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Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:09 am
"This is such fucking bullshit...", arose from the depth of a young man's depression-riddled voice one lonely night. The Kumogakure shinobi, Rayul Tunechi, seemed to be more in over his head tonight than previous ones.Normally he'd be in bed by now, awaiting the next day so that a new chapter in his life could begin, but this entire week the Genin found it hard to even sit down. He felt as if he was making no progress in life...stuck in a never-ending cycle of rinsing off old missions and repeating them just to get the same fucking awards time after time. The administrator told him that any problems he seemed as if needed attention he could address, basically allowing for him to form his own missions, but that wasn't enough for the ambitious man. He knew he needed more, and the fact that he had yet to figure out what "more" actually was is what pissed him off. "I didn't even ask to fucking be here...", he says as he allowing his body to fall back. Luckily the motion of him falling was backwards, due to him sitting on the edge of the tallest building in all of Kumogakure, falling forward would surely lead to fatality, but maybe that's why he was up here. "I didn't even ask to be here...", his thoughts echoed to him. This is all he would do for the last few months...constantly battle his own sub-conscience in an attempt to see "who" was right and "who" was wrong. It was all inside his mind, feeling as if nobody would understand his true philosophy oh the world. He let's out a sigh, wishing that he actually had someone who would truly relate to his mindset. He takes his headband off and looks at it, then leaning his head forward while laying down, he re-ties the headband to cover his eyes, and rests his head again as he lays staring into complete darkness.
Ryo : 14400

Bastard Empty Re: Bastard

Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:49 am
"How you doin' today?", said a feminine and seductive voice from the unknown. To Rayul, the voice was familiar, one that he would frequently interact with. He believed that the voice was just a revamp of his own sub-conscience, but unknown to him this was a force of much greater power and darkness, one who sought to manifest it's physical appearance through Rayul himself. Rayul remained calm, feeling as if he was in no danger, and he replied back to the voice, answering it's question.

"Bitch I'm dope, what about you?", he said.
"Watch your tone. *giggles* That's no way to talk to your role model."
Rayul chuckles, closing his eyes to add another layer of darkness to the blindness caused by the headband wrapped around his eyes. "Fuck your Role Model. I'm my own idol.", he says as he shifts the weight of his body into a more relaxed state, placing his hands behind his head to form a makeshift pillow.
"I guess. Maybe you deserve a reward for being yourself. Do you party?", the voice asked.
"Nah.", Rayul chortled, "I just do ignorant hood-rat shit with me and my friends throughout the fucking village." Knowing, well at-least he thought he had known, that this voice was nothing more than a figment of his imagination, he grew curious of the origins of these questions. If this was a part of his consciousness, why wouldn't it know the answer on the daily activities of the cloud ninjas life?

"I mean, I am apart of you. I just wanted to see if your answer would be the same as your thoughts.", the unknown voice emphasized. "You're a good guy, you're just being misguided." The response from this 'woman' caused Rayul to exhale air from his nose as a bull would before charging, showing his sign of frustration. "Yo, what's with all the personal shit? Is there a valid reason you've decided of all nights that tonight would be the one in which you finally host a full conversation?"

"I mean, we both are getting tired of feeling stuck, right? Like we aren't making any progress?"
"And who is "we"?", Rayul asked, slowly drifting into a sleep without his knowledge. Since he laid in the same position for so long without movement, his body slowly began to go numb, depriving him of his senses over the course of the interaction without his own knowledge. "Who are you?", the Uchiha declared.

"I am you.", the voice giggled in a feminine tone before it's pitch is altered to resemble Rayul's identically. "I have always been you." The statement was almost like a trigger word, causing Rayul to enter a deep sleep without his knowledge. As he slept, he was taking into a dream, and before him the world around him was void and without form. Utter Darkness. A single light shined down in an area a few meters before him. Two chairs stood underneath the light, both facing one another, and in one of the chairs was a figure dressed in the same attire as Rayul, but with it's head down to avoid it's identity being compromised instantly.

"Come.", the voice motioned as the word echoed throughout the void. At first, Rayul suspected that he had been placed under some form of genjutsu without his knowledge, but the fact remained that his eyes were not revealed, since the headband was still around his face covering his vision. As he walked forward, he began to undue the knot that kept the headband in place, removing the accessory from around his eyes and holding it in his hand as he walked forward. He had not activated his sharingan earlier, but as of now they were on, as if he subconsciously activated them once he entered this dreamworld. He continued walking until he was inches behind the empty chair, staring at the shadowy figure that sat in the one in front of it.
Ryo : 14400

Bastard Empty Re: Bastard

Tue Dec 31, 2019 3:09 pm
Placing his hand on the chair as he walked in front of it, the young Uchiha sat sideways in the chair as he monitored this unknown figment. Although identical in nature, small features of this figure were changed, presumably to allow for it's own form of "personality", such as his hair being able to flow freely on every side of his head unlike Rayul, who chooses to keep his tied together with a band. As the silence grew denser, the tension was soon broken as the shadowy figure lifted it's head, revealing that it indeed was another Rayul. The two stared themselves in the face, with the original not even phased by the fact that there was another him. Every shinobi in the world knows how to make a clone, but something about this presence was much, much different than your average shadow clone. This was a figment of Rayul's mind, or at-least, that's what he presumed.

"*Chuckles* You're right. I'm not a clone. If anything, I am just a projection of you, wanting to be something more.", the man who looked like Rayul said. Rayul raises one eyebrow as he shifts his body in the chair, taking on a more formal position of sitting, as if a speech from the Raikage had caught his attention. "So you're attuned to my thoughts, huh?", he said as he interlaced his fingers and rested both elbows on his knees, covering the lower part of his face with his hands. His duplicate let out a slight laugh before reaching into his pocket. Pulling his hand back out he is holding a blunt, and as he places it in his mouth, he fiddles around in his pockets again, searching for a lighter to spark his herbs with. "Something like got a light?", he sniggered. There's a pause in Rayul for a moment, then he reaches into the pocket of his leggings and retrieves his lighter. He flicks the wheel on it, allowing sparks to form as the butane gas is ignited from the actions, causing a small flame to appear. He holds the lighter close to the blunt, allowing his 'twin' a chance to ignite the tobacco-laced product. As the duplicate pulls in air, the blunt slowly catches flame until it's blazing with pure ambition. He exhales smoke as Rayul sticks the lighter back into his pocket. He offers the blunt to Rayul, in which he reaches for and grabs the blunt and takes a tote of, while this doppelganger relaxes his position in the chair.

"So,", uttered the 'clone', "To begin, I am you, but I prefer to be called Riley."
"Riley?", asked Rayul, "What exactly are you, Riley?"
"I'm a manifestation of you, of course."
"To what extent?"
"To the extent of your well-being. You ever noticed how i appear to guide you during your darkest moments?"
"I mean, how can you guide me if you are me? I'm guiding myself."
"*laughs*I am more than just you. I am of a greater elevation."
"The fuck does that even mean?"

Suddenly, music begins to play, and the instrumental being played is one that Rayul instantly recognizes. Both men look up into the void, while Rayul searches around for the source of the music playing with his eyes. This was one of his favorite songs, and as the musician begins to vocalize, Rayul repeats the words as the song plays.

"This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep.", Rayul exclaims.

Riley continues the song, "Some food for thought? This food for death, go 'head and fucking eat."
The continue in unison- 'My father's dead, well, I don't know,we'll never fucking meet.'
Rayul grunts as the pair finishes the verse of the song, beginning to wonder the intentions of this so-called 'manifestation'. Riley mimics Rayul's action, as he takes the blunt from Rayul's lips and takes a pull from it himself. He leans more into the chair and slouches in it before continuing his dialogue. "We're going to have three of these sessions, Rayul. Today, tomorrow, and the next day.", Riley exclaims. "You've asked me who I am, and I have told you, yet you do not truly know what I am." Rayul sits up with a look of discernment. "Then what the fuck are you?", bellowed the Uchiha.

Nothing but a chuckle arose from the voice of Riley.
Ryo : 14400

Bastard Empty Re: Bastard

Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:00 pm
And as the atmosphere that surrounded them seemed to tighten, Rayul's heart seems to beat a single time before an overwhelming touch of fear overlapped him. His voice was rendered mute, and as he stared Riley into his eyes he watched as the person we were once communicating with began yet another transformation. A look of frigid horror grew upon Rayul's face, feeling as if the air around him grew closer and closer, almost as if he was being forced into an unforeseen box. The doppelganger of himself who sat in front of him grew pitch black as it laughed, and overtime the figure dissolved into it's near true form, before dispersing into the abyss below them. "The greatest trick Shinigami performed was convincing the world that there was only one of him.", echoed a rather satanic voice. Rayul looked around, unbound to his chair now as he walked around the empty void in which was collectively his mind. As he walked, his eyes pulsated with each step, causing the Uchiha to constantly wipe his eyes thinking that they began bleeding. "Is-is this some form of genjutsu?", the young man asked himself repeatedly. If it was, why wasn't his Sharingan able to see through it? Surely he would've been able to release himself from it, but alas this was not just some mere illusion. Although these events occurred within his mind the entity at hand was very much real and more sinister than the darkest thoughts any doujutsu could reflect. He analyzed the world around him with his Sharingan, not being able to pick up on any forms of chakra or anything. The voice called out to him again, this time from multiple directions.

"Do you fear death, or do you fear not understanding what death truly is?", consoled the entity.
"Who the fuck are you?", Rayul called out while standing in place, lowering his body's center of gravity in preparation for any attack. This was one of the rare moments in his life in which he feared something, and that something was the unknown. He knew not what this being was, or it's intentions, but its vibes were dark and seemed to have more control over Rayul than Rayul had of his self. As he finished his question, from under his feet shadowy tendrils arose in a circle around him, taking form as they coiled themselves around Rayul slowly until eventually he was immobilized by them. He stood wiggling in place, trying to free himself from their grasp. Reaching into his weapon pouch, he pulls out a Kunai and tries to slice through one of the dark tendrils with no luck, as the kunai simple passes through the shadow as if it had replaced itself with air the moment it felt the blade pierce it. The rough voice than thundered before reappears as the Genin stops his resistance, knowing that escape seems impossible. "Every man that has laid eyes upon me has never forgotten who I am. I am he who lies, damned with the true answers both of Things Secret and Divine." As the ground in front of Rayul swirled, the entities true form was soon revealed as he began to take form. As the beast arose from the ground, a Hart with fiery wings became distinct in the eyes of the Uchiha, as he stares the winged deer in its eyes as it manifested. It stood tall, nearly 4 meters in height as it towered over the cloud ninja. Tendrils wrapped around Rayul's neck and tightened as the Demon grew closer, it's voice thundering as if spoken by 10,000 souls. "Damned Child of Jinni, I am Furfur, he who has walked with you since your corruption." An evil smile spawned across the face of this beast as he stared into the blessed eyes of the Uchiha, his sparkling with anticipation.
"Furfur? You're some form of deity? What do you mean you've been here since my 'corruption'?", beckoned Rayul. The Great Earl chuckled, as fire and thunder steamed from its nostrils as the beast took to all fours from its upright position and walked around the trapped man. "Your father was born under my rule, and faithfully served and worshipped me until his soul was claimed back into my domain. The day you were born, he cursed you, wishing that I would claim your soul alongside his rather than your mother's. The gift I bestow to those who worship my authority is one of much prestige: A soul for a soul. You were damned for eternity into my nation the moment he wove my seals, little boy." The antlers of the animal extrude from its body as it runs it's antler down the side of Rayul's cheek, gashing it slightly causing blood to spill from it. Rayul tugs his face away and spits in anger on the beast claiming authority over him. The beast laughs, causing the tendrils around Rayul to tighten into near suffocation, leaving him to slowly begin gasping for air. "Unlike that pathetic Shinigami, child, I possess more power than that petty fool." Furfur was titled as a  count of hell who rules 26 legions of demons. He could wittingly urge Love between Man and Woman. He could raise Lightning and Thunders, Blasts, and Great Tempestuous Storms that originate from the deepest and most construct regions of Hell. His teachings consist of truths, as when presented with, brings answers and allows for wishes in the trade of either their soul or eternal puppetry of the person. Ritualistic depictions present in a triangle form, a pattern of circles and lines. Even without the proper usage of materials and ritual, Furfur answers to his children, and further aids their livelihoods with answers and promises - both communicated through direct thoughts within the mind. It is trade. A single known cult for his praising is known, the Jinnesubu clan, though his worship and learning is considered private, and entwined to single persons. This was truly a spirit in which no-one should dare try making deals with, for his power extends past the physical realm and the realm in which he dominated.

Puzzled by being told his origins by this Deity, Rayul began to question the intent of Furfur. "You said yourself that you lie, so how the hell am I supposed to believe all of this shit you just said?", declared the Uchiha lad." That much is true," bellowed Furfur, "however, there is a reason in which I have stood beside you dormant these many years. You were damned the moment you exited your mother's womb, and your soul was inevitably bestowed into my hands by your father. However, your mother was not of my clan she was the complete opposite of what my children are destined to be. Her eyes-your eyes- are natural seals of my command.", stated the Great Earl. "Under the proper trial, I can only be compelled to tell the truth once inside of a triangle, but you're Sharingan will soon take upon a pattern of this itself. Who would've thought that the day would come that a child of mines would be able to compel answers from me without needing to follow direct rituals." Normally when summoned, Furfur must be placed within a clansman's triangle, or what he says—if he speaks at all—will be false. Once in the triangle, he is compelled to answer all questions in their entirety and truthfully. The Jinnesubu Clan was forbidden to breed with those who did not worship or were born under the seal of Furfur, so Rayul was quite literally the first child to be born 'damned', and with the Uchiha being blessed with the Sharingan, one day he would be able to naturally resist the claim of soul the great Earl had on the man, only if he grew powerful enough to resist the temptation of power offered by the almighty.  "Those eyes", hissed the voice from the mystical looking beast, "are truly a creation of the almighty that governs the principles of what you 'ninja' associate with. They naturally lock me into a state of constant truth.". Furfur refrained from telling Rayul that he would one day be able to claim dominion over the Great Earl himself, hoping that one day the boy would die so that he would be able to take the eyes of the Uchiha himself to be able to counter the only thing that had more power than him.

As Furfur orbited around Rayul, he finally stopped when he was directly in front of the man again, staring him into his eyes. "Soon, your eye's will awaken yet another stage, and with it, a greater power within you will be formed. I can elevate that power to an even higher altitude, Child of Jinnesubu." He stood in a tripod stance, and with his 'arm' he began to reach towards the eye's of Rayul as if he would snatch them from their sockets the moment he made contact. Before he could reach halfway, the eyes of the Uchiha began to bleed, and shifted tomoe as the Earl hissed as if he had touched fire. "laenatan tilk aleywn! 'ant la tastahiqu al'iiradat alllazimat lihukm majalat aljahim ywmana ma!", the beast cursed in his native tongue. Although he could not understand what was said, Rayul knew that his eyes were the cause of the beast's certain actions. It looked as if the beast almost feared Rayul himself in a way, but had yet to show it. Regaining his concentration, Furfur uttered more words in his native dialect, and once done, the tendrils seemed to have heeded to his command as they uncoiled themselves from around the man before returning into the abyss below. Breathing in and out slowly, Rayul regains his breath, cracking his neck side-to-side to release the built-up tension caused by his entrapment.

He watched as the staggering Giant walked into the distance before stopping, eventually gazing upon the eyes of the Earl once again as the two stood staring at each other.

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Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:32 pm
As the demon smirked, it watched the eyes of Rayul closely, knowing that it soon would give the Uchiha an offer he could not refuse. "Simple, my child. You seek to manifest power greater than those who once transcended to greater heights before you. What I seek is fairly simple." The Great Earl approached Rayul, allowing his darkened Aura to surround the Uchiha slowly as he began to attempt his offer. "You're soul...just allow for it to be claimed by my will whenever you perish, and I'll give you th-". Before the towering spirit could finish his sentence, he began to choke, as Rayul had reached out and grabbed the great earl by its neck. It gasped desperately for air as it looked the Uchiha into his Sharingan, seeing no signs of emotion illuminating from the boy. Rayul would eventually close his eyes, and a small grin would shin upon his face as he tightened his grip around the monster's neck.

"Ye... Rest IN Peace Bank Roll, Show 'em how to do it"

"Wh-what?!", Furfur could barely mumble the words as his esophagus was crushed.

"Rayul goin' crazy, he been getting straight too it, I done caught so many flights, I ended up fuckin' all da stewardess.", exclaimed the young Uchiha in a very catchy tune, as if he was reciting the lyrics to a song. The Great Earl grew upset at the first signs of a mortal rebelling and raised his hand above his head in preparations to strike Rayul in his head. His method of achieving freedom from the man's grasp as soon approved failure, since as soon as Rayul noticed the smallest flinch of Furfur's body, he ripped several of the jugular veins from the demon's neck, watching as the once Great Earl collapsed before him, grasping his neck trying to keep steady pressure. Rayul laughed as he watched the suffering being lose ass signs of life. He squatted beside the dying atrocity and mocked his death accordingly. "Aren't you a GOD, my nigga? How the fuck is you finna bleed out?", he chuckled as he watched Furfur's facial expressions turn to anger. He burst out into a peal of great laughter, unable to control himself, then he held his hand to his ear as if he had picked up on a sound. "Hold hear that?", he asked Furfur.

He leaned in closer to the nearly dead beast, getting close to what he assumed was the ears of the creatures. "Eee-err.....Eee-errr....eee-errr....eee-errr.", said Rayul, bobbing his head back and forth to match the motions of the words as they exited his mouth. He stood up once again, and now instead of the music that Furfur had commanded to play within this 'world' they found themselves in, also known as Rayuls mind, a familiar instrumental began to play.  Rayul cracked his neck, releasing tension as he shifted his body into a relaxed standing position. As the beat dropped, be began reciting lyrics:

"Pullin' out the coupe out the 'lot
Told 'em "Fuck ANBU, fuck SWAT"
Bustin' out the bells out the box
I just hit a lick with the box
Had to put Chidori in a box, mm
Pour up the whole damn seal, I'ma get laaaaaaaaazy
I got the Chakra-deals, we been trappin' like the '80s
She sucked a nigga souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul, Got the Ryo!

He raised his left foot high above the demons head, as chakra could be seen swirling around it, He was infusing Chakra into his shoes, knowing that if he were to stomp this bitches head, he'd need to curb stomp it with enough force to ensure it's death.

"Told 'em wipe a nigga's nose, say slatt, slatt!". As he finished the last word of that bar, he brought his foot down with swiftness and vengeance onto Furfur's head, and as his shoe made contact with the top of the skull of the deer-like creature, it was pushed into the ground before it was flattened like a pancake, blood and brain matter splattering everywhere in every direction.
"I won't ever sell my soul, and I can back that!", exclaimed Rayul as he continued to recite lyrics to this song that seemed to provide sanity for him while he confronted his mental demons. With his foot still firmly on the ground, the body of Furfur eventually began to fade, signaling his defeat against Rayul Tunechi, the Genin of Kumogakure in which he thought he'd have dominion over. How though? How was it that Rayul was able to overcome such a powerful entity that claimed to have had control of his mind since birth? Well, of course, the entire battle between the two occurred within Rayul's mind, but in reality, Rayul had never taken out his earphones. As he snapped back into reality, his head continued to bop as his eyes were still covered by his headband. The music played loudly into his eardrums as he followed along for a brief moment following conquering his inner demon. Blood was rushing down the side of his face from under the headband, and as he finally began to remove the object obscuring his vision, once fully removed his eyes flung open. The tomoe in his pupil began to shift and transform, seeming to fuse with one another as they took on a completely different and unique pattern in his eyes.

He rose from where he laid and stood to watch at the ledge of the skyscraper in which he stood, watching over the village during its night of peace as the wind ruffled his clothing. As the music continued to shuffle through his playlist, he stood watching the moon, bobbing his head to the music as his train-of-thought seemed to be elsewhere at the moment. His eyes seemed to shine as the natural light of the moon reflected off of them. He'd use this stance as a practicing device for meditation for a few minutes as he began infusion his clothes with Chakra, trying to understand what it felt like whenever he'd manifest his chakra into certain areas.
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Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:46 am
As he overlooked the village from where he stood, his personality and mindset were altered. He was fucking pissed at the way shit seemed to be unfolding around him, and knowing that shit never changed until somebody wiped their ass, he knew that the only ass that needed to be wiped was his. He seemed pissed off about something, as if his nerves had been worked to the point of no repair. He looked up to the moon in which he seemed connected with ever since his Mangekyo awakened, and proclaimed a rather unusual statement, directed towards the other villages Kage?:

"This is for the Kages, you big, fat, nasty smelling fat fucks. Why you acted like the Uchiha's were always causing some troubling shit wherever they went with your trifflin' dirty ugly asses! You big, fat bitches... Oompa-Loompa body ass bitches... I'm coming to your village and I'm gonna beat the fuck out of you bitch, and don't even call the ANBU cause I'm gonna come up there unexpected and wait on your motherfucking ass bitch."

He was pointing at the moon during his whole rant, and once it was over, he felt the tension fade away as his mind was relieved of the momentary anger. He threw up a few village signs, representing his loyalty to Kumogakure, once he had finished. This is what happens to the Bi-polar Genin known as Rayul Tunechi on a daily basis.
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Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:01 am
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