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Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:27 pm
The Tanning Rack

The day broke cleanly, morning light trickling through the windows of a secluded cabin in the mountains. The boar was already awake, donned in naught but gray sweatpants and a white tee shirt. His usual eyepatch was strapped over his right eye, the comforting weight of the fabric providing a sense of grounding as his thoughts drifted from place to place like a leaf in a river's rapid. In truth, he had no idea what he intended to accomplish today- it was a rare morning of respite in a very busy and monotone existence. And in total candor, it made him quite uncomfortable. He winced as he re wrapped the bandages on his hands and fingers- the scabs and blisters had mostly healed, and at this point they were more a nuisance than anything else. An idea came to him at that- perhaps he could run into town...? He needed some medication and balms, and perhaps while he was there some other things could be retrieved as well. He needed some good materials for weapons, as a start. Maybe some new clothes...? He shook his head. Chuunin exams were coming up, and he needed to be more prepared than anything else. A huff as Zan pulled on his leather boots, lacing them to the top as tightly as the man could, and stood up with a huge stretch. He attached a single tomahawk to his belt- he always felt safer with protection, as any ninja did- and headed out the door, locking it tightly behind him.
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