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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 155

Ashes to Ashes [Closed, A-Team Only] Empty Ashes to Ashes [Closed, A-Team Only]

Tue Feb 25, 2020 12:59 pm
The night after his search for Ghost, Kaito went into his office to take care of paperwork. An official report was filed: Kaito visited the hospital to confront Ghost regarding his crimes against the Kumogakure, however, the room was empty. Two chunnin teams and two ANBU officers were dispatched to search for Ghost SinnSage Hyuuga, henceforth an enemy of the Kumogakure, wanted for desertion and assault with intent to murder. Gods willing, his conversation with the doctor would hold up, and the secrets of the Kumogakure would be kept safe, and no one would know of Ghost's ultimate fate. Was it fair to call his secret a secret of the Kumogakure? He was a nobody. An up jumped cook who now took the life of the village into his own hands and wrestled the massive beast in a futile attempt to control its fate. Was this his great calling, or his great delusion?

While the chunnin bravely searched for Ghost, the ANBU were in on the dirty secret, but agreed to keep it under wraps given Kaito's justification. "Much as I try, this could blow up in our faces. Best to keep his death a secret and pretend he ran away than give any further reason to fracture the village's unity. We're ninja, secrecy is our nature. I hope I can count on yours."

Secrets darken the soul.

Like the darkened bark of the Black Forest, Kaito stood before the Gates.

Taking out pieces of parchment from his desk, he wrote three letters, the contents of which he kept brief: "Meet me at the location of our first team meeting, when the sun peaks. Make sure you're not followed. Destroy this letter once you've read it." Another piece of paper received a different message. "On the morning of this day, I, Noboru Kaito, visited the mountain top where I met with my team for a ritual burial of Ghost SinnSage Hyuuga. If you're reading this message, my team has dispatched me, and are likely now enemies of the Kumogakure." The three first messages he sent to his team members, the living ones. Zento Yuki, Hikari Renkaio, and Rayul Tenuchi. The last piece of paper, he left on his desk, underneath his ashtray, neatly folded. He reached into the cabinet on the other side of the desk, picked his best bottle of sake, and four cigars, imported from Fang Country. Lastly, he picked a fresh change of clothes, standard jounin gear which he would wear whenever he needed fresh clothes but couldn’t make it home. He packed them all into a backpack, sighed, and made for the door.

He got out of his office just as the sun started to reflect its light into the dome surrounding the world, the photons reflecting off the atmosphere at an angle that painted the sky in shades of blue and orange, the light of the stars starting to lose the battle against the light of the most important star to this Earth. Kaito walked solemnly in the brisk morning air, but the cold was a welcome sensation for one who felt as numb as he did. He let one of his hands dig into his left weapon pouch, fingers brushing lightly against a corpse storage scroll as they grasped a pack of cigarettes. He got one of the death sticks out of its pack and secured it between his lips, went into his pocket for a sleeve of matches, and rasped the tip of the match against the striker roughly, breaking it in half rather than igniting it. He flinged the broken match and procured another, this time striking it firmly but carefully, the light illuminating him for a brief moment before it simmered down, finally finding its purpose at the tip of the cigarette before being shook and extinguished, flickered between the middle finger and the thumb to disappear into oblivion.

Lost in thought, he found himself in the open field in the middle of the mountain where he had first awaited his team, not even having noticed the trek. Now that he looked behind him, he didn’t recall his thoughts either. The sun was now visible in the sky, and the land painted in gold.

Kaito put down the bag with his stuff, got to work. Using his katana, he would chop down slim trees that he would use to create an elevated structure at the height of his hip. Ever so often, he would tilt his head violently towards the emptiness of the field or the thicket of trees, worried some noise indicated adversarial approach. Kaito shook from time to time, his body feeding on the adrenaline of the events of the day, but he worked on. Small indentations were chopped close to each end of the logs so they could help steady each other in place. The rectangular structure rose in the middle of the field, a box of death. Kaito then foraged for dead leaves and dry branches and twigs. Over and over he carried armfuls of the things and dumped them in the middle of the rectangular box, which would assist in the burning process. Lastly, he chopped shallow indentations into the top logs, then using halved logs to create a bed for the body.

He picked the scroll from his bag, looking over his shoulder once again, paranoia setting in, and released it. The body of Ghost materialized in front of him, fresh as it had been when he first killed him. On his lap, the eye that Kaito had plucked off his skull before allowing the Hyuuga Curse Mark to destroy. He rested the eye over the scroll, and sealed it once again, then putting it away.

Carefully, Kaito changed Ghost’s clothes, dressing him in the black garb of the jounin , so as to avoid the bloodied and torn clothes he had worn; the lifted one of the boards and carefully slid them into the box, so as to hide them from sight. Over his bloodied face and sunken broken orbital bones, Kaito unfolded the genin’s headbang so as to cover his face, the metal plate with the Kumogakure’s symbol covering his eyes, then wrapping it around his head to stay still. Ghost's arms were made to hold on to his katana, on top of his chest. Maybe if he was sent into the afterlife with a weapon, he would stand before the Gates.

Kaito took a step back, and took his place by the side of the funerary pyre. The sun reached its peak as a sweaty Kaito stood vigil by the side of his murdered student, with the sun above him as he waited on his team.
Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 155

Ashes to Ashes [Closed, A-Team Only] Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes [Closed, A-Team Only]

Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:44 pm
For hours Kaito stood, faithfully vigilant over the body of his former student, murdered by his own two hands. However, none of the three people he invited appeared to be able to come. Kaito understood that they were ninja, and as such, may not be able to freely attend invitations. He had not looked into their schedule to learn whether or not they’d be free on this day. He had kept his head up and about, making sure no hostiles or unwanted visitors showed up, but no one came. So be it; if they had not shown after a few hours of the sun’s peak, they would likely not make it now. Kaito drew the bottle of sake from his backpack, uncorked it, and looked at Ghost’s body, laying in the funerary pyre he had set up. “Here’s to you, Ghost. May you find peace.” He felt bad saying that, somehow. “Sorry I failed you. Maybe not as a friend, since we weren’t friends… but as a teacher. You were on my team, and I didn’t even bother to get to know you individually. I just looked at you all as a group. I should’ve tried to get to know the people I was going to work with. Maybe I could’ve seen your tendencies and curbed the behavior that got you killed, by my own hand, no less.” He took a few gulps of the sake, the taste sweet and intense, but not intense enough that it burned his throat, sliding down with ease. “I hope you didn’t suffer for too long at the end. I had to take your Byakugan though. It’s far too valuable of a tool for the village to let it go to waste due to your Curse Mark. That’s good if you die out there and we can’t risk it falling into enemy hands. But out here… we gotta make use of every tool at our disposal.”

He dug back into the backpack, this time producing one of four cigars he had brought out here into the woods. He drew his katana a few centimeters and cut the tip of the cigar off. He brought a match out, and lit the cigar, taking puffs of smoke into his mouth and leaving it back out. One hand with sake the other with a lit match, he poured sake on the floor, then on the body. “Here’s to you, bud.” He flicked the sake into the dry wood under the funerary pyre, and watched it take the flame, quickly rising and consuming the pyre. Kaito himself took a step back, admiring as the fire consumed the body of his student, smoking his cigar as he watched the destruction. Kaito watched the fire burn, but as the sun set, he turned his back on it, looking at the village. He wouldn’t risk the possibility of blinding himself in the night by looking at the fire. He took a seat, finished his cigar, and looked into the distance. Eventually, only embers remained, and a melted plate where the Kumogakure symbol was no longer visible. Kaito clapped his hands together and burrowed into the ground, taking in small amounts of cinder into the earth, slowly but surely, until nothing remained at the surface. It might still look suspicious due to the lack of grass, but he cared none for it. The metal plate, he took it with himself.

Reaching the village, stinking of smoke, he made it into the office from where he’d retrieve the message from underneath his ashtray. It appeared he had spent the entirety of the day away, and night approached. Kaito’s entire body ached and begged him to sleep. But not yet. His mind raced, as every corner and shadow appeared to be an enemy waiting to strike. Every step he took into the building and the office was a careful and calculated one, paranoia setting in that he was possibly the target of an attack. As he arrived, he picked up the message, and set it on the table. He drew a cigarette, lit a match, lit the cigarette, and finally, lit the message on fire. As it burned, a rasping on the door alerted him. “Come in”, he invited, right hand at the ready to slice open anyone careless enough to think of him as an easy target. But instead, a worried ninja looked at him. “Sir, it’s Rayul Tenuchi.” Kaito’s expression shifted, from relaxed violence, into confusion, then surprise, as the ninja spoke the final words that would nail the coffin of Kaito’s confidence.

“He’s dead.”

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Kizmaru Senju
Kizmaru Senju
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Ashes to Ashes [Closed, A-Team Only] Empty Re: Ashes to Ashes [Closed, A-Team Only]

Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:52 pm
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