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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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It's a Toofer!  Empty It's a Toofer!

Sun Dec 22, 2019 12:27 pm

Two hours past midnight. The cloudless sky was dotted in light, which bled onto the city below and made the world seem bright even in the midst of the darkness. A full moon made sure that even though the sun shone on the other corner of the world, it would still have its light reflected onto the village that hid among the clouds. How ironic then, that no cloud prevented the moonlight from bathing the city in its peaceful light.


Just a few hours ago, at around seven o’clock, the sun still reigned in the skies, its light entering the atmosphere at an angle and painting skies in hues of orange, pink and lavender; it was a wondrous sight to view from the Kage’s Office, not necessary the office of the Kage himself. Still, the jounin needed to show up almost every day now, since in the absence of the kage, the bulk of running the Kumogakure fell on his and Kira’s shoulders. He supposed the other ninja around felt it was only fair that the redhead estranged twins be punished for daring to be promoted by the new Kage, instead of being murdered like the others. Kaito couldn’t blame them; there were friends and family murdered just outside these walls. Whether or not it fell in tandem with Kaito’s beliefs, the pain these people felt was as real as any ethereal notion of reality the redhead held. Instead of complaining about his new responsibilities, he stretched his shoulders and back for the burden he now bore.

“Mister Kaito?”

The young lass that sat at the reception called out; she was quite knowledgeable, organized to a fault, as evident by the neat stacks of paperwork and office work utensils, and had an inane understanding of the way in which the village operated. Kaito had half a mind to write the Kage a recommendation to promote the lass to Operations Manager. Such was her efficiency, it was the first thing that came to mind when Kaito thought about her. She was rather young though, likely in her early to mid twenties, hair kept short and a nice shade of pink, plump lips… If Kaito was still capable of feeling love, he might chase after her, but alas, he knew only lust stirred his heart, and felt that would be dishonest towards the lass. “Miss Rei. You have anything for me yet?” Her glossy lips stretched across her face for a second, the sapphires of her eyes looking into Kaito’s earthen eyes from behind the red rimmed glasses. “I do, but I’ll give it to you later. Oh, you meant work? Yes, I got that too.” She handed over a clipboard, her smile unyielding in the face of Kaito’s unchanging expression, nothing but the hint of a smirk at the edge of his lips as his hand reached forward to pick the clipboard. “What am I looking at here?” His eyes traced the numerous reports as his fingers grabbed the corner of the page, flipping it over to reveal what was underneath it: more and more reports of confrontations, harassment, assault. Rei leaned forward onto the desk, resting her elbows on the hardwood table, cupping her face with her hands as she looked at Kaito. “There have been multiple reports of fighting within the lower downtown area. That entire area, from downtown to near the docks, it’s always been a violent place, but we have received multiple reports in the past couple of weeks about a group of men which constantly creates problems for people around that area. They are also starting to step out of that zone and attack outside of it too. They don’t attack anyone who could hurt them; mostly drunk people, the elderly, one academy student in one case. I can’t confirm this to you at the moment, but it appears they perform small robberies, and there is one ringleader around that area that commandeers them. I believe because of the recent change in leadership there’s been a shift in power, the toughest from that zone moved to torment other zones, and left those to take their place, but they’re not too subtle about their criminal activities. I need you to clear this matter and apprehend them, then come to me for compensation. And of course, for the mission reward.” She winked at Kaito, and Kaito pretended that he didn’t know what she meant as he read the reports, flipping through the sheets of paper attached to the clipboard Rei had handed him.

It would appear there were three different men, according to the varying accounts of the reporting people. A big, quiet one. Long face, never talked, seemed like his only function was intimidation. Usually seen wearing a straw hat which helped keep his features hidden. He stood a full head above Kaito’s stature, according to reports. There were few distinguishing features between the other two, as they appeared to be the same height as Kaito or slightly shorter, and their physical descriptions were almost the same as well with one being particularly wiry. The wiry one did the bulk of the talk and threatening, while the other one was pointed as a more serious one, but still claims of threats popped up once in a while. The only one that did not talk and only hit was the big one. Quite the situation. “Miss Rei,” Kaito started but was interrupted. “Oh, please, call me Rei. The ‘miss’ part makes us seem so distant.” One again the leaned her head onto her hand as she leaned onto the desk. Kaito smirked, but kept speaking after she was done, once again ignoring her advances. “What are the victim’s profiles?”


From Downtown to the Docks was a winding walk, the inclination of the streets increasing as they did their best to hug the cliff and rock side of the village. Laughter could be heard through the shadow bathed cliff side, only a sliver of light reflecting from the river and ocean to grace the road down to the docks. The laughing was not joyous or innocent, instead being the laughter from a resentful and cynical individual, jesting with his two comrades as they made their way down the street. The smallest of the individuals, pale skin and dark locks of long black oily hair sticking to his face, almost shark-like features and pointed teeth that poked noticeably from his parted lips stretched into a wicked smile as he looked at the companions for their reactions to his story. The pale moonlight did not allow for the pink and red tones on his cheeks and bridge of the nose to be seen, but the slurring of his speech and lack of inhibition in the tone and volume of his voice gave away the activities he may have enjoyed in the past couple of hours.

Close by, the two others walked; one of them swaggered as though the street belonged to him, while the big one slumbered, arms swinging lightly next to the body, beady eyes peering into the darkness. While the first thug had black clothes, just shirt and pants with wooden sandals that clanked as he made his way loudly down the street, the two others were dressed in beige and tan clothing, the giant barefoot but with the straw hat that many victims remembered him by. As the turned a corner and kept going down the street, they spied a figure making its way up to the downtown, coming from the docks. Hunched over and wrapped in a dirty tan cloak, the figure limped it’s way up to the downtown area, one hand under the cloak reaching for the wall as a means of keeping balance.

The tone of the conversation switched up, and now a teasing tone was assumed. “What is this smell? It smells like stinky feet rotting in a swamp. Oi, is this smell coming from you?” The shortest one, clad in black, had decided to break from the group, skipping and hopping and going into the middle of the street, circling the man in the tan cloak. The two others kept their brisk pace down the street, nothing but a smirk in the middle man, and the same blank expression in the giant’s visage. “Oi, I’m talking to you.” The short one approached the cloaked figure, hunching itself closer to the wall, what could be a whimper escaping the robes and reaching the ears of the thugs. “Woah! Did you hear that, lads?” The short one teased the robbed figure, leaning a hand on its shoulder while smiling a sharp smile at his friends. “It’s ok, elder, just give us some ryo to buy cigarettes and we’ll be on our way, ok?”


“So, all of these people were just weak?” Under the fluorescent lights of the Kage’s office, the leaning sun was now starting to bother the red head, it’s orange color brightly piercing the office and mixing with the light coming from the seal on the ceiling that projected the white light onto the office. “It appears so,” said Rei, somewhat forlorn. Kaito himself couldn’t help but feel disdain for the victims of this group. The people in the group were nothing but opportunistic parasites, weak minded individuals who preyed on the weak, but the weak had the responsibility to be strong and fight back. As far as Kaito cared for, everyone was born weak, but life existed as a backdrop to create strength within oneself. If one insisted on staying weak throughout their lives, then they had no one to blame for their situation but themselves. Strife and cruelty were part of nature, and as such, it was one’s responsibility to incorporate cruelty into themselves through strife in order to keep challenger’s of one’s well being away. For that reason, if Kaito were to show up before these maggots, they would likely ignore the jounin. Standing straight, with shoulders rolled back, vigor on his facial expression, sight focusing on what is in front of him rather than what is below him, it wouldn’t be an appetizing target for the cruel predators. Another issue arose. “If I have to bring the three in, I’ll need some length of rope. Where can I get some?”

Rei’s lips went into her mouth momentarily as she licked them, biting lightly on them as she looked at Kaito. “Well, I got some at home but it’s delicate. I’ll talk with Acquisitions about getting some thicker rope for you. When do you want it?” The imagery in Kaito’s head flashed as fast as the blood did across his cheeks. “Tell them to bring it to me right away, I’ll be waiting for it downstairs. We’ll talk tomorrow morning, Rei. Thanks for bringing this to my attention,” he said as he waved the clipboard. “It’s always my pleasure, Kaito.”

Now downstairs, as he waited for Acquisitions to bring him a length of rope, he looked for the homeless gentlemen that used to pass out around the Kage’s office, in one of the alleyways. Approaching him, one could feel the distinct foul bodily smell, the mixture of sweat and alcohol, cigarettes and bad decisions. He crouched close to the man. “I know it’s in bad taste for me to ask this of you, but… I need your help. You look and smell just like enough of a loser to attract a bunch of low life parasites to attack you. If you help me, I’ll let you have a hot shower, a warm meal, and a comfortable bed, at least for a night. So, what do you say?” The men smiled through the rough beard. “Bad taste? Why? Because I’m homeless?” The man chuckled through his toothless gums. “Ain’t nobody to blame but me for that. I chose to live like this. Earthly possessions are the Devil’s tools to tempt us away from the Way. You want the robe off my back? It’s yours if you do. But… if I get a shower and a meal from this… it’s not one night that’ll condemn me. What do you need?” Kaito was slightly surprised the man was so upbeat, but he could smell the alcohol in his breath, so that might have some connection. The men’s beliefs were the most surprising aspect though. How could someone in this day and age believe relieving oneself of possession was the Way? The only way was to die with a weapon in hand, fighting for survival. In no other way would one pass through the Gates.


What few shadows were produced by the blocking of the moonlight were not enough to hide the excitement of the thugs as they circled the old man, who tried to keep moving only to have his path blocked by the giant, almost twice the size of hunched over beggar, so shrouded in darkness and cloak that the giant’s beady eyes couldn’t see the fear in the man’s face no matter how much they perused. The middle man moved behind the shortest one, circling his way to the back of the beggar, looking down on him as he did so, one hand in front of his mouth to mask the smell of the homeless one. The shark toothed short one smiled a malicious smile, as he leaned in to the defenceless cloaked creature. “So? I need some money for ciggies, old man. Am I going to have to beat it out of your pockets?” The short guy bit his lip in anticipation of the violence he was about to perpetuate, while the middle guy smirked with hands slipped into the flowing sleeves of the baggy shirt he wore. The short thug raised his hand, and brought it down onto the homeless man; upon impact, the homeless man failed to flinch though. By contrast, the palm of the hand used to slap the top of the head of the homeless man was now hurting the short thug, a pulsating heat on his hand that was familiar to him from striking many, but usually drowned away by the excitement of seeing them recoil in pain and humiliation. By now, a slight worry crept up, clutching onto his heart and soul. Reflexively, he struck the man again, and again and again, repeatedly, but no reaction was had just yet. The middle man looked over the hunched figure and nodded at the big man, whose hand rose into the air and came down hard onto the homeless figure. For the first time now, a hand flew from underneath the robe and caught the descending hand in an iron grip. For the first time in a long, long time, the giant appeared to experience fear. He tried to back up and pull away his hand, however, the grip intensified and the giant began experiencing pain now, losing feeling on his hand. The middle man and the short guy started feeling fear on their own, with the short guy starting to make his way up the street while the middle guy tried to strike at the back of the leg of the homeless man; in this regard, he successfully broke the stance of the homeless man, however, before he was able to give a second strike, the homeless man pulled the giant in and twisted his weight over his hunched body, his massive figure casting a dreadful shadow over the middle guy, whose eyes widened as they realized that soon the massive lad would be crashing down on top of him. Not one second later, this came to be; the giant was flipped over the homeless man’s body and crashed onto the middle guy, who as best as he tried to catch his friend, just didn’t have enough strength to prevent the massive lad from robbing him off his balance, and the two tumbled down the street and against a wall.

Now with his focus on the one that ran up the street, stumbling as he did in his fear and drunken stupor, the homeless man wove a singular handseal, and with that he stopped blocking the moonlight in the middle of the street, instead materializing at the top of the street, blocking the moonlight’s path straight in front of the short guy who tried to run. As the homeless man materialized in front of the moon’s light, the short guy let a yelp escape his pointy toothed mouth, falling back and sliding a few inches in the beaten dirt road. Reaching underneath the robe, a length of rope was produced. The shark-like features of the shortest of the group were painted in confusion and terror. “Wh-who are you?” A hand slide underneath the robe, revealing the redhead that looked more like purple in such beautiful moonlight. “I’m the cook,” replied the figure.


With the three figures now bound and tied by the same length of rope, all against the wall, sitting on their asses, Kaito looked down on them from the highest point in the street. “Who’s the brain of this little operation? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s… you!” He pointed to the middle man, who looked straight ahead, avoiding Kaito’s gaze. “The giant is the muscle, and the short round is too much of a chicken shit to be the brains here, he only acts like this around the two of you. So, that means you’re probably the brain of this operation, aren’t you?”

Something akin to shame and fear washed over the middle man’s expression, but for once, he looked at Kaito. “Do you know who we are? I’m the brother of Watabe Michinori. Just wait until he hears of this. He’s going to snap your arms and legs off of your body, you pathetic piece of shit.” Kaito smiled. He liked the fire inside of this man. However, he got up, and close to the man, still donning the homeless man’s stinky cloak around himself. He knelt in front of the Watabe brother. “And tell me, where can I find your brother?” The man laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, he’ll find you.” Kaito smiled once more, and put his right arm stretching out to his left shoulder, before swinging it around and backhanding the thug’s consciousness out of him. Now snoring, the Watabe brother didn’t seem as much of a threat.

He looked at the giant now; his beady eyes looked at Kaito through a saddened expression. He was likely too stupid to understand what was happening either way, and Kaito wasn’t about to threaten a man who couldn’t understand the concept of a threat. Instead, he turned to the cruelest and most ignorant of the group. “So, half meter, few clothes”, he teased; in his experience, short men tended to be very conscious of their height. The grimace that spread on the thug’s face confirmed this for Kaito. “Here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re going to tell me who this Watabe brother means, and why he would want to punish me for taking in his piece of shit little brother.”

The short thug chuckled in disbelief at Kaito. “He’s the new owner of this sector. Since the new Raikage came in, the thugs from around here move up into the other sections of the village, since they vacated those positions during the escaping from the village. He’s the one that keeps assaulting people and robbing them. We’re just having fun, man.”

Kaito bit his lower lip, controlling the anger welling up inside of him. “How can I find this guy? Where is he?” The short thug replied shortly. “He has a bright yellow jacket, if you fuck with him he’ll pull a knife on you. He lives by the docks, can’t miss it.” Kaito nodded. “Alright, so let’s go for a walk. All of you, up.” The only one that couldn’t get up was the middle one, but Kaito just propped him up on the shoulders of the big guy, and let the shortest of the bunch lead the way.

Now by the docks, as if on cue, a tall burly man in a bright yellow jacket was hunched over a trembling person, who appeared to be begging and negotiating with him for something. Leaning on a knee propped up against the sitting person’s bench, arm on knee, a knife could be seen reflecting the moon’s light as it swung around with the motion of the big man’s speech. Weakly, the shortest of the group called out, the voice straining to make it out of the tightened vocal cords, the fear shaking the intonation of the call for help. “Watabe-san! Help us! He’s got your brother!”

The burly man in yellow jacket looked over to see Kaito in a tan stinky cloak leading on the short lad and the giant with another on his shoulder. Kaito pulled on the length of rope to indicate the giant to stop walking, which he did, and the rope prevented the shortest of them to move any further. Kaito called out. “Hey, is this lowlife your brother?” He grabbed a handful of the hair of the lad on the giant’s shoulder, and brought his face up; his lip was broken and swollen, but it appeared the snoring was familiar to the one in the vibrant yellow jacket. “What the fuck did you do to my brother”, he started. “Nothing as bad as I’m about to do to you”, retorted Kaito. He looked at the giant and threatened “If you move out of here, I will hunt you down and put you down. Keep this trio in place.” The giant consented, fear and remorse playing inside his otherwise vacant head and keeping the shortest of the trio in place in spite of his whispered pleas.

The burly man in the yellow jacket eyes Kaito. “Tell you what. You seem competent. If you work for me, I’ll cut you in on my operation. You win. I win. We all win. What do you say?”

Kaito sighed deeply. “You fuckers keep offering me jobs. Why doesn’t one of you just try to outright kill me?” “My pleasure”, retorted the big guy, before he moved in. He thrust his blade at Kaito, who let it sink into his gut… or appeared to let it sink into his gut. Inside the cloak which grabbed the blade, a trunk section from a tree appeared. The big man was confused, but not for long. Kaito kicked his legs from under him from behind with a spinning kick, then spun once again to let his kick into the man’s back, propelling him to fall flat on his face. As he got up, Kaito jumped on his back and chopped at his throat once; the consciousness faded away from the man’s eyes and they rolled into the inside of his skull, and he promptly limped onto the floor heavily.


It had taken most of the night to navigate the streets of the Kumogakure with all of the thugs in tandem, and now the skies were gaining their characteristic orange and yellow hues, driving away the darkness from the skies and making them a pure blue. In front of the Kage’s office, Kaito called in a team of ninja to take in the thugs, who were going to be interrogated, tried, and sentenced. Kaito took off the cloak of the homeless man who had spent the night inside the Kumogakure’s training quarters, having had the opportunity to take a warm shower and having slept in a comfortable bed. The cloak stank immensely though, and Kaito didn’t even want to return it or wash it. He dunked it straight into a dumpster, and went inside to write a note to Acquisitions for a new cloak to be delivered to the homeless man. Inside was already gorgeous Rei, sitting at the desk on the top floor of the Raikage’s office building. “Good morning, Kaito.” She felt the smell in the air. “Good God, did you do the missing inside a dumpster?” Kaito smiled. “Yup, pretty much. Have a good day, Rei, I’m going home for a shower.” “I also have one at home, you know?” “Yeah, but you got a busy day ahead of you, while I have a morning of sleeping ahead of me. Wire my money for those bounties, gorgeous.” Now smiling, Rei got to work. If she got a compliment out of Kaito, then it had been worth it.

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Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:52 pm
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