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Stat Page : Shin
RIP Kenshin

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The Rebirth of Nemesis Empty The Rebirth of Nemesis

Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:49 pm
For what felt like the first time in ages Kenshin truly had some time to himself, time to think and and he had to say, he hadn’t felt quite so fulfilled in a very long time… not since he had cast off his ‘loyalty’ to Hoshigakure. It was honestly quite strange for him to think back and regret the decisions that he had made, but his defection from the village that helped him gain the strength that he currently possessed was one of those few moments… not because he had actually gone through with it or felt any lingering attachment to the place, but because of how he had actually done so. It wasn’t done in a calculating or careful manner like most of his other actions… instead he had chosen to defect from the village in a fit of anger and all but destroyed contemplate all of the actions that he had been taking lately and what his current plans were… everything that he had spent years crafting in the process. His actions afterwards was an even darker stain on his psyche, as he had all but allowed his hatred and anger to consume him and turn him into little more than a rabid mutt that ought to have been put down… the difference being that this rabid mutt had attained a level of power that few could ever hope to achieve. 

It was only the utter destruction of his fledgling empire at the hands of weaker opponents that helped him snap out of that mentality… it was his own hubris that allowed their attack to succeed, his flippant attitude allowing their forces to get close without him noticing until it was too late. After he had intended to simply leave and travel to Kumogakure to see whether the mission he had given Kutari had succeeded, but something compelled him to simply stay within the broken husk of Sunagakure… and if he were completely honest, he would admit that decision to have been one of the wisest he had made in recent times. As it turned out his Little Wolf had survived the attack, pinned beneath tons upon tons of rubble for three days… until she had gained enough conscious thought to blast herself free before cauterising her own wounds. The Lady Cinder still bore the scars of her survival along the majority of her body, but neither she nor Kenshin thought them to be unsightly… they were her trophies, they were the marks that she had been given in her desperate attempts to claw herself from the grasp of death… and to him there was nothing more beautiful than the scars she bore. After that he had ventured into the desert to gather some plants to speed up his little protege’s recovery and met with Kai, the Uchiha that was so willing to sell his soul to the devil for power… he almost reminded him of Gennosuke in a way, but so far he had yet to drop dead of a mystery illness. 

The next to enter Sunagakure was Mizuki… a truly fiery spirit that he found himself almost inexplicably drawn to, something that he attributed to the sheer amount of life and emotion that she exuded… and something that served as a flame to the emotion starved moth that was The Faceless Man. Her very existence was both alien and strangely familiar to him, she was almost like a concept that he couldn’t fully explain or even truly understand… and yet he found himself doing so almost instinctively… it was both surreal and slightly terrifying to him, as it truly did defy logic and reason… yet he still found himself being drawn in. He knew that this little game that the two of them were playing was likely a bad idea, but for the life of him he couldn’t bring himself to stop it so soon… he honestly couldn’t recall a time in his life that he had quite as much fun as this, not even when he was living within the walls of Hoshigakure and slaughtering the bandits that plagued the country. The fact that she was also so similar to him only made the deal sweeter… and the idea that she had sparked was the spark that had reinvigorated the waning flame that was his will to live… she had unknowingly saved him from a fate that he considered to be worse than death… stagnation. 

After his meeting with her he had replaced the Uzumaki kidney that he had implanted so long ago with an Uchiha kidney, in the hopes that it would hold some unknown powers that could serve him well in the future. He knew that the Uchiha held an almost unnatural affinity towards both Fire and Genjutsu, but for a clan so renowned there had to be more, especially when one considered the Sharingan and some of the more well known legends around the eye. There were numerous legends that spoke of an unknown eye wielded by key members of the Uchiha clan in the past, and with that unknown eye came strange and extremely powerful abilities. Usually The Ragdoll would write off such legends as nonsense and conjecture… but this one had reappeared far too many times to simply be fiction… Viper Uchiha and the legendary Black Flames that he wielded were proof of that. Some legends stated that this mysterious eye, which never seemed to hold the same design, was a mutation of the Sharingan that was only found in a rare minority of those within the clan… and truth be told that would make quite a lot of sense. Kenshin personally agreed with that theory, since it would explain why records of an Uchiha with the eye were so rare… but as always The Immortal was not the type to simply rest on an assumption, nor was he the type to simply test blindly… so he had taken a gamble and replaced his least useful transplant with that of an Uchiha… and in the end the results had proved to be quite disappointing.

Until today that is, when he had woken from his short sleep by what felt like his eye burning within its socket. Even with his dulled nerves the pain was immense, but Kenshin had always been known to have an insanely high pain threshold, so with little more than a grunt the man would drag himself up and towards the desk that he had set up within the morgue, his palm alight with cyan chakra and being pressed to his face as he did so. He fumbled around in the dark for a few seconds before turning on the lamp on his desk and looking into the mirror, frowning at first when he took note of the blood that was flowing freely from his eye… but it was then that he noticed the design of the eye. The design was not one that he recognised from any of the scrolls that he had found on the subject, but it was certainly not that of the regular Sharingan. He actually recognised the symbol as… what almost looked to be a somewhat modified version of The World Triad, a well known symbol from an almost innumerable number of ancient and forgotten cultures, something that signified the balance between the body, the mind and the spirit. How very… fitting. 

A deep and dark chuckle would begin to emanate from the still form of The Ragdoll as he simply stared at the eye, echoing throughout the darkened room and into the village as a whole, sending shivers down the spines of everyone that was unfortunate enough to hear such a dark sound on a moonless night like this. 

He knew not what it truly meant, but one thing was clear… something truly extraordinary had happened tonight. 

TWC: 1306


1 word towards Mangekyo Sharingan, claiming (25% max stat discount)(other 5999 trained here (4993) and here (1006)

Claiming Nemesis (Left Eye)

Mangekyo Design:

1305 words towards Sacred Spear, 902 words remaining. 
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The Rebirth of Nemesis Empty Re: The Rebirth of Nemesis

Sat Nov 30, 2019 1:11 pm
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