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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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The Cook and the Boar [private] Empty The Cook and the Boar [private]

Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:17 pm

Another day, another ryo, as the saying went. However, in this economy, one ryo would do very little for you. Especially if you tried to purchase any decent steel, or better yet, craft your own. With that in mind, the jonin had decided he would finally take up on the offer of the local mine to assist them in extracting ore from the cavernous system of the Kumogakure, since the village itself, their biggest buyer, was becoming more demanding with the steel. No surprise there. Since the arrival of Kutari Uchiha, and the incidents of said night, the amount of people wanting to learn how to protect themselves and their belonging had spiked. In Kaito’s eyes, this was a good thing: the people of Kumogakure were sated and became lazy, and a single intruder wiped half their active ninja force, which were far too few already. The other half were two high ranking individuals who according to reports “assisted in the escape and refuge process”, something that flew above Kaito’s head. But what did he know; a cook turned genin upjumped to jonin likely had nothing to say in these matters.

All he knew was that whereas he would have received mail in the past regarding missions, he would now assist in attributing missions to the many hands on his deck. He would assign them according to rank, so half the time he didn’t know who would take the mission, seldom choosing particular individuals to assist. He picked the mission request for the miners, wrote a few letters to be delivered to genins, and took one of the letters to himself, to show to the miners when he got there that he had a job to do. Leaving the mission board office, he took off towards the mine.

The trip wasn’t too long, and the mine was not difficult to find as there were rail tracks that lead to the entrance.As he arrived, a burly man sat on a bench at the front of the cavern’s mouth; likely security. Kaito presented him with the letter, to which the miner gave him a distasteful look, seemingly taking issue with Kaito’s presence and future assistance. Kaito kept his stoic look on his face, unphased by the man’s demeanor. “Next cart comes in 5 minutes, just wait around.” Kaito took his cue, leaned against the side of the mine’s entrance, pulled a cigarette from a pack and scratched a match against the striker, bringing the flame up to the tobacco and taking a drag. It wasn’t a healthy habit, but it was a great pass time.

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The Cook and the Boar [private] Empty Re: The Cook and the Boar [private]

Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:18 pm
The chill, misty wind begot a morning that came right out of a painting- picturesque clouds, piercing mountain peaks, a sturdy log cabin... The Boar stretched hugely as he slid a pair of hardened leather work boots over his pants- a thickened wool and cotton blend that blocked out the cold more effectively than plain cloth. His shirt was simply a white tee with a blue tunic top layered over it, with his headband tied around his left shoulder. He had a mission of some sort today in the various scattered mines dotting the edge of the village- he wasn't privy to know most of the details until he arrived, as per usual, but he wasn't particularly bothered. Despite his harsh, nearly feral exterior, he was rather hard to get riled up. Finally, he slid on his weapon harness- completely empty, due to the fact that he couldn't exactly afford to repair his own weapons once they broke. Still, it brought him a sense of sentimental security- mostly useless, of course, but... Well, he couldn't exactly complain. He ran a scabbed, scarring hand through draping blonde strands of hair, sliding his eye patch over his right eye socket. He wasn't too bothered by its loss anymore... and if anything, it served as a reminder. Don't lose your temper. Don't let it win.

He made the quick jog through the wooded trail, passing a myriad subtle landmarks and trail blazes that he himself had set in years past, still in place to this day. Tense muscles sprang forward as he quickened his pace, arriving at the mission boards in about half an hour. It was still deceptively early in the day. The pedestrians scattered about the walkways of the village were still scarce, and truth be told he didn't particularly mind. Less people meant less chance of being stopped to talk to, or otherwise being forced to interact with another person. He was snapped from his pensive thoughts as a letter was abruptly shoved into his hand by the clerk. He scanned it quickly- he was to work the mines with one of the jounin of the village, but he didn't quite recognize the listed name. Was it a newer member of the ranks, or was he simply that sheltered that he didn't know his way around his work partners? He inhaled sharply, feeling the crisp cold air pierce his lungs in a not unpleasing way. He was a better forager and carpenter than he was a miner, but the Boar was in no way a stranger to menial labor. He eyed the listed location, nodded to himself, and began a quick jog.

His pace was quick, but not as fast as he could've gone. It'd be inefficient to arrive a few minutes early but then do subpar work for several hours because of his own exhaustion. No, it was better to conserve his energy to ensure a better end product. He arrived in about ten minutes, handing the letter over to an uninterested man before coming to face with a smoking stranger. Judging by the headband, he was likely the jounin he would be working with today. He tilted his head, letting blonde strands fall to the left shoulder. He exhaled softly, taking in his appearance. Stressed. Trying to keep it together. Perhaps under pressure? "...Noboru Kaito?..." he spoke softly, rich baritone carrying throughout the small area. He wasn't one for talking for multiple reasons, and as such wouldn't continue the dialogue unless prompted. A creaking sound rumbled through the mines as a cart seemed to arrive, filled with various hunks of what appeared to be ore. The man blinked and turned back to the red haired stranger, curious to see what he would do next.

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