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Mar Byrd
Mar Byrd
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) - Page 2 Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:23 pm
When Mar finished his third drink and did not feel a thing he quietly shifted to a grumbled acceptance as his kidney's. Which could have rocked off all but the most insane ninja instant death poisons. Filtered out the alcohol completely before it could even circulate to his brain. "You have quite the standoffish relationship with even the closest of those beasts. I got Nectar on my side with a song and pledging to be his friend myself. If I needed him to do pretty much anything he'd trust me that it was the right decision. That's the optimal kind of leadership you may want if it's possible with those creatures." He remarked.

"You might want some water to go with that, never a bad idea for the morning after." Mar suggested, going completely against his own advice as he pointed for the bartender. "I want that entire glass of tequila." He asked in his nicest voice, accompanied by a sizable ryo note. He then idly popped off the top with this thumb. Checked the label to confirm that it did indeed contain 55% alchohol content. Then started chugging, groaning at the flavor of the fermented agave. Without putting it down in less than half a minute he emptied the entire thing. Even drinking the worm. "...Wait, I think I'm... Yeah I'm drunk." He closed his eyes, trying to ride the feeling.

"No, no. The smells just making me slightly nautious. Not feeling a thing. Well there goes one hobby, whatever. I've got too much to do to drink a lot anyways." He remarked, while it was a good thing for him in a lot of ways. Mar felt as though his training had slipped away a very real sliver of his humanity. And looked shooken up about it. Reconciling himself for a few moments before continuing his conversation with the others. Glancing to a wall clock. His train would be back soon enough, he thought of departing within a few minutes to make it there early and safe.

"So Seiichi, if you don't mind me asking. Now an then I can see you're a bit troubled my friend. If you don't mind me asking. What's eating at you? My ears are always open if you need to discuss anything heavy or just vent out some frustrations." Mar was reasonably arriving at the conclusion that the older ninja had some post traumatic stress from earlier in life. Could it have been even when he was just a child? He didn't have a good idea of how long his friend had been in the game. And the thought of a genine age kid getting scarred inside and outside for life made him feel much worse than all the tequila on earth could.
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) - Page 2 Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:01 am
His vision was starting to blur a bit as he looked at Mar. The alcohol sat heavy on his tongue, fighting the urge to smack his lips a bit, he tried to pay close attention to what the young ninja was saying. As he was speaking he couldn't help but run the fingers of his right hand down his face, outlining the thick scar that was embedded there. It was as if rage it's self came down and hit him, he couldn't remember the moment of its placement, but he could remember the pain. 

"I... I am sorry Seiichi." The man across the table said as he took a long look into his glass. "You see. Your father was a good man. At least the things I like to remember about him. But the truth..." The man took his drink. As soon as the shot glass landed on the table he had already grabbed the bottle to pour more warm sake into it. 

"What is the truth?" Seiichi asked, his gaze was serious and possibly frighting to those around him. His face scrunched, giving the scar an even more grotesque shape. 

"The truth... Is that your father was working for the rock village all those years... For every movement we made in the war, the enemy was always ahead of us. The great successes of you father served only one purpose, to get him into the council chambers of the hokage-"

"No.." Seiichi said, but his old teacher did not pause. 

"The council in Yumegakure convened a secret meeting, they ordered there be an investigation as to why our efforts were not successful for long term. They ordered a witch hunt, and your father was their key suspect." He took another drink. His face didn't shutter at the taste. "... I was ordered to kill your father." 


The glass in Seiichi's hand began to break under the pressure of his fist. There was no love for Yumegakure, not truly, and he Seiichi could care less about what happened to the Hokaga, but calling his father a cheat, a betrayer, a liar, even a killer.. It was going too far. He was able to hold is rage back just enough to ask another question, "So, he made this scar?" 

"No... though I am sure the scars he gave you are deeper. I made that scar. I was ordered to kill your father, and in the commotion you were also hur-"

Seiichi flipped the table to left. It was heavy, but nothing was going to stop him, Mar (unless he acted quick) would still be in his seat when this happened. Seiichi would rush up towards his teacher and plant his head into the wall behind him, holding him there by his neck. "You did this to me?!" He would yell... 

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Mar Byrd
Mar Byrd
Ryo : 29000

Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) - Page 2 Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:11 pm
Mar was surprised by his friends speed, and the aggression. He'd not been expecting anything near as heavy as this to come up out of nowhere in the middle of a few drinks. Though Seiichi was slightly slower than the engineer if they had a head to head competition. Being cought with his pants down was somthing new entirely. Once the table was flipped he realized that they were in danger. Hiro of being killed or at the very least hurt. And Seiichi of making a terrible mistake. Though obviously as a warrior he had greater weapons in his toolkit than words. He decided to keep them under wraps in hopes of not escalating the situation. Being extremely direct. 

He stepped up his hand darting in a simple but direct move aimed at the drunk Seiichi's wrist to knock it to the side. Trying to step in between him and his old mentor immediately after. "Seiichi, think with your head. What are you doing?" The ninja asked. Not one week ago having been face to face with his own fathers killer at an even more procarious time. Where he could have risked it all to try and save what life his dad had left. At that critical junction in his life. Mar was able to let go, and he was much better, and stronger for it. Now, in the heat of the moment.  He had to help a friend make that same choice as well. 

"This isn't some battlefield, he's not fighting. And he's not hiding the truth from you any longer. This is the respect you show the man? This is the respect you show me. Explain right now what the hell you are thinking, and if you can't make any sense with that then maby it's time to sit back down." He stated extremely clearly. Appealing to Seiichi's bonds between both of them to consider reason in the face of the madness. Mar had not a doubt in his mind about a single word he'd chosen, and he looked the part as well.

On any assignment, regardless of the stakes. Mar only took the life of another if they were of a threat to him / the mission. Or if he was certain that the world would be better off without them. To be lured into a blind rage, even over a secret coming out as big as this. Was diametrically apposed to what he believed in. Logic, planning, being the best person that he could for the sake of the world around him. He felt with a certainty that if Seiichi could better understand his own feelings then he'd make a decision that'd leave him better off. Anything could be better than this.
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) - Page 2 Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:21 pm
The commotion in the bar caused every head to turn, all of the eyes to look. The table was turned on it's side. Seiichi's chair was far back from the force that he made getting up. The bartender and waiters were trying not to loose control of what they were holding or were attempting to set it down. Some people were mumbling in the corners, taking bets or asking questions about what was going on. All of it was blurred, everything that happened was darkened, engulf in the ecstasy  of battle. From what was going on to the words that came from Mar's mouth, all of it moved through the air like a fish through mud, it didn't get into Seiichi's head, it didn't get past his ears. The rage was all... no... he was rage...


"Get.... Get out of my way..." He said, his voice marred by hatred. "Don't make me go through you!" Mar was standing between him and the man. That's all he was, the man who hate will be unleashed upon. The catalyst to the end of the world. The key that unlocks the door to death. The situation was this: The man is standing against the wall that is 5 meters from Seiichi. Three meters away from Mar, Seiichi bites his finger and pushes to the side 5 meters and begins to weave hand seals together. Setting his hand on a nearby table the summoning technique would be released.

... DEATH ...

If successful Gardumi would be summoned. "Kill!" Seiichi would yell, causing the large drown colored bear to attack Mar. It would burst forward attempting to maul him. Seiichi would take this time to Bull rush the man who was only five meters from him. Slamming into him he would push his hands into his neck and attempt to strangle him.

If everything happens as planned the teacher would attempt to move away, being beside the wall he would dash 5 meters to the rear, preforming hand signs to boost his speed and strength. He does this in reaction to bull rush. If bull rush does not happen he will remain where he is, though reaching for a kunai in his pouch behind his back.  

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Mar Byrd
Mar Byrd
Ryo : 29000

Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) - Page 2 Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:50 pm
As Mar saw that Seiichi's current state was not one of even lucid anger. But rather it was a blind rage, he had no control of his actions. 'Is this what the village has done to you my friend? Be it their training or how they hurt you? Don't worry, I know better.' He thought to himself, as soon as he saw Seiichi begin a single hand sign he flooded his inner gates. A much swifter and easier maneuver. The power erupted, strarting first in his brain then building up power going all along his spine and then to his abdominal. It was with a sadness that he had to use this technique at all. 'I wish I could have shown you this fighting alongside you friend, but I know it's worth it to get you out of this spell.'

His shirt and jacket  erupted off as chakra washed out in five waves across the restaurant. The first made the liquid in everyones drinks shudder. The second rocked the floor bords. The third fling the table already knocked down across the room. The fourth knocked all the civilians down and all the tables. The fifth blasted the windows out all along this floor. All in the span of a second. He saw Seiichi summon the very same bear he'd been growing familiar with all this time. It was fast, perhaps faster than him without using a proper attack as it threw itself into the powerful mauling technique. But Mar did not even need to move. The eight gates, his true unladen potential left his body harder than diamond with a toughness that could only be matched by the sharpest blades in the world. He let the bear land her full combo of attacks, and a terrible sound like tin nails raking against a titanium wall filled the bar. His abs of steel deflecting the blow so finely he did not even feel the pain.

Since he was ignoring the attack. He reached his arm out to grab at her master with his upper arm before he could get into senseless murder range of Hiro.

"I am sorry, your master is not himself right now. I'll make you some dinner when we get over this. You can come home or you can stay but you're not gunna listen to him and make this situation worse." he said, not wanting to forcibly desummon the bear at all. He simply reached over, and attempted picked her up the instant her final attack was through. With one arm he'd aim to cover both of her forlegs as a means of restraint. By his perspective Seiichi was moving in slow motion. So he just slid on down to the side. Attempting to grab him as well with his unearthly physique. "Sorry folks, we'll pay for damages. Here when we're done with this episode."

He proceeded to run for the door. Aiming to take this outside. "You're his summon, talk some sense into the guy. I don't know what's happening right now, and I'm not about to hurt anyone." He said plainly, wondering of Akihana would pick up the phone and possibly be useful here. He could only stay in this gate for so long. But he had plenty of time, surely?

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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) - Page 2 Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:38 pm
A burst of energy flooded the room as chakra seemed to pour out of Mar. The pressure was all Seiichi noticed till he was held by his arm and taken outside. The bear that attacked seemed helpless in his arms as well, no matter the strength and power it dealt, it couldn't seem to land an effective blow. The frustration filled her. "Ah, unhand me!" She would yell.

Pain in Seiichi's arms and body along with the inabilty to move all he could do was stand there, be held, and leave the bar. He could only hear his voice echo in his head. Screams. Pain. Anger. Fear. All of them held tight enough for his body to be ineffective in any which way. All he could do was yell.

A young boy...
crying in the middle of a puddle outside the gates of yumegakure.
A grown man came up to the boy. He had a scar on his face. "Why are you crying?"
"...those are your tears..."

Tears ran down Seiichi's face. All of these years he hadn't known who hurt him. Who killed his father. Or why such bad things happened to him. And now that he knows he is helpless, unable to act. Restrained even, if he had rage enough left he would be angry. But the only thing left was sadness... His vision went white as his tears trailed down his face. His breathing became uncontrollable... Darkness took him... Death...?

The bear desummoned in a puff of smoke.

Seiichi would lay there in the arms of his comrade. Unknowing what was going on around him. Will he gain consciousness? Will he leave the arms of darkness? ... When...?

[Potential EXIT]

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