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A Flames Past (Solo)  Empty A Flames Past (Solo)

Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:22 pm
The Host of Knives, the name of the bar was written in characters above the cart with crossed knives through the letters. The rest of the cart was a simple wooden structure designed to be pulled by horses. It had a make shift awning and a set of stools lined up at a window built into the side. A person ran about inside, fixing drinks or making food, he rarely stopped to talk to the patrons that sat there.

Seiichi found himself sitting there and having a drink. They were just outside Yumegakure now and a lot of people from the village, the ones that hid themselves in darkness, came out to see what the market held. It always brought new goods from different countries that people there haven't seen before. An older man came over to the bar and took a seat. His hair was long and gray, pulled up into a pony tail. His face bore a scar that was long, it was a deep wound that stretched from his eyebrow down to his ear on his left side.

"Give me the Green One." The man pointed to a bottle sitting on the shelf across from him. As Seiichi looked over he caught the man's eyes. They were a light brown and shown the morning sun just right to spark a memory. He could recall this man during his years at the academy, he was one of his instructors. He taught him many things, among which was the most basic of ninjutsu. Things he had never forgotten.

"Ah... I know you." The man said as he sipped from a green bottle of liqueur. "Your the one they kicked out of the village a while back... What are you doing around these parts?" the man asked.

Seiichi didn't answer for a moment. He let the drink he was sipping on sit in his mouth for a second or two before gulping it down. "I hand out from time to time." He said as he set the glass down. "There is something about this place..."

"It's home." The man said.

They never looked at each other really, they just sat there looking forward and passing one comment over the other like cheap women. Both men had scars from their past. Both kept to them selves.. mostly.

"Something like that." Seiichi pulled another drink. He felt the liquid burn down his throat and in hi belly.

"Yeah. I like this place too... you know, you weren't the only one that got kicked outta that place. I was kicked only a few months after we gave you the boot." The man's eyes glanced over at Seiichi. "They rang me a good one once they learned I was selling Uta to the kids. They loved the stuff.." A drug, of course they would have kicked him out. Corrupting the youth of Yumegakure like that.

"HA! It's nothing compared to what your fathers done.. I'll tell ya that." Seiichi's eyes widened. "I remember when we where taking on some of those rock ninja, tricky bastards they are, he cut one of their feet off with a solid swing and laughed about it. Blood and guts... oh, it was amazing." The man reminisced.

Seiichi was surprised anyone know anything about his father. He died when he was really young, but now that he thought about it there was bound to be someone around old enough.

"The blood was glorious."

Was it the alcohol talking or was this how the guy always was? Seiichi wondered. Alcohol could have this effect too. It loosens the joints, limbers up the mind, unleashes the tongues.

"Ahh, when the flames rose up and clashed against shields." The man made a gesture with his hands and arm hitting each other. He was there in the moment. He could feel the heat of the battle. Seiichi couldn't help but look at the man and watch the show. "Your father could wield those flames like they were an extension of his arm." The man said, thrusting his arm forward. It actually turned into a conversation. "Did he ever show you how to do those things?" He asked, bumping his arm against Seiichi's should.

Seiichi let himself smile a little as the man gestured and bumped. He was the opposite, he was more like Maku. All flare and talk and show. Not to say Maku didn't have skill, but he let his confadince ride every wave and was almost never wrong.. even when they were. At least that's how he saw them. He was still getting to know his new boss.

"What things?"
"Oh, the fire. The fire!"
"Me and my dad must have been a lot different." Seiichi let himself say.
"Oh no. This stuff is in your bones boy." The man took on a serious tone and lied his hand on Seiichi's shoulder. Seiichi wasn't one to like physical contact, especially from a stranger, but this man was only trying to be friendly and he knew it.
"What do you mean." Seiichi looked forward and let the man's hand rest for a moment. He took another shot of Sake and the man's hand dropped to take another drink from the green bottle.

"... I don't know if I'm the one to tell you..." The man kept his serious tone. "Go down the road a bit to the north... There is a cave not far from there off the road. If you find it you mite find some interesting things." The man said. "... though its unlikely." He took a drink. "I better be off... Have a good... life man." He patted Seiichi on the shoulder and walked away before Seiichi could say anything back.

This was turning into an interesting situation. Frustration crept up into his bones a bit, why didn't his father and mother ever show him these things, or at least make sure he found out eventually? He took a deep breath and gulped another drink down. He could feel it burn as the man walked away. But.. here he was anyway.. eventually finding out, the hard way.. like everything else in life he shrugged. He had been getting better at pushing his frustration off.

He picked up his bag and threw it over his shoulder. He was half tempted to go south instead of north, the rebellions part of him. Looking over his should he thought for a moment. What could it hurt to learn more about his past? He spent most of his time running away, why not take a step or two back and figure out what had happened?


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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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A Flames Past (Solo)  Empty Re: A Flames Past (Solo)

Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:35 pm
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