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Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
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D-Rank Mission thread (P  Empty D-Rank Mission thread (P

Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:24 am

No one likes a brat who decides it would be all fun and games to disregard other people's property. Especially one that keeps on doing it over and over, showing back up with more paint and graffiti just for the busy people to once again clean up the mess. No matter how tricky a child thinks they are. Their bound to get caught one way or another within the walls of a dedicated village, with dedicated shinobi. And it just so happens that the mission board was advertising a job for someone to capture this little prankster and put an end to the childish nonsense.

The one who decided to take on this mission, would be a woman named Aroma Viperis. The little she - viper was dressed in her favorite ninja attire. Which resulted into a snug violet dress with soft fabrics that hugged her curvy form, with mid - thigh black boots that possessed flexible soles, and long black gloves. Covering her feared snake eyes would be black sheer material bindings, and along her right thigh was two weapon pouches containing her ninja tools. Most would find her attire to seem a little too much for a ninja to work in, but Aroma was one of a kind. After reading over the mission's contents and details, she couldn't help but feel a little confident about completing the mission. All she had to do was catch the little culprit in the act and turn him in, simple enough to say then do perhaps.

Before beginning her mission, Aroma decided to stop at a food vendor stand to grab herself a treat. Her eyes scanning the little display menu and it's written contents. Most people probably wandered if she could really see behind her eye bindings. After taking a few moments to come up with a decision, Aroma finally told the food vendor owner her order and made the purchase. This resulted in her being handed a pink dango on a stick. The kunoichi sniffed the purchased dango, which was some sort of sweet dumpling made from mochiko. Then she proceeded to take a nibble of the dough substance. Giving a brief chew of the mild flavor while her perception scanned the surroundings. Nothing unusual here to worry about, but Aroma was never one to completely and absolutely let down her guard.

With a few more chewy sweet bites of skewered dango delights, the kunoichi would finish her mid - day treat before tossing the wooden skewer into a trash can. Would the culprit be out this time of day? It seemed unusually busy for some child to decide graffiting on some buildings out in the open. If so that would be foolish of them, and they would soon see so for themselves. And not in a way that they will enjoy. The kunoichi discarded the wooden skewers into one of the public trash cans before continuing on her way. She wanted a little more information about this graffiti culprit. They didn't leave much in the details. Just that it was some sort of young kid that tends to carry around a backpack of some sorts to lug around their paint supplies in.

The clucking sound of the soles of her boots was very distinctive to a soft footed person, and was hardly noticable. "Oh well. . guess I'll do what I can with what I have." Aroma would explain softly to herself. She was just about to turn a corner, looking to head in the direction where the last graffiti incident had occurred, when she noticed something off from the corner of her eye. Even through her bindings, the she - viper had managed to catch a glimpse of a young boy sitting in front of a building. He had a can of spray paint grasped within his little fingers. She could see that he was just about to press down on the trigger of doom, "Hey boy!" Aroma let out a sudden shout. Watching as her voice quickly broke his concentration and seemed to have caused a little jump as a reaction. The startled boy suddenly dropped the can of paint onto the concrete beneath his feet. Fear was written all over his little chubby face, as he realized that he had been caught by a ninja.

But then a little spark of confidence seemed to flicker alive across his face, but Aroma was ready. She remembered one of the warnings that the mission board had given her. The young little culprit had the capabilities of moving like a ninja. They was able to jump and parkour about a little more than just your basic little citizen. But he wasn't going to get away from her. Just as the little boy put on his display of confidence, Aroma's hand would move towards her eye bindings. Quickly withdrawing the black sheer cloth from covering up her feared snake eyes. Revealing two sets of brilliant pink hues with a slitted iris within them. Her eyes gazed upon the culprit boy as his face seemed to crumble in fear right before her. As most normal people found her reptile eyes frightening, it caused them to have a hard time not gazing upon her intense hues. His little frightened eyes locked onto hers as she felt her jutsu take effect.

Aroma revealed her eyes before the boy, and summoned upon her Seduction of Paralysis jutsu. The boys body suddenly went tense, and his eyes seemed to even grow more wider. As it dawned on him that he was unable to move. It would he as if his entire body was restricted by chains of some sort. He couldn't speak, nor could he look about freely. The boy was stuck in his scared paralyzed state. Lucky for him though, that was all that he would be experiencing. Aroma called attention to some guards near by and allowed them to take care of the rest. The boy would be delt with appropriately and she doubted that there will he anymore graffiti about. |End|
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D-Rank Mission thread (P  Empty Re: D-Rank Mission thread (P

Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:27 pm
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