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Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank] Empty Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank]

Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:56 pm

Triple Trouble:

Katsu stared at the new mission he had received. He wasn’t particularly pleased, but he also wasn’t upset. The idea of taking care of children as a ninja mission upset him, but he had rarely been around those that could at least sort of understand his situation. It was unlikely these children could merge with their siblings, but still even just being a twin or in this case, triplit, was rare. He could finally talk to someone, in this case a super young someone, about what it felt like to be one of many.

Masaru’s head popped out next to Katsu’s own. “Wait so we are babysitting some kids that happen to be triplets? As odd as it is, this is probably something a normal kid our age does. I mean we are only fourteen. Babysitting should be in our wheelhouse.”

Katsu nodded, “Yeah I don’t really appreciate this as a ninja mission, but as far as understanding kids and knowing what they are going through, I doubt you could hire someone better.”

Katsu laughed, knowing his brother was probably right. When it came down to it he tended to think things through more than Katsu did, but even he could see that this job was made for him. Honestly while he didn’t really consider it shinobi work, there was probably nobody better suited than them. 

The two headed off toward their assigned location. They had made sure to split beforehand, the last thing they needed were the children to run at each other and assume that when they slammed into each other, one of them would enter the other. Oddly enough, they had actually run into that before when they were younger. They had met a set of twins that believed they could combine because they had seen Katsu and Masaru do it. Never again would they put that idea into another’s mind. If it turned out they were related and could do it, awesome, they might actually be there family. But the two weren’t willing to let others do stupid shit to test it out just because they had seen them do it.

The two headed off toward the home their mission indicated. It was a large house, larger than any home they had ever been in. Katsu knocked on the door, which quickly opened, the sound of chaos assaulting them from the other side.  The man that opened the door looked haggard, his wife appearing moments later. “Hey, are you the genin assigned to watch our kids? Of course you are right, please come in come in.” The haggard man gestured for them to come inside, he and his wife stepping out as soon as they entered. He spoke again in a rushed voice, “They are named Daisuke, Hirohito, and Tadashi.” He paused briefly, looking at the two from outside, “Wait are you twin…” His wife cut him off. “Of course they are. Now run.” The two started running down the street, a yelled voice reached them from afar, “Just keep them alive”

Katsu looked to his brother as the two parents disappeared into the distance. “Something tells me this might be harder than we thought.” The sound of chaos in the other room disappeared and he turned around to find three smiling identical five year old children. Daisuke stepped forward,  “I’m Daisuke, I’m the biggest brother!” Hirohito then stepped forward, “I am Hirohito I am a big brother and little brother!” Tadashi then stepped forward, “I am Tadashi, the smart brother.” He glanced at the other two, then sprinted into the other room, his brothers immediately chasing after him. Katsu glanced to his brother, “I guess we should get to the babysitting then.”

The two followed the triplets into the other room where the two older siblings were chasing after Tadashi. Masaru stepped forward, “Settle down! I am Masaru, and this is Katsu.” He gestured toward his brother. “Please stop chasing after Tadashi.”

The triplets stopped at the raised voice, not used to having anyone yell at them. They were a bit confused at the manner of the introduction. They all looked to the source pausing their brother’s chase. It was at that time they seemed to notice what everyone else noticed about the twins immediately, they looked exactly the same. Being on a mission, they even had their hair messed up in the same way, wore the same black jackets, and had their headbands settled neatly on top of their heads. They looked completely identical.

The oldest boy Daisuke looked between them then decided he needed to speak for the group, “You look the same, like us.” The three hadn’t yet met anyone else like them. They had always been the triplets, everyone confusing them and mixing them up. Never had they run into others that might understand what they experienced on a daily basis.

Katsu nodded, looking at Daisuke, and then to each of the boys in turn. “Yeah, we are twins. That means there are two of us. You are triplets so there are three of you.” His mind wandered for a brief moment as he considered how awesome it would be if they had a third brother, then he shook himself and returned his attention to the boys. “Could you stop chasing your brother please?”

The three looked at Katsu, the youngest obviously hopeful at the suggestion. The other two weren’t having it though, and decided now was a good time to resume the chase. This was short lived though, as Katsu headed of Daisuke, and Masaru Hirohito. The two became obstacles the little ones couldn’t hope to overcome. The youngest, taking this to be a perfect time shouted out, “It isn’t my fault I am the smart one!” This of course led to the other two trying even harder to get past the twins.

Masaru grunted, annoyed that things had already gotten out of hand. He had placed himself firmly between Hirohito and his little brother, then formed handseals. “Henge no jutsu” He took the form of the boy in front of him, and all the kids went still, staring at Masaru.

The triplets immediately gathered together, not sure what to think as they had suddenly become quadruplets. Even with Masaru looking like them they knew their own brothers. Tadashi was the first to speak up,  “How did you do that?” The other two hadn’t had the courage to speak up, but couldn’t be shown up by their youngest brother, and they both immediately piped up asking how.

Katsu and Masaru smiled, hoping they were actually getting somewhere with this. Masaru, who had started this, fielded the questioning boys. “We are shinobi. This is one of the skills we have learned. It lets us transform and look like others.” Once again the youngest started to move, and that spurred the other two forward, all three coming to stand closer to the twins. 

Tadashi stepped slightly closer then the other two, and poked Masaru. His hand pulling back as if he had just been a snake when he actually made contact. He wasn’t sure what he had been expecting, but even though he had done it, he was afraid something would happen when he did. When nothing occurred, all three moved even closer, poking Masaru.

“Hey, hey enough poking please.” He raised his hands defensively.  At this point Katsu stepped in, seeing an opportunity to keep the boys somewhat calm. He formed a couple handseals and performed bushin no jutsu, creating two additional copies of himself. The clones both looked exactly like Katsu and formed poses as they showed off.

The triplets stopped poking Masaru and went to look at the clones. There were now three Katsu’s and four boys that looked like the triplets. They found it very cool, but also very confusing. This time it was Hirohito that stepped forward and poked one of the clones. It burst into a cloud of smoke, and he jumped back, his two brothers rallying to him.

Katsu was quick to apologize, “I am sorry. I am not very good at that jutsu yet. When you came into contact with him, he disappeared. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He looked sheepish as he was apologizing, really not meaning to have startled the boy.

To this he got a glare from Hirohito, “Who was scared!?” Once again the other two piped up following along saying, yeah who. After a moment Masaru was able to calm them all down and they continued to show off some of their skills. Masaru walked up one of the walls, Katsu doing the same, but nearly falling a number of times due to him not being as skilled with chakra.

Masaru decided to broach the topic with the boys. “We have never met other twins or triplets. What is it like for you?” He was honestly curious how others experienced the situation. He had never really had anyone to talk to about this. He and Katsu were always together so their experience was basically the same. This was a rare opportunity to hear from others, even if they were just children.

The three boys pondered the query. Nobody had really asked them about it before. At least no one who might actually understand what it was like. If they thought a little harder, they were rarely asked their opinion on anything. Everyone always considered them too young to have any real thoughts in their heads. Daisuke was the first to respond, “It is annoying. Everyone makes us share everything and they always call us the same name.” The other two nodded in agreement, and then Hirohito picked up where Daisuke left off, “And, and, everyone thinks we like the same things.” Tadashi followed up, “I like green, and Hirohito likes blue. That is okay. We are different.” Daisuke quickly added, “I like red!”

Masaru smiled at the boys, “We understand. I also like green, and Katsu like’s red. People confuse us all the time, which is why we usually wear different colored shirts and wear our hair differently. Though…” He bent down and spoke conspiratorial, “Sometimes we pretend to be each other just to see if anyone will notice. We make a game of it.”

Hirohito piped up, “I pretended to be Tadachi once when I got in trouble.” This earned him a glare from his younger brother. “I didn’t get dessert that day! You guys always blame me for stuff and act like I did it even when I didn’t.” Daisuke shook his head, "Nuh uhh! We don't always blame you, just most of the time."

It was Katsu’s turn to step in. He kneeled down, setting himself eye to eye with the young ones. “You all need to stick together. I may play pranks on Masaru, I do. It can be fun. But you all need to remember, you have a bond stronger than anyone else. You need to be there for each other. Always look after each other, you can be the best of friends. Me and Masaru fight, a lot. But we know, deep down, we will always have each other's backs.”

The boys all looked at each other, and then Daisuke and Hirohito turned as one to Tadashi. Daisuke spoke first, “We will share more, and not blame you for everything.” Hirohito followed in, “Yeah sometimes we can blame Daisuke instead.” Daisuke grumbled for a moment as the other two laughed, then finally joined in. The twins didn’t know if any of this would really stick, but they felt good about the exchange anyway.

Hours passed the five playing together as the twins took turns trying to find ways to entertain them. They told them stories of the academy, and how they used to go out fishing with their father. It didn’t always go smoothly, but they did manage to turn things around anytime the triplets got too rambunkshus.  While it had started out rather harrowing, the whole ordeal didn’t turn out too bad.

The parents returned, both coming in quietly, fearing the worst. To their stunned surprise, their four boys were sitting around eating with one of the babysitters. It took them a second to realize why this looked so strange, apart from the fact that their children were acting calm. Before they could say anything though, Masaru released his jutsu, and one of their boys turned into one of the babysitters. This just gave them more reason to want to ask questions, but they decided that it didn’t matter. For once their children weren’t tearing up the house, and that was good enough for them.

Katsu and Masaru said their goodbyes to the kids. Making them promise not to pick on each other too much. They didn’t know if they would actually remember this for very long, but they hoped the triplets would grow to work together as they had. With that they headed out, and headed back toward the mission office to turn in the mission. The two laughed a bit as they considered some of the games they had played with the kids, and felt happy to have gotten to speak to someone else about what it was like to have identical siblings. It was rare they got to see others who had experienced some of the things they had.

WC 2220

Stats 9
Katsu 5 health 2 strength 2 chakra
Masaru 3 Health 2 strength 4 chakra

Jutsu: Impossible Strike A rank
Had 283 left over from previous thread so all 2500 to that.
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank] Empty Re: Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank]

Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:02 pm
Link that other thread where the 283 is from and it's Approved.
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Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank] Empty Re: Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank]

Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:11 pm
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
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Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank] Empty Re: Mission: Triple Trouble [E-rank]

Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:13 pm
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