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Konoha Holiday Party! (Open to All) - Page 2 Empty Re: Konoha Holiday Party! (Open to All)

Wed Jan 08, 2020 3:59 pm
Upon seeing the unconscious bartender dragged away by Mika and her friends, Fu have her opinion on the somewhat cruel but very clever prank.
“Very clever, Kamari.”
Kamari smiled at the compliment, knowing she must have really enjoyed seeing the scene which had transpired only moments ago.
“Thank you. I could have done so much worse. Be glad I didn’t get creative. My sensei in the academy got it so much worse,”
Kamari chuckled upon reminiscing over the prank he had pulled on Okami-sensei at the academy. He was giving a lecture on Genjutsu and Kamari had used it on him during the class, causing him to experience 1,000 Years of Death with a Chidori. Kamari still remembered the look on his face as he collapsed in pain while clutching his butt.
Fu continued talking, adding more of her opinion on the subject.
“You will have to teach me some more about this genjutsu of yours some other time.”
Kamari was happy to do so.
“Sure thing. Come by my house in the Uchiha district when you get a chance,” he offered.
“For not, I must get back to doing missions so I can buy that sword we talked about,” Fu added. “Feel free to join me if you aren’t busy.”
At the same time though, she seemed to be disappointed since Kamari had cut off her supply of booze.

“Now that the bartender is gone there isn’t much else reason to be here. See you around!”
“Any time,” Kamari said. “It was nice to meet you, Fu.”
Kamari gave Fu a handshake before exiting the bar at about the same time. He disappeared into an alleyway before releasing the transformation jutsu that allowed him to pass for 21, not like he couldn’t anyway. Kamari began rooftop-jumping once again to catch up with Mika and her friends.
“Hey, Kamari,” Mika said as he finally caught up.
“That was pretty clever with the snakes.”
“Thanks,” Kamari replied. The couple hugged before ditching Mika’s friends and going to eat ramen.
“So, That Fu chick,” Mika brought up as the two were eating.
“You’re not cheating on me are you?”
Mika poked Kamari’s forehead like Itachi does with Sasuke.
“Not in a million years,” Kamari replied. “Not even in a Genjutsu.”
Mika pulled Kamari in for a kiss. This was going to be a long night.
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Konoha Holiday Party! (Open to All) - Page 2 Empty Re: Konoha Holiday Party! (Open to All)

Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:47 pm
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