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Kyoki Shokukou
Kyoki Shokukou
Ryo : 500

Beast beneath the moonlight Empty Beast beneath the moonlight

Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:34 pm
Beasts...What interesting creatures that, not one but, two proud individuals  would be catching on this fine evening. Kyoki appeared to be as thrilled as ever. She was given the chance to meet a strange creature, somewhere deep in the woods of Kumogakure. ”Great mother of all that is good, we get to slay a beast!” Kyoki attempted to hide her giddy smile, filled with joy as she couldn’t hold in the enthusiasm to track down such a majestic sounding creature. Alongside her is a fellow ninja, who would be aiding in on the job.

“Aren’t you excited too? We get to find a..” Kyoki counted how many heads that the witnesses claimed they had seen. “However many headed beasts!” She gave up at the fourth finger, as she forgot how many heads they said it had. ”I wonder how powerful it is, maybe it could level the whole forest...Nah, not at this current level. It’s probably no more than a hound dog, with multiple heads. Like a cerberus. Kyoki thought to herself. The mission that she’s about to set out on, would prove to be worthwhile. It sounded much more fun than doing chores or any trivial tasks.  

WC: 204
Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 155

Beast beneath the moonlight Empty Re: Beast beneath the moonlight

Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:13 am
Mission Details:

On the outskirts of the village, two individuals walked together. One rather bubbly, to be sure, unaccountably excited at the prospect of catching the monster from the reports. The other individual, not so bubbly: his expression could be described as angry, upset, bored. It would depend on who tried to describe it and how well the individual knew this figure. Slightly above average, long red hair caught in a high knot at the back of his head, with strings of white hair starting to show through what was once a gloriously red mane, headband on his forehead as means of identifying his military rank within the village, single sleeved flak vest atop his worn out leather vest with embroidered maned snake skulls. On his belt, the tools of his trade: katana, wakizashi, two belt pouches full of equipment. Noboru Kaito was ready for the hunt.

When he got the reports from villagers, one thing was sure: the beast struck fear into the hearts of the villagers, but discrepancies in said reports were consistent with a nightly encounter: all descriptions differed in one way or another, claiming multiple heads from differing animals. Most likely a dog of war; a rare but dangerous breed of cryptic animal that ravaged the Lightning Country in ages past, hunted nearly to extinction. The fact one was seen within the walls meant the creature had its territory encroached upon, and now had to migrate for game and space. A troubling situation.

He had brought along a genin, or perhaps the genin brought him alongside her. Immersed as he had been in paperwork, he couldn't help but think of this nightly stroll through the woods at the edge of the village as respite. When she spoke, her joy beamed off of Kaito and dispersed into the night air. "You're far too excited about this. You would do well to curb it or the beast will catch you off guard." A joy kill as always. Well played, Kaito. "Keep your eyes and ears peeled for movement, but most importantly, try to look for dark shapes that don't belong. If it catches a whiff of us and thinks we're its next meal, it'll likely keep still until it's time to pounce on us."
Kyoki Shokukou
Kyoki Shokukou
Ryo : 500

Beast beneath the moonlight Empty Re: Beast beneath the moonlight

Mon Feb 24, 2020 5:45 pm
This bubbly natured girl hadn’t gotten a clue about the reality of the situation. Kyoki wasn’t dumb to dismess any possibilities as to what might happen if she screws up. She’ll end up as the beasts food. Kyoki didn’t like the fact that her partner had to make things serious. It ruined the excitement for her. Her face was met with a sour expression as she added it with her arms crossed below her chest, before looking in the other direction. “You don’t have to spoil the moment, you know” Kyoki brought forth her bratty behavior, as the two would venture deep inside the woods. 

She wasn’t packing any might on her, so she would need to depend on her partner if they were to come face to face with the beast. Allowing him to be the brauns during the time of need. I won’t be of much use, so i’ll have to rely on his strength Kyoki made sure to use him for cover, while at the sametime. Try to back him up. Once she had gotten farther into the forest, there had been a few rustles around the bushes. She kept scanning the field, but her eyesight is limited. It would be difficult to tell what’s actually out in the woods. Kyoki would need to rely on her hearing more than her eyes.  

WC: 227
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