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Snjor Yuki
Snjor Yuki
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Snow gathering supplies for Konoha Empty Snow gathering supplies for Konoha

Fri Jan 31, 2020 10:05 am
Mission Details

Snow woke up from the hard night that he had the night before. Still completely unsure as to what had happened to him and why he "lost control" of his emotions as Akira said. He thought about the cuts and bruises that Akira had all over her body. He felt terrible about the pain that he caused his friends. Saizou and Akira both were hurt by whatever Snow had done the night before. "Would I have actually aimed to harm my own teammates? What happened yesterday?" So many questions filled his mind and he could not think of any answers.

As he got out of bed that morning he walked into the bathroom and he saw the carvings on his waist. Knowing that both members of his team actually saw the crude artwork that riddled his body. He felt an overwhelming sense of shame when he thought about what they most likely thought of him. Did they think he was weak? Crazy? Stupid? He didn't know for certain, but he hoped that they would just forget they ever saw it.

When he was done looking at his waistline, he opened the door of the shower and he turned the water on, not having it to hot this morning. After that hard night of whatever they did, his body was in enough pain that he didn't feel the need to punish his body any further to help his depression and allow his mind to forget about the emptiness.

He felt the water and he stepped into the shower. He felt the warm water run down his body and he began to clean his body. The night before, he was far too tired to take a shower, not to mention he was not even sure he was going to be able to stand on his own, let alone actually clean himself because his body was so exhausted and in so much pain.

While the water ran down his front, he continued to think about Akira and Saizou and all the scratches and cuts they had on their body. He knew that he was the one that caused them, that is the only thing that made sense. They wouldn't have done that to themselves, and he didn't see anyone else there involved. If they were attacked, then he would have been told by his teammates if there were enemies in the area. So that only left him, that only left one possible person that would be to blame for what happened the night before. Him.

Snow's mindset quickly shifted, he tried his best to keep his mind busy, at least long enough to get himself far away from his knife so he would be less likely to hurt himself. He quickly cleaned his body and he leaped out of the shower and he grabbed his towel. He dried his body off and ran into his bedroom. He threw his clothes on and he made sure that his hair was still presentable to the masses that he was about to see outside of his home.

When he saw that he was in good, presentable shape, he ran out of the bedroom to be presented with a breakfast burrito by his father. He grabbed the burrito, thanked his father and he ran out of the house, waving goodbye as he ran.

Right when he was leaving his home, he ran into a woman that had a basket hanging from her right arm. Snow apologized and the woman brushed off her gown, she told him that it was no problem before they both recognized each other. "Hello Snow." The herbalist said with her cheery tone. Snow recognized her almost immediately too, "Hi!" Snow and the herbalist hugged each other and began walking down the road together, talking about herbs and medicines.

"What is it you are doing about town?" Snow asked the herbalist with his signature smile on his face. She was gathering ingredients for the village's medicinal supply closet. Something that she did every week, which was how Snow learned so much about herbs and natural creams and medicines. He offered his hands to help the herbalist, something that she eagerly accepted.

The two of them went out into the forest and began picking different types of herbs and plants that grew naturally out in the forest and near the rivers and lakes that were abundant throughout the land of Konoha. For a few hours, they would talk to each other about everything and nothing at all. They continued working the dirt and trying to replant the seeds when they could.

When they finally felt that they had gathered enough ingredients for the medicinal cabinets, they sealed up the baskets that they had and headed back into the village. They dropped off all of the medicinal ingredients and began sorting all of them and putting them into their own different cabinets and cupboards. She was in charge of keeping all of the inventories of the medicinal herbs in check and stocked at all time, making sure they always had enough ingredients for all of the squads that they had leaving the village every day going on dangerous missions.

They realized that this was an important job, and based on how many ninjas they needed  to aid in their missions, they knew that they were always going to need to gather more ingredients, no matter how much they had. But, at least the cabinets and cupboards were stocked and the concoctions were setting. Once they would see that their job was done, she gave him a small reward for his help with the ingredients. He smiled and thanked her for the reward. The two siad their goodbyes and Snow headed back to Ichiraku's Ramen shop. Being that they were outside the gates gathering for so long, night time was beginning to set and it was time for him to go and have dinner with his father and share with him the joys that was ramen and all of the beautiful smells that come with it.

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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Snow gathering supplies for Konoha Empty Re: Snow gathering supplies for Konoha

Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:54 pm
Snow gathering supplies for Konoha Approv43
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