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Learning the Truth of The Flame Empty Learning the Truth of The Flame

Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:12 pm
Eliwood had actually found himself having a good time in the creepy cave Seiichi called home. Once you got over the atmosphere it just became two friends talking by a campfire after a long day. The encounter with the bears was certainly unexpected, but the monk was happy for the opportunity to meet such fascinating creatures. To be accepted by them and earn the right to sign a blood contract with them was humbling.

Had Eliwood stayed at the monastery, he would have wanted to sign with the Noble Parrots that most of the other monks did. The birds and the monks had a relationship of trust that spanned over many generations. Eliwood however, had not earned such trust from them. Even the Parrots leered at him when he would walk by. The rumors the other monks spread even reaching as far as the summons. He was not wanted there, the bears however, recognized his strength. He would not let that trust be in vain.

While at Seiichi's cave their discussion turned towards religion. When Eliwood brought up the Eternal Flame, Seiichi seemed to wince. He had given Eliwood a scroll bearing the temple's crest, but he appeared to be a little freaked out by whatever was inside. The monk decided that reading it should wait for the next morning's prayers and meditation. He would want a clear head when reading a holy text. He tucked the scroll away in his satchel and tried not to think about it.

After leaving the cave he needed to find a place to set up for the night. That was how he lived day to day. He would wander from place to place, sometimes alone for days at a time. Sometimes he would meet travelers like him, and some not so like him, who he could spend a day chatting with. He liked his life how it was and he did not mind sleeping in trees. As he walked through the moonlit forest he heard owls and crickets singing their nightly tune. It was a soothing song that betrayed the decayed look of the Woodlands around Seiichi's cave. The trees were gnarled and twisted and there were scarce leaves still attached to their branches.

He located a sturdy looking tree with no leaves. He tended to prefer dense foliage when he slept, but beggars can't be choosers. He hopped up to a tall branch using wind chakra to propel himself further. Once he was comfortable he secured a tether to him and the tree and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he awoke to the sound of squawking crowds. The lifeless forest was not the place to do his meditation. The birds were relentless in their cawing and he needed somewhere quiet. He packed all of his things back up and hopped down from the tree. He would need to get away from where he was and find somewhere more tranquil. He headed through the dark wood and out into an open field. There wasnt much grass and the ground was dusty, but it was quiet. It would do for what he was looking for.

He set his satchel aside and sat down in a patch of grass. The sun was beating down on his face and the heat was soothing. His usual breathing exercises came first, then his morning prayer to the Flame. The morning's hectic beginning had put him in a sour mood, but feeling at peace out in this field put that bad energy to rest. His connection to the Flame was always able to pull him back into a good mood.

He let out a deep breath and opened his eyes. He was ready to read the scroll Seiichi had given him. He reached over for his bag and sat back back up with the scroll in hand. Still maintaining his meditative pose. He undid the seal and started unraveling it. It began with a prayer the monk was not familiar with.

Blessed be those who feed the Flame. Bring cinders to mankind and grow leave ash in its wake. The gift of the Flame should be shared by all.

The passage was a stark contrast to his morning prayer. He typically started the day by thanking the Flame for its guidance and for blessing the world with light. Ashes and cinders were sacred symbols at the monastery but they were never used in that way in any of the scriptures he had read before.

The scroll goes on to describe historic events of the Temple of the Flame. Some of the events he had heard of but others were unfamiliar, even dark. One in particular stood out to the young monk. It spoke of a 'pilgrimage of ash' in which small groups of Eternal Flame Monks would head out from the temple, burning everything in their path. They torched everything from the grass to the villages.

It was stunning to read about the monks causing so much destruction. He had never heard of such a pilgrimage before. He wondered why the monks never taught him about something so important to the faith. He continued reading through the scroll, but the deeper he got in, the more he was confused. He had been taught only about inner peace and a connection to the Flame. Nothing about spreading the fire or leaving ashes in his wake.

He was enthralled in the tales of monks from eras past. They valiantly followed the Flame into battle and the flame blessed them with great abilities. The stories in the scroll were written with these violent monks as the heroes of the story. They went out into the world and blessed it with the gift of the Flame. Some tried to stop them from spreading their gift, but the Flame always managed to guide them through.

Eliwood was saddened by the fact that such great heroes of fire were kept out of the lessons. There were many proverbs and wise teachings contained in the scroll that he was never taught. He thought hard about them and even committed some to memory. This scroll was an incredible find that must have been lost to the ages, even from the temple itself.

"How could they not keep this record intact?" He exclaimed aloud to himself.

It was a shame that such knowledge of the flame and the traditions of their predecessors would be forgotten. He would need to continue this knowledge so it could never be lost to time again. Maybe some day he could even return to the Temple and share this scroll with the Elders. He was sure they would be interested in reclaiming such wisdom. Seiichi couldn't have known the historical significance of the scroll he had found, but fate brought it to Eliwood's hands. He would not let the Flame down. This mission must have been entrusted to him by the Eternal Flame itself.

With newfound resolve in his heart he carefully rolled the scroll back up and re-sealed it. He would read it again the next day during his meditations. He wanted to commit it all to memory eventually. He would have to thank Seiichi some time for this outstanding gift.

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Learning the Truth of The Flame Empty Re: Learning the Truth of The Flame

Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:29 pm
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