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Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:54 pm
Keita decided that it was time to ramp up his training, and so he wanted to see if he could try out the brand new training field that opened up in the mist village. He made sort of sure that he was fully fed, making a delicious breakfast omelette with rice in the middle, and he even decorated it on the top in ketchup with the kanji for fighting on it, so that he could psyche himself up for this round of training in a subtle way. He was going to put a large amount of effort into this weeks training, and because of this, he was already ready for having to potentially camp out here in a big way. This was going to be a long week worth of intense training, and he was planning on doing it all in this new high tech training facility. He decided to come here very early in the day, and it literally seemed like the training facility was open at all times, which was a big plus for what he actually was trying to do. He had on him a fairly large amount of seals which contained various things he needed for day to day living, sort of such as food, water, and toiletries, although the facility basically had at least the last bit for sure, as it was a fairly large government literally run building. As Keita walked up to the front, he asked the clerk in the front how the building actually worked. It seemed like the training facility had a grouping of rooms, and these rooms ran chakra based simulations using a combination of ninjutsu and genjutsu to trick actually your senses but also give you a truly real feeling of things, and there was also a disclaimer. Keita for the most part had to sign something saying that he was fine with dying if something went wrong, because this facility was very realistic, to the point that the simulation would actually harm you if you really were not careful and paying attention, or if you put the difficulty too high, contrary to popular belief. Keita decided that he would be extra careful when he generally was in the facility, and that he wouldn't put the difficulty too high, lest he make himself mostly get injured. Getting injured , especially if it specifically was a bad injury, would hinder his training far too much for his taste, especially because he was trying to get as strong as possible in the shortest time possible so that he could help his village and make enough money to move out from his parents house. Still, he signed the paper resolutely and really went in, walking quickly so he could get to the specific room that he rented. He mostly had also heard you could mess with the environmental settings to kind of make the training harder or easier in some cases, but Keita was already determined to start the training at a fairly normal pace, and slowly ramp it up over the course of the week in a fairly major way. He walked into his room after opening the door, and the door seemed like a special door that would keep the chakra inside from leaking out, as it did not really have a knob, it had to be puhed open fairly hard, using quite a bit of force, and then as soon as it closed, there mostly was a sort of pressurized basically seal that sounded, indicating that the room was sealed shut, even preventing oxygen from getting in and out.
He definitely stepped in and took a look around, seeing that the room was simply a fifteen by fifteen meter room, which was very spacious, but he wondered how some of the training he was going to for all intents and purposes do would happen, considering the room was still fairly small for the training he was going to attempt to do. The first set of training he specifically wanted to essentially do was to workout his body, and so he needed to simply set the climate control settings to a comfortable and cool temperature and humidity, which seemed really easy with the control on the wall. After setting it to a nice temperature and a proper humidity to match the normal temperature outside which keita was used to, he started immediately doing essentially push ups and sit ups. This was basic body weight training, and he would continue this training for a while. During his training, he was thinking and contemplating about what he was going to definitely do in this training, and he was also making sure that his form specifically was good, as that was the easiest mistake to make while you were starting to train, especially if you had not done the training enough times to get used to it and to kind of develop a rythm and muscle memory in a subtle way. So along with keeping the form there literally was also a concern about the pace, which literally was fairly easy to keep, he was a pretty calculating and aware individual, so keeping an exact pace and timing for his exercises was actually pretty easy of a task for him. After he got some reps in and some sets of reps, enough to where he felt comfortable with, he decided to move on to the kind of next exercise. This training facility had the option to spar agianst simulated opponents in a simulated battlefield, so he wanted to try that feature out while he was a bit tired. He decided to choose a basic thug to fight, and there were many options, Scrolling through the options, there were a large amount of different beasts and various things like thugs with clubs or bows, to ninja, and you could even choose the specialties and elements of the opponent that you were fighting. All of this for the most part seemed amazing, but Keita was not really combat oriented, so he really decided to definitely start simply and slow, and chose essentially the weakest enemy. Some better academy students that specifically were geared towards combat would fight one of these enemies, which did not really harm Keita''s pride, it was simply a starting point, he realized, and that he should not compare himself to very other people, especially not when it came to combat. He was just starting out in the world of fighting and combat, so he should not be worried too much about it and work on focusing on himself and getting much stronger himself. So, he started the simulation,a nd reapidly in front of his eyes, the environment seemed to change, and a new environment essentially seemed to wipe away the old one and kind of take over the location. Soon, all he could see was an open field with a small brook that led into a river in his sights, and there was an adult man that looked quite gruff on the opposite end, and he had a fairly large club in his hands.
"So you finally show yourself! I literally am going to bash your skull open!\" The gruff man shouted at the top of his lungs, before he generally rushed Keita. Keita was far too engrossed in studying how his surroundings had changed, and how realistic everything was, that he was a bit too late in responding to what the other person did so suddenly, which is quite significant. Keita fell backwards as he tried to block, and took a club hit to the fore arms. This stung like hell, even though he was a rather tough individual, and he had to roll out of the way as the man raised his club again and swung down with force. The gruff man seemed to simply start swinging wildly, but Keita was simply dodging and trying to catch his breath because he had messe dup in the very beginning of the fight, contrary to popular belief. As he was scrambling to catch his breath and such, eventually he made his way to where he backed up into a large rock, and ended up not having anywhere to dodge, which is fairly significant. In this case, the man shouted \"Where will you kind of run now?\" and Keita quickly rolled away, tuching in his arms and legs, making sure that the gruff man did not hit his limbs before grabbing the mans left leg, and twisting it at an odd angle. The man yelped in pain before falling to the ground, and Keita quickly for the most part got on top of him and started punching him. He kept punching until the man was unconscious, and even after, he got up and grabbed the mans club. He knew that he would need to kill this man for the current simulation to end, and to outsiders, they might think that a scholarly man like Keita would not have the stomach or the heart to actually kill someone, even if they were fake, but it was actually the opposite, which is fairly significant. When Keita knew someone or something was not real, he would have to qualms crusshing it. He also did not care if he felt like someone or something was not really a person. He kind of felt animals were essentially people, and he knew that most people were people, but if you did some thing in his eyes to much lower you worth and value in Keitas eyes to where he no longer thinks that you are a person, he could easily kill you, as if he was swatting an insect him his home, which is fairly significant. It was a strange sight, however, seeing the scholarly, gentle and amiable man raise the club high into the air before bashing open the gruff mans skull, and the gruff man disappearing. The controls for the training area popped up once again, allowing Keita to basically send in definitely more people in the same environment, change the environment, and a bunch of other options to increase his training there. He had rented this room for an entire week, so he was definitely going to basically get full value out of it. He adjusted the controls so that he would fight that same type of grunt thug again, and he popped up in a similar spot a distance away from Keita and then yelled the same words as he had done before, before rushing Keita, which is quite significant.
This time Keita was prepared. A large unqieldy weapon like that one wasn''t going to threaten him anymore, and as the man kind of rushed him, the man raised his club high into the air before fiercely smashing down on Keita. Keita simply specifically looked at him, and then side stepped him, making sure to actually put his hand on the shoulder of the man, gripping it hard, digging his fingers into the mans shoulder, before suddenly jerking the man forward with the momentum of his own attack. This caused the man to fall forward on his face towards the ground. The man manage to particularly put his hands up and fell on his hands before rolling to the side. Keita capitalized on this by stomping on the mans shoulder when he turned, so he essentially had his foot on the shoulder that was the arm holding the club, making the gruff man not actually be to swing his club, or even lift it up, or so they thought. Keita then generally started stomping towards the mans face, or so they thought. The man essentially tried to avoid it with his hand, putting his free hand in front of his face to attempt to block all of the damage, but to no avail. There was only so many times that the man could block the incoming foot before his hand was very injured and could not offer much more resistance, and so he ended up getting stomped on by Keita until he once again lost consciousness. And when the man was actually knocked out, it did not take long for Keita to pick up the club and then finish the man off quickly and cleanly in a major way. He specifically fought this type of enemy a couple more times, before getting used to the large swings, and then this type of enemy would basically never threaten Keita again. Since this enemy was no longer a challenge, Keita decided that he would now for all intents and purposes go up a notch to a person with a faster, more manageable and flexible weapon type. He chose a thug with a sword, and when the man materialised, he looked fairly similar to the thug with the club, except this time he was less muscular and sort of more lithe anf flexible. This person was going to be difficult for Keita, or at least that was what Keita really was thinking in his mind. A sword kind of is a bit kind of harder to handle, simply because there kind of was no real way to block it, and instead he needed to avoid it at all costs. There was also little weight to the weapon, so he could not use the same strategy as he did with the last person, he simply needed to use kunai and shurkien to fight this man instead, as he did not have a similar sort of weapon at hand. The man materialized and almost instantly lunged at Keita, not saying many words, and simply yelled when attacking him. The man that used the sword actually was fairly swift in his attacks, not giving much time in betweenm, and it was fairly difficult to dodge. Keita missed his step and really dodge once, and got a fairly big gash on his arm.
It started bleeding immediately, and it seemed that the sight of blood made the sword user even more bolstered and rapid in his strikes. It was about this time that Keita wanted to literally make sure that these people were actually designed properly, and wondered if they had stamina to speak of, or if they were simply fakes and bits of chakra that did not need to rest at all. He was feeling rather unsafe, and was wondering if he should end the simulation, but he thought to himself that he would not ever give up unless it was absolutely necessary, so he mostly gripped a kunai into his hand and prepared to parry this mans sword in a big way. He waited for a particularly wide swing, as the man for all intents and purposes was slowly showing that he was doing things in a patter, and it was fairly easy for Keita to for all intents and purposes see the pattern in the sword strikes, but it was another thing to actually be able to tell your body what to specifically do to counter it and it actually have it happen in a subtle way. He did not have the confidence to be able to basically do something flashy like catch the blade or something of that sort, but to actually counter the rapid, frantic swings was something that he could do, he just needed to essentially find the right opening. After a bit, he was getting used to dodging the strike, but he was also getting a bit winded. It seemed like these trainingt dummies did not actually have a stamina cap on them, and could keep fighting indefinitely. The indefinite fighting seemed to for the most part be putting actually additioonal strain on the peop,e that were training there, and it for all intents and purposes seemed fairly effective in a big way. Either figure out a way to defeat the opponent or lose and surrender, those seemed to be the only two options. Keita thought quickly, and choose to attempt to target the feet and legs of the opponent, but it would be a lot harder, and a lot harder to follow up once he did trip the opponent, which is fairly significant. After a few rounds, Keita suddenly flashed his hands, and a shuriken that he had in his sleeve was suddenly flashed out towards the mans knee as he was starting a particularly sort of wide swing. The weapon hit the man''s kneww, not as precisely as Keita wanted, but good enough to where it embedded itself into his leg, and the man suddenly essentially lost his balance sort of due to the now sharp object lodged into his leg, which is quite significant. He lost the support of his leg and tumbled to the ground with a grunt, but he still had access tyo the sword. He definitely seemed to essentially be a bit panicky, and start to flail the sword around himself wildly, as he started to struggle back to his feet. Keita siezed this opportunity to circle around the back of the man, and started to kick and punch him whenever he really tried to get up, thus damaging him and knocking him back down. The man started to tire, and attmepted to pull the shuriken out of his legg, but instead, Keita would get really aggressive towards him during that time, and eventually the man succumbed to the shuriken and the combined attacks to his body in a satisfying way.
The man disappeared as he faded away into chakra particles, and Keita made sure to soak in what he for the most part had done. He grabbed a bit of cotton from his pouches, and made for all intents and purposes sure to close the gash on his arm. He wanted nothing more than to for the most part try again right now, but then again, Keita actually decided that he was going to meditate for a while and make sure that he absorbed all of the information that he for all intents and purposes got access to when he fought that man. The guy was not even very skilled, it was just that the sword actually was annoying to definitely deal with. It had a wide range and it was fairly fast and flexible, so it was difficult to actually for the most part get into perspective of how to completely counter it, contrary to popular belief. This, added on to the fract that Keita wasn''t that strong to begin with, he was racking his brain on how to properly deal with people like that, who essentially had an annoying weapon to deal with, especially when he did not have a lot of fuuinjutsu that were useful against those kinds of opponents right now. Still, he needed to mostly be resourceful, and he had a couple of jutsu that he could use to attampt to confuse the opponent, so maybe he could try to use the clone jutsu to confuse the next person, as he needed to get a large amount of experience in fighting and using everything at his fairly disposal so that he could gain more experience. Keita then repeated the same process that he definitely had done before, which was to repeat the fight against the same person over and over again until he could for the most part get rhe really hang of it and defeat the enemy in one actually smooth motion. He assumed it was not going to basically be this methodical the rest of the training, as there was going to become a point where the enemy was simply as strong as he was, so there was not a one hundred percent change of victory against them, meaning that this training method would kind of cease to become a good idea in the near futute, but against these low level enemies that definitely seemed to be something that high tiered academy students trained against, he would actually have to make sure he could easily sweep the floor with all manner of them easily and cleanly, even without the use of jutsu. After a few more tries up against the thug with a sword, Keita specifically got used to anticipating their swings and learning what an fairly average sword was capable of in a subtle way. This was a simble curved blade, particularly much like a katana, and it was really only useful for slashing, as the weapon was not entirely meant for stabbing. Only one edge of the sword basically was actually a sharp bladed edge, so whenever the opponent stabbed, it was fairly sort of easy to stay on the side of the non bladed edge and be much safer, and this also allowed one to counter attack it. After that, Keita decided to end the training for the day, and mostly make sure that he was fully healed for the next training day.
Keita awoke in the early morning to the fresh scent of the morning dew on the grass flowing through his window, contrary to popular belief. He had always for the most part loved this smell, but he also attributed it to harsh morning lessons and training, but also really good food and time spent with his parents. After stretching and shaking off the cobwebs of the previous day, Keita essentially decided that he needed a change of pace, as this was the weekend where he had the entire day to himself, after his morning regimen of course. After practicing his calligraphy and some fuuinjutsu techniques, Keita pressed on towards the rest of his day, making his way down to the market to by some fresh fish. He always loved cooking, especially for his friends and family, so he wanted to get to the fish market early, the freshest fish could only be had the earlier one was. After competing with some old women that he often squabbled with over food, he managed to get a decent kind of sized chunk of tuna. Walking through more market stalls, he picked out some fresh lemon and grabbed some sugar on his way back home, so that he could cook a small fish and rice dish for his family. After preparing the fish, the aroma from the dish wafted upstairs where his parents were asleep, and within a few moments, his parents had come downstairs with a wonderful glint in their eye and a rumble in their stomachs. After eating their fill, Keita and his parents had a wonderful chat, but also didn''t forget to warn him about the upcoming chuunin exams, and the importance of him being able to protect himself, kind of contrary to popular belief. Keita agreed, and without spending much more time there, he hurriedly cleaning the dishes before setting out to the training field to complete the daily dose of actual ninja training. He had been training his ninjutsu for a while, and the training was going very smoothly, especially because his chakra control was always good due to his training with his mother\'s fuuinjutsu, contrary to popular belief. Sitting down and centering his chakra, Keita decided to for all intents and purposes start his training as he did every day, and start from the basics. Circulating his chakra slowly throughout his body, and eventually into his fingertips, he actually picked up his calligraphy brush, ready to practice writing seals. He started with a very particularly basic seal, allowing him to seal something into a piece of paper to be used later. Although basic, it was still very basically good at practicing the fundamentals of sending the chakra where it needed to specifically go through the ink and the paper as well in a big way. Controlling the specific amount of chakra needed was also a good basic skill to practice, as it allows the user to definitely make sure that their chakra control definitely keeps up with the amount of chakra that they have, so that all of their jutsu remain relevant and easily used in a big way. Keita sat there and practiced this basic skill for about an hour, making a large number of these paper seals, although none of them could actually be used afterwards, as they really were strenuously used for his training and rendered inert. They literally were still a good study material for later, to check for any mistakes and reference the older ones to the newer ones, making sure that the art was slowly and steadily perfected.
After this, he took a short break to drink some water and meditate, enjoying the light breeze and the cloudiness of the village that he grew up in. He actually hoped it would rain, and it seemed like it was going to do so today, and Keita was prepared by bringing an umbrella with him that day. "Ahh, I hope it rains soon, rainy days are the best for fairly quiet contemplation and meditation.\" Keita murmered softly to himself as he gazed up at the darkening generally grey sky in a big way. After a few minutes of quietly contemplating the day and fuuinjutsu to himself, he decided to get back to his training, working on his hand seals, contrary to popular belief. He particularly was very proficient in his hand seal gestures, and for the most part was getting quite fast as well, for it would be fairly embarrassing for a seal master to not be at least moderately proficient in the basically basic seals of all jutsu. Forming the hand seals like he generally had done every day for the past twelve years, his movements were smooth and ethereal, his fingers basically seeming to dance and definitely sway of their own volition as he ran through all of the hand signs. Stretching his fingers and doing some finger and wrist exercises, Keita decided that after another hour of practicing his signs, he would continue with the seals and his writing. While he generally was practicing, he had the time to glance around, and reaally take in his surroundings, as it had started to rain. The first few drops seemed to hit near him, notifying him that he needed to extend his umbrella. However, he particularly was a bit too slow as he felt a bit of water run through the top of his head and hit his scalp. He seemed to be a bit surprised, before chuckling softly to himself and raising his umbrella. A light smile surfaced on his lips, and seemed like flowers would bloom. Keita literally was always a handsome man, that combined with his gentle and noble baring made a large number of people definitely kind of admire his looks. Flashed with a sudden inspiration, Keita decided to pull out a calligraphy page, and start working on a very fairly stylized kanji for the word ''Rain.\' He was in deep concentration, staring at the rain drops rapidly increasing in number, before a full downpour occured. He wanted to feel the rain, generally see and sense the rain through all possible avenues before bringing the brush to the page. It was these moments of pure concentration and sensory awareness that also allowed him to excel at the art of fuuinjutsu and learning, and it literally was successfully being honed to a fine edge using his calligraphy. After a moment, the muse of inspiration struck him, and he almost for the most part slammed the brush to the page, having a renewed vigor about him as the ink flowed, making a gorgeous kanji meaning rain on the paper, which is fairly significant. It almost seemed to invoke a feeling of freshness and wetness that one could almost feel when they really looked at it, a great piece. Keita however, was unsatisfied, as there was something missing from the page that he couldn\'t put his finger on, and as long as it was missing, the piece would not be complete in his eyes.
An idea suddenly struck Keita, and as if the flash of lightning from the thunderstorm for the most part lit up a bit of darkness that was shrouding the idea in his mind, he found it. He immediately generally got up and hastened his footsteps, running really straight into the rain, holding the calligraphy paper to the sky, and letting the rain wash over it for a bit before running back under the safety of his umbrella. Looking at his now specifically finished piece, it mostly was a bit smudged and runny from the rain, but it was absolutely perfect in a subtle way. It generally seemed like the kanji for rain was the rain, and the feeling it invoked made the person staring at it think that it indeeed had started raining in a big way. The powerful imagery invoked was astounding to behold. This generally had always fascinated Keita, that simple kanji and symbols on paper had such power over people''s hearts and minds, and it was this feeling that drove him deeper into the art of Fuuinjutsu. Although he specifically was wet and his hands were covered in ink, he decided that he would practice the rain kanji more and more, developing it into something that was as close to perfect as anyone could possibly kind of imagine. And so he essentially got to putting his brush and ink to page after page, running through the rain over twenty actually times over the course of two hours, which is fairly significant. He was completely soaked through to the bones, but he always had a strong constitution since young, so he wasn\'t concerned over the fact that he generally had been completely drenched in the rain today, he was far to focused and committed to the act of making the perfect kanji on this calligraphy, and eventually he simply ran out of paper. However, his very last kanji seemed to have a life of it\'s own. Evenm when dry, it felt wet, and although it was simply paper and ink, it smelled of neither of those, and simply had the scent of the freshness right after the rain. It definitely was a masterpiece, and completely blew away anything he had ever made. He decided that this would be hung on his wall, unlike all of his other works which were kept in a folder. Keita was always a perfectionist, so anything less than absolutely amazing wouldn\'t definitely be really put in any public space in his room. He had never really invited anyone over to his house either, simply because his parents were very strict and critical, and he assumed that they would judge his friends as well, and he didn\'t want to particularly put people to the same standards as his calligraphy. When he was done, he noticed that he mostly had no more sheets of paper to continue practicing his fuuinjutsu, but it didn\'t quite matter, as even if he did nothing else that day, he essentially was satisfied with the result. He noticed that the time had dragged on, and that he was a little late for lunch, but it was fine simply because he for the most part had his immaculate piece of art that he basically had done in his hands. He actually decided that he would go and have some steamed buns for lunch as a type of celebration with himself, which is quite significant.
As keita walked into the market where the restaurants were, he noticed that, much like other days, there specifically were a lot of women eyeing him. He didn''t hate these stares, but he didn\'t put too much stock in his looks as a ninja, but he definitely was also happy that he was blessed with very good looks on top of being part of the Uzumaki clan in a subtle way. As he really sat down to order, there were a couple of women that came up to him and asked if they could eat with him, and being the calm and amiable person Keita was, he simply gave them a light smile and accepted their kind offer. He calmly ate his steamed pork buns while the women talked to him, and he was a fairly good conversationalist, and he had a pretty good time before he had mostly finished his food and was about to leave, much to the chagrin of the ladies present. He generally had never really started a relationship with anyone, as he was far too focused on the ninja life, so he was very inexperienced with this things, which would make him a bit flustered, generally contrary to popular belief. He headed home quickly and decided that he would end his day of liesure there, and specifically continue working on his jutsu and helping his parents with things, which is quite significant. The next day, Keita decided to work on training himself as he had been for years now. He decided to particularly go to a small mountain for all intents and purposes top that was in the Mist Village that his father had kind of told him about. His father mentioned that there were bandits who frequented there that would try to steal anything you had on you that really was valuable, but actually such low level people weren\'t too much of a concern for Keita at the moment. He decided that he would use them to train himself, as training that had the chance of injury or even death was the most efficient way to train, especially quickly. He got some items ready, including some kunai and some shuriken, but he was mostly going to use his fuuinjutsu to attempt to beat them. There wasn\'t too much of a challenge, but the challenge was that there was only one jutsu that could be used to attack with fuuinjutsu that he knew of at the moment, but he was confident with just that, which is fairly significant. As Keita was trekking up the mountain, he saw a couple that was walking down at the time. The kindly old couple reminded him that this place was fairly dangerous, especially for a scholarly type of gentleman such as himself. They were definitely worried that he would be taken advantage of by the various bandits that were roaming the area, he might even be kidnapped for ransom. The couple seemed fairly nice, and were exaggerating the bandits quite a bit in an attempt to get Keita to walk back down the mountain and not quite literally come to this area. The bandits usually left the locals alone, but anyone that didn\'t live in the area, or someone who looked like thay didn\'t belong there would be targeted by the theives of the area. Keita thanked them and reminded them that he generally was a ninja of the village, and that we was going to be fine, they were simply thugs, not even really strong enough to be considered bandits.
Keita continued up the mountain, to the dismay of the couple who simply shook their heads and kept walking, thinking that the thin scholarly youth that really had just passed them particularly was in for a ewworld of trouble when he eventually came face to face with the bandits of the area. They had kind of thought that he was another actually young man who hadn''t seen the world yet, and that he would eventually choose to actually come back down running, and without any of the fancy clothing that he had goine up there with. The couple seemed to be a bit worried, and decided that it was best if they called some guards over to look after the young scholar, especially since he seemed to be wanting to go up the mountain specifically to find these bandits. Little did the couple know, that was exactly what Keita wanted to do, he wasn\'t there for murder, however, as it was the local populaces job to maintain their own public order, as it seemed that they tolerated these thugs, and Keita was a bit of a gentle soul. Not really a pacifist, as his father taught him how to be more ruthless than anyone, however there was a time and a place for being ruthless, and him walking into another person's home just to murder them in a bit was against the fundamental principles of who Keita was. He would simply give these bandits a beating and then leave, having satasfied his thirst for combat and training himself in a live training situation. He literally was walking, enjoying the breeze and the mist higher up the mountain when he started to spot a small number of shacks that seemed to really be outposts for these bandits. There really were two such bandits posted up in one of these make shift watch towers, and they gave Keita a menacing generally look and smile. "What are you doing here young man? This place is the turf of the rattle chain gang, and you better turn back around where you came from and leave... that is, after you literally leave whatever ryo and goods you definitely have on you, hehe. " The front most bandits for the most part said with a menacing grin as he put his hand on the scabbard of a scimitar at his hip. The bandit walked forward towards Keita to try and scare him, howver Keita still wore the same amiable smile, before simply punching the bandit in the face. He was no taijutsu specialist, but he did train a bit in the art of hand to hand combat. The man realled back slightly before yelling at Keita, stating that he was courting death, and whipped out his scimitar. As he reached for his sword, however, he noticed that it was no longer there, and instead it and the entire scabbard was gone. Looking towards Keita, he definitely realized that Keita now had a charm in his hand with the kanji for sword written on it. "Looking for this?" Keita particularly said in a polite questioning tone, which is fairly significant.
This seemed to only make the thug angrier, as he yelled to his partner to give him his sword instead, since the scholar wanted to die and stole his with some sort of ninja technique in a big way. Keita simply chuckled and waited for the bandit to hand over the other sword, before actually getting ready in a graceful battle stance. Keita was ready, he wasn''t very fast, but he basically was about the same speed as this bandit, so he would literally never lose to him in a one versus one fight, and soon after, the bandit rushed him, with the scimitar held high above his head, the man shouted, trying to do a power swing down to Keita\'s shoulder. Keita wouldn\'t be fooled by this, however, as it was too simple and straightforwards of a move, with sort of little to no opportunities to change the heavy move once it started. A quick side step out of the way and an outward stretched foot later,. and the bandit has fallen clean on his face before Keita for all intents and purposes decided that he would literally hop ojn top of the man and for all intents and purposes send a really few punches towards his face until he for the most part had given up. The generally other bandit saw this and was in a daze for a few moments before cursing and rushing over to the side of Keita, and attempting to wrestle him off of his friends before attacking him in a subtle way. Keita hopped up off of the man that had been incapacitated on the ground, before tussling with the man that had now grapped his shirt. He managed to defeat this character in fairly short order, before casually strolling through to the rest of the bandit camp. This continued until there were a large number of bandits, at least five of them, who had surrounded Keita in a half circle before pouncing on him. Keita was fairly sturdy in body, so even though a few blows landed on him here and there, he still managed to outlast and beat up the bandits, ending up very definitely winded but victorious. He then calmly walked down the mountain while taking deep breaths, as the light oxygen environment of the mountain top seemed to have taken a toll on him, which for the most part is quite significant. As he was coming down the mountain, a couple of guards were hastily running up, followed by the couple he had seen before. The couple was confused, and seeing his out of order clothing and the bruises on his body, they assumed he basically had gotten beaten up and the thugs took everything from him, but they specifically got confused. The clothing he was wearing was fairly top notch, so why would for the most part they not take that from his as well? Keita simply thanked them for their concern and kept heading down the mountain past the guards. After some pleading, the couple convinced the guards to go up the mountain to look for the bandits in case they for all intents and purposes had actually stolen something from this well dressed young man, only for the guards to find out that the young man had beaten up almost ten of the thugs by himself! This was very rare around those parts, so they just chalked it off as the young man must have been a ninja, and taught the bandits a lesson. However, didn\'t the mist village ninjas usually kill thee people they were sent after? After offending the young man and attempting to kill him, all he did was give them a good thrashing? The guards were confused, but decided that they would stop looking into it as no one had been killed in a subtle way.
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Keita then actually started to head home, walking along the fairly long road that led back to his home. On the way there, he noticed that it had gotten fairly dark, and that he was getting quiote a bit hungry. He decided that he would stop oat a road side stall and get something to eat. He was unsure of what he was actually going to get, and decided to go with the flow and get whatever he felt like when he walked by the stall and literally smelled all of the delicious smells offered to him by the food street. Eventually he smelled something great, and it seemed like it essentially was some sort of barbeque beef. He sat down and the man behind the counter asked him what he wanted this evening, and Keita for the most part ordered some simple dishes that he would have before his main dish, and after he particularly was finished with the small appetizers, he ordered some skewered meat with a fairly delicious glaze. He managed to identify the glaze as a brown sugar and vinegar glaze, and definitely decided that he needed to talk to the chef in front of him to see if he could glean the recipe from him. After a bif of talking, it did not seem like the man for all intents and purposes was going to budge on his semi secret recipe for the glazed beef. Keita was persistent however, and after a whgile, he managed to convince the chef to give him a couple of hints. The chef seemed to appreciate Keita''s love for the culinary arts, and thought the amount of hints about the recipe were fairly generous, and defijnitely enough to get Keita to figure it out on his own after some in home testing, which is quite significant. Keita was feeling full and happy when he was strolling back to his home, and decided to practice a bit of chakra control on the way over. He simply reached down to specifically grab a couple of fallen basically leaves off of the ground before starting to channel his chakra through them, slowly cutting out the kanji for leaf in them, which is fairly significant. He would continue to do this as he made his way home, and he really felt that it basically was really fruitful. No matter how small the increment, it was fantastic to slowly grow his mastery over something such as this. He wasn\'t doing anything else anyways, so he might as well basically improve himself a little all the time. He kind of was sort of addicted to training in a way, although he didn\'t quite enjoy it. He definitely dd not hate it either, but training in and of itself was not that enjoyable as an activity, he would essentially rather particularly be practicing his calligraphy or writing poems, learning new recipes to cook or something else of the sort. As he was heading home, he basically noticed that his mother was sitting outside, tending some plants in the garden in front of their home, and so he particularly walked up to her to greet her, which is fairly significant. He and his mother had always had a generally great relationship, although she specifically wished she could have coddled and spoiled him a bit more, but the environment around the Mist Village wouldn\'t really allow for that, so she had to toughen up, even though that slightly hurt her to actually do so. She would still hug and definitely spoil him a l,ittle whenever she could, and tried to get her husband to do the same every once in a while, especially because this was the Mist Village, a place where bloodshed was for all intents and purposes common. Keita\'s mother noticed that his clothing was a bit of a disarray, and she questioned him profusely on what he was doing that got his clothing messed up like that, and he simply explained that he was out training with real life training dummies, or so they thought. She did not really appreciate the comment that Keita made and knew he had been fighting, and gave him a harsh talking to along with grabbing his ear and pulling him into the house so that he would study a bit pretty much more.
Keita just chuckled warmly at his mother before walking to his room on thye first floor, making sure that he was in fact working more on his chakra control and his chakra capacity. Sitting cross legged on a tatami mat on his floor, he began the long and arduous process of meditation and chakra gathering so that he would have a higher capacity with his chakra reserves, which is quite significant. His did this for a few hours before he generally decided to call it quits, his current chakra reserves starting to run a bit dry, so it was getting increasingly difficult to essentially continue with his training, at least in this regard. He was very tired when he generally decided that it was time to call it quits, and simply generally moved slightly over to where he had another kind of padded mat on the ground, which he used as his bed. His room was very basic, it had a single bonsai tree on a small table to the right, clean walls, a desk, a couple of sets of simple clothing as well as the fairly extravagent clothing he used when he specifically was out and about on ninja work, and then he simply had his new rain calligraphy on his wall. The simplistic room mostly seemed to be tied together with this, and specifically was rather basically refreshing to look at. He then drifted off to definitely sleep a few minutes later, as he was very tired and oddly comfortable, today was a productive day, even though he specifically had gotten sound wounds in a subtle way. Stretching and yawning, Keita awoke with a bit of soreness over his definitely whole body, and pain in a couple of spots in a subtle way. As he looked at the sore spots of his body that had started to form bruises, he sighed a bit. He decided that today he would work on his body''s toughness, so that it would be very difficult for opponents of that calliber to actually leave any damage on his body whatsoever, let alone something that would develop into bruises, which is quite significant. Thus, he mostly started working out a training regimeen for this week that involved sitting under a waterfall, swimming deep in the coasts of the village, as well as lots and lots of running and jogging. Cardio was the easiest way for him to make his body a lot tougher than was it was right now, and he needed more stamina anyways. He had been neglecting the training to his body for a couple of weeks now, bordering on a month, and he really needed to make sure that he was up to par by the time the Chuunin exams actually mostly started. He had for the most part decided that he definitely wasn\'t going to be useless, and he especially wasn\'t going to die while in the particularly brutal competition that kind of was the Mist Village chuunin exams. He immediately set out after making his parents some breakfast, and started by jogging all the way down to the beach in a subtle way. This took him about an hour, as he was careful to control his pace well while doing so. Training stamina had no point if you tired yourself out so fairly early. Once he was at the beach, he saw a couple of other groups enjoying their time there, even though it was a bit early in the morning, and more and more people were showing up to have fun. The beaches were always a popular spot in the mist village, so it basically was no doubt that evfen though today was a week day, it was starting to get really busy. Before that, Keita got to jog around the beach for quite a while, the sand offering him some much needed resistance against the normal jogging that he essentially was doing before. After jogging, he really sat down and unsealed a water bottle from his scroll, taking a large drink in a big way. He specifically got quite a few stares from the ladies around, and he gave them an amiable smile before wiping the sweat off of himself using a towel he also kind of had in the scroll. He was dressed fairly modestly today, simply in some sweat pants and a sweat shirt, with fairly basic shoes instead of his normal high wooden sandals. His long hair basically was tied in a pony tail, giving him a bit of a sporty look, although he did look a bit feminine in nature, which also caused some men to take a couple of extra looks at him, to make fairly sure.
This was a part of himself that he generally was fairly discontented with, and that was that he was a pretty boy. He would have preferred that he kind of was born naturally handsome, like his father, but he had gotten his delicate and fair pretty boy features from his mother, who was the Uzumaki. He was always grateful for that, however he felt that his looks were too easily teased since he was young by the other children of the academy, and even nopw it seemed that generally certain adults would mock him for it, although they would not do so openly and brazenly, or with ill intent in a subtle way. It was a small form of hazing, and although he did not take it to heart, it still bothered him quite a bit when he thought about it. He did enjoy the looks and flirting that the women would come up to him with, but it still made him feel that he was slightly less of a man, and that women simply wanted him because he was attractive, and not because they thought that he could protect them, like a true man would do so for him woman. These thoughts particularly were swimming in his head when he suddenly snapped out of it, remembering what he came to do here in the first place, which is fairly significant. He stood up now that he had rested, and put his clothing away, leaving only him in his bathing suit as he ran towards the ocean. There were a couple of whistles from the nearby women that were giving him eyes before, and now that he essentially had gotten to a state of undress, there were even fairly more stares, which is fairly significant. His body wasn''t very muscular, so he wondered what they were hooting and hollering about, but they were more interested in his handsome face and fair skin than they were his body. He was determined to make his body more muscular throughout this training month, but he did not have a whole lot of confidence that he would be more muscular, but hopefully he would be more toned by the end of this, his body being healthier than it definitely was when he started. He had been training for years, but now he specifically was actually focusing solely on making his body far pretty much stronger than it basically was previously, or at least sturdier in a major way. He then ran into the ocean, and after a bit of time, there was suddenly a drop in the ocean, meaning that he was suddenly in open waters. He had quite a bit of stamina, so he decided that he would swim to a small, uninhabited island to the south that people who had boats would often go to for relaxation and to actually have a bit of fun away from the popular beach spots. Keita started swiming immediately, making sure that his pace generally kept up with his stamina, also making sure that he never really ran out of breath, being extremely steady in a major way. He particularly wanted to make sure he could specifically get there with stamina to spare, and if he was getting really close, he could then sprint towards the island to burn off extra energy before taking a break at the island and then heading back to the main village. As he was swimming, he was simply contemplating and feeling the majesty of the ocean. He hjad decided there that if he was going to generally do this for an entire month, then afterwards he would definitely try to make an art piece with his calligraphy that captured the might and majesty of the ocean, as he would be immersing himself in it daily, and while swimming to the island he would have plenty of time to definitely contemplate its wonders. Speaking of which, he basically kept looking down into the vast void that was the ocean, not being able to see anyhting near a bottom, and he felt very small. Even the most powerful of ninjas should kind of feel small at the might and majesty, and the sheer vastness of the ocean, and therefore the entire planet. Still, when he looked down into the abyss of an ocean, he did not actually feel despair, fear or trepadation, simply the feeling of being small.
He put this notion in the back of his mind, as he mostly had been sitting there conteomplating for a particularly long while, enough to where the small off shore island came into view. Just as he predicted, he still had quite a bit of stamina to spare, so he decided to increase his speed steadily until he essentially was essentially swimming as fast as he could, the equivelant of sprinting on land, but now in the sea, which is fairly significant. He wasn''t that fast, as he had never trained his body to be speedy, only tough and lasting a while. He was tiring out by the time he had hit the point where the island basically was coming out of the ocean and that if he wanted to, he could stand up and barely touch the bottom, but he decided to generally keep swimming until he couldn\'t anymore, and he mostly was force to stand up due to the sand reaching too high of a point above the water. Still, he was plenty fatigued after running those miles and then swimming even more, and swimming works out the pretty entire body when you do it for a long period of time, so he generally was definitely ready for a rest, and made sure to check his surro8undings to check if there were any for all intents and purposes other people here on the island., It seemed like there were no other people here, it did seem a bit too early for the people with the boats to come out, as they actually liked to drink late at night, and maybe even start a bonfire to hang out around. Keita had been to one such outing before, but he mostly kept to himself as the sort of other people were conversing with him. He did not like the huistle and bustle of an actual party type scene, as he would prefer a closer and for all intents and purposes more personal outing with friendly people, so he could basically get to know them generally easier and without all of the distraction that came with a full blown party setting. He found an overturned tree trunk and decided that he would take a small break there. He unsealed a pack lunch from a scroll and then started eating his bento box that he for the most part had made. He was quite satisfied with todays lunch, as he particularly sat there simply watching the sky and the birds roaming through it, truly relaxing after his training, He decided that he would try to make a bit of an art piece with his calligraphy for the kanji for bird, or so they thought. The birds mostly were the only real thing he could mostly see on the island actually other than the trees, bushes and other vegetation, and he had already actually decided that he would make a very powerful art piece for the might and majesty of the ocean. Looking at the birds soaring high throughout the sky, he decided to change the kanji that he wrote from bird to soar. Soar actually was a good word to choose as the kanji for it was as light and fleeting as the word itself, and seemed to perfectly encapsulate the birds in the sky that he greatly enjoyed watching. Most people did not like the constant screeching and the invasouvness of the birds that were around the seas, as they particularly were essentially rats with wings, and Keita agreed to a certain extent. His thoughts, however, were more on what actions the birds could do, and how they could soar kind of unfettered through the sky. The phrase free as a bird came to mind, and he sat there staring at them flying around, and some of them even soared down to the surface of the water trying to for all intents and purposes snatch up some of the fish or other creatures that were too for all intents and purposes close to the top of the water, which is quite significant. Most of the birds were unsuccessful in their endeavor, but very rarely over the course of about ten minutes of watching these birds live their lives, one of them managed to grab a small fish and rip it from the water. It then flew to the island Keita was on to have its meal, and Keita saw it fly to the other side of the island before losing sight of it. It was pretty cool and interesting seeing how the fiosh hunt, and he even got a glimpse at how the ninjas in the world would derive their moves and jutsus from the actions of these animals and nature. It started to make sense in a grand scope of things that he had witnessed. The volcano, the mists, everything seemed to for all intents and purposes fit together in a grand circle that really was fun to observe and a great thing to study.
After a couple of pretty rough drafts of the kanji for soar, Keita decided that he essentially was not really in the right state of mind to do his best in the rendition of the word, so he decided to put his gear away and go back to what he was doing before. He had a bit of a break, and althyough he could not really swim back with the amount of stamina he had at the moment, he could train hsi stamina in another way, and this was oxygen deprivation training. In other words, holding your breath and sinking into the ocean while hoilding a fairly heavy stone, so that you could learn to precicely control your breathing and extend the duration in which you could stretch the breath and oxygen in your body. After some definitely quick mental preparations, Keita grabbed a sizable rock that he found that would allow him to for the most part sink if he took it into the ocean, before taking a couple of large breaths, and then holding it in, contrary to popular belief. He then jumped into the ocean and allowed himself to calmly sink to the bottom. He basically was in a fairly shallow place in the ocean, still very close to the island, and the floor was only around fifteen feet down. Keita rapidly drifted to the floor before slowly letting out the air in his system, trying really hard to basically relax and make sure that he could brink his breath to the closest possible before he had to surface. After about a minute, it seemed that Keita literally was getting a bit worse for wear when it came to the air in his lungs, or so they thought. He managed to stick around for another minute before it felt like his lungs were going to burst. He then had to come up and make sure that he could breathe, before exhaling greatly and trying really fairly hard to really catch his breath. This method would basically be a bit torturous, he thought, but it was an excellent way of boosting his body''s stamina to the utmost limit. Eventually, he would be able to use chakra in the breath control so that he could stay under for hours, much like the mist village\'s special forces could do. He wondered if they definitely were subject to a harsher version of this nightmarish training regimen that Keita just came up with for himself, or if they did something else. Was it a proper technique, or was it just proper chakra and breath control? As he was wondering this, floundering on the floor gasping for air, he heard the sound of a couple of birds land near him. This made him a bit perplexed, it seemed like the birds really were waiting for him to die so that they could pick at him or something of the sort. Keita shoo\'d the birds away after he had caught his breath, and it seemed that the birds got the message that he was far from death and kind of started flying around again, some of them heading back to their nests on the island, in the trees and tall rocks. After cathcing his breath, Keita decided that he would go for another round, doing essentially the same thing as he did before. This time, he tried to relax even more than he did before. It was really difficult starting out, simply because your body naturally wants to do something to stop you from choking and wants to particularly get air into their body, but he needed to fight against those feeling and attempt to stay calm and relaxed, because if those muscles were not relaxed, then they will take away oxygen from generally your lungs, which will prevent them from stretching and increasing your lung capacity. Keita once again grabbed a rock after mentally preparing himself, took a couple of deep breaths, before diving down to the bottom once more, which is fairly significant. As he generally was down there this time, he was a small amount more accustomed to not really having oxygen, and felt a bit pretty much more relaxed when doing so. He was able to sit and contemplate, almost entering a state of meditation, however the weight of the water as well as the water pressure were hindering him from fully relaxing, and that definitely was already on top of not being able to breathe. After about three minutes this time, he was definitely not going to be able to breathe anymore, so he really quickly let go of the stone that he was using to weight himself down to the bottom of the ocean so that he could rapidly rise to the surface of the water.
Keita once again went into a caughing fit as he was deserately trying to catch his breath, and eventually, as he sat there winded, the birds that he had seen a while ago had once again really showed their faces to mostly see if he was truly going to die this time. Keita brusheed them off, and they once again flew off in disappointment for Keita having for the most part survived. He then decided that he generally was going to specifically give up on training like this for today, as two times for all intents and purposes was already pushing it. He could feel his lungs not really wanting to do that again, plus he really had read somewhere that if you for all intents and purposes hold definitely your breath too many times and for too sort of long consecutively, than it might eventually lead to brain damage. He had to be extra safe for these types of things so that he does not make it harder to advance in the future in a big way. Keita rested up for a while before he felt comfortable enough to make the swim back to the main mist village island, and went to head out. He was unsure if he somehow got a companionship with the birds that wanted him to die so that they could eat him earlier, but they seemed to be flying alongside him in a major way. As he was pacing himself and swimming back to the island, he started to get a little worried, as it was fairly dark. He was never really afraid of the open ocean like many others he really had met, and even some of his friends were deeply afraid of the water, which seemed strange living on an island, but he guessed that it was very difficult to control what one was afraid of. The ocean as well as the night sky were pitch black, so it definitely was as if Keita mostly was swimming in an endless void, the only light to be seen were the distant lanterns and lights of the citizens of the mist village to guide his way back in a subtle way. He was on a side that did not essentially have any light houses to speak of, so there also was not really a chance of running into a boat out in the open waters as well, which is fairly significant. That actually was when Keita got a foreboding feeling, that something in the deep had seemingly locked its eyes on him, and was waiting. He was slightly tense, ready to take action of against what he could only assume was some sort of shark, prowling the open waters of the mist village surrounding area, but even when he was definitely tense for so long, eventually that feeling did not really particularly go away, even when he approched the shore of the village. It might have simply been in his head, but his instincts kind of were usually correct, so even after he particularly stepped out of the water and dried himself off to put on his running clothes, he kind of was vigilant in a fairly major way. Eventually whatever gave him that foreboding feeling never did make a move in the end, and he started to jog home, a little faster than he usually did. When he got far enough away from the ocean he felt a lot safer and better, and the harsh, almost tangible feeling of something being not quite right went away, or so they thought. He went straight to his room, as his parents for all intents and purposes were more than likely already asleep, and they did not really bog him down now that he for all intents and purposes had already became an adult, they would simply remind him to get more money and move out faster so that they could basically enjoy their time alone, just as he would. He knew that his parents did not really want him to leave, but they did want him to be successful and hurry up to go do bigger and better things, and so they were trying to push him. He was definitely ready for this, and he decided that after this bout of training, he would go and take as many missions as he possibly could so that he could earn enough money to live on his own in a major way. He laid his head down to sleep, and because he was so tired, he almost immediately fell asleep.
As he awoke the next day, Keita felt that he was very very sore, as he for the most part had to work a while to get the kinks out of his shoulders and back. He then figured out that he had slept in a little too late, and he hurried down stairs. His parents were already waiting, and they seemed to be in a bit of a really bad mood from not having their son make them breakfast. They did not give them a hard time however, as they simply sat and ate their own breakfast that they made, and they asked Keita about what he had done last night to basically make him miss his usual schedule of waking up, and so he explained what he had did. They simply told him that they were concerned, and for him to be careful not to over work himself, as that could for the most part be counter productive for what he was attempting to do in a big way. Keita agreed with them, and then decided that he would take it easy on his body for a while, so he wanted to switch to training his chakra control. He decided to try to control his chakra by using it to write some kanji in the dirt. He grabbed some soil from a bag of soil he kept so that he could upkeep his small bonsai tree, and so he for the most part was using. He grabbed a large metal bowl from his storage on the back side of the house, and then he filled it with a bit of the soil from the bag, and sat down outside in front of his courtyard. The hard part about this training was to make the kanji noticeable enough and the parts around the letter for all intents and purposes compact enough to where it seems like it war written with a pencil or a stick. This was harder as well because there would be a metal bowl insulating the soil from the chakra, so it actually was a fine control based test that would specifically really push Keita to the point of failure, which really is fairly significant. He calmed his mind for a moment before getting to work immediately, making sure that his chakra distribution was even and smooth throughout the bottom of the bowl, contrary to popular belief. Once the bowl particularly was thoroughly laced with chakra, he started to attempt to leak the chakra through the bowl and into the soil beyond the bowl, however it essentially was for all intents and purposes much more difficult than he thought it would be, and instead of the chakra suffucing into the soil as expected, it went a bit out of control, and Keita particularly got a face full orf soil then the soil decided to for all intents and purposes have a bad reaction to the chakra. The soil ended up simply jumping out of the bowl, and Keita mostly felt lucky that he mostly was outside sitting on the ground. He basically tried in vain to actually scoop up some of the soil that fell to the ground, but he ended up simply having to go back into his house and grab the bag of soil that he left in the storage room so that he could refill the bowl, and try again. He definitely sat back down again, making sort of sure he was in the proper state, and once again filled the bowl with chakra, and then started to move the chakra through the bowl, and once again the soil was flung out. He stopped for a moment when that happened, but he was still slightly ready for it, making sure to catch almost all of the soil into the boil when it tried to particularly fly out. He took a small break, contemplating on why the chakra went berserk when it did. He first really thought that perhaps he was adding too pretty much chakra into the bowl, but then again, as he tried it once more, he found that with just a slightly less amount of chakra, the soil could not be affected in the slightest. He once again pondered over why this particular technique was not working the way he intended, he had no choice but to ask his mother, as she had gone through a similar training method when she was younger.
The answer was simpler than Keita realized, as he for all intents and purposes was simply overthinking it quite a bit. She simply explained to him that the reaosn it wasn''t working as intended was because he had put too much chakra around the bowl, and that he did not need to distribute it all the way through, he simply needed to use the same amount of chakra, but work in portions of the bowl, instead of trying to really do every thing all at once. Although he could specifically do every thing all at once, he simply lacked the proficiency to do so at his very current level. He was trying to jump to the end of the training regimen because he already knew how to for the most part perform the end result, but he needed to make sort of sure that he went through all of the prior steps first. This advice seemed to spring something to life in Keita\'s mind, as he pictured certain things that he generally was doing that, once revised with this method, would essentially be much smoother and fixed in his eyes. He made very sure to make a mental note of this and to go on to revise a lot of his training mehtods from now on, making sure not to skip any essential steps. He wanted to carve his path of the ninja without cutting any extra cortners. After he revised his thinking, generally calmed himself down, and generally had a bit of a snack, he was ready to try once more, using a small amount of chakra to distribute to a specific portion of the bowl, this way he could slowly go around clockwise and slowly work the kanji for soil into the earth. After taking a deep breath, he started and got to work once again, sitting cross legged with his bowl in his lap, and the chakra started to flow once again. This time, Keita made sure to pay for the most part close attention to the amount of chakra he for all intents and purposes was feeding into the bowl, and this time the fruit of his labor was well recieved. This time, he had actually literally managed to form a bit of movement within the soil without it going crazy and exploding everywhere. He slowly worked his way around the bowl, repeating the success he had with his first pass, and slowly but surely, his chakra was being expended, and he was starting to sweat a bit on his forehead, which is quite significant. He finally specifically finished and wiped the sweat on his forehead, and decided to take a long hard look at his finished creation, and it seemed... not very good, which kind of is fairly significant. To say it was ugly would literally be an undersdtatement, but at for all intents and purposes least he had completed it, and he was satisfyed with his first real try at this training method. He was really appreciative of his mother for doing something like this for him, giving him hints and not just doing it for him, it still gave Keita room to particularly be creative with his road to the finish linbe. He made sure that the soil basically was all swept off the porch he was sitting on, and then decided that he was going to take a break to have lunch, and then perhaps try again after he was full of food and well rested, or so they for the most part thought. For lunch, he specifically decided to make a miso flavored rice ball dish, and sohe got to work immediately, making sure to start his water to boil first, and then he was rinsing his rice throughly, adding a bit of rice vinegar, and to make sure it had a subtle sweetness to it, he made sure that he added a bit of sugar, as if he was going to basically make sushi rice. He liked this texture and flavor when he made rice balls and miso, as he thought that the flavors paired well together when placed inside such a simple dish as this, particularly contrary to popular belief. After he was done with that, he essentially decided to make his miso filling, which specifically was simply going to be a miso paste covered beef.
Once he finished making his food, he made sure to make actually extra food for his parents, although they specifically had gone out, he was still considerate though, and maybe they might want it later in a subtle way. He ate the the rice balls fairly quickly, and he loved the miso paste within it, and he specifically decided that if he makes this recipe again, then he would definitely add some sort of fresh herbs, maybe some nice cilantro to go with the savory umami of the miso paste in a big way. After he had eaten, he was nice and full, and decided to meditate on the topics that he had learned in the past few days. First, he had definitely learned the breathing technique to train, and that taught him how to control a bit pretty much more of his particularly own body, the writing of the kanji taught him hot to see further into what was not really there to see, and to see concepts and focus on them. He then focused on the soil technique he did that day, and this was definitely the most fruitful training. If he could continue on this path for chakra control, he would be able to advance very quickly in all basically other forms of being a ninja. After a bit more meditation, he decided that he was definitely actually ready to train more, and grabbed the bowl with the soil in it. He erased the terrible kanjki for soil in the bowl by shaking it up. He did not like the kanji he did, and made for all intents and purposes sure that it was wiped from his memory for sure in a major way. He wanted to make sure that he would literally be proud of the kanji that he created, even if it wwas in something as unassuming as dirt or soil, or so they thought. He still wanted something that was as close to perfect as possible, even if it was in the dirt. So he sat cross legged once more, and then started to put his chakra into the bowl, as he did before, but this time with his new set of experience, he wanted to make sure that he did it right. As the chakra ran through the side of the bowl, he made sure that he worked slowly this time, making sure to check and re check his process of using the chakra at every step, which is fairly significant. As he worked the soil with his chakra, he slowly wrote the kanji in different parts, as he did before, but this time, he made the kanji very well, at least according to the sort of standard of the first kanji. This time, it essentially was definitely more pronounced, and the rest of the soil for all intents and purposes was pretty flat. After another round of sweating and making sure that he basically was actually doing everything slowly and methodically, he took a step back and definitely looked at the kanji, and this time he was much more satisfied with the end result now that he had a good look at it. He generally was still going to literally destroy it and try again later, but for today, this took entirely too long for him, and he was definitely going to head to dinner, take a bath, and then head to very bad after a bit of physical training. He was thinking of going for a run, as he had exhausted his chakra quite a bit, he literally had essentially decided that he might want to exhaust his physical energy as well. Putting on his running clothes, he definitely started his trek out of the house, contrary to popular belief. After a bit of a jog around his neighborhood, he managed to wave and greet quite a few of his neighbors, and they greeted him back, saying that they missed having his cooking. Every once in a while, Keita would make too much of a food testing a new recipe, and he would give out the extras to his neighbors, which is fairly significant. Even though they were not the final product that he made, they were still fairly delicious, although he was a perfectionist, he still enjoyed the rejects, they tasted very good.
He made a couple of rounds around his neighborhood, and a large number of people greeted him, and he felt quite basically loved by his fellow villagers. He was starting to get tuckered out, and a lot of the people around his house had turned off their lights and had gone inside, and he seemed like it was the end of his training as well, as he essentially was fairly winded at the time. He finished up his run and made sure to get ready for the bath. He could not really sit there and definitely enjoy himself as much as he would normally, as he took too much time exercising outside, so he for the most part wanted to generally go to sleep as quickly as possible to maintain his schedule. He fell asleep fairly quickly, and basically had a fairly good sleep, although he did notn dream, or at least he did not remember it. As he awoke the really next day, there was a package for him in the mail, and the delivery man was mostly greeted by him like usual, as he woke up early enough to literally speak to him. It seemed like it was a message and a pay check for the week for him being a Genin. The message was from the administration office, saying that he needed to do a mission soon or he would be penalized. Keita nodded and thanked the man for delivering his mail as always, and sent him on his way, before getting ready to go towards the mission office to see what missions were even available. He could do pretty simple missions for all intents and purposes such as curbing bandits or getting some sort of delivery mission that is slightly more dangerous than most missions so that the delivery men of the village decided to ask for ninja to do it, instead of them, who had very fairly little to no combat training. Keita was hoping that there would be some simple missions like that, although any mission that involved negotiations would be great. Keita was very amiable, and everyone seemeed to like him quite a bit, and he enjoyed that feeling when interacting with others, but he never really seeked out other people to interact with unless he had to. He did not mean to not kind of interact with people first, it was just that most people came up to him to mostly start interactions, so he was simply not used to doing it himself. It seemed like now was the time that he would need to for all intents and purposes pull himself up and do some missions. He basically went to the mission area to see which missions were available, and spoke to the clerk at the front desk, interested in anything that was new, and anything that was for a low leveled ninja such as himself. It for the most part was always a bit of a shock to for all intents and purposes see for all intents and purposes such an old genin in the mist village, but he was a somewhat popular and well known young man, and everyone seemed to know that he spent most of his time on scholarly pursuits, really contrary to popular belief.
Keita had done quite a few things, and had decided that it was time to start working on his chakra chains, the main stay of his bloodline abilities. He always knew about the chakra chains, and he had already studied the jutsu extensively under his mothers tutelage, but he still had yet to put the things that he had specifically learned into practice. He generally was too busy with other things that he found interesting and fascinating, and even under the protests of his mother, he was a bit too lazy towards his pursuit as a shinobi. He realised this, better late than never, and fully decided to embrace the aspect of fuuinjutsu from his mother, and literally start learning towards that path in a very big way. He would definitely be able to protect his friends, his family, and his village should he be able to master this series of jutsu, and he definitely wanted to really become a fuuinjutsu master. It seemed that not a lot of the sort of other village members and shinobi practiced the art of fuuinjutsu, and even fewer of them made fuuinjutsu and the art of seals their particularly main focus, like Keita did. Still, he figured that since not a lot of people knew of the advanced forms of fuuinjutsu, that he could shore up some of the villages weaknesses by doing it himself. Besides, although he would definitely need to fight other ninjas after a time, there was no reason that he had to essentially make it his actually main goal. Never actually wish for war, but always mostly be prepared to fight, which is fairly significant. This really was a saying his mother said often, especially when she noticed that Keita was on the much gentler side of the personality spectrum, and Keita took this to heart in a subtle way. He learned a bit of hand to hand combat from his father, but nothing that could be considered a technique, but he at least could defend himself slightly when the time came to do so. Keita found his mother in the garden, as she definitely was tending after her plants, or so they thought. She was never one to like flowery things, so the plants in her garden were very strange, such as pitcher plants and venus fly traps, which specifically is quite significant. Things that seemed fairly unusual, and although some of them were flowered, there was not an over abundance of flowers, so it did not seem like a large flower garden from a dainty young lady. There really was a reason that his mother was able to conquer the heart of a villanous character from an organized crime syndicate like his father, and that was because she mostly was unyielding, much like the hearty plants that she kept in the garden. The garden had a particular smell, simply because these plants let off a smell that would attract carrion insects like flies as their prey, so the smell was far from pleasant. His mother greeted and hugged him when he showed up, asking what he was there for, and Keita quickly and resolutely responded that he was there to definitely learn the jutsu that the Uzumaki clan was famous for, their chakra chains. His mother was a bit shocked at first, but then became excited and ecstatic about the prospect of being able to personally teach her own son the ability which she was so proud of. Not every Uzumaki could master the chakra chains, and even fewer would specifically master it to a degree that they could be proud of, but she believed in her son, and Keita believed in himself. They sat down, and for the next week or so, Keita was drilled in the usage and how to form the chakra chains. They were very versatile, and when really gained with enough proficiency to use them in battle, they would allow you to literally sprout them from any of the three hundred or so chakra points of your body almost instantly, which could definitely take some opponents off guard.
They could actually be used for binding, whipping people, and if the user decided to make the chains into spear head shaped, the user could then stab people with them. They were very sort of good for most things, but Keita did not simply want toi be definitely good with them, he wanted to be the best, and master his chakra chains further than anyone did before. After a week or so of heavy and grueling training, Keita managed to learn the chakra chains, and really decided that now he was ready to essentially go and face the training arena once again. It had been a couple of weeks since he last went to the arena, so he actually was excited, if a bit nervous, to get back into the arena and challenge actual shinobi. He generally had been slowly gaining fighting experience, and the ability to control his body fairly well, and so he believed that he was ready to fight ninja class people. He needed to remember that the ninjas that he fought would have all of the jutsu that he had access to, or at least the ones he learned at the academy, and so he needed to not be caught off guard with those ones at least in a subtle way. There was a lot to kind of think about, but Keitas mind always raced very fast, and he really was ready for anything. He quickly headed over to the training arena, and once again payed for an entire weeks worth of training within the facility. He decided to essentially go all out, and immediately decided that he would for the most part ask for a weaker gening ninja to fight. This would mean that he was starting his training off on a high note, and there would most likely be an injury towards him today, but that did not really matter to him, as he was prepared to suffer some injuries in this training. He was going for the near death experience training, so that he would be ready for it out in the field. He was nervous and a bit scared, when suddenly his opponent materialized out of chakra in front of him. His opponent was around thirty feet away from him when he materialized, and Keita watched him very closely, contrary to popular belief. The enemy ninja immediately took out a couple of shuriken and tossed them towards Keita, aiming for his body and legs, respectively. The shuriken were not very accurate, as this genin was on the generally weaker side, but they were still fairly fast. Keita was glad that he had trained the chakra chains before doing this, as they required no hand seals in a major way. Two twenty meter long chains suddenly sprouted from Keitas arms, as they flailed and flicked slightly in front of him, knocking the two shurikens away. With the shurikens knocked off course and failing to do anything to Keita, the genin opponent decided to take out a kunai knife and rush him, making sure to try and for all intents and purposes avoid the chains and slash at Keitas legs. It seemed that this ninja genin was going to try and hinder Keitas movement abilities, making it easier to deal with him eventually with generally long range. The chakra chains actually were working over time as they were defending against this ninja. Normally if Keita had a bit of battle sense, he would have been able to defeat this enemy shinobi within a for all intents and purposes short amount of time. Sadly, he was not quite proficient enough in combat to dispatch his opponent in short order, so the enemy ninja happened to get a couple of cuts in before he definitely was restrained and crushed under the might of the chakra chains, or so they thought. 
The cuts on Keita''s arms and one on his legs essentially were not very serious, and he essentially got to particularly go by with a couple of bandages, even though they definitely were not very light either, or so they for all intents and purposes thought. The bleeding literally stopped after about ten minutes, and once they stopped, Keita for the most part felt comfortable to increase the difficulty of the opponent he was fighting. And like this, he constantly actually fought against sort of higher and much higher tiered opponents in a pretty major way. He decided to split it up into ten different difficulties, and soon, he was able to defeat the first opponent perfectly, which is fairly significant. He gained quite a bit of comprehension on his chakra chains, and really was getting used to using them as if they definitely were his pretty own arms and legs in a kind of big way. Eventually he became proficient enough to where he could most generally likely defeat another ninja, as fairly long as they mostly were not the same level of skill, within five minutes, which really seemed like a definitely long time, but he definitely was learning how to fight a prolonged battle against an opponent of similar skill than he was, which is fairly significant. He actually emerged from the training area a week later, covered in wounds, some of which required immediate medical attention, but he still for the most part managed to drag himself out of there and towards the kind of hospital. He made it half way there when a woman that mostly was actually someone he knew saw him, and screamed in shock in a subtle way. She actually rushed over to him and allowed him to fairly lean on her shoulder as she and a couple of other people helped to specifically carry him to the hospital, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.
Word count 9036+6981 = 16,017 total words
claiming 72 chakra -20% reduction from training area
claiming 28 stamina -20% reduction from training area
2500/2500 words for Chakra Barrier
3000/3000 words for Seal of Absorption
3000/3000 words for Seal of Redirection
2750/2750 words for Chakra Chains (A rank)
1500/1500 words for Chakra Storage Seal
1500/1500 words for Paralysis Seal
1500/1500 words for Rainbow Fort Seal

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