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A Flames Past (Pt 2) Empty A Flames Past (Pt 2)

Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:53 am
The smell of winter was thick in the air as Seiichi walked north on the road away from Yumegkaure. He was always walking away from that place it seemed. Almost never settling down and staying a while. Though there was a small group that he had grown fond of, though most of them were still in Fang country. All he had with him now was the open road and towering bear by his side. Roads were dangerous and keeping a helpful creature near him seemed like the smart thing to do. You'd never know what kind of crazy people you would meet going towards Konoha, they seemed to bare a sickening sense of loyalty to their leadership without even knowing them, without even questioning them.

In many situations Seiichi would fall in line, sure, but to take orders from someone you didn't know was beneath him. Especially if those orders where going to put your life at risk. "Invade this country." "Kill these people" Never asking why. But if a friend told you to do such a thing, this Seiichi could understand, now your doing it for friendship, for love.

"ugh.. I should be sleeping. Not up with you... walking." Gardumi said. She shook her huge body in frustration.

"Eh. Walking is good for you... Not to mention you could use it." Seiichi said and glanced over to his left. He could see that she just looked at him with a snarling face.

"... did you just call me fat?" The bear questioned. "This fur is a better armor than you could ever imagine." he could see as waves of it hardened and softened, the demonstration was intriguing. Seiichi had only seen these bears in combat once, and even then intimidation got the best of his opponents. Such bad timing too, he really wanted blood at that moment. Seiichi sighed.

Blood. So sticky and hot. The taste of Iron on his tongue. The flowing river of it pouring from a wound. It has been a long time since he killed someone. Since he let rage embody himself. The thoughts themselves set his teeth on edge. He felt a kill calling him..

The sound was distinct when he heard it. It was like a whisper on the wind, a whistle even.

"Do you hear that?" Seiichi asked.
"I do. It's coming from that direction." The bear gestured its large head to the east. "It sounds like home." The bear finished as they took a step into the woods. Leaving the road and heading off into the wooded area around Yumegakure wasn't always the smart thing to do. But it wasn't night time and Gardumi was at Seiichi's side. He didn't have much to worry about.

As they got closer they huddled behind a few trees and looked into the hillside. It wasn't a cave really, it was more like a crack. A large fissure that was put there by mother earth. The entrance was about 20 feet tall and only 5 feet wide. The hill itself was towering in steep inclines upward, you would be able to see Yumegakure clearly from the top. At the entrance where bones, on inspection they were only animals, skeletons of deer or rabbits. The floor of the cave was all stone, but there were no decorations or anything that showed human in habitation.

Seiichi quickly put a stick together and ripped one of his old shirts and wrapped it around the top. It took a bit but he got the fabric to burn and act as a torch. The light was enough to look all the way forward to a turn, the drastic right turn was obviously man made. It was a door way with a thick carving along its borders. It opened up to a large cavern about 50 feet in diameter. In the center there was three large rectangular structures, they only came to Seiichi's hip, as he got closer he could make out writing on the top of them.

"Names.." Seiichi said.
"This is a tomb." The bear said looking at the walls. "It was owned by the Akari clan it seems."
"How do you know that." Seiichi looked over in frustration.
"It is written on the walls.. " The bear shrugged again, Seiichi could almost feel the tenstion in the air, have I pushed her last button?

A growl filled the cave. At first Seiichi thought it was the bear, and flinched towards her, pushing his flame that way. But once he seen her turn and look toward the entrance they could see them. Three massive wolves stood there, looking at them as if they were meat. With no hesitation the animals lunged.

Dropping the torch Seiichi let his hands fold together, Dragon, monkey, snake.. Energy wave. he thought as a ball of laser like energy shot in a stream toward one of the creatures, pushing it back out the door. The bear was clawing at one and sent it whimpering away, but before Seiichi could react another came at him from his right. He was standing at the head of the casket and it was attacking from the foot of it. The bear plowed into the creature, it sent a wave of smoke and rubble into the air as the structure broke open. The wolf was dead.

As the bear lifted its massive body from the rubble the body of the person laying inside could be seen, he held a weapon that practically fell out. Seiichi grabbed hold of it and examined it. It was a katana. Decorated in red and black. There were diamonds where the blade attached to the hilt. He wasn't sure exactly what this place was or why his family would spend a lot of time here. But he would think about this day a lot. Taking the sword and throwing it over his shoulder, "He doesn't need this.." He would say, "Lets get going.." Seiichi's hand trembled a bit as they walked out.

Where his parents apart of a clan? There were so many questioned that he had, and of course, I'll have to learn all the answers the hard way.. He shrugged.

Getting back to the road he would jump atop his bear and lay there as they headed back toward the fang country. Maybe Maku or Akihana had some answers, maybe they could spread some light on the situations.


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A Flames Past (Pt 2) Empty Re: A Flames Past (Pt 2)

Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:36 pm
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