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Mission: Mailman [E-Rank] Empty Mission: Mailman [E-Rank]

Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:28 am


Katsu turned the scroll in his hands sideways as he read through it again, hoping that somehow the words had changed. He had a new mission, today he would be a mailman. A mailman! He was a shinobi, a great… greatish warrior of Kumo. A proud son of the Lightning country. Today he would deliver mail and pick up letters. He continued to grumble and stare at the scroll, willing it to change.

Masaru poked his head out, growing it out from the top of his brothers making him look even stranger then usual. He quickly read over his brothers shoulder, “Mailman…” His voice trailed off as his head disappeared back into his brothers. He then separated himself, coming to stand next to him. “Let’s just get this over with. We can divide the mail up, you take the northern side of the city and I will take the southern.”

Katsu turned to look at his brother, obvious irritation on his face. “Mailman!” He didn’t have any more time to complain though as his brother headed off to collect the mail they would need to deliver. He chased after him and before long they had reached the village’s postal service.

The two entered the rather unassuming building to find a number of people sorting and preparing the days mail to be delivered. A large man appeared before them as if from thin air, “You the kids they assigned me today?” He squeezed Katsu’s arm hard causing a slight twinge to cross his face, “Looking a little scrawny, not sure you will be able to handle the load.” He then immediately produced two large carts covered in baskets full of mail. Rubber bands were wrapped around individual stacks within each basket in order to keep the deliveries separate. “I guess there are two of you, so maybe you will be able to handle it.” He pushed one of the carts toward each of the boys. “Deliver the mail, and take any new mail or packages and put them in that basket there.” He gestured to the empty basket as he said the last. “Do not deliver any of the mail to the wrong location. If I hear any complaints from the villagers you will have failed this mission. Do I make myself clear?” His voice boomed as he said the last, leaving the two boys with no other option then to shout a quick yes sir.

Katsu looked over at Masaru, his annoyance about the mission assigned to him gone. “I don’t know what just happened, but that guy was intense. I think this just became a life or death mission.” He clenched his fists, “Let’s do this!”

Masaru glanced at his brother, “So now that you think someone might beat your ass if you mess up you are happy to be doing this?” He grimaced, ““Are you sure we are related?” He sighed, in the end it really didn’t matter. If it fired his brother up, at least he could count on him to do it. He pushed the heavily laden cart and headed off to begin with his deliveries.

Katsu pulled out his route map, staring at it as he looked at the baskets. Each one had a label and a designation on the map. The route looked to be a large loop extending toward the north, moving steadily east, then back down south, and finally to the west to place him back where he started. He assumed his brothers was the same but starting off to the west. He looked to the baskets noticing that they were extremely well ordered, the top left basket was the first he would deliver, then the one next to it and so on as he followed the route. While organization was not one of his own strong suits, he could appreciate the work that had gone into it, and he appreciated not having to rummage through the cart as he tried to locate the correct one.

Setting off, Katsu began his deliveries. It looked like he had mostly residential locations on his route, or that was how it started anyway. At each house he reached he looked at the address and made sure he grabbed the correct set of letters He then removed the rubber band and placed the mail in the mailbox. This pattern continued with little change, though he did occasionally pick up a few pieces of mail, wither finding them sitting out waiting for him or running into one of the residents as he was making his deliveries.

He didn’t know how long this normally took, but Katsu thought he was making good time as he traveled from home to home delivering his letters. He hadn’t run into any problems as we went and it seemed like things would end rather uneventfully until he reached a house with a large gate, and a sign that said beware of dog. Katsu eyed the gate, not entirely sure what he was supposed to do. He pushed on it, but it appeared to be locked, so he quickly scaled the fence, standing on top and looking out across the yard in search of dog. Instead of one, he saw three roaming the grounds, one of which had spotted him and started to bark. Taking that as his que, he dropped back down from the fence and took a few steps away as he considered his options.

After a minute or so he decided it was time to put his plan into action. He formed a few hand seals and created a pair of clones. He sent one to the far side of the fence, and had it leap into the yard, grabbing the dog’s attention. As soon as they gave chase, he and the other clone leaped into the yard. Katsu immediately used his taijutsu skill bull rush and sped across the yard as quickly as possible, reaching the homes mail slot in record time. He placed the mail through the slot, and turned to survey the yard.

His first clone was in the process of disappearing as one of the dogs had tackled it, reducing it to nothing. His other clone stood in the middle of the yard waiting for instruction. He quickly sent it toward the dogs so that it could distract them briefly, as he dashed toward the fence on the opposite side of the yard from the dog’s current location. Thanks to his clone, he reached it without difficulty and managed to escape from the yard. He then returned to his mail cart and continued on with his deliveries.

Masaru started off along his route, finding that he had a lot of businesses to deliver to. At each location he went inside, delivering the mail to whoever was at the front desk, and often ended up taking back a number of letters or small packages with him back to the cart. With each stop it seemed he was actually getting more mail back then he was delivering.   

This trend continued and soon Masaru was struggling to keep track of what needed to be delivered and what he had collected. To keep from causing himself confusion he worked on reorganizing the cart, placing all of the outgoing mail on the top rack, and all incoming mail on the bottom. He double checked his work, making sure he hadn’t made any mistakes then continued on with his deliveries.

Masaru finished up, delivering his last piece of mail just before he reached the post office. He was pleased to see he had finished first, but he saw his brother appearing only about a minute later. “About time. I have been waiting on you forever.” He lied, hoping to annoy his brother with his obvious superiority.

Katsu for once, didn’t seem to rise to the bait, simply shrugging as he pushed his cart toward the post office entrance. As he entered the door he shot back, “You probably should have brought all the mail you picked up into the post office then. You aren’t done yet.” He then disappeared inside, his brother hot on his tale as he sprinted after him.

Those within the post office were quick and efficient, as they gathered up the outgoing mail and empty bins. The large man appeared once more and thanked them for their work, then shooed them out of the office so that he could get back to work. With the mission complete, the boys headed home.

WC 1413

Stats gained 5

Katsu 5 Speed
Masaru 5 Chakra

Jutsu: 1000 words to Wind Style: Air Pistol [C Rank]
130 toward Hidden Arms Technique D Rank will place at 500 with the previous 370
283 words left to apply, jutsu to be determined.

+1 AP
+ 600 ryo
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Mission: Mailman [E-Rank] Empty Re: Mission: Mailman [E-Rank]

Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:44 pm
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