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Saizou Uchiha
Saizou Uchiha
Ryo : 13000

Sharingan Trainging  Empty Sharingan Trainging

Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:13 am
It was pretty cold day outside, maybe it the was constantly beating rain. Could of been the breeze that would give a snake chills. Sai seen it as an oppertunity to take the day of from his normal training routine. He smiled as he he opened his umbrella and made his way outside of his home. He wasent  in the home he had in the village but the the one he truely felt at home at, the one he shared with his father. It wasent in the best of shape since being abandon since his fathers passing, but that dosent stop Sai from bring a broom every once in a while to clean the place up and make sure it dosent falter to quickly. He couldnt imagine seeing some other family live here but he couldnt do it himself either. Sai thought about purchasing the home so that he could use oned ay if he decided to have a family, but the memories of his old family still fresh in his memory.

He couldnt think of many ways he would spend his off day, he wasent necessarily in the mood for anything. As he walked around contemplating on how he would spend this day off he heard screaming coming from further in Tanzaku Town. Sai raised his eyebrow wandering what could be causing them to make so much noise. He couldnt really make out if it was a argument going wrong or just people having a good time. Something in his head was saying to go over there and see what all the noise about, but something in his heart was telling him that he was going to be in for a life changing experience. He didnt know if that was a good thing or a bad thing but then again he didnt really care either way.

He decided to take a look. Sai made his way further through the town smiling and nodding at some of the pople he knew, helped or worked for. The amount of people the had grew to call as friends and family along the way is something he found amazing. A guy like him who more likely to cause trouble more trying to help dosent seem like the type to make as many friends as he has. When you think about it those with nothing to lose, have more to gain. He finally made it to where all the noise was coming from, The Game Room. It was to his surprise that it was coming from here, normally it such a quiet kept place only having a few parties throughout the year there. The rain must have dragged everyone to the game room for some enjoyment to escape being trapped in the house all day.

The crowd of people that was attracted to what was going on inside had grown so huge people could no long fit inside. Sai was never one for games, his luck was piss poor. With the amount of people it attracted it did have Sai curious though, he couldnt help but want to try. Atleast after he can get to the front and figure out whats going on. 

"Whats all this noise about ?",Sai said as he put his back up against the right side of the wall next to the entrance.

"Some guy around here has the luck of the gods",The man said as he continued to watch the game being played inside.

Sai really didnt feel like trying to fight through a group of people to see whats going, but his curiosity was at peak. He pushed and shoved people as he made his way to the front of the group. As he gets to the front of the pack of people he suddeningly hears.

"you cheater" the man yelled as he stood up and pointed at the man across from him."I ought to teach you some respect, and show you what we do to cheaters around here!", At this point the man yelling face was turning red with anger.

The accuser started to get the crowd hype up in a bad kinda way, but the guy being accused didnt seem to worry about the crowd turning angry. Seems like he must of been in this kind of situation before, or is a very skilled ninja. The man being accused stood up, with a huge grin on his face.

"Settle down, Settle down ladies and gents", The man said as he looked around the room."How many of you all money did i take? The lot of you, if thats true wich it is then why havent anyone before this man seem anything", The man said full of confidence that people would listen to his words.

"If you have any proof or indication that i cheated at such a trivial game like this ,then please tell us all.", The accused said teasingly to his accuser. The man didnt make a sound, you could even see the sweat starting to form on the top of his head. "Maybe he was lying",Sai thought. It wouldnt be the first time a sore loser yelled wolf after losing all of their money. Sai honestly hated those kinds of people, what was the point in lying about it. People always think that you gain nothing from losses, but they couldnt be more wrong. You learn that you did have the confidence to try something hard, or that all your hard work wasent just for nothing or maybe it shows you that you have to work a little bit harder to achive  your goals.

"As a look of good faith ill give someone of my choosing at chance to play me for all ive won today,You wouldnt even have to put up one coin. So who will it BE", the man said as he somehow got the crowd back on his side. The man who had accused him just looked fluster and angry. Wandering how it the crowd just switched back to the other guys side like that. This guy was pretty good at soothing a crowd. This guy must of not cared about the money he earned or he had some kind of trick up his sleeve, after he said that everyone in the room was going crazy. They all wanted to be the one he chose for this. In all this comotion the man who was accusing garp was still there, just forgotten that quick.

"Go die in a war somewhere or something", the angry man said as he pushed his way through the crowd towards the exit. That actually brought a chuckle to Sai mouth, he hasent heard a crazier insult than that unless he walks pass a bar or brothel. People never seem to find new ways to say and some of the most wild things. It was a trait about people that Sai actually thought was one of thier best features. Not being constricted to the social worlds and all of its rankings and war. Being able to truly be free.

 Sai who is now standing in the front row of the crowd looking at the mysterious man, in that moment they makes eye contact with the mysterious man, bu now that Sai had found the source of the noise just to see this. He was pretty disappointing. Sai was looking for more of an exciting time than watching someone be accused of something everyone wasent even sure happened. The man didnt honestly have any proof that the guy had cheated, so Sai couldnt really feel sorry for the guy who lost. He was hopping that someone who be drunk enough or bold enough to attack the other person over the spout but neither did as such unforunetly.

"You", The mysterious man says, pointing at Sai. Eagerly awaiting to hear a response from his new opponent

"Me", Sai says in a confused tone. Sai did wanna play after hearing all the noise outside. Now that he was in here , and watching al the things that unfolded moments ago made him not wanna waste his time on something so trivial. Especially since he didnt wanna lose his money anyway.

"Yes you, Now come take seat and test your luck", The man said as he took a seat and gestured for Sai to Sit across from him. Sai then smiled as he took a seat across from the mysterious man. Now that Sai was sitting across from him he could see that this man had a large scar on the right side of his neck just barely able to be seen since the jacket and hood he was wearing was covering most of it. The man seem to be in his late thirtys or early fourtys. 

"Im Garp, pleasure to meet ya kid", Garp said smiling as he extended his hand towards Sai, with a smillar expression Sai shook the man hand and introduced himselfs.

"Im Saizou Uchiha", Sai said humbly.

"The game where playing here is a little bit different than what would normally be played but im pretty sure you have seen it played or played it", Garp said as he pulled out two identical dice. "The game is called Craps, ill explain it so that anyone who hasent played will understand.", Garp said before stopping to take a quick cough."Goal of the game is to roll 7 or 11 on your frist roll but if you roll 2 or 12 on your first roll you lose. If you roll any other number you have to keep rolling untill you hit your number, But if you roll a 7 after you already got a number to hit you lose." Garp had explained in perfect detail, even a child would understand the game at this point.

"Yea i seen this before , thanks for the explanation it was defeinetly needed", Sai said as he picked up the dice of the table and began to shake them in his hand. Sai looked at Garp , trying to see if the man was ready to begin.

"Go ahead, im ready", Garp said.

Sai rolled a 6 his first time , feeling pretty lucky and confident he rolled again. Only this time when he rolled it was a six, but just as he was about to start celebrating the dice rolled over from a one to a two. The look on Sai face was a look he dosent have to often, a look of confusment. 

"How did you do that", Sai was looking at garp who had a huge smile on his face. A smile that was really pissing Sai off.

"Slow minded people like you wouldnt understand kid, come back when your a little older to play adult games", Garp said as he grab the dice from off the table.

"Kid?", Sai thought. He knew he was far from your average teen, he had seen many battles and been in many fight. Things he has done isnt for your normal teen.

"Call me a kid again and ill show you what this kid can do.", Sai said aggressively, he mood quickly changing from the jovial one he was in at arrival.

"C'mon Kid dont take this further than what is has to go, im just trying to enjoy myself", Garp said in a mellow tone. He posture was relax and comfortable, if he was on guard he did a great job at being calm about it.

"OUTSIDE NOW", Sai said almost yelling at the man. That gave Garp a surprise look on his face. 

"Okay,okay since you insist  on getting your ass kick who am i to stop you", Garp said as he finish a drink he had in one gulp and stood up. "Im not gonna take it easy on you kid, you brought this upon yourself". Garp said as they both walk to the exit

The rain outside didnt let up and it didnt seem like it was anytime soon. Once they both got outside in the rain they walked a bout 50 yards from the Game room, more into a open clearing in the forest near by. The clearing was about 30 yards wide but it did have a slight cliff at the edge of it, wich lead down into more forest below.

"This is a good spot as any to kick you ass kid so lets get this over with so i can get out this rain",Garp said in a more annoyed tone

Garp did some handsign and 5 kage bushin apear."Take it easy on him boys, i still wanna have something to play with once you guys are done. So dont kill him.", Garp said as he slowly backed up and then jumped into the forest around.

.The clones all shook their heads as they start to attack, Sai got into a defensive stance. Sai disappears and then he reappears infront of a group of clones kicking one sending it flying back into the others, He then reaches into his pouch and grabs a kunai and starts to slash way at the clones. He cutting anything in his way. The numbers of the clones start decreasing. Until is finally down to the last 1. He then jumps  into the sky and throws the kunai to finish off the last of the clones. Sai smiles as he watches it dispurse. Sai falls from the sky landing on his feet. 

Garp then jumps down from the tree he was hiding in and walks close to where the last clone was killed at. As he walks you hear *clap clap clap* ."Very impressive  now do you have what it takes to beat me? Probably not judging that you dont even have your sharingan and that you dont know that many jutsu." . He smiled as he continued taunting."Oh well lets see what the wannabe uchiha can do". Garp could easily tell Sai was getting more and more angry by the look on his face, and bodily expressions.

"Wannabe? Wanna be are people like you. Failuers in life with nothing to show for it, could EVER BE A Failure" Sai says as he dashes at the Garp in a zig zag formation, all the while grabbing his kunai from when he destroyed the last clone. Garp himself wastes no time grabbing a dagger of some short that he had owned and getting into a defensive stance when he see's Sai make move. Right before Sai 5 yards of striking distance, Garp changes his stance to something entirely different. The stance Garp switch to was perfect to defend against someone charging at you. With Sai being angered beyond reason he could notice the switch but didnt care.

He lunged at Garp diagonally slashing at him switching from a left to right slash. All the while garp easily avoids them, Not wasting the sharpness of his blade with petty blocks. Garp grew bored of the Sai's attack and decided to do one of his own. He waits for the perfect opportunity to counter and when he does its a kick a kick to the left side of Sai sending him flying into the mud on the ground. Sai let out a slight gasp as the blow had knocked the wind out of him. Even so he quickly gets backs to his feet and lugged once again at Garp.

"Entertain me Kid",Garp said.

This time the two the clashed weapons quickly disappearing and reappearing in flashes. All you can see is two flashes coming together and a blue tinted spark when the blades clash. Sai in all his madness had a plan though.He was hitting Garp blade in spots that would dull the blade forcing it to crack. After a couple clashes he could see the damage in Garps blade. Sai then took this opportunity to bring his kunai down hard onto Garps Dagger, making it crack at the spot of impact. Garp looks at the crack in his weapon, Then angrily kicks Sai in the gut sending him flying backwards. Sai goes flying back with his kunai in hand about to fly off the piece of land they were the cliff was. Garp watches as Sai body slides across the mud, he looks disappointingly at his blade as he throws it to the ground.

 Sai was able to catch himself at the very edge, but thanks to all the rain that had been going on the part Sai was standing on couldnt hold his weight Sai tried to jump towards the edge but wasent able to get a proper footing and came just short in his jump, but Garp for some reason didnt wanna see the kid fall down a cliff. He ran as fast as he could the moment he had started to see the ground break off hat Sai was standing on. His body just moved on its own he didnt have a say so in the matter, like he actually started to like the kid he was fighting. Garp grabbed Sai by the wrist.

"C'mon Kid I got ya dont ned you dying on me before our fights done",Garp said as he pulled up Sai.

"Normally i would thank someone for saving me , but thats gonna have to wait until after this is over. Dont think im about to go easy on you now that you saved me", Sai said as he looked at Garp with intensity.

"Wouldnt have it any other way Saizou", Garp said as he threw up a taijutsu stance.

 They both run at each other about to engage in regular taijutsu. The rain started to pick up making Sai hesitate for just a second to run forward. At the moment of hesitation Garp runs flashes in front of Sai and starts to punch him with a barrage of punches, one after another. Sai is getting beat badly not being able to dodge the mans attacks. Garp then kicks Sai into the air, jumping up grabbing his ankles and swinging him back into the ground. Sai hit the ground with extreme force, a pain he has never felt before in his life.

" Had enough yet?", Garp says as he walks over to the hole the made with Sai body.

 Sai refuses to give up, he crawls out of the hole he was lying in and stands up to dust him self off. Garp smirks and walks over to pick up his broken blade. This will be the end. The man does the after image justsu speeding from side to side very fast at Sai. Sai's heart starts to race as he was very intimidated and thought he was about to die. He could not track the mans movements as he sped from side to side. Time slows down in Sai's head he tries his hardest to track the man but it didnt matter how hard he squinted his eyes just couldnt keep up. Sai then screams.

"I WONT GIVE UP!".  At that moment Sai's eyes turn blood red, his eyes dilate creating two tomo along the iris of his pupil.

Sai feels a rush of adrenaline. He looks up at Garp, he is now moving slower. He can now see each step Garp is taking. Garp is almost right in front of him. Sai jumps up and kicks the Blade out of Garps hand sending it flying off the cliff into the forest below. He then spins around and kicks the man in the jaw. Garp is sent flying twirling through the air. He slides across the ground leaving a trail behind him. He stops about 15 yards from the cliff he just saved Sai from. His head turning slowly watching his blade fall past the cliff into the forest below. He looks up seeing Sai glaring straight at him with red eyes. Then Garp gets up to take a closer look.

As soon as the Garp is on his feet Sai disappears and ends up behind the Garps back. Garp turns around and Sai starts attacking him with a series of punches and kicks. Sai is now desperately trying to end this fight before it could turn around. Sai was making sure to return back every hit he got double fold or at least try to. Sai then kicks the man into the air and intended to show him how he supose to do something, he jumps into the air after garp and grabs garps ankles swinging him about 8 times and sends him flying into a tree . He lands on the in the center of the tree and slid down to the ground, he impacted with so much force it cause the tree to break in half.

"Had enough yet" Sai says as he looks at Garp, who is not moving since he hit the ground. Garp then looks at Sai with a smile.
"Of course not we just getting started he kid, i didnt think now out of all times you would unlock the sharingan", Garp then stands up and starts to stretch." Kids these days man, you guys always find a new way to surprise me". Garp seemed to be in a surprisingly good mood. Its been a while since he had such a good sparring match , it reminded him of the days he use to spar with his friends in his youth. Garp once again looked at the Sai in the eyes to assets how deep into the sharingan Sai gotten into. He see's Sai has the two tonoe sharingan. "This might be a tad bit more than what i was looking to get into today",Garp thought. He just wanted to relax and play a couple games, win some money and go home and have a nice glass of sake. Instead he was stuck fight some crazed uchiha kid who felt like he had something to prove. Little did Garp no Sai just a sore loser and hates being disrespected even when its not intentional. Garp then look at Sai with a deadly look in his eye.
"From here on out kid i wont be holding back, you wanted some fun....Right",Garp said as he dashes towards garp.

Sai starts to sweat profusely he is barely dodging the punches now as the puches seem to just be coming from every direction, Sai could only imagine how many battles Garp must of been in. Even with his newly acquird sharingan it was hard to overcome the flat out speed difference. Barrage after Barrage of punches that dosent seem to be slowing down at all. Sai knew he couldn be on the 
 but the punches werent giving him no break or no time to plot his next move. He is now desperately relying on instinct and his sharingan. He is moving without even thinking, he doesn't even know how he is doing it , but he is doing it. If he thinks about how his body is almost moving on its own he will probably mess it all up.Just as that thought slips into his mind ,he slips backwards on some mud.
As he falls he knew this fight was over. He lost, he waited for Garp to atleast kick him. But he didnt. Sai looked up to see Garp holding out his hand to help him up."Your Sharingan turned off on ya , seems like you use up to much charkra with that new doujutsu u have there", Garp said as he pulled Sai up out the mud. Garp could tell the kid was exaushted, and he wasent one to just go beating up tired kids. They atleast had to have some fight left and you could tell Sai was 

"Yeah this thing is pretty cool, wouldnt of lasted this long without it back there.", Sai Said as he had notice that the rain was finnally starting to slow down. Today couldnt of went better in his opioion, he was able to fight a strong opponet and not only that he was able to unlock one of the greatest doujutsu ever.

Sahringan genjutsu C-Rank(WC 1000 Rq)
Smoke Veil E-Rank(WC 250 rq)
Pheasant Hunter B-Rank(WC 1750rq)
Cero C- Rank(WC 1000rq)
4000/200=20 Stats
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Ryo : 10650

Sharingan Trainging  Empty Re: Sharingan Trainging

Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:13 pm
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