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[SUMMONING CONTRACT] Crow 101: You're not Itachi! Empty [SUMMONING CONTRACT] Crow 101: You're not Itachi!

Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:24 am

Night-time was always Rayul's favorite time to focus on elevating his potential. The light the moon reflected was always beautiful as it shined over Kumogakure, and he would sit atop the highest building for hours at the end of the week until the sun began to rise, taking in the majestic atmosphere of his village emitted constantly. He sat with his legs crossed, and fingers locked together in a meditative-like state at the edge of the skyscraper he was on. He was in a complete and utter state of pure meditation, focusing and reflecting on the shinobi knowledge he's accumulated over the years he's been here. He thinks about everything he knows: His Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, his Sharingan...taking the 2 hours of silence to hone his mental state slowly and naturally. He does this so often that the sounds of people underneath and random background noise don't interfere with his meditative state at all. So it was no shock that a bird would be cawing repetitively as he maintained his focus. Tonight, however, was different. Whatever bird this was cawed for minutes upon minutes, but rest assured, Rayul not once opened his eyes to even locate where the animal was. His focus was on bettering himself mentally at the time, going over hand signs in his head, reflecting on Jutsus he read bout in his copy of the Jutsu Encyclopedia. This bird, however, would not shut up. It crowed for an entire hour, and as each minute passed reaching yet another half hour, it's screeching got louder. Rayul let out a few sighs of annoyance and even shushed the bird before finally opening his eyes to look around for where this creature was situated at.

He pushes himself up from the ledge of the building and walks around the rooftop, trying to source the noise down to its origin. Surely the beast had to be in some sort of a pain to be causing such a ruckus. Maybe it got stuck inside a vent on top of the roof, or maybe it's children were in danger and was trying to get a human's attention for assistance. Either way, he knew something was different than other nights because the noises continued. The closer he got, the further the caws became. It felt as if he had walked 10 times the size of the building he was on. He eventually did get to the other side of the roof and ducking under a set of clotheslines, he comes across what he believes is the source of the disturbance. "Alright assholes, what's up with all the noise?" he says to what he believes is just two regular crows. These crows, however, are slightly different from what he is used to seeing. They appear a little larger than a normal crow, and the one on the left is not of an all-black variant. It has grey feathers, particularly a good amount of them too, and is missing an eye. Rayul notices the difference in these crows compared to more common ones. "You must be getting ready to kick the bucket, champ. Is that why you're over here hooping-and-hollering so much?" he scolded the grey crow as he assumed it's color being a sign of its old age. The crow finally stops Cawing, and they both look at Rayul with their heads tilted. Silence dawns upon the shinobi and beasts, until the Grayish Crow finally speaks, letting Rayul know that these were no ordinary birds.

The Crow spoke with a much older and depth tone of voice. "I told you! I told it was him, I could smell that specific Uchiha scent for miles!" the crow exclaimed. Rayul's head tilted as well, and he was confused at what the animal was babbling on and on about. "It's Itachi! We found Itachi after all these years. I told you he wasn't dead, Momiki!" the elder crow told his younger companion. Momiki, the granddaughter of the Elder Crow, moaning in embarrassment as she replied. "Grandpa Ki that's not Itachi! He doesn't even look anything like Itachi. Itachi's been dead for years and you know it, so I don't know why you thought a random ninja in KUMOHAGAKURE was Itachi." Angered at basically being called a liar by his grandchild, the elder crow snapped back with a response: "I know what I sensed! It's an Uchiha if anything! I know a descendant of Indra when I sense one, you fool!" As they go back and forth, Rayul eventually cuts them off mid argument. "Uh...", as he rubs his head, "Like she said, uh, Grandpa? I'm not Itachi. That guy has been dead for years upon years. You got the Uchiha part right but trust me, I'm nowhere near Itachi's level in looks, nor skill." He shakes his hair and fixes the Cloud headband wore proudly upon his head. "I'm Rayul Tunechi, Son of Kashari Uchiha. I am an Uchiha!"

A moment passes before Momiki bursts out in laughter. "An Uchiha? In Kumo? You expect me to believe that you're an Uchiha?!" she mocks. "I see you look like you admire the fashion style of that old Kakashi from the past," she states as she notices the face mask Rayul has tied around his neck. The grandpa joins in and says "Now Momiki, you and I both know that there is no denying that chakra. The kid IS Uchiha without a doubt." The crow bounces up and stands next to Rayul's foot. It then hops up onto his shoulder and closely examines the Shinobi's eyes. "The Sharingan. A prized possession and Dojutsu of the Mighty Uchiha Clan." the Crow says. "Can you show us how beautiful your eyes are?" Grandpa Ki beckons. "Yeah, go ahead and show us your Sharingan. If you even have any.", Momiki picks at him. Eager to prove this little bird wrong, Rayul smirks as he looks at Momiki, and as his glance is focused on her, his eyes shift into the signature dark red color, and a Tomoe appears beneath his Iris. Momiki gasps and Grandpa Ki starts laughing with joy at knowing he proved his grandaughter wrong. "See I told you! He's got the Sharingan. And He's an Uchiha! He's a descendant!"

As he stood there with his Sharingan "turned on", he reflected on the scrolls he read about the Uchiha and previous summonings. As the Crows argue about who was right and wrong, he remembers stories his aunt told him about ninjas and summoning. He remembers the infamous Itachi Uchiha signed a contract with crows at one point and was able to utilize them in ways that distinguished himself apart from all other Shinobi. He had noticed earlier that the crow was missing an eye, and asked about the reasoning as to why that was. "So what happened to your other eye, Gramps?" he says as he takes a seat on one of the A/C vents. Momiki leaps up onto Rayul's other shoulder and rests there. The two crows look at each other for a while before lowering their heads. The Genin could only assume something horrible happened to the crow which caused him to lose his left eye. "It'll be much easier if I could show you, Uchiha," Ki tells him. "Look into my right eye," the crow says. "Okay," Rayul answers as he shifts his head towards his shoulder to stare into the Crows. As he stares at the crow waiting for anything to happen he watches as suddenly the only eye of the Crow changes to match his. "A-a Sharingan?" he thinks to himself in shock. He's placed under the Crow's Genjutsu and is showed a walkthrough of how his eye was lost. While under the effects he sees how the Crow had 2 Sharingan's implanted into its body by a former Uchiha member many many centuries ago. over the years, as we all know, the precious eyes of the Uchiha were hunted, and unfortunately one day the bird was captured by a Rogue Ninja group and robbed of its eye. The history of such a tragic faith seemed to had lasted a good 2 hours, as it was a very detailed Genjutsu, however it was the only 1/4th of that time. Once finished showing him some of his histories, the Elder crow releases the Genjutsu on Rayul. Momo speaks to him as she flies off of his shoulder and lands on the clotheslines. "Crows have been used by many famous Uchiha for many years. We have always remained loyal to those who summon us, but we do tend to find increased favor specifically with the descendants of Indra Otsutsuki. Grandpa lost his left eye and went crazy, and for years he's been searching for Itachi in hopes of being able to see if Itachi knows where it could be. He swears his eyes are Itachi's." Grandpa Ki yells at her, "And they are!".

Rayul highly doubts such accusations, but he isn't one to ruin an old man's fun, at least not now. "Well, Itachi's still dead so there's no way for me to find out if he knows where your eye went, and I don't think anyone is going to be willing to help you find that out either. Why do you remain so loyal to someone you haven't seen in hundreds of years?" The crow answers, "because it's not about finding my eye completely. We are very picky with who we allow signing our contract. Itachi showed promise from a young age and proved that theory up into adulthood!" Rayul considers that and can agree that Itachi was a rather remarkable Shinobi. Summoning was a simple feat by itself, but signing contracts with the Crows that know of Itachi was something he had not heard of locally. With his Sharingan still in an active state, he recalls in his mind the signs for summoning. "Boar." "Dog." "Bird." "Monkey." "Ram.". He repeats the hand signs mentally back-to-back. If he could somehow get these crows to allow him to sign their contract it would, without a shadow of a doubt, help him advance further in the Shinobi world. Every ninja should know how to summon, but the most powerful ninjas had contracts like these. Rayul knew, at this point, he had to sign that contract before he left this rooftop.

"So Momiki, Grandpa Ki." Rayul says, "I understand that you two were looking for Itachi, but as we went're not going to find him, at least not in this world. Instead, you came to the village hidden in the clouds and were guided to my chakra, me, Rayul Tunechi. I am of Uchiha Lineage, making me a descendant of Indra just like Itachi. I know I'm not who you were looking for, but I am who you found!" he stands up, and as he paces around the roof, the Crows sit and listen to this Genin talk. "I've always looked up to those of my clan who showed mastery of both Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. I'm only a genin, so there are limitations on what I can and cannot do, can and cannot learn, but there is NEVER a limit on potential!" he says with pride. "If you allow me to summon you, not only would I be honored but my potential to BE GREAT will skyrocket! I can never be Itachi, but I can promise you that I'll come as close as I can to it! We can grow strong just how Itachi was, and I can still help you look for your other eye, if not get you an entirely new one!" he tells the Crows. Silence, once again, as the Crows take in the speech that was just given to them. They look at Rayul, and within the blink of an eye, take out flying into the distance. "Huh?" Rayul thinks to himself, trying to decide if it was a mistake begging the crows for the contract. Disappointed, after waiting for a few minutes, he decides that maybe it's time to call it a night and return home. As he gets ready to open the door that leads to the flight of stairs down, he overhears the ruffling of wings flapping. Hand still grabbing the handle of the door, he turns around and sees the two crows returning to the location he was at. Momiki, in her mouth, carries a small scroll, and when dropped in front of Rayul at his feet, expands into a rather larger scroll. "You want to summon the Crows of the Forest of Death, yet do you even have enough chakra to do so?" Momoki asks of the Shinobi. Looking at the scrolls as it unravels itself, revealing the contract and the line in which he needs to sign, Rayul answers back. "I mean, it's honestly only one way to find out, right?" Remembering the tribute for summoning, Rayul puts the tip of his thumb in his mouth and bites down hard, causing it to bleed. Breathing in heavily, he wipes a streak of blood across the middle of his palm stands over the scroll and begins weaving hand signs in the following order: Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram. Slamming down onto the scroll with all of his might, Rayul makes contact on the line where his signature is sealed. The scroll poofs, and from it, two Crows slowly emerge and take refuge beside Momoki and Ki. "So you can only muster up two summons with the amount of Chakra you currently have," she says. Grandpa Ki Caws, and flies in circles around the scroll as it poofs away. He lands on the Shoulders of Rayul as the other two Crows are de-summoned.

Rayul drops to one knee, nearly exhausted from almost using all of his Chakra on that one summon. "Well, either way," The Elder Crow states, "you've now signed the contract with the Forest of Death Crows. I hope you can live up to all that you were saying earlier." Rayul looks up, his eyes now reverted to their original state and chuckles. "Trust me, Gramps. Even if you didn't let me sign the contract I still would've continued to improve. I want to be the best no matter what it has to take, and I'm determined to make all of my dreams a reality!" the promising Ninja of the Cloud cheered on. Momiki caws with joy, "Yup, you're an Uchiha.", she says. As Rayul regains his strength from the loss chakra, he stands on his feet. Walking over to the edge of the roof again, he overlooks the Village as the Two Crows fly off into the distance, eager to start the new adventures with the young Shinobi lucky enough to form a summoning pact with them. This feels like an entirely new start for Rayul. His Legacy can only build on from this point forward. As he heads back home he can't help but to think of how proud his mother would be of him.

TOTAL WC: 2,501


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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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[SUMMONING CONTRACT] Crow 101: You're not Itachi! Empty Re: [SUMMONING CONTRACT] Crow 101: You're not Itachi!

Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:23 pm
You would only be able to claim 7 stats for this, not 8, sorry, we don't round up here.

Also, next time you post this in review, post it in the thread approval section. the Staff request is for applications.
Ryo : 14400

[SUMMONING CONTRACT] Crow 101: You're not Itachi! Empty Re: [SUMMONING CONTRACT] Crow 101: You're not Itachi!

Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:36 pm
EDIT:Made the all the needed edits hopefully. Also gained knowledge on where to properly post for summons(was confused with the name of the channel). My apologizes and thank you!
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