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Hiroaki Gekko
Hiroaki Gekko
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Heading Through The Market Empty Heading Through The Market

Sat Nov 23, 2019 4:33 pm
A Simple Delivery

Who You Gonna Call

     Hiroaki had walked back into the merchant district like he usually did when he was looking for work to carry out. Surprisingly enough a lot of the people here were willing to hire his services for all kinds of things from guarding, looting, retrieving and more. It was just the kind of place that Hiroaki liked to spend his time at. He was close by to the Chunin, yet was still able to get outside work. He looked down the street that was filled with vendors on either side of it. There was, like usual, a crowd of people going down the middle, stopping from vendor to vendor to purchase and sell goods. Hiroaki walked down the middle like everyone else expecting work to come to him.     

     Down the middle of the street an older man approached him. "Hello, young man. My name is Shiro. I was hoping I could hire you to make a delivery for me. In return I'd give you a good percent of the money I receive from it. This sounds fair, yes?", said Shiro. Hiroaki looked at the man who had a bag on his back that he was carrying. He looked authentic enough to Hiroaki. "Sure, I'll take you up on that offer", responded Hiroaki. He took the bag from the older man. He threw it behind his back, carrying it in his left hand and keeping his right hand open for his sword. "That's great! The person you have to deliver it to is in the next village over. It's a woman and her family, all you have to do is head through the forest and you should see it. I've been holding onto this package for a week now. Thank you very much", said the old man. Hiroaki departed down through the forest.

     In his boredom, Hiroaki took out his sword and tapped it against the ground as he walked on. He would cut some of the foliage along the way for fun. Midway through, Hiroaki stopped in his tracks realizing that he was a fool. The village he was going to was wiped out. He had already been there and discovered this for himself. The old geezer must have not realized this, not keeping up to date with recent affairs. Bandits had ransacked and looted the place quick at that. There was no one that was spared, all the bodies had littered the ground around him at the time. In fact, Hiroaki doubt the bodies were even bothered from the last time he was there. They were all probably laying in the same spots he had seen them last time.

     'Ah, if I were to head back and tell the old man the news, he would probably not pay me. At the same time however, if I don't tell the man, he will no doubt spread rumors about me..', thought Hiroaki. Hiroaki in his anger slashed at a tree, clean cutting through it. The tree fell down with a heap of dust and dirt lifting in the air in response. He didn't know what to do at this point so he took a seat on top of the tree he had just cut down. He pulled the bag on the trunk next to him and began to think of what to do in order to both receive his payment and to keep his reputation enough to get future contracts. Hiroaki put his sword in its sheathe and twirled it in his hands as he thought.

     'That's it! I know what I will do. I will tell the old geezer that I was attacked with the rest of them and that some of the goods fell out of the bag', thought Hiroaki. He didn't want to hurt himself in order to look like he was beaten though. He looked around and saw a squirrel that was scurrying about nearby. He cut into the creature, the blade going directly into the squirrel's heart. He lifted it as it squirmed very slightly until it was still. He covered himself in blood and dirt, even rustling up his hair to make it look like he had been in a fight. Next, Hiroaki rummaged through the bag that was given to him and took some of the valuables from it. He pocketed it in a place that Shiro would not be able to see. Lastly, he cut the bottom of the bag slightly, to make it seem that some of the goods could have fallen out as he ran.  

     Hiroaki returned to the merchant district, searching for Shiro. He couldn't be seen at first, but eventually he trotted his way to the halfway mark and Shiro exposed himself to him. Hiroaki made sure to have a limp to on his way over, making the bag seem heavier than it was as well. "What happened!?", shrieked Shiro. Hiroaki pulled the bag back to the old man and went to go sit down. "Bandits", muttered Hiroaki heaving. Hiroaki's cough appeared at just the right timing for once. He coughed in a fit of rage until he went from sitting to laying. He huffed trying to bring air into his lungs. Shiro looked at the ripped bag and at Hiroaki. "What about the clients? These should have been delivered! I can't pay you", said Shiro. Hiroaki held his hand out to the old man. "Don't care. They are dead. Lucky I'm not.", he responded. Hiroaki got up and hobbled away from the old man. He didn't bother to chase after him.

     'Well, that's that. Now time to get washed up', thought Hiroaki. He was glad that his plan had worked, but he looked like a mess. He went to the back of the Chunin, getting cleaned up from a hose that was out in the back. He then would return to the merchant district and sell all of the valuables that he had grabbed. He would make sure to do it away from where Shiro had kept to and to cover his face as he did the selling. No one would know a thing and no one would dare approach a masked figure who has shown he only wanted to do business.

     Hiroaki was sitting on a bench between two vendor stalls. The bench was a simple creation, nothing special. It had no back to it, only a part to sit on. The whole bench was made of wood and all of the market and its people could be heard from there. There were no trees nearby as they were mostly left alone in abundance in the forest. The people were chattering as always making deals. Hiroaki was chewing on a piece of wheat, looking around the area for the heck of it. 

     He knocked his knuckles against the bench to test its sturdiness. It was sturdy and could hold a ton of weight on it from what he could tell. ‘Woodcrafting could be a fun hobby to pick up while I’m out and about’, he thought. He went back to the forest where he could get himself some free materials. He didn’t want to waste his money by buying wood from the vendors here. He pushed through the crowd, making his way there. Soon the groves of trees were shielding him from the sun. He made sure he was clear away from the view of any people that may yell at him for chopping down their nature.

    He took out his sword and in one motion cut down a tree. He practiced his precision, but the lines weren’t coming out straight. He went to try again on another tree, messing it up a second time. “Man”, he huffed in frustration. He wanted to be able to cut down the wood perfectly so the bench could come out right. No one would want to sit on a bench that pushed its way into your butt. He kept going at it, birds and squirrels would be flying out and jumping from the trees as he made his progress.

     Much later Hiroaki would be walking out of the forest with the wood he required. He walked down the merchant district, carrying the heavy wood with him. A man passed by him and Hiroaki turned his eye towards him. The man’s wallet fell out of his pocket and it was loaded with money. Hiroaki bent a knee and grabbed the wallet. Looking around he could tell no one had noticed the whole exchange. He looked at the wallet, it had a picture in it of a young woman and a ring in it as well. Although he could always use the cash he had no use for a photo or a wedding ring. It was his finders fee, the cash after all. He counted the ryo a hundred at a time before he reached to exactly one thousand. Licking his lips he went to track the man that had passed him. He looked young, but he had to be well into his age. He must have been keeping well care of himself. 

     Taking note of the direction the man was heading, Hiroaki could tell he was going to the flower shop that was back towards the forest. He had to act fast before he made it there and realized his money was gone. Quickly Hiroaki sprinted as fast as he could with the wood towards Shiro’s stall. The people always liked to hug against each other in these shopping districts which Hiroaki found annoying. He coughed, not covering his mouth as he moved. He had hoped some people would get the hint to move out of his way. He finally pushed his way to Shiro’s stall. The old man was still there selling his goods to folks. “Ah, Hiroaki. Looking for some more work?”, said Shiro. Hiroaki placed the wood next to the old man’s stall, letting it lean sideways next to it. “Not at the moment. Watch these.”, he more ordered than asked. Shiro nodded at him as he sprinted back the direction he had came from. 

     Hiroaki slid between people staying quick on his feet. He was losing time by the second. The man was almost at the flower shop. He got the wallet out again into his hands, taking the cash and stuffing it into his pocket. He came up behind the man at an angle to make it sure it seemed like he was rushing in a different direction instead of seeming like an obvious stalker. He slipped the wallet back into the man’s pocket, right where it had originally came from. He was already skilled at making sure no one could feel the object moving in people’s pocket. He kept moving along, not stopping. He ran back to the forest to spend his time in a cool down period. He wanted to make sure he didn’t have any suspicion drawn to him. He was sure the man would pat his wallet and come to the realization that it was lighter. 

     When the light had been swept away from the sky, Hiroaki came back to Shiro’s stall. “Thanks for holding onto it for me”, said Hiroaki. He lifted the wood up from where he had originally set it. Shiro was in the process of packing up his stall for the day. “No problem. Thinking of making something?”, asked Shiro. Hiroaki nodded to the old man. He was going to go make a couple of benches for the Chunin. They most likely wouldn’t come out perfect since it was his first time, but he would at least make an attempt and learn from it. He walked away with the wood, heading back towards the Chunin. He went to the back of the restaurant and placed the wood on the ground. He saw some tools scattered about the place that must have been left behind from Mar. He collected them all and placed them nearby. He hammered together the middle portion of the bench. Then he put in the bottoms to the middle portion that you would sit on. He worked carefully and the end product came out pretty good, although not the best. It was his first time. He debated whether or not to add a backrest to the benches and decided why not. He took sandpaper and shaved in some curves to a piece of wood the give the back a nice smoothened top and left no sharp edges. Eventually the bench was completed.

     Hiroaki eyed the bench and wondered if Akihana would be pleased. He had made it for her ultimately. He blushed and then started to cough. It looked pretty barren as it was. ‘No girl would like something so plain’, he thought. He went to look for paint. ‘There has to be something around here to use. Mar makes everything around here. That would require all these tools so why not paint?’, he thought. No matter how much Hiroaki looked, he could not find any source of paint nearby. He tugged the collar of his overcoat, pulling it closer to his face. He didn’t know what he should do. ‘Well, I’ll have to look harder’, he decided. He went out looking for paint, peeking into people’s windows and such.

     Walking by a home, he noticed some paint in the backyard. He looked around and didn’t see anyone. He went to the backyard, heading to go grab the paint that was left out as if it were there meant for him. When he finally crossed into the backyard a man called out to him. “YOU THERE! Don’t come near here! It’s dangerous. T-There’s g-ghosts! This house is haunted. RUN! Oh, GOD RUN!”, he yelled. Hiroaki grabbed his blade thinking there were enemies around him, but alas there was none. The only thing moving at that moment was a swingset on a tree near the paint and that was obviously from the wind. “Old coot”, blurted Hiroaki. He began to walk away, not about to take the paint when there was a witness. 

    “Wait. Wait. Wait.”, shouted the old man. He grabbed Hiroaki’s hands which made him turn, his fist raised ready to strike. He realized that his aggression was unnecessary and lowered his hands. “Please, please. I swear there are ghosts in that there home of mine! If you could just go in I can prove it to you! If you clear them out I would be ever so grateful. I’ll even pay you if you find them!”, he said. Hiroaki was not one to pass up a contract, but he knew he would not be able to discover a ghost. He would try anyway and see what he can get out of this deal. “Okay, I’ll take a look”, agreed Hiroaki. He slid open the door and took a step inside the house. The man followed him, making sure to stay behind him in a way that made it seem like he was using Hiroaki as a meat shield. 

     Entering the house, Hiroaki could see there were a bunch of valuables around, but no sign of ghosts. He coughed. “See! THEY ARE TRYING TO POSSESS YOU”, he started shouting. Hiroaki rolled his eyes at the old coot. ‘I can’t believe I got suckered into this. This guy thinks I am get-’, he paused his train of thought. Struck by an idea, Hiroaki used his cough to his advantage. He didn’t suppress his cough and let it turn into a fit. The old man backed away from him in horror. “OooOooo”, began Hiroaki. He turned back to the old man, keeping his eyes focused in a random direction as he waddled towards him. “OOooOoo. I feeeel it”, muttered Hiroaki. The man screamed in horror and ran out of the home. “G-GHOSTS!”, he yelled. 

     Now that the man was gone, Hiroaki went to work. He found a bag in the home and used his arm to sweep all of the jewelry, metal, toys, tools, and more into the bag. The old man had photos around his home of his family. Apparently he had a wife and children. ‘Who knows what happened to them. Maybe they died or left due to his craziness’, he thought. If Hiroaki had ended up in a state of madness like that he had hoped that someone would put him out for good. Luckily, his illness had nothing to do with his mental aptitude. ’Not that I was left sane from being left alone all those years’, thought Hiroaki who recalled his childhood. He left the home with the bag, stepping out into the backyard.

    The paint was where it had been. Hiroaki’s right hand already being used to carry the bag of goods over his back, picked the paint with his left hand, keeping the paint close to the ground. He took to the street, knowing they were close to the merchant district anyway. That and he was sure no one would take the word of a madman over his own words. Walking by the Chunin, he dropped off the paint and continued down the path. He stopped realizing it was dark out and a lot of the vendors had packed up. ‘Well, there are still some that stay at night. They were the least paranoid ones who didn’t fear of getting robbed’, he thought. He continued on.

     He slowly dispersed the goods across the vendors, making sure he was masked as he did it like always. He was doubt anyone could recognize him in the dark. He went back to the Chunin, today was a long day. He slept on the bench he had made pushing his overcoat closer to him. He kept his hands in his pocket and slightly bent his knees in an attempt to keep his body closer to him. He slept until the morning where the sounds of the birds and the rest of nature had took it upon themselves to wake him up. 

   He lifted his feet off of the bench, getting up. He grabbed the paint and read the label. It was a light blue. He opened it and grabbed a brush that was nearby. He stroked the bench in straight lines slowly and carefully. He had started at the bottom and noticed that the paint had been bleeding. He quickly got a napkin and scooped the excess paint from the bottom of the paint, removing it. ‘I will have to keep a thinner amount of paint on my brush’, he thought. He reapplied the paint over the part he had removed and continued from there on. He finished the piece and produced a beautiful blue bench. At least in his eyes as the creator. He lifted the bottom of the bench and under the legs he carved “A.H.”. He would have to tell Akihana about the bench he had made for her. He smiled which ended abruptly from him coughing. He lifted his arms up, not wanting to cough all over the new bench. 'I should have used a mask for this kind of work', he thought. He just realized that it was bad to breathe in the paint. "Either way, too late now", he muttered. He went to open the door of the Chunin, hoping to find people inside. He was happy to have gained a fair amount of ryo.  He would buy himself something to drink and spend his time guzzling it with his crew or with strangers. 'I even got the money from the missions I had done with Mar that I got to spend through', he thought. He smirked at the amount of accomplishment he had made in such short time.

(WC: 3271)

Missions + Mission 3000 ryo + Mission 9 AP
3271/400= 8 stats
Suiton: Water Cutting Sword (2750 WC Req)

Medical Ninjutsu (250 WC Req)

Generic Sealing Technique (250 WC Req)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Soldier of Fortune
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Sensory Remove Default
Remove Remove Remove Remove Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 500

Heading Through The Market Empty Re: Heading Through The Market

Sat Nov 23, 2019 4:41 pm
Thats a lotta words man

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