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Minato Terumi
Minato Terumi
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Another Round of Training (Solo) Empty Another Round of Training (Solo)

Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:57 pm
A normal day in Kirigakure, the whole village was shrouded in a thick mist like every other day that passed before. The sound of the waves in the distance of the islands was soothing to those who had not been raised here, but for people who spent their lives here it was just another day. It was like a breeze in an open field of Konohagakure or a sun shining desert in Sunagakure, it’s just an everyday occurrence that seemed to never change. Minato was looking out the window of his apartment at the village, turning only to grab his long blue trench coat and head for the door. Walking out his door fully dressed and ready to go to a secluded island for training, it was his intention to learn something by the end of the day or the time he spends would be for nothing. Minato was walking through the village with his face nose down in a book, this was a habit of his. Blocking out the world around him and reading to avoid conversation, it always seemed to make time fly and once again worked as he looked up seeing he had made it to a secluded part of the island after aimlessly wandering through the village.

It wasn’t long ago that Minato had stumbled across a technique that caught his eye, it was one that could be useful in certain situations that may present themselves in his future. This technique was known as the ‘Temporary Paralysis Technique’ and worked exactly as the title suggests, having the ability to inflict paralysis seemed a worthy ability for Minato and so he decided to learn the technique. Knowing the technique would require chakra Minato decided to start there and gather chakra in his core, he was allowing it to swell into a mass of power in his very being. The chakra in his body prepared for any jutsu he could perform he placed his hands together, palms pressed, index and middle finger extended while the other fingers were laced together. It was a perfectly executed seal, the seal of the tiger. Now he began to focus on the noises around him, he had to find a target or else he couldn’t know if the technique worked properly. It was going to be a challenge to find a creature in the outskirts of the village far from any other village inhabitants and with the salty air very few animals could be found just lurking around, but patience was important so important that it could one day save Minato’s very life. It was sudden, happening in a very instant as the low swooping seagull collapsed to the ground with its wings draped down. The look of panic in its eyes as it desired to run from it’s confinement, but Minato stood overlooking the bird with his chakra being dispersed with the activation of the jutsu. The seagull had been ensnared by the ‘Temporary Paralysis Technique’ that Minato was able to pull off, a flawless execution of a less than difficult technique. Then in a calm decision he released the catch allowing the seagull to rise to its feet and eventually fly away for freedom, Minato watching with a satisfied smile as he had done excellent in performing the technique.

A sigh of relief as his body had been able to release all that tension he had from performing the jutsu, Minato was ready to move on to the next jutsu he had wanted to learn. Reaching down and grabbing a pebble in his right hand he began to figure on the size and weight of the item, He figured the pebble was small enough for a first time attempt at the ‘Hidden Trinkets Technique’ so he decided to hold on to the rock as he signed. Starting with the familiar seal of the tiger, followed by the dog where his right hand is balled in a fist beneath his left hand’s palm with fingers extended. Finalizing the seal pattern with the horse seal, in which his hands are touching only by lacing his middle, ring and small fingers while extending his index allowing the fingertips to touch. The water in the atmosphere began to draw to the pebble like a planet’s gravitational pull, with every passing second the pebble seemed to vanish for a second only to reappear almost instantly. Minato was able to draw the water to the pebble correctly, but he was incapable of changing the water itself into a camouflage material for the object. Digging deeper within himself, he began to summon his chakra forth to his left hand which he was holding the pebble in. The pebble appearing wet and even starting to glow a light blue from the chakra pouring into the rock, but to no avail as it continues to only flicker in and out of visibility. Minato began to get frustrated at the ineffective execution of this technique, but that would not stop his determination as he tried to control his chakra more and not allow so much to spill from the pebble in his palm. The new found focus causing the blue glow to surround the pebble like a thin film, the water collecting around it with each passing second. Minato knew he could perform the jutsu this time so he summoned up a second mass of chakra letting it stir in his very core attempting to mold it into what could be compared to a ball, figuring with proper chakra control he could in fact begin to run chakra from this newly established reserve to the pebble and allow it to focus on the change in the water while the other chakra he was using could focus on the collection of water and coating the pebble. With the decision made Minato began to pour the reservoir of chakra he had created into the pebble at a slow controlled rate, the rock began to slowly fade from sight. At first it appeared as a small shapeless blur in his palm, but the longer he continued to pour the chakra it began to lose the blur effect and become perfectly transparent to the naked eye. A smile began to grow across Minato’s face as the pebble disappeared, he had done it with a little extra effort. A complete performance that would end here, with two new jutsu under his belt Minato went on about his day leaving the secluded area behind book in hand.

(1,080 Words:+5 Stats)

(500 Words: Temporary Paralysis Technique)
(500 Words: Hidden Trinkets Technique)
Minato Terumi
Minato Terumi
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Another Round of Training (Solo) Empty Re: Another Round of Training (Solo)

Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:16 am
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Another Round of Training (Solo) Empty Re: Another Round of Training (Solo)

Sat Jan 25, 2020 7:53 pm
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