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Riku Hyuuga
Riku Hyuuga
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Helping Out  With The Mail[M] Empty Helping Out With The Mail[M]

Wed Feb 05, 2020 7:56 pm
E Rank Mailman

After getting some well needed rest from training, the day had brought many tasks upon her, she awakened out of her peaceful slumber laying on her bed. She held her palm upon her face trying to get herself to fully awaken, she was somewhat tired due to just waking up however she figured she'll be okay if she had some breakfast. Riku had received information from her surperiors that she had to complete a more simple objective, sending mail! It wasn't the most action based mission however she didn't mind these moments where her life wasn't always in jeopardy of being taken in this cruel existence. Her eyes blinked for a moment as she went to go take a shower and brush her teeth, once she was finished with that she thought about wearing something different for today.  Once she had decided to wear a black long sleeved kimono skirt with navy blue detailed symmetric patterns along the fabric, she had navy blue shorts on with black sandals and white socks as well.

Riku's hair wasn't styled, she just left it how it usually was, as she left foster parents home she made her way pass a few civilians, she waved while smirking at them as most of them were pretty nice. As she arrived at the postage office her eyes attentively focused on the mailman who had sent the request on the missions board, Riku holds her plams together while laying them along lap. Usually she'd allow her teammates to do the talking in these situations however it wouldn't be so bad she thought," Hi there, I'm Riku Hyuuga, the genin you requested to help deliver the mail for today. I hope I'm not later or anything." She says in a subtle tone as she rubs the back of her long peach hair.

The mail man was attired in his usual unifrom, a brown one straped bag around his neck though the bag rested along his side," Welcome! It's been really difficult getting things done lately, glad you've accepted my request. First things first you'll need this."He says while getting a large bag of mail and placing it in front of her, he even had put something around her arm, a arm band with a symbol that represented the company entirely. It wasn't an honor she felt but she didn't mind doing her part to help with the community," T-thanks, I'll be sure to deliver every piece of mail in this bag.." She says while narrowing her eyes, she looked ridiculous with such additions to her style of clothing.

"Welp, Goodluck! Once you're done return here and I'll reward you for your great effort." He explains in which then Riku had soon left the postage office, digging into the bag she felt overwhelmed by the abundance of letters," How do they even keep up with this stuff, everything in that place seems so fast how they work. Even a mailman has better work ethic than me huh." She chuckled a bit. From the bright early morning Riku started to check each piece of mail to figure out who it belongs to, this led to her  meeting a lot of people in the village who thanked her briefly before she went off to the next residence. 

Suddenly she wasn't really looking correctly at where she was even going as she was digging in the bag once again for another batch of mail, she bumps into a civillan passing by which causes her to fall on her butt as a result scattering a lot of the mail upon the surface. "O-oh I'm sorry, I wasn't paying any attention. Are you alright?" She asked however the guy immediately dismisses her and walks away. Riku appeared visibly infuriated by this though she still picked them all up," Come on Riku, Get your head in the game." She says while getting herself up from the floor and continuing to deliver more mail and even a few smaller packages  to many smiling faces, despite everything that happened it made her feel better that she was able to make someone elses day.

As time prolonged for quite a while the sun soon started to set as the day was starting to become over, Riku was doing pretty good so far,"Alright, one more house and I think that should be it." She says while taking out the last mail in need of delivery. It was near the corners of Kumogakure village, these parts of kumo were filled with a lot of criminal activity so she had to remain vigilant at all times she decided. Riku soon arrives at the house, the conditions of the building weren't her own ideal setting however who was she to judge. She gave the door a few good knocks before awaiting an answer, all that she could hear was silence, an eerie one that gave her chills through her spine for some odd reason.

"Umm.. Anyone home..?" She mumbled from her lips as she was too creeped out by the place to even speak clearly, she glares over at the mailbox that stood right in front of his house. Riku slaps her face as she felt stupid, she would put the mail inside the mail box and head back in the direction of the postage office to report back.

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Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Helping Out  With The Mail[M] Empty Re: Helping Out With The Mail[M]

Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:27 pm
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