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Hamako Senju
Hamako Senju
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Simulator training Empty Simulator training

Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:25 pm
“Wood Style: Nativity of a World of Trees!”

Hamako was training within the simulator once again, as he had been doing religiously for weeks at this point. He did like how he could have any type of combat situation that he desired. This time in the simulator, he had another raging monster of a beast. The beast stood to be 4 meters tall while on all fours, the length of the body was 6 meters at least. The teeth coming out of its face were massive, looking like a enhanced version of a saber tooth tiger. The beast was proving itself to be quite the opponent at this point in their battle together.

The tiger was rushing Hamako, leaving him little in the means of windows of opportunity to counter. The loner grew weary of dodging, so he decided to instead go on the offensive against this large beast. He performed the hand seals for the Nativity of a World of Trees technique, and slammed his palms to the ground. The moment his palms met the ground, trees began shooting from the ground and sprouting all around him, filling their arena with massive trees. The beast was still doing it’s best to weave around the trees, so the loner was quick to begin the manipulation of the trees’ branches. The beast would be grabbed by the branches, halting the beast’s rush towards the loner. He created a branch coming out of each of his arms as he sprinted through the trees, readying himself to slice through the throat of the giant animal, being sure that the beast would be held tight in position, leaving it unable to stop its inevitable death.

The loner was only seven meters away from the restrained giant creature within the trees. The loner crouched low, gathering the power in his legs to perform a high jump to slice the creature’s throat, when he heard the loud crack that was the branch holding the creature’s arm in place. The loner aborted his jump towards the animal’s throat and instead rolled to the right to evade the wild swing of the claw that was coming from the newly freed beast. When he was rolling he performed the hand seals for the wood clone technique.

Two wood clones came out of the trees and immediately one was thrashed by the beast. The other wood clone, however morphed into the tree from whence it was created, hiding itself from the beast for the moment, this was what Hamako had instructed both of the clones to do, but one was just not quite fast enough. The second wood clone being safe in the tree, Hamako was the only one that the beast would have its sight zone in on. The loner wanted this, however, to get the beasts attention, leaving it vulnerable from behind.

The loner performed the hand seals as he was running away from the beast for the technique Suiton: Exploding Shockwave. Just as he finished the final hand seal, a massive tidal wave would surge away from the loner’s position and headed directly for the beast and all other directions from the loner. The beast would get caught up in the water, but would prove to have little issue pushing through the tidal wave and continue to head directly for the loner, with hatred in its eyes. The loner was going to need to come up with a plan very quickly, or those massive teeth that armed this cat was going to become much more acquainted with Hamako.

He opened his mouth and luckily no hand seals were required for the next technique. A large cloud of mist came spewing out of his mouth and filled the arena, in the midst of its charge, the cat slowed it’s body down for he did not know where his enemy had run off to. Luckily for the loner, he was a somewhat safe distance away from the large cat, performing the next set of hand seals for the Rain Tiger at Will technique. Due to the mist’s capabilities, he also lacked the ability to see anywhere through the mist. This was when the rain would come in handy. The moment the rain began to come down, he was able to sense exactly where the rather large cat was due to the chakra of his being infused into each rain drop. Hamako and his clone who had been instructed telepathically by the loner to come out of the tree began their preying on the large cat, finally being able to go on the offensive instead of the defensive.

The large cat began to panic and was throwing random swipes with its massive claws into the air. Not wanting to get mauled by accident, he thought of just how he was going to be able to eliminate this cat before it became too much of a problem for him while he did in fact have the element of disguise at this point. He was able to sense the cat, but the cat was unable to see him. The clone then sprung into action. He climbed up a tree that was directly next to the cat, but distanced out by four meters, just out of range of the wild swipes. The clone lunged out towards the cat, with a branch growing out of the clone’s arm, sharp as a blade. The clone swiped his bladed arm across the throat of the large cat.

Upon the impact of the blade to the cat’s throat. The blade easily penetrated the cat’s neck and slid across the cat’s throat all the way to the other end of the cat’s neck. For a few moments the cat let out a gurgled yelp, then fell to the floor. Upon the impact of the cat’s body to the ground, the simulation ended once the loner called out the safety word. “Finite!” speaking the word final in another language. The cat and all of the trees vanished and went away. The room turned from a vast forest with a large cat, lying dead in the middle of a small clearing, to a perfectly square room with no detail within it whatsoever.

The loner then dispelled his clone and he walked over to the exit of the simulator. He asked to be let out of the simulator, which the people working the simulator did with delight. They thanked him for spending his time within the simulator and the loner simply nodded his head uncomfortably. He then hastened his pace to leave the simulator, and the people, as quickly as he could.

Now that he was finished with his training session in the simulator, he decided he was going to go to the legendary ramen shop Ichiraku’s Ramen for a quick break before he was to go back into the simulator one more time before the end of the day.

When he entered the ramen shop, the bar was packed except for one stool right in the middle of the bar. He walked up to the bar and he asked for his usual. The cooks all smiled and began cooking his food immediately. He sat at the bar, and he thought about his time training, about the giant cat that almost had his number every step of the way, he was going to need to get much stronger if he planned on being able to beat an actual shinobi. Shortly after the thought, his food arrived and he began eating his thoughts away, his thoughts being simply overwritten by the wonderful food that was within the large bowls that were set in front of him.


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