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Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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How are you, Old Friend? [P: Yensung][NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: How are you, Old Friend? [P: Yensung][NK]

Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:20 pm
Ayame was shocked by what she was hearing. "Y-you're s-saying Sal... H-he sacri-ificed himself?" she asked bewildered. She wasn't sure what to believe.  She shook her head slowly. 

"H-had this this p-place turn-ned to.. to... to ashes... I would have have n-never been-n found-d." she muttered dusting her hand along Sal's grave marker. She had made so much progress so far, once she started to remember her old life again. "I wou-wou-would've become an-animal."

Her voice grew silent and her body still as she pondered on the what if. She had been hunting... killing and eating raw meat. She had no ninja tools left and had to kill these things with her teeth and nails. And she had been so hungry. Bugs, algae, mushrooms... not exactly the kinds of foods that can easily sustain.

She remembers the look she gave the man who found her feasting on a fresh dear, and the blood dripping from her mouth. She also remembered the time she spent locked up as she came to her senses. Aya had been so hungry she just couldn't help herself, and when she was grabbed, the light had hurt her eyes.

Aya snapped out of her thoughts and removed her hand from the grave. "I-I'm n-not how you remem-em-mem-ber-r me." She said turning more serious, eyes downcast. "I've-ve killed. I-I lived off-ff of of of bugs. My.. my eyes still h-hurt a-and my-my skin st-still burns from... from the l-light." Aya paused and turned to the man. "I... I... I was a-al-alone.  I... I d-did what I n-needed to to s-survive. I...I e-even l-l-lost m-my-myself."
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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How are you, Old Friend? [P: Yensung][NK] - Page 2 Empty Re: How are you, Old Friend? [P: Yensung][NK]

Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:23 pm
In truth she was right, in both terms.even if ayame as yen was suggesting found the power to free herself of such an imprisonment. It would've drove the girl mad at the certain cost of sanity. Sometimes the truth needed go be streached in yen's was an necessary action. Still after speaking ayame retreated mentally by his diagnosis. perhaps the subject made her retract into the nesting home of comfort she had to make herself. For the past few years.

He waited for her to simply return to reality as she did a moment or two later as she kept speaking. Survival simply meant going to the extream in all levels the life taken or yours lost. No strength or eat a colony of ants for something. It was only the act of staying slive.

"You have to do thoes things to survive ayame. No one faults you for either killing for your life, or living off insects. Even as sn aburame our insdcts in times of desperate need keep us alive by becoming our nourishment. While it is a kill or be killed when people approach you. If anything we failed you. But we will make it up to you.make you stronger,ans assure you always s way home. I am sorry ayame."

Yen bowed to the girl softly ashe apologized. She went on survival on account to failed mission protocalls. Things he fixed too late,znd it cost her more then sanity. Time to be the girl she could've been but now is by the circumstances. All he could do is assure her with his influence time to recover slowly.
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