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Gyūtan - Page 2 Empty Re: Gyūtan

Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:26 am
"I'd be a pretty lousy host if I didn't," Su-Jin replies. Not sharing had never even crossed her mind.

Full of questions, this one is. Su-Jin is both relieved and disturbed to see the open display of childishness from the girl. Sometimes it's easier to cope with the idea of kids wielding so much power by pretending that it means they've grown up.

"Slow down, one question at a time," she chides warmly, offering Amaterasu a mock pained expression. "I like the variety. This way you can try both, too." She considers the next question, leaning back on the counter. The tinfoil bag keeps the aroma of the rice neatly contained, with just the faintest hint of what it might be gracing the air.

"The rice needs time to soften up an' take in water. This beef just gets a nice sear," she says. When Amaterasu looks up to her with that curious expression, Su-Jin is gazing at the grill thoughtfully, going over half-remembered lessons in the chemistry of food.

"In both cases, there's a chemical reaction to do with the sugars. You know how sugar dissolves in water?" She picks up one of the slices of beef tongue with her tongs, setting it on the grill. A satisfying sizzle fills the air. "A similar thing happens with the rice, but the starches are a smidge tougher, so it just softens. How much they do depends on what kind y'get - that's why some rice is real sticky." She lays another slice on the grill, and then another, the rich smell of cooking beef filling the air.

"In the case of the beef, it's a reaction between the sugars and proteins that gives it the brown crust and better flavour. We just need to make that happen on the surface and we're in business." She flips the beef slices, now crowded next to the now-puff packet of rice on the grill. Su-Jin glances to Amaterasu to make sure she's still following. She'd gotten a little carried away - she doesn't get many opportunities to just... talk about what she cares about!

"It's that same reaction that makes bread brown!"

[357. Please take Su-Jin with a grain of salt, here, I am not a food chemist and I did this research with a major headache. ;__;]
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Gyūtan - Page 2 Empty Re: Gyūtan

Fri Jan 10, 2020 4:31 pm

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Gyūtan - Page 2 Empty Re: Gyūtan

Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:35 pm
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