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Minato Terumi
Minato Terumi
Remove Ryo : 550

Testing the New Equipment!(IO) Empty Testing the New Equipment!(IO)

Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:28 am
There was a new training facility in the village, recently built by the Mizukage Kizmaru Senju. It was an intelligent move, to maximize the training of the villages shinobi and military. Minato was standing in the center of the sparring grounds, which appeared to be a rectangle with proportions of 50 meters by 25 meters. A rather large room to be inside, with what appeared to be an artificial battleground that was fashioned with actual dirt and grass. It even had a small 2 meter wide creek that flowed from one corner to the other in a diagonal manner. Minato observed the high tech structure around him and became intrigued with all the work the men had done for the village, he then decided the best way to appreciate the work was to use the training grounds before him.

Minato placed his hands together in the seal of the Tiger, which caused two pillars of water to rise from the creek that was merely a meter from himself. The pillars quickly became water clones of himself as the each stood arms behind their backs, each clone sizing up their opponent knowing that the fighting style would not be the same despite being the same men standing before each other.

(20/210 AP Used)
Hamako Senju
Hamako Senju
Remove Ryo : 4000

Testing the New Equipment!(IO) Empty Re: Testing the New Equipment!(IO)

Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:34 am
Hamako walked into the training simulator. He was told there was someone within the walls of the simulator that wished to have a spar. As Hamako walked into the room, he saw that his opponent had already created two clones of himself. He shrugged as he walked by his opponent and kept walking until he was 25 meters away from the opponent. He then signaled that he was ready by performing the hand seals for Nativity: World of trees. Trees would begin springing up within the entire arena. Using the trees he had just created, he would create two wood clones out of the trees. His wood clones would stand at the ready for a fight both being 5 meters away on each side of Hamako. He would hold the snake seal and would wait for his opponent to make his first move, being ready to see what he could do against him and his two clones.

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