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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:02 am
They were grotesque really, dripping in oil, flavorless, the dumplings were usually one of his favorite things to eat. But, today was a little different, the Broken Beast was one of his favorite places to eat at the market, after they got a new chef things have gone downhill fast. One dish after another it left a searing hot soiled memory. Could the new guy not cook anything? He continued to push himself, putting one dumpling in his mouth over the other. They were horrible.

He was about to leave but once he spotted the man he couldn’t just let him go. He remembered his name after a while, Hiata Hyua. He was an instructor that taught Seiichi the most basic of jutsu at the academy. Transformation technique, clone technique, basics of throwing Kunai and combat. Not to mention the long talks about strategy and war tactics. These kinds of things were ingrained into him constantly throughout his younger life. They proved invaluable in his future.

Seiichi walked over to the table the man was sitting at, “room for another?” he asked. The man nodded and waved to the seat. “Of course.” He smiled. The man seemed more tamed than he was the last time they seen each other, but he kept his friendly demeanor. Seiichi liked that, he could see them becoming good friends, maybe even a good contact around Yume. He would have to see how this encounter went before he made any rash decisions.

“What brings you back around here… exile?” The man said the word with a sly tone, as if he wasn’t one himself, but then barked a laugh. “Oh cool down, you know I’m just kidding around kid?” He pointed back at the chair, please sit, sit.” He insisted. “But, really, what are you doing here, last I knew you were heading towards Konoha?”

“Oh, I thought our last discussion ended kinda abruptly, thought we could finish it..?” Seiichi asked.

“We can do that.”

Seiichi pulled up the chair and took a seat. The large building was made of wood, it had a tiled floor, along the east wall was a bar lined with barstools. People talked and ran about drinking and hollering. They were all having fun and being boisterous, it gave an interesting aura to the place that made Seiichi nervous. It was places like this that people always got attacked, the noise blotted out all of the would be attacks and made the perfect environment for an ambush. He pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind.

“What can more can you tell me about my father?” Seiichi asked. “Anything would really help. He died when I was young, I never got to know him.” He lifted his hand for a waitress.

A women walked over, “He’ll have a bottle of sake please.” Hiata said as he ordered for Seiichi. “That’s right, right?” The man asked.

Seiichi only nodded in response. He was observant no doubt, they only had one meeting and already knew his favorite drink for a night. Sake had an amazing flavor to him, he liked it hot rather than cold, it went down smoother. The rice wine was made locally even, grown in Yume itself. That wasn't a really big deal for him, but it did make him feel nostalgic to say the least.

"Well... Me and your father.." The man sipped his drink. He had ordered a beer before Seiichi had arrived. "He was a hard man. Tough as nails. He played a key roll in the defeat of the stone country a while back, you know, when we teamed up with Konoha. Ah, those where the days. people actually looked up to the ninja, now all people see is the bureaucracy, the hypocrisy. It's sickening." He took another drink.

"The ninja are a great power." Seiichi smiled, "But, their system is corrupted like everyone else's, though they all play the game as if they are the pure ones."

"ugh, it's true that they aren't the best. But, I would trust them over some samurai or civilian. A necessary evil. Anyway, your dad played a key part in the defeat of the Rock country.. ugh, like I said." He sipped his drink, "You see, he was a part of the Akari clan. His skill with lightning and fire, ahh, his light manipulation was one of the reasons we were able to do so much damage to their outposts. We destroyed multiple convoys, killed dozens of generals, we even took out one of their captains and 12 men without the Rock knowing for three years!" He held up his hands as if showing the number 12. "He was a great strategist and... not a bad friend." He said. Lifting his arm he ordered another drink.

"What happened to him?" Seiichi asked. All he knew was that his father had died, never knowing why or by who, but not that he was older maybe someone would tell him.

"Well... One day..."

"Alright, lets go at it this way. Take them from the south. Have the bears ambush them here." Seiichi's father pointed at a map. "When they cross the bridge we take care of the caravan. Let all of their supplies fall to the bottom of the river." He spoke confidently. They were in a tent in the middle of the old rock country, which was the current land of fire, he spoke to a large group made up of the kaga and a few councilmen from the leaf village. "This attack will break the lines from the Rock and make them fall back to here." He pointed again.

"What is to stop them retaliation?" The kage asked. "A counter attack at the bridge."

"Well, for one, they wouldn't see this coming. They have no time to prepare. For two, we will have reinforcements along the road. If anyone tries to sneak up on us, we can take them out before they get to the bridge itself. Blowing up the bridge is the key to this, it is an important part in their mission toward the south." He said. "If we take out the bridge AND the caravan, we will destroy equipment that has taken months to prepare."

"And how do you know that?" One of the council members asked.

"I have a man inside."

"He's a reliable source?"

"Of course..? My men are the best." He said sternly while looking into the ladies eyes. She only smiled.

"Thank you for the presentation Kiota, you are free to go and prepare for the attack." The member said.

"That was the first time I saw your father nervous, before he was so confident and sure of himself, and it turned out to be a great success. That attack set the Rock back a year!" He laughed and took another drink.

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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:08 am
Seiichi looked at the man, "So, you guys won.. but what happened at the end?" He asked how his father died. By the looks of it the man knew. He hesitated, his hand shook a bit as he took a drink.

"I don't know if we should talk about that in here. Why don't we go for a walk?" the man said.

Seiichi finished up his drink and set the glass on the table. Standing up they both headed for the door. Soon they were down the road and walked around the market a bit. There were vendors around, all with their own little stalls and carts, some even had their own buildings like the tavern they were in. Everything was made of wood usually, the buildings of stone with a wooden interior. No doubt that the timber came from the land of fire, it was one of their main imports after all.

"You see all of this?" The man walked next to a cart and placed his hand on the wood structure. "This is timber from the land of fire. Hard woods." They continued to walk, not minding the eyes of some that watched. "You see, if some people had their way, they would be making these things themselves instead of buying them. Maybe they would be buying foods and goods from the rock village instead."

"Ah, what does the land of earth sell normally?" Seiichi asked.

The man laughed, "I don't know... not wood though." They continued to walk. "Your father was a good man. That should be good enough for now, just... the earth country killed him in combat." The man pulled out a pipe while they walked. He started to pack it, "What's the story with you exactly?"

"I thought you knew why I was kicked." Seiichi said with a lifted eyebrow.

"I know a man was dead and the blood was on your hands. None of the details though." The man put the pipe to his lips and struck a match. He took a long pull and blew out the smoke. Seiichi took a moment to think.

Did he want this man to know? Why shouldn't he share? After all, it was a long time ago, it's not like he could get punished again. "Well... that's a shorter story than one might think.." He went on..

The sun beat down on Seiichi. He was a young man, the scar on his face shown brightly in the daylight. In the middle of the field he felt like he could be himself, working, his focus was here and now. His feelings were tamed, under control would be misleading, he finally found something to direct himself in a direction. All of the anger and hate pushed back in his mind all he had to reap the wheat that stood before him. Taking his sickle he cut down the plants and pushed them in a bag that hung over his shoulder.

The day was going by fast. He was halfway through his part of the field when the man started to speak. All of the anger in his body flooded back.

"So, mister two face." The man said as he swung his tool. "Why don't you go back over there?" He gestured to the harder portions of the field, it was hilly and rocky, Seiichi had stuck to his portion, then man was intruding. "Did you hear me? Get over there!" He got louder.

"Why do you people...?" Seiichi gripped onto his sickle. Anger washed over him, he swung to cut the plants once again, trying to ignore the man. He was taller than Seiichi, a muscular man too. Ahh, I can take him.... no, no. He shook his head. He swung again, cutting the plants.

"Are you deaf?" The guy spoke, pulling Seiichi's shoulder towards him. He couldn't help it. Anger was the only pules in his body, his heart was gone, replaced with only a shadow, darkness that needed to be filled. Ahh... blood. the thought pushed through his mind as he swung the sickle and cut the man down. He didn't stop hitting him, cutting him, till he stopped screaming. The others in the field looked to see the commotion. They all ran way after they realized what had happened.

Word spread like wildfire, 'the two faced man had finally done it. he finally lost his mind.' Seiichi didn't even try to hid the body. He didn't hide. It was self defense after all... wasn't it?

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Mar Byrd
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:38 am
Mar groaned, looking at a map written in a foreign dialect hung up on one of the walls. "I almost made it back to Fang village." He grumbled to himself. His goal had been right within his sights. But one lousy nap had been all it took to take him to a particular little nook of the black market that he always seemed to wind up in when he had no money and no plan. Well, he could catch the same train going back tomorrow if he were so determined. Just the thought made him scratch his head with irritation. But not for very long, he quickly calmed down. Thinking to himself (Maby these things happen for a reason).

He had his hands in his pockets, and was walking down wondering if an old favorite restaurant was still any good before his eye cought a familiar face. (It's Seiichi, my summoning guru. Makes sense that I'd find him here, doesn't seem like any of the gang really hang within the Fang Village entirely. Jeeze at this rate I'll meet everyone just due to our pension of making crimes and I'll be absorbed in like a sugar molecule to a glucose hungry cell.) He shook his head, listening in slightly on his approach. It seemed like he was telling a dark, dark story. Mar had picked up the feminist trickle of this more sinister nature during their interactions. His instincts were good and the ninja just had a bloody vibe to him. It did not take much soul searching to see that he had a lot of weight packed under the hood.

"Summoner Sensei, man is it good to see you again." He broke them up with a wave just as he'd gotten to the end. Walking alongside them he stretched his right arm and back slightly and it was clear some extreme changes had happened in the 2 week period between when they met. For one he'd gone from a plain, if anything underdeveloped build. To a low key bodybuilder with toned arms. His own eyes conveyed a sense of deaper understanding, like his physical growth was dwarfed by some new kind of wisdom he possessed. Not to mention he'd literally physically grown two inches taller. He stood up no differently but the height was noticeable, his posture having always been good unless if he was winded.

"I've been meeting a couple of those friends of yours by the way, nothing official but you could say relations are pretty smooth. I'm looking forward to any kind of concrete meeting. Oh, and the Valks contract turned out pretty sweet. I've got my first summon who's this invaluable little guy by the name of Nectar Butterwing. He's nothing like your... Sweet Ursine companion. Practically flew right into my arms. Though it did take a song and dance number. Luckily I was prepared. Anyways, the hell are ya doing here man? You smell like just a pinch of Sake. Wish I had a cup of the good stuff right now." He nodded to his new cohort. "Howdy pall, name's Mar."
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:59 pm
He had just finished his last sentence of the story as his old friend came up from behind him talking.. like usually. Mar wasn't a bad kid, Seiichi could see the potential in his eyes and now it seemed to radiate from him. His body was fuller, his eyes didn't hold the naive child like manner they once did, and he still had a mouth that could talk for hours no doubt.

"I've been meeting a couple of those friends of yours by the way, nothing official but you could say relations are pretty smooth. I'm looking forward to any kind of concrete meeting. Oh, and the Valks contract turned out pretty sweet. I've got my first summon who's this invaluable little guy by the name of Nectar Butterwing. He's nothing like your... Sweet Ursine companion. Practically flew right into my arms. Though it did take a song and dance number. Luckily I was prepared. Anyways, the hell are ya doing here man? You smell like just a pinch of Sake. Wish I had a cup of the good stuff right now." Mar said.

"I hope they were nice to you. They have always been kind to me, they teach you anything new?" Seiichi would ask. "Oh, where are my manners, this is Sensi Hiata Hyua, an old friend." He thumbed over to his right. After they greeted each other Seiichi would go on, "You found yourself a Summon, hopefully he didn't try to bury you like the first, though he sounds like a playful thing with a name like 'Butterwing'." Seiichi said.

He was glad to see the new kid, he looked bigger and stronger than before. It was as if a lot of time and life had happened in between their two weeks away from each other. He half wondered what kind of training Maku had him doing, running around catching squirrels, playing with fire, dodging lightning bolts, or some other crazy feat that no one would ever expect a human to do. Though, from their last meeting Seiichi had a feeling the kid would show em all up somehow. Pull out a book and dive into the results people had compiled over their lives, it was the smart way. Everything seems to be the hard way for me.. Seiichi thought.

"I was just in the neighborhood, thought I would get a drink and ran into an old friend."
Seiichi would answer why he was there. "This guy has gotten me through the rough times, weather he knows it or not." He looked at the man, "all of those hours in study when I was kid, they really helped." Seiichi said. It was as close to a 'thank you' as he would get right now.

The man would continue to walk with them, a slight smirk on his face as he raised his hand do his head, "Thanks." He'd say then take a long drag from his pipe. "How about this, we can all go back to the tavern and have a drink... my treat..?" He smiled, the scar on his face scrunching up.

"How about that Sake?" Seiichi looked at Mar..

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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:29 am
"Nice? Yeah Akihana is about the nicest soul I've ever met. Tought me Amaterasu, and about 90 other jutsu. Mostly S rank. Bumped into Eli totally by accident. Think I proably know half the gang by this right. And it's my pleasure to meet ya Sensi Hiata." He greeted his new compatriot with a salute. "Playful? Yeah that pretty much describes Nectar, he can throw out jutsu strong enough to turn a village inside out but he's just the most charming little guy. I mean hell, had Keryoke night in the last tavern we were in. Little bastard stole the 1,000 ryo prize from under my hat. Everyone thought he was the best singing parrot that god had ever blessed to the universe... Well, they may have been right. But still." He nodded, speaking seriously.

Mar recognized the look Seiichi had given him, well. He'd been looking for that kind of look anyways and really wanted to spill the beans about what happened to him recently. That look that indicated he was thinking about how much stronger he'd gotten so recently. "Oh yeah uh, in other recent news. Paid a trip back to my home town, got some lessons from my old man. Shame his time was up and I had to bury him by the time I headed back. Still, I went from that useless little scholar to a Taijutsu master who could probably tangle with you. I'm guessing." He'd seen how fast that his bear had been able to bolt out of that cave on the morning after they met. But Seiichi himself had hardly lifted a finger. So he sermonized that his cohort was roughly a high level practitioner, but far from one of the strongest human beings on the planet.

"Oh damn, really? Well he's got my respect then, there is no more beautiful a role in this world than a teacher. Hell I'd die for any of my professors if they asked. I'm sure you were learning swordsmanship before calculus, but hell I think that wound up just as enriching." He gave a wink, happy for the offer for some drinks. Though his purse was not as light as usual, he'd not had a good trip to the bar in a long while. Even if he only ever partook in moderation. "Hey as long as you let me pick up the tab next time." He offered, a kindness he'd hope any of his generous friends would extend to him. "Lead the way."

While the two grizzled veterans turned to finish their time at the Bar, Mar was practically skipping. It seemed that there was no end to the youthful vigor in his step and would make a older man look tired at just watching him. He frolicked into a puddle, did a small tap dance where any close observer could tell he'd changed to a more formal pair of dress tap shoes. Had there ever been a more ridiculous ninja stomping around the black market? He was practically inviting the others to join him as if he could burst into song like an animated princess at any moment. "Sake dance, sake dance." He murmored to himself.
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:20 am
"They are a good bunch of people. Akihana.." He smiled, "She is one of the nicest isn't she? Though, I have a feeling she could rip me apart if she wanted." He said as they walked. They were walking on the road back to the bar, it wasn't far and it gave time for his old sensi to take a few puffs of his pipe before they walked it. It didn't help that the young man was dancing around a bit. He had a sense of youth around him still, whatever happened to him didn't seem all that bad.

He was surprised when his Sensi jumped into dance with the young man. They would get a long well, Seiichi was sure about that. Both of them outgoing and flamboyant at times, whatever you need to do in order to stay young. Seiichi tended to workout or just stick to manual labor to stay fit, but he could do something about a more steady mind. It only he could get that part of himself under control. Every time he turned around there seemed to be something that set him back on the edge again.

"Death seems to have its way." Seiichi said. "We were just talking about how my father died, I wasn't ever told... Was never even shown his grave..." He said as they walked in. The large wooden door swung open and closed with a great slam. The wooden structure was buzzing with busy waiters and servers, the bar tender was moving around and doing his job, only stopping for small talk as he poured them all a shot of sake on Hiata's order.

As they walked in Hiata led them back to an open table, the server brought them a tray with three shot glasses, then sat the warmed bottle of sake on the table. Seiichi lifted his shot, "To fathers... may they live forever... or be cradled in death's arms... peace to them." He swallowed the liquid in a quick gulp. Knowing the kid they probably wouldn't sit there in silence. So, Seiichi continued to talk, speaking through a small grimace, "Taijutsu? I didn't think you were the type. With all of that book smarts I would have thought Ninjutsu or Fuinjutsu." He said.

Grabbing the bottle of warmed liqour he poured them all another round. "Ahh, you know me too well friend." He said to his old sensi, "I love this stuff.." He gestured to the Sake.

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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:19 am
"Aki?... Yeah probably, I could scarcely imagine a more fierce opponent. And I've only ever seen her cleaning up the Chunin!" He called out wit confidence, some people had a presence that superseded their personality and he knew damn well that the killing arts were not above the morally righteous. Besides, she specifically mentioned to him how if it weren't for the others impressing her into learning ninjutsu she would have been perfectly happy with the medical arts. 'How young was she when she learned all that...' he wondered. The child soldiers employed by the great ninja villages always turned his stomach.

"Hey hey, this guy get's it!" Mar cheered as Hiata joined him for his soft dancing routine, now given a little bit of encouragement he harmonized with the older man. Giving a wink and snapping his fingers. "Ba dut da, da dee dee do da." He hummed, his day brightened by the short exchange. The engineer always had a song going in his heart, and it never hurt to let it out now and again. Regaining his attention to the moment at hand. "No need to be so morbid pall... You know, there's more than one jutsu that can fix any old problem related to death. It's got the terrible price of another human life of course but there's plenty of people who can be made to pay those dues." He casually remarked, death was not a cloud that always hung around the engineers life as it so prominently appeared to Seiichi. It was a simple problem to be solved by science. Much like the limitations of the human body.

"Can't say I'd find it unthinkable to bring back my old man. Though he did mention he was happy to wait for my mother to join him in the afterlife." He further explained, if the old mans express wish had been to dig him back out of the ground than neither heaven nor earth would be able to stop him. But this way it was different. "My mother always said that there was a certain spiral to life. Formed half on the backs of those who came before and half on the backs of those who are working toward the future. It's not in every case where death is to be defied of course. Sometimes, the fallen would just interfere with our ability to grow and form our own destinies."

He was cut off when they finally had a seat at the bar. "Look at me, getting philosophical before my first touch of liquor." He drank his quickly and tilted his head, having not had a drop to drink since his enormous amount of growth. Physically his kidneys were more like that of an elephant or a whale than an actual human being. Leaving him highly confused when he did not even feel a tickle of his old pleasure. "The uh, the mix aint terribly strong here." He mentioned casually, hoping not to need about ten to even get buzzed since someone else offered to pay. Three he decided, if he had three drinks and was not drunk in the slightest he'd either stop or drink from his own Ryo. "Peace to them, that was an awful deap toast my friend. You fond of any particular religion?" He inquired, having been fascinated by Eli's own religion dedicated to fire.

"Oh yeah I was as surprised as you when I was locked away in that cave for my pops to tell me I wasn't walking out until I was a master of the martial arts. He tought me how to use ninja tools, and my own body... If you've ever heard of the technique, which I bet you have. You might be surprised to know that I can open five of the eight inner gates. Really I think the mix of experiences has made me a better ninja. I've been designing some tools that can work seamlessly into the body to get more out of the technology than anyone ever accomplished before." He went as far as to show his journal which detailed a tall suit of full plated armor with a chakra powered steam engine in the back.

"This is the Byrd suit, entirely off of my fathers design. It's good, top notch for its field even. But nothing special." He turned the page, detailing a bulkier version that had many... Less traditional embellishments. In several places, notably along the skull, arms, and torso. Flexible screws were in place to drill it into the skeleton so that it would absorb shock even better. Most of the spines ligaments and nervous system was partly wired into the suit. On the page opposite it detailed out the adjusted chakra network of someone who was wearing it. Even including an example of a jutsu that would normally pierce armor but would instead react to the steel as if it was a part of the targets body. "You see here, in theory. I could activate the gates easier, the suit taking most of the strain even. Then all sorts of weapons and modifications can be made after that point..."
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:46 am
"Ahh, religion is finicky. I simply accept death as he accepts each of us into his arms. It is a natural part of life. Some have come to call him a name, the eternal flame, God, ... and others. They all have the same end, just have come by it in different means, in the end we are all touching the same elephant. My hand is on the tusk, yours on it's side, calling it different things." He drank another shot.

"Eli has it in mind about this flame, so peaceful and kind, meant to consume the evil of the world maybe. What they are missing is that fire consumes all, the good, the bad, ... " He points at his face, "the ugly." He smiled. "It has no choice, it does what it is designed to do, and death is no different." He set the glass on the table, played with it with his hands a bit, rolling the bottom around upon the table. "There are some that think death can bestow greatness, benefits on them that obey him, if you come across someone who can hear deaths voice let me know. I'd like to ask him some questions." He laughed a little.

"Death is no stranger to you huh Sensi?" He looked at the man from across the table.

"He is a cruel... and kind. Some on the battle field welcomed him, others entered his arms in fear." He said coldly. The aura around the table had become gloomy and down. Speaking of such things tends to do that. When he was done talking Mar pulled out his pictures and started going through them. The designs where intricate, creative even, he wished he had such an imagination.

"And you can put all of this together huh?" Seiichi asked about the armor. "Maybe you can make me something someday." He said. He wasn't trying to push, just be polite, after all if he suggested that he make him something it would be the ultimate complement right?

"Ah, armor is a good thing lad." Hiata said while pouring them new drinks. "I have seen some that could stop a sword mid swing. I can see that this was well put together. Is there much you changed from the original?" He asked.

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Mar Byrd
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Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar) Empty Re: Darkness Among Fire (Seiichi/Mar)

Sat Nov 09, 2019 4:03 pm
Mar was stoked at the opportunity to craft something for the man who'd shown him one of his favorite techniques to date. Besides, surely it would only mean good things for him if he made his role as the Akatsuki's primary crafter. "Oh you need not even mention my friend! I already put together the best pair of Sitar's for Eliwood on a whim. All you need is a dream and a modest fortune of materials and I can make it come true." he said with no small modicum of pride. "The only pain it brings me myself is that I bet I could have made a flying machine instead of spending all this time and money improving on some weapons and armor. For myself that is. If you had told me two months ago this is what I would drop 28,000 Ryo on I'd have called you a liar." He quipped jovialy.

Hiata pointed out some details on the original model. Which was built for several compromises between speed and defensive power. While his own applied all sorts of more modern flourishes. The reliance on chakra being diminished in favor of science. He could go on for hours and hours about this. "Well a number of things, for one there's a clockwork like endoskeliton that transfers the strength of the wearer effectively to any part of the suit. Not enhancing it in any way, just delivering it more effectively. That choice alone improves freedom of motion. But the weight shoots up by a ton. I considered it really impractical at first, then I completed a training regiment for a taijutsu master... Yeah I could probably fight with a locomotive strapped to my body and not tell the difference."

"One of the biggest things I'm happy with is that as far as almost all jutsu are concerned. The armor would be a part of the users body. It's actually got the chakra network woven in physically. So if say there was some kind of sword that ignored non biological matter like steel to cut directly into my body. It'd still stop right on the edge. Granted I'd not be immune to poison, genjutsu or a few other medical techniques. But that alone gives it a unique edge on virtually every armor in the world."

He returned to the rest of the conversation. "An interesting philisophy on death to be had I'm sure." Mar had another drink. This time hardly even tasting it. He examined his cup with some confusion before shaking it off. "I always adamantly believed that the human heart unfortunately has no baring on the truth of things. No matter what anyone believes, there is only one reality underlying it. Thankfully I'm more obsessed with sailing through the stars than bridging the gap between life and death.

"You know, I actually had some considerations that that bear of yours might enjoy. I considered making some armor for Nectar, but ehhhh. He's actually tiny enough to fit into my helm. Besides that, price is scarcely effected by size with these kind of projects. That's just the nature of the enchantments I'm afraid. Oh yes, but for the bear. You could consider a steel endoskeliton for your friend. Designed to double the impact of her natural weapons. Specifically, I could make a set of external jaws imbedded into a suit of armor that'd activate whenever she bit. Acting as a secondary attack and increasing the punishment. Same for the claws. Plus I'm sure she'd appreciate your thoughtfulness in such a gift."
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Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:48 am
"True... But for some religion gives them a sort of edge." He took his new shot in hand. "You may not be interested in a god or afterlife. Most don't even try nowadays. But some are devout and when you come across them you may find it difficult to shun away from their ranks just for powers sake." He left let that sit for a moment as he took his next shot.

His old Sensi barked a laugh, "bears, in armor? They wouldn't go for it if you gave them a banquette. I've tried to outfit them and they somehow always show me up with how hard their fur can get. Not to mention how large they can make their mouths or claws." He have a wide eyed expression, "I'd run you I pissed one of those guys off, I tell you what." He said and downed his own drink.

Seiichi's hands were already filling the next round. He started to feel the effects of the liquor as he moved. The dexterity in his hand seemed less fine and his vision kept making making him aim the bottle at an empty space. He felt that he could think just fine, and his body COULD move right, if he could only get the right position. His attempts were fruitful, he didn't see any missed drops, but his effort was noticeable.

"Yeah, th-the thought is nice though. But, I don't think the bears will go for it." Seiichi said as he peered into his full shot glass.

"You know, your father could hold his liquor pretty well too." The sensi spoke. Seiichi's brow lifted.


"Ohhh, He used to drink me under the table... Good times."

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