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Anei Tsukinode
Anei Tsukinode
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Musings from a forgathering dream Empty Musings from a forgathering dream

Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:44 pm
entry [1]: "Its' true. When you stare into the void long enough, it gazes back. It can show you sinister horrors or delightful wonders. Sleep has not been easy for me, my dreams taunt and sneer at my incompetence as if it were a cruel prison of acrimonious design. I fear I grow mad father and this pestilence that rots my thoughts is truly an enigma. Yes, you know its name all too well. A paradox engineered of a meticulous nature called life. I can recall your words to me uncannily clear as if you were whispering them directly into my ear. "

"Follw the signs, they'll show you the way..."

Anei's eyes flickered in and out of consciousness until he found himself soon lost within the black of his mind. Taken by sleep. Anei awoke in a world comprised of white light, the crystal clear shores ebbed and flowed gently. There was a voice that called out to him, but he was alone. His haunting blue eyes searched about, glancing at the surface of the water and to his dismay, the reflection that stared back at him was not his own. It had no discernible figure, amorphous and alien in appearance, Anei would carefully place his hand in the water, washing the illusion from sight. There was a shatter, the world collapsed and darkness once more swept over him Anei awoke in a place devoid of light, save for the white fire that lit blank abyss beautifully. From the darkness a new voice spoke, it was one he could never erase from his memory. Rough and indiscriminate it called out to him with haunting contempt.

Groggy eyes adjusted to the light of the rising sun that heralded dawn.

"How long was I asleep?"

Anei rubbed his face as he sat upright against the base of the tree he was positioned at. "That's right I'm in the Land of Fang. What was I dreaming about?"

It was lost to him but still lingered like the taste of honey on one's tongue. He couldn't remember for the life of him as he sat in contemplation for a few brief moments. Finding his strength he would rise to his feet, stretching lazily as he raised his arms above his head. The sky was a beautiful blue, devoid of clouds and the tree line swayed with the gentle passing breeze. Anei could see the large mountains in the distance as he sighed, swinging his pack across his shoulders. "I should get moving." Anei mused to himself as he begins following the worn trail. Aimless the young ninja didn't have a destination in mind. His only concern was avoiding detection by Kirigakure. How long had he been on the run? The time just seemed to pass in the blink of an eye and he was still no closer. Two years had passed since he last activated his Voidsight dojutsu and Anei felt he was getting no closer to revealing its secrets.

A short walk had led him towards a clearing just within the forest east from a large river. Speckled, amber light seeped through the tall canopy. This was as good a place as any to start his training for the day; however, remnants of emotions lingered in his mind from Anei dream. Perhaps it was a message from the void, speaking to him in hopes of bringing Anei closer to the truth. Closing his eyes the young ninja focused his chakra, channeling it in hopes of activating Voidsight, but it proved pointless. A sigh escaped Anei's parted lips. Another failure added to the countless ones he had already committed. What was it that was holding him back? Perplexed he meditated for a moment letting the ambiance of nature relax his spirit. "As natural as breathing..." He would say as he continued his attempts as using his chakra to activate his blood-limit.

It happened so easy when he first ran away from Kirigakure and now he was still struggling. Perhaps he was doing something wrong, but Anei couldn't quite place his finger on what it was. Sighing after what felt like hours of time passing by he fell onto the grassy earth, piercing blue jewels gazing longingly through the canopy. What was he missing? Anei had been trying for such a long time now and still, he had yet to produce any tangible results. Unlucky for him he had nowhere to turn, no shoulder to lean on and most definitely not a teacher to help him through his struggles in grasping his own potential. It frustrated Anei, he felt like throwing in the towel, but he couldn't do so. Not when he could hear the proverbial call of the void beckoning its son home. And yet, how would he know the way when he couldn't see? "Dammit!" Anei would scream out, his fist slamming into the earth. Flipping onto the balls of his heels, Anei would steady his breaths and attempt to clear his mind of anything unnecessary. He only thought of home, of the blank abyss that seemed to swallow him whole. He focused on that single thought, grasping it in hopes of manifesting his desire.    

Anei always found the darkness of his mind comforting, no doubt because it was akin to home. He was born of the void and so the darkness was his haven. He believed this adamantly as he opened his eyes slowly. He could feel his chakra flow, but still, his eyes had not been blessed with the black and white vision he had on that fateful night. He was close though, Anei could feel it in his bones. Yet, something was still missing. Some pivotal pieces of realization that eluded him. Closing his eyes Anei tried once more to believe in what he had accomplished before. He was made for this, his ancestors had been born of the void. How and why were questions he could not answer, but he knew it to be true? Anei longed for the comforting black sea and it him.  

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Anei Tsukinode
Anei Tsukinode
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Musings from a forgathering dream Empty Re: Musings from a forgathering dream

Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:16 am

entry [2]: "Vexing humiliation. Am I so pathetic and undeserving of my inherent ability? The nightmares of late grow more incessant but eerily educable. Ambiguous windows into the buried subconsciousness of my desires. These dreamscapes of perplexing and horrid creation seem to be a sort of cipher. I fear the secrets lie at the bottom of the abyss, where shadows born of no light live. The clues point towards the Void. I want to see it, experience it. Become it. It is where I must go. What is the answer you wish for me to understand? Give it form so that I may grasp its truths with certainty. To the whisperer in my sleep - the one who calls out to me. Who are you? What are you? Show me the way, I will follow the path..."

The black and white blurred world Anei saw through his Voidsight was full of so much promise. Though blurred, he was sure that what he was seeing was everything at once. Altercations and slight differences in Space/Time warped objects. Or so Anei believed, perhaps this was simply the beginning to his Voidsight? Anei couldn't be certain because as far as he knew Voidwalkers were rare. What he also noted was the lack of discernible detail in his vision. The trees in front of him he could still see clearly, though they looked incomplete. The first thing Anei searched for with those special eyes was rifts in the fabric of space - rare seams in time or created by the hands of men. Still to this day, he could remember the strange majestic glow, it possessed an alien-like color that shone to Anei like the sun to mortal men. If he had more control he often pondered if he could have navigated the unusual leylines to the void. Anei knew he currently lacked the means and discipline to wield Space/Time to such a degree, but he had been blessed with a way to see the truth and the means to manipulate it.

Anei wanted to become comfortable looking through his eyes. The strangeness of his vision proved to be a bit unnerving. He could feel that as he moved he walked with oddness as if he wasn't sure of his footing. Using the Flicker Movement Anei would bounce to the treetops above, planting himself atop whilst looking back. As he thought he could see the very space of time he had manipulated to move faster. "Interesting." Anei noted as he viewed the exact trail of his movements. Though blurred he could still make out the trajectory. It lingered in the air to Anei like a fragmented reality altered by the artist's hand. It was subtle, but still, Anei could see. If he honed his Void sight how much more would be revealed he wondered as he continued to test his theory. He was testing the tracking prowess of his dojutsu. Was it possible to view someone through a lens of multiple dimensions? To see their every possible move or decision? Anei was determined to know. The more Anei moved and navigated the forest, the easier and less nauseated he was. Though Voidsight was mentally taxing on him, Anei knew that his eyes would be his trump card. Mastering Voidsight was to master the Void. Or at least the first step in the blueprint he mused, taking time to observe the trail he was leaving behind.  

This process would be done for a few hours until Anei finally felt satisfied. Sweat dripped from his brow, the scarlet sky bleeding into night. The white and black eyes of his Voidsight would slowly turn back to their normal state. The transition would leave Anei feeling nauseous. The funny thing was his normal vision now felt foreign to him. As if he had always seen the world through those peculiar eyes. A smile crept onto his lips, pressing upwards. He looked around in an attempt of ascertaining if he could still see the trails he had been leaving by altering his own time. Others saw afterimages, but Anei could see breadcrumbs left behind. He was confident in collecting information, tailing, infiltration, and espionage. If he harnessed his talent correctly these were all surely jobs within his wheelhouse. Combat, however, was another thing. He needed more training, especially in a dangerously corrupt Shinobi world. Anei knew sooner or later he would need someone to impart knowledge unto him. A teacher to guide him, but for someone like him who was distrusting others who would be capable of mentoring him? Anei wasn't sure but he was certain that such a person did exist. He just needed to find them.

Anei would camp outside for the night in the forest. To protect himself he slept inside of an empty cave. The young missing ninja wouldn't sleep too long, by early morning he was already awake again, training his Voidsight. This time he would test Storage Displacement . Anei's eyes show him the pocket of manipulated space. His eyes revealed the truths of Space/Time and how it affected their reality. Man tinkered on the lines that overlapped dimensions. Playing with something far beyond conceivability. Just the act of for instance placing his headband in a separate space revealed to him the irregularities of moving something across dimensions. It was small, but Anei could pick up on the distorted space of an item created in a different dimension. There was a slight discrepancy in Space/Time that was disrupted by his own forced powers. He was beginning to feel much more confident in his Voidsight, but not just that. His understanding, Anei felt like he was just scratching the surface. What else was he missing?  What more could he glean? Anei gazed up at the amber sun, his Voidsight activated. "Beautiful." Anei would state looking longingly past the marble he stood so firmly placed from. Layers and layers of ghost-like silhouettes painted the abyss above. The sun was odd, not its usual amber, but more primal and alien. He couldn't quite place the color, but he sure was odd. How it glowed when he looked at it from the perspective of the void. "Another mystery added to the list." Anei mused as he begins to make his way out of the forest, deep in thought about the beyond.

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Satoru Nara
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Musings from a forgathering dream Empty Re: Musings from a forgathering dream

Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:19 pm
Please state the total wordcount of the thread above your claims
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Musings from a forgathering dream Empty Re: Musings from a forgathering dream

Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:55 pm
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