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Boar and Belladonna (private) Empty Boar and Belladonna (private)

Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:42 am
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Stray huffs pierced the air, sending clouds of steam twirling skywards. The Boar had a massive garbage bag slung over his back, the results of what he had collected over half a sector of houses- in truth, he was working with someone else, but his natural shyness and aversion to contact had him conveniently busy or looking away whenever the two were within speaking range. He adjusted the load over his back, lean muscles tensing within a simple linen t shirt and cargo pants. His eyepatch, as per usual, decorated his right eye, and the remaining right one was a piercing blue that was often deep in thought. He inhaled deeply, chill air of the mountains stabbing his lungs with a bitter cold before letting out a heavy sigh. He didn't particularly enjoy manual labor, but there was something rhythmic about the repeated activity that was able to lull him into a sense of calm. Speaking of calm...

He looked down at his still bandage-wrapped hands. The Entity hadn't muttered a word to him all day. Was it satisfied? Amused? Or merely asleep? The lack of answers unsettled the young man, and his desire to finish the series of missions quickened. It would be best for everyone involved if he finished these as fast as possible. He knew what he was capable of if left unchecked, and he didn't particularly want anyone caught in the aftermath. No, that was reserved for his enemies.

...And, he supposed, those of his new village, Kumogakure.

He slung the garbage into a receptacle before cleaning his hands under an icy faucet, keeping his head low. Broad shoulders flexed backwards as he stretched his now free back. At this point, he was expected to clean the training grounds, right? Should his mission partner not be finished yet, he would grab her attention softly with a clearing of his throat. "...I am making my way towards the training grounds," The deep baritone was smooth, but awkward- as if he was still unused to it. And in a sense he wasn't; he could count on one hand the occasions in which he was willing to speak to another human being. As he arrived, he grabbed a burlap sack- made of the same material as his weapons pouch- with the intention of picking up stray kunai, senbon, and shuriken. He did so calmly and efficiently, trapped largely within his own thoughts as he proceeded. In a way, he was dissatisfied- why be wasteful with the weapons you had? Did they not know their value? A heavy, deep sigh wrought past his lips as he dislodged a tanto from a dead tree, cracked and too damaged to be of use, before dropping it into the bag with a clang. His own weapon of choice was in need of repair, speaking of, which was why he was taking on all of these missions at once. If he wanted to survive, to hunt, to... well, do anything, he needed to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Finally, he stood up and stretched. Surely, there was more to be done elsewhere...

[WC: 520]
[TWC: 520/2,500]
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