to torture him with a basic technique, he wasn't prepared for this. Before any words could fall out the man's mouth Kiyomi shoved the baton up his rectum slowly and without any lubercation causing him to scream and writhe in agony. She continuhed to push the thing inside of his until it was almost gone and then in one swift motion she ripped it out of his, blood and feces coming out along with it. " Disgusting.. What did you think to acheive before you were caught? Did you work alone? Talk, I'm not a very patient person. " That last sentence was a lie but it seemed he wouldn't be broken so easily and upon calling her a bitch Kiyomi dropped the baton as her eyes caught basically the same thing as a baton but with spikes on it, and he began to sing like a bird. The information he was giving up was substanial but Kiyomi felt that his last comment earned him a spiked baton up his rectum and so her torture continued until she was satisfied. Once she was done she reported to the jounin in question and informed him the room will need to be cleaned for the next person before going into the next room and writing up her report and handing it over to the recpetionist, quickly taking her leave feeling alot more satisfied than she thought she would.

WC: 1174

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Ikari Senju
Ikari Senju
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Dark Path, Bleak Future Empty Re: Dark Path, Bleak Future

Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:11 am
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