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The Manipulator [Mission - Invite] Empty The Manipulator [Mission - Invite]

Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:39 pm
Mission Name:The Manipulator
Character Requirements:Genin+
Mission Location:Kumogakure
Word Count Requirements:2000
Reward:5 AP, 2000 ryo

Task:A shady fellow has been spotted wandering around at night. Some claim to have been tricked using his illusions into giving him their money. Track this man down and capture him. Be warned, he appears to be skilled in genjutsu!

From here:

The mission was simple. Team up with another Genin and find the man who has become known as The Manipulator. It was a lame name and the first clue to Volt that the target wasn’t worth worrying too much about. Nobody who picked that for a supervillain name could possibly be taken seriously. Still, he was a perceived threat to the neighborhood. Enough to get a couple of Genin to come out and take care of him.

Volt sat on a rooftop at the meeting point and was reading over his mission instructions. The target frequented the surrounding streets, he was rumored to cast genjutsu on people to steal their cash, among other things. Their job was to capture the target, bring him in, yada yada. Volt was wearing casual clothing today so he could blend in a little. He had a tshirt on underneath his winter coat. A small Uchiha insignia was located on the shoulders of his coat and his pants were dark slacks. His hair was disheveled as usual so really he looked like a typical lazy teenager lounging on the roof.

Volt didn’t have anything to do except yawn and wait for his partner to arrive. The sun would be setting soon so it was only a matter of time before he’d have to get started with or without help. He yawned even harder and looked down at the streets. They were still busy as ever with people that were rushing to get home from their hard day of work. Volt envied people that had a regular job to some degree. Consistent hours, no danger, just sheep that had could work for extra cash and live prosperously while their village provided all their basic necessities to them. Security, supply lines, everything.

Thinking about how insignificant he was was a good way to put himself in a bad mood so he stopped abruptly. He should really have been looking for potential suspects, but he was feeling a bit lazy. It’d be easier to split the workload up anyways.

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The Manipulator [Mission - Invite] Empty Re: The Manipulator [Mission - Invite]

Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:28 pm
Today, Rayul would have the honor of looking for a mission for both him and his fellow Kumogakure Genin, Volt Uchiha. As he browsed the board, he came across a mission that caused his eyes to light up with anticipation. Apparently, there's been a man running around using Genjutsu on people as a way to rob them. Luckily, for the Uchiha, this was the perfect mission to test the abilities of his blessed eyes. The Sharingan should prove to serve him justice today, and as he headed outside, he sat on a bench nearby to await his teammate.

He's never met this "Volt" guy, not even being able to remember seeing him around the village anywhere, but he knew by the last name of his future partner what to expect. Both of them were Uchiha, hailing from a clan who showed perfection in both their Doujutsu and Weaponry, along with other aspects, of course. He'd seen the guy's name on the roster list before, and recalls that he was labeled as a "Weaponry Specialist". Wondering if this other Genin had advanced his eyes as far as his, he sat waiting for the Uchiha boy to arrive, ready to ask him a few questions about his clan upon his arrive as they tackle this Thief using Genjutsu. Both of them shouldn't have any issues if they were to be caught inside the man's illusions, being that their eyes are the most powerful weapons of Genjutsu the ninja world has ever seen. To pass the time, he reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a rice-ball wrapped in a banan leaf, prepared by his Aunt the night before. As he bit into it, his face shined with happiness as his taste buds were met with pure Flavor-Town explosions of goodness. His Auntie was a superb cook, and she'd always pack him a snack for his missions, even though the Shinobi was 20. She was all he had, and was the only mother he knew since his original was killed by his bastardous father at his birth.

He finishes eating the Rice Ball and lays across the bench in a relaxed position, hands behind his head, as Volt makes his way over to him.
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The Manipulator [Mission - Invite] Empty Re: The Manipulator [Mission - Invite]

Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:19 pm
[Claiming 371wc total. EXIT due to death.]
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