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Encounter of a Serpent {Open}

Aroma Viperis
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Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
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Encounter of a Serpent {Open} - Page 3 Empty Re: Encounter of a Serpent {Open}

Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:35 am
The thick mist that was once being somewhat a nuisance, began to disperse around the lavender haired kunoichi. Just as she used the colided body heat masses to pin point what direction to head, to try intervening with the intruder. She knew that she couldn't allow the young twins to have to deal with the unknown attacker all on their own. But it was too late. . instinctively her hand moved to pull her bindings back over her brilliant colored eyes as the mist began to clear up. Deactivating her dojutsu technique in doing so, since there was no longer a mist that was meant to impair their sight. At this time the kunoichi was close enough to witness the scene. The attacker was now upon the ground unmoving, and Katsu sas fortunately still standing. But there was yet another stranger within their surroundings. She couldn't help but tense up, feeling her eyes narrow into a glare from behind her bindings. Was this another attacker?

The man had his attention focused on the intruder that laid unmoving upon the ground. And she heared the harsh words that he spoke towards them. Aroma couldn't help it, she gritted her teeth together just before making the motion to interrupt the man. "Scratch that, we should be asking HIM that question. I'm no fool. . he lacks a headband for some reason and approached us with threats. So bite your tongue if you think that this man had the right to attack two unguarded people whom was simply enjoying their time at the hot springs." She made sure her words barked out loudly, clearly interrupting the man before he could finish his words. It was obvious that some hot blood was boiling within her skin.

It was stupidity to think that anyone felt the right to make such a quick assumption without seeing the obvious. The fact that this imposture would be justified because someone defended themselves from what seemed to he a life or death situation. If it wasn't for whatever Katsu had done, there was no telling what sort of damage he would have received. Aroma would step close to Katsu, she never felt this much protectiveness for anyone before and probably never will again. But for thos situation it was more of an impulsive of her rage amd gratitude. The kunoichi took a defensive stance as the man went on about his threats. Listening as all the blame was placed on them two, more so on Katsu and his brother. The twins who had just simply been doing their best to keep themselves from being killed by an unfamiliar, unmarked individual who intervened with seemingly violent intentions.

Her eyes glared from beneath the bindings as the threatening stranger took the unmoving man within his arms and left in what seemed to be some sort of unknown void to her. So much had happened over just her simply wanting to enjoy a little break at the hot spring. And it took a sudden turn to disaster. Aroma felt that this would be something she would need to discuss with an officer in the future. She couldn't help but feel that this was unjust.
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Encounter of a Serpent {Open} - Page 3 Empty Re: Encounter of a Serpent {Open}

Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:19 am
All went as expected in this duel of fate. Ghost would look on as he stood tall at the twins his Byakugan taking cleans notes of it all. He would smile as he knew these three were not yet ready for the real danger and even beaten him in the way they did was all but lost. Ghost was only testing the waters as he was trying to see what was to come. A pair of twins who could fuse and their support. Who had crazy looking eyes. To made him smile as he saw this. Thus experience was well needed. As he fell to the ground he would smile at the trio. Faces are not names he won't be forgetting them no time soon. Happy as they may be he too was happy now that he knew what to expect at the exams. Looking on he would close his eyes in pain.

Next thing he knew he was being brought out of the battle zone. He was being saved by his battle brother Rayul. Hopefully he saw what went down or at least Ghost body laying down on the ground. He was clearly the victim here regardless of what went down. Looking on he slowly moan in glee to try to cover the pain. But at last the trio fell their mission Ghost wanted them to pass. That mission being to rd themselves of a missing ninja. This would plan to be very beneficial to them. As in they could have taking all he had. Just pure rookies at their best. Yet he looked on and could feel bad about the two. Now that he gotten away all was well with him. He now knows how to deal with the twins and that was to put speed their link. 

Or whatever they calling it but one thing was for sure going easy on them have cost him. It I nothing but a set back but Ghost knew he would be back. This is all that he wanted and waiting on. As he was rushed to the hospital he could not hear Rayul voice. But he was able to hear his heart beat. That was crazy but true. As he was laid down on the bed. The doctors would start to put on their doctoring skills as it was time to save him. The only thing Ghost would think was "Perfection".


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Encounter of a Serpent {Open} - Page 3 Empty Re: Encounter of a Serpent {Open}

Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:45 pm
Katsu and Masaru were in shock. They had done it. They had somehow won their fight. This was the first time they had ever fought anyone for real. The first time their lives had been on the line, facing a missing nin no less. They had somehow come out on top. They glanced at each other, a small grin on both of their faces before the reality of it set in. They could have been killed, they could have truly been killed. More emotions followed as they realized they may have just killed someone. 

The two immediately started forward, Masaru having some small amount of medical jutsu at his disposal, but their actions were cut short. A new voice rang out, a loud yell pulling their attention away from their intended task. A person more or less materialized before them. They had seen them, kind of out of the corner of their eye, and then he was simply there. His words were harsh, and the boys thought for a moment that this missing nin’s friend had appeared. That was until the words actually registered. The twins shared a thought Kumogakure? 

They stammered out their names in unison. “Katsu, Kumogakure genin” “Masaru, Kumogakure genin.” More angry words fell upon the now very confused twins. They heard the girl respond in a biting voice toward the shinobi, but as far as he could tell, he paid her no mind. Before they knew it, the man was gone with the body of missing nin. They shared a look, completely dumbfounded by what had just happened. Emotions swirled within them, as they tried to process it all, but they knew it would take some time. Their nerves were frayed and they couldn’t get their heads around it.

They turned to the girl who had witnessed everything, and gave her a little head nod. They appreciated her support, and they knew what she said was right, but they couldn’t shake the feeling that something very bad had just happened. They wanted to say thank you, they wanted to get her name, they wanted to tell her they were glad she was safe, but they just couldn’t say anything. Even Katsu’s rather flippant and idiotic nature was being weighed down by the enormaity of what had just happened. Instead, the boys took slow plodding steps away from her, hoping she wouldn’t be offended, and walked home.

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Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
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Encounter of a Serpent {Open} - Page 3 Empty Re: Encounter of a Serpent {Open}

Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:02 am
The two unfamiliar strangers was gone now, and good riddance to them. The kunoichi would be pleased if she never had to confront them ever again. What had this village came to? Now Genin had to watch their back for random attacks even from within the safety of it's walls? Either way, Aroma needed to learn to fend for herself anyways. But that doesnt excuse themselves for what they said. Their hateful words won't damage her, or cause her to falter. But their words and foolish actions will help the lavender kunoichi to remember their faces with a bitter taste. It would be best of they never confront her after this first encounter.

Her attention turned towards Katsu, she could see that the man named Rayul had went too far. The twins had merely been defending themselves against a potential threat, and now they was emotionally attacked by harsh unjustified words. Aroma let out a soft sigh, she was far from a motherly figure and definitely lacked when it came to comforting. Sometimes it was best to give proper space anyhow. She confirmed this as she watched the two quiet boys head away. Hopefully they don't push themselves too much, they truly wasn't at any fault here. The twins was as innocent as any animal that was approached by a wolf with fangs bared, and act accordingly for their survival. That was what you was meant to do in this world. No battle was a joke. Most of the time it meant that only one side will come out walking, while the other lay to rot as they become diseased. Their flesh decaying as they become one with the earth beneath them, or perhaps scaved to the point that they can't continue their path as a ninja.

That was common sense at the least. Never take a combat as a joke, or some sort of fun little game. It can be a game to you, but acknowledge the fact that your life may be on the line, as well as the other opposing side, or even your fellow teammates. There was a there was to it. Now that everything was to an end, and the cancerous events that had previously taken place may be dealt with in future times. As for now it was time for the kunoichi to make her way back home. The kunoichi's little host spring break had definitely taken a turn of events. Upin meeting two unique twins with a weird morphing ability and them two supposedly hostile buddies, whom basically trashed her decent mood. There wasn't anything she could about it now though, except to report the attack to allow an officer to know that there is a violent individual amongst the village. Who was also lacking a village headband. Which could lead up to being a little suspicious. Her dear Sebastian must be hungry.
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Encounter of a Serpent {Open} - Page 3 Empty Re: Encounter of a Serpent {Open}

Tue Feb 18, 2020 4:26 pm
Imagine systematically going through to downvote every one of Aroma's posts.

Approved all of ya.
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