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Karaoke night!  Empty Karaoke night!

Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:36 pm

   Eliwood wandered around a town whose name he did not know. He had been following around a group of playful squirrels for a while and managed to lose track of time. Night had fallen and the crickets were chirping. He wondered if he should try to find his way back home or just spend the night somewhere in this town. The village was small and there weren't many people walking around the streets. He wanted to ask someone where the nearest inn was when he saw a crowd gathering outside of a long wooden building.

He walked up to a person standing on the edge of the crowd to ask what was going on, "Excuse me sir. I was looking for a place to stay. If you could point me to an inn that would be greatly appreciated."

The man looked Eliwood up and down and must have figured he posed no threat. He turned back around and pointed at the building everyone was gathered in front of. "Right there. The Sleeping Crane. Only place for travellin' folk to spend a night." The man said. He jabbed Eliwood with his elbow and leaned in, "You came to town on a good night. Every couple a' months the tavern ere holds a music competition. Some people in town gots themselves bands, other folks get up there solo."

A music competition would be the perfect opportunity to break in his new Sitar. Mar had worked so hard on it, would be a shame if no one were to hear it played. "You are right good sir, I am something of a musician myself. I would be delighted to take part in this show." Eliwood would say, slinging his sitar around from his back to his hands.

The man looked surprised but let out a belly laugh and clapped Eli on the shoulder. "Well alright then! Show me whatchu can do! First place gets 1000 ryo so good luck." Then he walked inside leaving the monk standing outside, looking at the inn.

'This will be fun!' He thought to himself as he followed the stream of people flowing into The Sleeping Crane. There was a woman standing behind the bar calling for sign ups on a sheet of paper. Eliwood would wait in line to sign his name, and when he reached the front he noticed about 6 names written down. A couple seemed like band names, like The Marsh Stompers, but most were just people's names. The monk signed his own name down fancifully and looked for a place to sit until it was his turn.

Some of the acts were actually pretty entertaining. One man sang his whole song while juggling oranges. There weren't too many great musicians, but one woman really had some singing chops. She was tall, blonde, and beautiful. She certainly didn't look like she belonged in some backwoods little town like this one. Her singing was amazing and even Eliwood was entranced. The locals were smiling, but something told him this woman was the usual winner. He might have a chance if he tried hard enough.

He clapped loudly as the blonde woman finished up and stepped off the stage. It was his turn and he had a song in mind. He had played it a few times at the restaurant before and usually got good reactions. It was a tavern song about a prideful man and his own undoing.

Eliwood cleared his throat and strummed his sitar a couple times before he began to sing and play,

"Ooooh there once was a hero named Kenshin the red who came riding to kumo from old konohaaa.

And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade
As he told of bold battles and ryo he'd maaade.

But then he went quiet, did Kenshin the Red
When he met the kunoichi, Mizuki, who said,

"Oooh you talk, and you lie, and you drink all our mead
Now I think it's high time that you lie down and bleeeed"

And so then came clashing and slashing of steel
As the brave lass Mizuki charged in full of zeal,

Aaand the braggart named Kenshin was boastful no moooore,
When his ugly red head rolled around on the floor."

It was a quick little tune but it made people laugh and he may have been pouring a little chakra into his instrument to improve his odds. The round of applause that erupted when he stopped made the monk smile. He had played for others before but oddly enough, in this little country town, he played for his biggest crowd yet. It was a special feeling, getting to Express himself in front of others. He got to share the songs that played in his heart and brighten a room full of people's day.

A couple more acts went after Eliwood, but he felt good about his chances. From the performances he had seen it would be a contest between him and the woman who went before him. If he was being honest with himself, her act had more soul and deserved to win. But this night he didn't care for being honest with himself. He was a few drinks in and he was seeing Ryo signs in his eyes. A win here would mean some extra money this month besides what he made running jobs for the chuunin.

A few sips into his fifth drink of the night, the host of the show took to the stage to announce the night's winner. The room went silent and most of the performers had eager looks on their faces. The name was written on an envelope that contained the prize. After a long pause to build suspense the man called out the winners name.

"Looks like tonight the victor will be none other than the out of towner, Eliwood Mossgrove! Come on up and collect your prize sir!"

Eliwood was a little surprised but happy nonetheless. He hopped up to the stage and shook the hosts hand. He was handed the envelope and the bar was filled with cheers. Eli decided to stay the night and celebrate, now just a little richer than when he rolled in to town.

(WC 1034)


+2 chakra 

+900 words to finish Wind Wall (B) (900+600=1500)

+1000 ryo 

21400+1000= 22400 ryo
Remove Ryo : 14400

Karaoke night!  Empty Re: Karaoke night!

Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:53 pm
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