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Takeshi hits the gardens

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Takeshi hits the gardens - Page 3 Empty Re: Takeshi hits the gardens

Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:00 pm
Takeshi was waking up after the traumatizing day that he had before going to sleep. Throughout the entire night, Takeshi could not stop the nightmares from flooding into his mind. Takeshi had the most vivid retelling of the night at the Butcher shop. Takeshi could see himself, standing at the case of meat toward the back of the building when he heard the loud footsteps coming closer to the front door. Takeshi still remembered the masks that they wore masks that almost resembled those worn by the Nova Corps. Takeshi didn’t know where they got those masks because they were most certainly not Nova Corps level, they couldn’t even take on Takeshi, who was only a Genin. Takeshi still didn’t quite know who the ninjas in the masks were, the ones that could barely hold Takeshi in a Paralysis jutsu when there were three of them. Takeshi continued to remember the sounds the man made when Takeshi was in steel mode and smashed the man’s nose into his own face. Takeshi got squeamish when he recalled that specific detail of that night. Takeshi was stirring in his bed at the memory of seeing the butcher with the kunai stuck in his head, directly between the eyes. Takeshi couldn’t pull the image out of his head. Takeshi was thrashing in his bed at this point, trying his best to knock the thoughts out of his head.

Finally Takeshi thrusted himself out of his bed, waking himself up and readying himself for a fight. The adrenaline coursing through Takeshi’s veins and making his head absolutely throb. Takeshi looked out the window and he saw that the sun was nowhere near the horizon and the night was still young. Takeshi rubbed his eyes and realized that he was still way too tired to be getting out of bed just yet. Takeshi laid back down in his bed and he closed his eyes, trying his best to fall back to sleep. Takeshi tossed in his bed for a few minutes, but he kept trying to fall back to sleep. Finally, Takeshi was successful. Takeshi was asleep and the nightmares continued to come back. Takeshi had no choice that involved peace and tranquility. It was either relive the horrible night. Or wake up so early that you don’t get enough sleep. Takeshi tried his best to forget about that night, even if just for a little while to get some actual sleep before he had his next day full of training and missions. But unfortunately it was just not in the cards for him. Takeshi tried his best to think about the good things that happened in that situation. He was able to save the wife of the butcher from the Queensman that was about to murder her, just like he had murdered her husband, the butcher. Takeshi still didn’t know why he wanted the butcher and his family dead, but that was most certainly the case. Takeshi wondered what was going to happen to that guy, Takeshi’s mind continued to race and think of all kinds of different questions.

Finally, Takeshi realized that he was fighting a losing battle with his nightmares and now, his own mind. Takeshi realized that he was going to be getting up, there was no way that he was going to be able to go back to sleep now that his mind had turned on all the way. Takeshi groaned and whined, he didn’t want to get out of bed just yet, and he was still very tired. But he got up and began to stretch his body. He started with his legs. When he was born, he was born with flat feet. These feet made almost everything dealing with the legs, difficult and painful. This is when his mother, whether she was a good woman in other’s eyes, she was the one who got Takeshi the surgery that he needed to be able to walk with arches in his feet, and keep the pain in his legs down. She was a terrible person, and an even worse mother, but she was the person who made Takehshi’s ninja journey possible. For that, Takeshi was entirely thankful to her. Takeshi then finished stretching his legs, so he moved on to his neck. Takeshi, with the way that he slept, with all the tossing, turning, and thrashing about in his bed. His neck always felt like it was being crunched every morning when he woke up. He leaned his to the left, stretching it as far as he could. Takeshi grabbed hold of the top of his head and pulled lightly to get a little more the left on the leaning of his head. Takeshi shook his head to loosen it up and began to lean his to the right side, doing the same thing of grabbing the top of his head and pulling it to the right side, then shaking his head to loosen it up. Takeshi then bent down and grabbed his toes, he tried to hold this stretch for a while because. Just like with his neck, the way that Takeshi slept always killed his back by morning and made Takeshi miserable every day that he didn’t stretch it out as much as he could, and most of the time then too. Takeshi felt his lower back pop and crack, which felt like all the stored up pressure was releasing and allowing his body to move a little more freely, which was absolutely essential when being a ninja. Takeshi finally felt like his body was completely stretched out, so he was ready to continue with his getting ready routine.

Takeshi walked over to his closet, opened it and grabbed the flak jacket that was hanging up inside the closet. Just as Takeshi was about to throw it on the bed to lay out his outfit, he noticed that he hadn’t made his bed yet. Takeshi hung the flak jacket back up in the closet and turned around to face his bed. Takeshi made his bed, making sure all of his sheets and covers were nice and tight on the bed, and the pillow was directly at the middle of the bed, underneath all of the covers and sheets. Once Takeshi was happy with how his bed looked, he turned back to face the closet once again. Takeshi grabbed his Flak Jacket and threw it onto the freshly made bed. Takeshi then shut the closet and faced the dresser, Takeshi opened the top drawer. Takeshi kept all of his every day wear clothes, otherwise known as his combat gear, in the top drawer. This included his black combat shorts, black T-shirt, and his black socks. Takeshi grabbed each one of these items and laid them out on the bed. Takeshi inspected each piece of clothing as he laid them out, ensuring that all of the pieces were combat ready. This meant no holes or signs of major wear. Takeshi also ensured all of the zippers and buttons worked on his flak jacket, ensuring that no matter what his clothes would have the best chance possible of holding up during battle.

After approving all of the clothing, he laid of the clothes on the bed according to the order that he would put them on. Then, he went into the bathroom to continue his routine of getting ready to hit world. He opened the bathroom door, which he always had shut when he slept. This was mainly due to the fact that he hated open doors when he was sleeping, always made him feel watched. Takeshi walked into the bathroom and turned on the cold water in the shower, Takeshi then stuck his head in the shower to get his entire head of hair wet. His hair was an absolute mess in the morning after all the tossing and turning throughout the night, so this was his way of calming his hair down and making it to where it could be brushed with little to no problem. He grabbed the brush and began to brush his hair, he didn’t want it to look slicked back, so he gently brushed it to the side, and then at the tip whipped it toward the back of his head. This made his hair look nice in his own opinion and it most certainly did not look like a comb over, which is what he didn’t want. Once finished with the brushing of his hair, Takeshi checked himself in the mirror from a few different angles, ensuring that he didn’t look absolutely ridiculous, when he was sure he didn’t, he was done in the bathroom. He walked out of the bathroom and headed over to his clothes and began to put them on in order. Takeshi started with his t shirt, then he would put on his combat shorts, then his flak jacket. He grabbed his belt and began threading through to belt loops on the top of his shorts. But before he began putting his belt on, he knelt down onto his knee directly in front of the trunk that laid directly at the foot of his bed. He opened the trunk and reached into it, he grabbed the steel tanto that lay inside and sheathed inside a mahogany backed, oak sheathe. Takeshi grabbed the sheathed tanto and hooked it onto his belt, attaching it to his combat shorts. Takeshi wanted to double check that he had all of his things ready to go. Takeshi took the Tanto out of the sheathe. This action brought back the memories to the night before. Takeshi began to fall backwards, sitting on the trunk at the foot of his bed, and he began to picture the cutting off the man’s arm in the butcher shop. Takeshi had the picture of the butcher dead body in his head again, Takeshi’s anger grew when he heard a knock on his front door.

Takeshi was incredibly surprised when he heard someone at his door. Takeshi slowly walked to his bedroom door, sheathed his Tanto, and activated his Byakugan to see who was at the door. Takeshi saw it was just someone trying to deliver a package. Takeshi, still being at high alert in the situation opened the door slowly, accepted the package from the delivery guy, closed his door, and set the box onto the table that was in his dining room. Takeshi looked over the box and noticed that the size was no larger than his Tanto, looking almost like a box that would carry books, scrolls and the like. Takeshi opened the box and was even more confused than he was before. Takeshi picked the book out of the box and he began to read the title, “Tales of Exploration: Findings of Spectacular Creatures.” Takeshi picked the book out of the box and held it up to the light so he could try and read what the book was, farther than just th title. Takeshi was flipping through the pages when he came across a yellow note, the note fell to the floor as Takeshi was standing straight up in the middle of the dining room, away from the table. Takeshi set the book down on the table and he reached for the note that had fallen underneath the dining room table. Takeshi was able to reach the note, and when he had it in his grasp, he brought it up to his face after standing up, so he could read it. When Takeshi read the note, more things began to make sense. The woman from behind the counter of the library had sent him the book, probably after her noticing Takeshi spending countless hours in the library reading Den’s scrolls and talking to her about Sage mode and how excited he was to be finally finding things that made the idea of Sage mode learnable for all, not just those who were already sages. Takeshi set the note down after having a small chuckle, picked the book back up and he began to read.

Takeshi’s mind was blown away at the subject matter that resided within the pages of the book that was gifted to him by the woman from the library. Takeshi read through all of the pages and found pictures and stories of all kinds of spectacular creatures that lived on this Earth. Takeshi continued to read and he read stories of giant toads, snakes, even slugs! Takeshi was surprised at just what kind of animals that he was reading about. But it wasn’t until he found one certain part of the book that Takeshi was completely blown away. When Takeshi opened the book to the section of the book focusing on the “Birds of the Great Mountain.” Takeshi’s mouth dropped open and Takeshi couldn’t even believe what it was that he was reading. Takeshi continued to read frantically, wanting to learn everything that he could learn. Takeshi read about one bird after another with haste. “Iris, the messenger bird. Iris is a small black peregrine falcon. She rarely speaks, but when she does, she is quite harsh but almost completely indifferent. She cares not for the war that has been waged between the humans and the birds for the last couple centuries. As she says “I just want to deliver messages, then die.” Takeshi couldn’t believe there was an organism on this planet that was so dedicated to doing something so basic and plain. Takeshi didn’t think too much on this and continued to read about the other birds that lived on the mountain. He read about Hermes, which was another very small bird. But this bird had a lot more personality, this bird is known to be quite a kleptomaniac and has been reprimanded by the father bird of the mountain, who was named Zeus. Takeshi couldn’t wait to read about the father of the birds on the mountain. But that wasn’t going to be the end of the section, according to the book. Takeshi continued to read about Hermes a little more, Takeshi learned that this bird was a messenger bird. This bird was extremely fast and had a lot of stamina. If there was a bird you wanted to have carry your letter to another, this was the bird you’d want to do it for you.

Takeshi was excited to be reading about these birds, but a question came into his mind. “Why did that woman send me a book about a bunch of different spectacular animals that lived in the world?” Takeshi kept the question in the back of his mind and he decided to continue to read for now, he would have to answer that question later. Takeshi continued on past the smaller birds and came across the profile of a bird with the name Nike. Takeshi saw a picture of this bird and was absolutely amazed. This bird was almost completely covered in golden feathers from head to toe. This bird was so beautiful, especially when it flies across the sky, it will glisten in the sun’s rays as they hit him. This bird is also known for bringing good luck upon those he allows, which he wasn’t entirely sure how that would work, but it was still an interesting fact about the bird. This bird is also known to have the greatest eyesight on the entire mountain, including the father bird Zeus. Takeshi couldn’t believe that a single organism could have the eyesight to be able to see over two miles in a single direction, that was double the area of coverage than his own Byakugan. Takeshi couldn’t even comprehend how it could see that far, but he was still excited to know that there was an animal on this planet that was this amazing. Takeshi was beginning to feel like he knew exactly why the woman from the library thought sending Takeshi this book was a good idea. He wasn’t sure just yet, but he had an idea.

Takeshi continued to read about a quite particular bird, a bird that went by the name of Hades. This bird was a bird that never flew through the air, like a regular bird would. This bird instead preferred to keep to himself inside a cave that was inside the mountain itself. Zeus has even tried to bring him out, which Hades responded by trying to use an Earth technique that almost caused a cave-in, which would have injured Zeus most certainly. Takeshi understood how this bird must have felt, sometimes being alone is a lot easier than being around others, even if what you really want is to be noticed and recognized, sometimes it’s just easier to just sit in the darkness and not have to face your actual feelings. Takehi felt sorry for Hades and hoped that one day he could find that bird and try to help it. Takeshi continued to read the next bird in the list. Diana was the next bird in line. The book had quite a lot of information on this bird, she was the mother bird to the smaller birds on the mountain. Because of this, she is extremely protective of the smaller birds on the mountain. When the explorers who wrote this book were first getting to the mountain, they came across Iris and a couple of the other smaller birds on the mountain. When Diana saw them come close to the smaller birds, she lunged at the explorers and almost knocked them both off of the mountain before Poseidon, a bird they are going to get to later in the book, stopped her and asked the explorers what their business was. When the explorers explained the purpose for their visit of just noting and observing the greatness of their mountain, Poseidon took them directly to the father bird, Zeus.

The book explained that on the way to meeting the father bird, they met a multitude of other birds. They met Athena who was quite skittish of the two explorers, this was later explained that the bird was so skittish because she was abused as a baby bird by her male owner, so she was particularly weary of Male visitors. So much so that the monks who made a bond with the birds that allowed the monks to use the mountain as a prayer ground, she moved from the peak of the mountain, to near the base of the mountain, because she did not want to share the same area with the monks who were in fact male. Takeshi felt terrible for Athena, Takeshi knew all about being abused and couldn't imagine how a bird could react to abuse being put upon her by humans, especially as a baby.

The book continued to explain other birds that they met on the way to meeting Zeus. They met Artemis. The way they met this bird was quite terrifying in the moment Takeshi was sure. But fascinating to read about third hand. The explorers were going up the trail on the side of the Great Mountain. They were observing the great views that you could see off the mountainside and all of the animals that they had never seen before. Their conversation was cut short by sudden balls of pure earth came straight for the two travelers. The two explorers not being ninjas, had no clue what to do. They were just about to be slammed with the balls of pure Earth until another bird came in just in time. Poseidon, the bird that had saved them earlier. Spring up a wall of water to protect the two explorers from the balls of earth. When the wall came down. Zeus tried to talk to Artemis and explain why the two were already that far up the mountain. Artemis was a giant bird, much like Poseidon, but very different coloring. Artemis perfectly blended in with the mountainside, her coloration was that of the mountainside and even her feathers were rough and ragged that matched the texture if the mountainside. So when the explorers walked by Artemis, they didn’t even see her! Artemis scowled at the two explorers and flew away, blowing a giant gust of wind at them both as she did so. The explorers looked at Poseidon, he smiled and pointed his wing toward the path. The observers looked toward the Giant Eagle and nodded their heads in agreement and continued up the path. Takeshi set the book down for a second, he realized that he was sitting at the table reading this book, he didn’t even notice that he had moved. He also looked out the window and saw that an hour had past based on the position of the sun and the shadows on the ground. Takeshi couldn’t believe that he was this sucked into a book about animals. He still couldn't answer the question that he had in his mind as to why the woman from the library sent him that book.

Takeshi sat back down at the table and he picked the book back up, he was so interested in these birds that he couldn’t bring himself to even eat breakfast because he wanted to learn more about them. Takeshi continued to read about the explorer’s travels up the Great Mountain to meet the father bird Zeus. They explained that after their encounter with Artemis, they continued down the path, luckily it had not been destroyed by Artemis’ Earth Bullets. When they continued up they noticed that the higher up the mountain they got, the bigger the birds were, except for Athena, who lived lower due to her issues with human men. The explorers got closer to the top, and they could feel the air pressure beginning to impact their lungs, but they continued on. Along the path they ran into another bird with the name of Xerxes. This bird was most impressive with its wingspan, it was larger than any of the birds they had seen thus far, but they were sure there were even larger birds to come.

Xerxes didn’t seem to pay the explorers any mind as he flew by them, wings as long as some buildings the two explorers had seen. Takeshi tried imagining just how large these birds were and he couldn’t do it. Just the thought of a bird that size was mind boggling to him and he just wanted to see it for himself, the answer was becoming more clear as he continued to read as to why the lady from the library had sent him this book. Takeshi continued to read about the explorers’ travels. They explain how shortly after seeing Xerxes, they came across another bird, named Hera. Hera was the first bird that came up to the explorers with a gentle demeanor. She glided through the air with such grace that it was almost intoxicating to watch, to the point to where neither traveler could bring their eyes off of her. She landed as gracefully as she flew a short distance from the explorers. She spoke to them in a wonderfully low and soft tone. She asked them what they were doing on the mountain. When they explained that they were there to merely observe and to explore the area, Hera smiled and nodded her head. She told them to be weary of another bird with the name Ares. When the explorers asked what Ares would look like, Hera smiled and assured them that they would know the moment they caught a glimpse of him. The observers were slightly confused, but mostly worried as to what Ares was going to be like.

The explorers finally reached the peak of the mountain, the view from the peak was absolutely spectacular according to the explorers. They described it as being the closest one would get to heaven without actually going, and just how magnificent the distance that you could see. Takeshi read these last words and he felt the click. Takeshi believed that he knew the reason that woman from the library sent him that book. She knew that Takeshi wanted to become a Sage. So she sent him the book that was filled with information that would show him all kinds of wondrous animals that could be his possible allies in battle! Takeshi leaned back in his chair for a moment and thought for a moment. He had never had someone show him that level of kindness before. Takeshi smiled and continued to read, he wanted to see what happened with the explorers and Ares and what Zeus would say to them.

The explorers looked around at the peak of the mountain for a little while, until finally a giant bird came soaring towards their location. This bird had a massive wingspan, to the point that they could not believe. The wings looked as though they were made of fire, the feathers were a blazing red and it had a yellow glow coming from its eyes. The massive eagle was coming directly towards them and was not slowing down. The explorers tried finding a place to run, but the massive bird had already shot three fireballs directly from its mouth. The explorers had nowhere to go, so they prayed. Just before the fireballs had hit their mark, another giant bird had landed directly in front of the explorers, the shockwave of the landing launched the explorers back almost 15 meters. Then, a giant sphere of lightning was produced around the giant eagle that stood in front of the explorers. Once the fireballs hit the sphere, they exploded, then fizzled. The sphere of lightning then dissipated and then the lightning wielding eagle yelled at the fire wielding eagle. "Ares! Come down here!" The red bird named Ares came down and landed directly in front of the lightning wielding bird. "Why would you try and kill our guests?" Ares scowled at the explorers. "We don't know why they are here." Ares responded. "They are here to explore, nothing more. Besides, what could they do honestly?" Ares didn't like it, but he relented.

Takeshi stopped his reading there. "A bird so bird that the explorers couldn't believe it to be real? I must meet these birds. I want to become a sage, and I believe these birds are going to be my key to doing so." Takeshi stood up quickly and put the book in his backpack. He decided that he was going to go visit the woman at the library and thank her for the book. He was also going to try and find out just where that Great Mountain was.

Takeshi was just about to leave for the library directly, but he then realized that he hadn’t had breakfast yet. He set his backpack back onto the dining room table and he walked over to the kitchen. He wanted to have something quick so he could hurry over to the library and speak with the woman. He walked over to his fridge and he grabbed some chorizo, threw it into the pan that he had preheated previously. He also grabbed eggs. He cracked them into a bowl very quickly before the sausage burned. Takeshi poured the eggs onto the sausage that was in the pan. The smells of the concoction was intoxicating and Takeshi loved the smell of Chorizo when it was mixed with the eggs.

When the eggs were completely set and cooked, Takeshi moved the pan off of the hot burner. Then he grabbed a tortilla from the top of his cabinet and threw it on top of the hot burner that he just moved the pan off of. When the tortilla hit the fire and it immediately began to rise up from the introduction of the heat. When the tortilla was sufficiently warmed Takeshi grabbed it off the burner and he laid it down on the counter and he placed the chorizo and egg mixture on top of the tortilla. Once this was done, he grabbed his hot sauce from the cabinet and the sour cream from the fridge. Takeshi poured some of the hot sauce onto the eggs and then he put some sour cream on the mixture as well. Takeshi then rolled up the tortilla to form a burrito and he began to eat the breakfast burrito that he had made.

Once Takeshi had finished making his breakfast. Takeshi brought the plate to the dining room table and set it down onto the table. He finished eating his breakfast and was almost ready to run off to the library. He grabbed his dishes and headed over to the kitchen and he began cleaning all of the dishes that he used to cook and eat breakfast with. Takeshi grabbed his pan and knives, and he wiped them clean with some soap and a clean soft cloth. Takeshi set all of his dishes to the side of the sink on the drying rack until he had all of the dishes cleaned. Takeshi then put all the dishes away, grabbed his backpack and headed towards the front door. Just before he got to the front door, he looked at the sign next to the front door. “Prove her wrong. I believe that if I get Sage Mode, I will.” Takeshi reminded and then excited himself. He tightened his grip on the straps of his backpack out of excitement, he put his combat boots on and headed out the door.

Takeshi was running through the town he was far too excited to walk at this time, he just wanted to be able to talk to the woman at the library about the book and about that mountain. He was running toward the large pine tree that separated the residential district that he lived in to the rest of the village of Hoshigakure. When he reached the tree, he couldn’t help but remember the night before. The woman that was almost killed on her own deck, and the man with one arm that had been cut short by Takeshi. He was still trying to figure out what had happened to those guys. Who were those ninjas who tried to hold him down with the paralysis jutsu and failed? These were question that Takeshi had no answers for.

Takeshi shook his head trying to forget about that for now. The woman was saved, and that is what mattered. Takeshi turned his focus back onto the library so he could find the woman and ask her about the book. Takeshi left the spot where the large pine tree sat, and he headed over to the library. As he walked by the butcher shop, it was closed down of course, but he still wanted to go into the shop and see if the criminals were there or had been there to look for something. Takeshi thought about it for a moment and he thought that he could use the hiding like a mole technique and sneak into the shop. But he chose against that plan, he didn’t need to become a criminal to stop a criminal. He just tried to keep his focus on the library and get there as soon as possible. Takehi finally reached the library and he walked inside. He noticed there was a book signing going on, he didn’t recognize the men sitting behind the table so he didn’t pay it much attention. He walked up to the woman behind the counter and greeted her, “Hello. I wanted to thank you for the book.” Takeshi smiled at her and she reciprocated, “Oh I am so glad you got it. Did any of the animals interest you?” She asked with sincerity. Takeshi smiled and responded, “The Eagles of the Great Mountain. Most certainly, I am going to meet them one day. Maybe even have them become my allies to go into battle.” The woman’s eyes grew wide and she giggled. “Well that would be quite impressive, but how are you going to meet them?” The woman asked. Takeshi’s head dropped, “I honestly don't know. But I am going to meet them one way or another.” Takeshi had his hand in a fist and brought it up to his chest to show determination. The woman behind the counter giggled once again. She then stood up and pointed toward the men behind the counter, “Well those men there are the same ones that wrote that book I gave you. They are the explorers. You may just be able to hitch a ride with them to the mountain.” The woman said with a big smile on her face. Takeshi’s heart dropped and stomach churned. Takeshi could not believe that he was possibly so close to meeting the ones that met the great birds and who could possibly even take Takeshi to the birds!

Takeshi turned around and he walked over to the men behind the table, and they both looked over to him. Takeshi smiled and stretched out his hand to shake the hands of both of the explorer’s hands. He smiled and introduced himself. “Hello sirs. My name is Takeshi Hyuuga. I have read your book and I wanted to ask you a few questions about the Birds of the Great Mountain.” When he was finished talking, both of the explorers smiled at the idea of those birds. “Those birds were absolutely breathtaking. What did you want to know?” One of the explorers had asked. Both men were waiting patiently for Takeshi’s response. “I want to meet them.” Both men instantly grew worrisome. “Why would want to meet them? They could kill you in an instant!” One of the explorers had reminded Takeshi. “I know, but they didn’t kill you. Maybe I can get as lucky, then I want to speak with Zeus about having them all possibly join me in battle as my summons.” Takeshi looked at them with the most serious face that he could possibly muster. The explorers could tell that he was being serious and they began talking between themselves. Takeshi could not quite hear what they were saying, so he just stood there next to the table, looked back at the woman behind the counter. She gave him a thumbs up and smiled at him. Takeshi smiled back and he turned back to face the men at the table who were still talking between themselves. Finally, after a minute or two, they face Takeshi again and they both stood up. “If you are that serious, then we will take you to the Mountain. Lucky for your we are heading that direction next anyways. We will be leaving tomorrow morning, I hope that won’t be an issue for you. Takeshi went from worried to absolutely one thousand percent excited in less than a second. Takeshi assured them that that would be no problem at all. They shook hands once again and Takeshi walked over to the woman behind the counter. She asked him how it went and Takeshi explained to her what had just happened. They both got excited and she congratulated Takeshi for taking another step toward completing his dream of becoming a strong ninja. Takeshi smiled and thanked the woman for giving him the book and opening the door for Takeshi to actually take the step. She said that he was welcome. They both shook hands and Takeshi headed out the front door. Saying goodbye and that he would see the explorer’s tomorrow morning right at the library.

Takeshi walked out the front door and he realized that the sun was beginning it’s descent. Takeshi was not sure how much training he was going to be able to do, but he figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a little bit of training the day before he hit the road to meet some giant birds that could possibly kill him if they had the will, and the opportunity. Takeshi walked over to the training grounds and he found his usual spot, by the very large pine tree toward the end of the training grounds. Takeshi reached the pine tree and he set down his backpack and he began warming up for his time for training. Takeshi had been sitting for a large portion of the day reading that book about the Birds of the Great Mountain. Takeshi stretched out his body just as he did that morning. He started with his legs, moved up to his back, then his neck. Once his body felt more warmed up, he started thinking about the things that the explorers went through when they tried climbing the Great Mountain to meet the birds. He thought of the different attacks that the birds sent out for the explorers and he thought about how Takeshi could react to those situations and actually react in a way that would not hurt any party, but show the birds that Takeshi was not just some average guy, he was a ninja who was worthy of their alliance. That was the largest goal that he had in his mind, he wanted the birds to know that he was a worthy opponent, and an extremely worthy ally. Takeshi thought of the first technique that the explorers came into contact with. That was just the blunt attacks from the bird toward the bottom of the mountain, he couldn’t remember the name of the bird. If the bird was just pecking at him, he could just flicker out of the way just before falling off the edge, making the bird miss the last peck and cause the bird instead to fall off the side so she could fly and realize that he was something of worth, not just some kid lost in the woods. He felt this would be a good way to react to that situation.

Takeshi continued to think about the situations that the explorers both got into, Takeshi tried to think of the next situation, the one with the Earth Bullets. Takeshi thought about it for a while, he finally made a clone and told the clone to stand about twenty meters away, total guess on how far the bird would have been during the time of the technique being used. Takeshi had the clone shoot the earth bullets at him and tried to think of a reaction, the bullets came closer to Takeshi is when he had the idea, he performed the Palms Revolving Heaven technique to deflect the earth bullets. Takeshi thought for a while and decided that that would be a good enough way to react to that situation, no reason to be too fancy about the whole ordeal, that would be just enough. Takeshi continued to think of the last one. The fireballs from Ares, that would be an interesting one. Takeshi didn’t have that technique, or that element at his disposal, but he did think of what he had that would be able to combat that technique being used on him. When the fireballs came closer to him, he could either use Palms Revolving Heaven again to deflect. Or he could instead combat the technique with the Water Style: Suidhana technique to put out all the fireballs that he threw at him. Takeshi thought for a moment and decided that that would be better because it would show the different techniques that he had access to and it would show that he wasn’t afraid of them or anything that they could throw at him. Takeshi felt confident in the reaction that he thought of and was happy with it.

Takeshi then continued to think of what he could do against that lightning sphere that Zeus had brought up to protect the explorers. Not that he was worried about having to fight the giant eagle, but something that he wanted to keep in mind just in case anything were to go South and he needed to fight his way off that mountain. Takeshi eased his mind by thinking of everything going right. Takeshi was so hopeful that when he got there, all the birds were going to be nice and welcome him in. Then he would have a long talk with Zeus about becoming his summons, he was sure there was going to be some push back, but he was sure he could push through all of it and get them to join Takeshi’s side in battle. He was sure of it, so sure that he continued to reassure himself of that. Takeshi realized that the sun was going down and he had a long day of traveling ahead of him very soon. Takeshi grabbed his backpack and he began to walk across the training grounds. The main thing on his mind at that time was what he was going to have for dinner and how he was going to pack for such a long trip. Takeshi didn’t know about the second question, but he did know for sure that he was going to go to the noodle shop and get himself some ramen to eat for dinner.

Takeshi got to the other end of the training grounds. He made sure that he had everything, like his tanto, and when he saw that he had everything, he continued his journey toward the noodle shop. As Takeshi walked through the village, he thought about how amazing it would be to fly on the back of a giant eagle, cutting through the sky, leaping off of the Eagle just before a landing, dropping into battle. Takeshi’s mind continued to race at the idea of becoming an Eagle Sage. The difference in his fighting style that that would bring and the overall benefit that he would get from having such amazing animals on his side. Takeshi arrived at the noodle shop and he found himself a place to sit at the bar. Takeshi waited for his order to be taken, while he waited he took out the book that the lady from the library had given to him. He continued to read about the travels of the two men and how many things they had seen in this world, how many marvelous and wondrous things that they had seen throughout their travels. Takeshi’s mind was just astounded by the thought of seeing such marvelous creatures on a regular basis and how such a life would be like to live. Seeing such things and not really thinking anything of it. “What a life, what a life indeed.” Takeshi thought to himself as he continued to read. Takeshi waited at the counter for a few minutes until the cook behind the counter asked him what he wanted to eat. He responded with his usual, the biggest bowl with the most stuff in it. They both laughed and the cook said okay. Takeshi went back to his book and he continued to read about the bird of the Great Mountain. Takeshi could not wait to leave tomorrow morning, but he was not entirely sure how they were going to get there. By wagon? That would take a long time, a very long time. But if it meant being able to have eagles and falcons join Takeshi in his battle against whatever foe he may be going against. Especially when he became the Eagle Sage. That would be absolutely amazing and he could not wait. Takeshi received his bowl of ramen and it looked as good as always.

Takeshi looked at the bowl of ramen for a moment, he knew he was going to need to let it cool for a few minutes so it would be safe to eat. Takeshi marveled at how the meat was cooked so perfectly, had the slightest hint of pink in the middle, but due to the fact that it was sliced so thin he was witnessing the meat cook slowly, but he knew that when it was done it would be some of the best tasting meat you’d ever be able to get your hands, or chopsticks, on. The ramen broth having such a dark color of brown, that was how you knew that the ramen broth was cooked perfect, was when the broth was rich and dark color of brown, that was when the broth was at its best was when it was so dark, you couldn’t see the bottom of the bowl, let alone the large stock pot that it cooks in almost all day. The scallion being chopped to perfect round garnishes on the broth, floating on the top of the hot sea of broth, allowing some of its natural flavors to seep into the ramen broth ever so slowly, making the broth better and better by the second. The noodles, as they dance in the ramen broth, cooking at the same time as entertaining the viewer, being the one who about to eat. But Takeshi’s favorite part of any bowl of ramen, the egg. Takeshi grabbed his chopsticks and he split the egg in half with them. Takeshi watched and practically drooled all over himself as the yolk from the egg spilled into the rest of the ramen. Takeshi loved not only to eat the egg when it did that, but he loved to watch it at the same time. It was like art that was spilling all over the marvel that is ramen.

Takeshi finally felt it was time to begin to eat the ramen that he had been awkwardly staring at for almost four minutes. Takeshi grabbed his chopsticks off of the counter and stirred the noodles into the broth for a few seconds before grabbing a large bite of noodles with his chopsticks. He brought the noodles up to his mouth and he blew on the noodles for safe measure, then he took his first bite. Takeshi’s mind blew up and his eyes rolled back, it was probably a weird thing that he loved Ramen as much as he did. But he didn’t care, he loved ramen and that was all that there was to it. Takeshi was eating his ramen and reading his book at the same time and he couldn’t get enough of the stories on these birds. They all seemed to be a pretty tight family and Takeshi wanted nothing more than to join that family and become allies with them. Takeshi finished up his bowl of ramen and he paid the bill. He thanked the cook behind the counter as he grabbed his things and he began to leave the restaurant, as he left, he heard some commotion going on by the residential district. Takeshi wanted to check to see what was going on, this is when the memories of the night before began to flood back into Takeshi’s mind. The commotion was of two people talking excitedly about a game they had seen the night before. Takeshi calmed himself down and tried to breath. He didn’t realize just how much trauma that night had put him through. While he was extremely happy that he did what he did. He was still just so surprised that something like that could have happened to anyone. With his mother gone, Takeshi hard harder time remembering that there was evil in this world and he was going to find it no matter where he went, even if his own home village. Takeshi went straight home, and try his best to calm down and begin the packing process for his trip that he was to have tomorrow morning.

Takeshi got to his home, he slowly walked through the front door for his head began to pound from the stress of what had happened the night before. Takeshi was worried about how he was reacting to that night’s events. If he couldn’t handle the death of one man, how was he going to be a ninja. The only people he had ever killed was when he had blacked out. What did this mean for his ability to kill ninja or missing nin or anyone that needed to be killed? Was he going to be able to do it? Would he go insane after his first conscious kill? Takeshi’s mind was racing with questions that worried him about becoming a ninja, but he tried to breathe and came to the conclusion that he was going to have to deal with that when it happened and try his best to realize that sometimes that is the only option. He set his backpack down on the dining room table and he headed into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. He walked over to the cabinet, grabbed a glass from the cabinet and set it under the kitchen sink faucet, he filled a glass with water and turned the water off. Taking his glass, he headed into his bedroom and readied himself to pack.

Takeshi grabbed the suitcase from the closet, this suitcase used to be his mother’s but took ownership of it when she died. Takeshi set the suitcase on the bed and opened it. Takeshi then began planning his packing of all of his clothes and weapons. Takeshi thought of the things he was going to need for the trip. Takeshi knew that he was going to need his weapon pouches, his tanto, and his combat gear most certainly. But then Takeshi thought about what he wore on an everyday basis, when he came to the conclusion that his combat gear was the only thing he ever wore. So Takeshi took off his Flak Jacket, and he hung it back up in the closet, he grabbed all of the black t shirts out of his dresser and he began laying them into the suitcase one by one, making sure the stack stayed tight as to not use as much space, making sure that he would only need to carry one bag on his trip, and not two. When he was done laying out all of his t shirts, he opened up the second drawer in his dresser that had all of his combat shorts laying inside.

Takeshi began pulling out his combat shorts and inspecting them for any excessive wear. When he saw none, he then also began stacking them into the suitcase one by one, ensuring the stack was tight so he would use up the least amount of space possible. He inspected the amount of space that he had left in his suitcase and he felt confident that he was only going to need one suitcase, which was a good thing. Takeshi then grabbed all of his toiletries from the bathroom, after brushing his teeth, of course. He put the toiletries in the bag and after he deemed that he was ready for his long trip, Takeshi closed up the suitcase and he set it by the bedroom door so he would not forget it. He was then finished packing, he so he went into the bathroom so he could shower and get himself ready for bed. It already being late and he wanted to make sure that he was going to get enough sleep to be able to get to the Great Mountain and be alert for the birds when he got there.

He walked into the shower and he turned on the shower, he waited for the water from the shower head was coming out with steam. He then felt the water with his foot, and when he deemed it was the right temperature, he stepped into the shower with his whole body. Takeshi liked to keep his hair short because it made showering much faster and much easier to get done efficiently, long hair just tended to get in the way of that, and he never really liked being in the shower. It was a defenseless area, and with Takeshi’s paranoia, being in a defenseless area was not something that he particularly cared for. Once he was done washing his body, he moved on to washing his face and his hair, the part of the shower he like least. The reason for his distaste for the washing of his hair and face is because he would have to close his eyes to do so thoroughly, which made his paranoia much worse. Now he was in a defenseless spot, with his eyes closed. It did make it very difficult to actually be able to shower when you were always worried about someone barging into your bathroom and trying to kill you. Even though that hadn’t happened yet, he always had the feeling that that night was the night that it was going to happen. He finished up his shower and grabbed his towel from off the wall. He dried off his hair to begin with, then he would dry off the rest of his body. Takeshi stepped out of the shower and he walked in front of the mirror, he took a second to look at scars that covered his body. Takeshi’s eyes began to tear up with the memories that his mother had instilled into his mind. Takeshi always tried to put up the facade, try to pretend that everything was okay and that he was happy, but he knew that he wasn’t, he knew that he was depressed. The worst part about his depression was he had no idea what to do about it. He knew that he had no real happiness in him, and that he was just going day by day just making it work, but he didn’t know if there was a long term solution for the problems that he was having. Takeshi shook his head violently to try and take his mind off of the subject, not wanting to be depressed before meeting the birds, knowing that that would just make things much harder with both the explorers and the birds. So Takeshi splashed some ice cold water in his face and he tried his best to forget about his depression for a minute. Takeshi thought about meeting the birds and how excited he was for that.

When he was done trying to forget, he walked into his bedroom and he went over to his dresser. He looked through the top drawer and he grabbed a pair of his underwear, after putting those on, he stumbled over to the bed and began stretching out his body. Takeshi always tried to stretch out his body before going to bed, this helped his body cope with the thrashing, tossing and turning that he would do throughout the night. Takeshi would always start with his legs and move his way up his body, like he did every morning before going to the training grounds. Takeshi stretched out his legs for a few minutes due to the tightness that they were always in with his hamstrings. When he was done, he pulled the covers off of the corner of the bed and he crawled into his bed. The memories of the night before came back to him, and Takeshi took a minute to acknowledge the memories, he knew what had happened was a sad occurrence, but it was something he was going to need to get used to if he was going to be a shinobi, if this was something that he couldn’t handle then he was going to need to change his life path. He knew that this was not an option for him because he loved to be a ninja, he was going to become numb to this if he was going to be able to live with himself throughout the path that he was going to be going down for the remainder of his life. Takeshi went through the memories and he decided that he was fine with what happened, the important thing was that he saved that woman’s life, even if he couldn’t save her husband. That was something he was going to have to forgive himself for and hopefully one day, he would be able to move on from that terrible night. Takeshi’s vision began to blur and he couldn’t be more grateful, he was worried that he wasn’t going to be able to sleep that night, knowing what he was going to be experiencing the next day, a long trip to the Great Mountain. Sure enough, Takeshi was asleep shortly after that.

When Takeshi had fallen asleep, his dreams came next, which is something that he feared every night when he climbed into his bed. As he lay in his bed, the dreams were pouring into his mind. Takeshi dreamed that he was standing in that butcher shop, he could feel the robbers just about to burst through the door. Takeshi turned into his steel form, like he did that night. He turned around and he saw the kunai knife flying through the air and deflected it with his tanto blade, before skewering all three of the robbers in the next few steps. Takeshi looked back at the butcher and he was trembling in fear, but he was still alive. Takeshi felt terrible for that poor woman who had to hear about her husband’s murder. He wished that he could have gone back into that night and actually stopped that knife from piercing that man’s skull, he wished he had done more, he wished he had saved him. But Takeshi wouldn’t let himself live it down, he constantly cursed himself throughout that night after the event and throughout the next day. But he knew that there was nothing he could about it now and at least he had the knowledge that he had saved the butcher’s wife. The dream finally came to an end and more followed. But he could not recall what those dreams would be or were.

Takeshi woke up at his usual time, around 4:00 AM. He felt that this was going to be plenty early for they wanted to meet at 6:00 AM at the library to leave for the Great Mountain. Takeshi swung his feet around and he got out of his bed, starting with his morning stretches of course. When Takeshi was done with his morning stretches, he walked over to his dresser and put on the one set of clothes that he left in the dresser for him to wear on his trip. Takeshi first grabbed all of the clothes that he needed for that day, his t shirt, combat shorts, flak jacket, and socks. He laid them all out on the bed in the order that he was going to be putting them on. Takeshi was just in his underwear, so he grabbed his t shirt first and he threw that over his head, stuck his head through the hole and put his t shirt on. After he had his t shirt on, he was going to move on to his combat shorts. Once he had his combat shorts on, he grabbed his belt and just before looping it through all the loops in his pants, he grabbed the tanto blade that he had in the trunk that set at the foot of his bed in his bedroom. Takeshi set the tanto blade where he wanted it, then secured it in place by threading his belt through the loop the mahogany and oak sheathe that he had for the blade.

Takeshi had his shorts, shirt and tanto blade in place. He grabbed his Flak Jacket out of the closet and he put it on, ensuring that all of the pockets and flaps were secure and strong. Once he was sure that his jacket was in combat order, he was ready to begin placing all of his remaining weapons on his person. Takeshi grabbed his weapon’s pouches that he had sitting on the top of his dresser, he opened it up and began to inspect each of the blades. Takeshi grabbed each knife and made sure the blade was sharp and the knife was stable in its integrity. Takeshi felt confident in his gear so he placed them back into the pouch that they came from and he placed the pouch on his left thigh. Takeshi then felt confident that he had everything that he was going to need, so he grabbed his suitcase that he had set next to the bedroom door, and he headed into the greater part of the house.

Takeshi was excited to get going, so he made a quick breakfast of his chorizo and eggs burrito and was getting himself ready to leave the house. The only thing that he needed now was some food for the road. Takeshi looked through his cabinets and he found a few non-perishables that would do the trick to get him to the Great Mountain, or so he had hoped, he wasn’t even entirely sure how log this trip was going to take, he was sure it wasn’t going to just be a day or two. But could it be month, a couple months? This was a question that he had no idea the answer to. He wasn’t entirely sure so he made sure to fill his backpack with plenty of provisions that would last him a week ,he figured if he needed more than that they would probably pass another village or some sort of town or civilization that would get him the ability to resupply for any provisions that they may need.

Takeshi double checked everything and made sure that he would have everything he would need for the next few weeks. He had all of his weapons, inspected and sharpened already. He had his books and his scrolls that he could read on the way there and back if necessary. That was another thought. How was he going to get back home? Takeshi realized that he had not thought that part of the plan through yet, but he was far past the point of no return and he was not about to miss his opportunity to meet these birds and to go on this adventure with the explorers. Takeshi picked up his suitcase, and he headed toward the front door. Before he opened the door he looked at the sign by his door, “I am going to prove you wrong. I will prove to these birds that I am something of worth.” Takeshi grinned, opened the front door to his home, picked up his suitcase, and headed out the door. He began running through town, not because he was running late, but because he was far too excited to be able to do anything else. He ran by the large pine tree that was at the end of the residential district’s opening, he ran right past the butcher shop, the memories that he had made that dreadful night were gone for the moment, right now, he could only think of those majestic eagles. Takeshi realized that he was still early, but the explorers were already sitting on the bench that was in front of the library waiting for him. Takeshi smiled and began waving to the explorers, they reciprocated the gesture and they bid him a good morning. He did the same and asked them when they could leave. The explorers smiled and told him that they could leave right now, if he was ready. Takeshi smiled and told them that he was. But he was unsure on how long the trip was going to take, one of the explorers explained that it would be a two week trek, if he was still up to it. Takeshi couldn’t say yes fast enough, he immediately shook his head and said that would be no problem. The explorers laughed and grabbed his suitcase and set it in the wagon. Takeshi hopped into the wagon with the two men and they were off. They were headed toward the Great Mountain!

Shortly after departing Takeshi had already pulled out his book the two men had written and he continued to ask questions at a rapid fire rate. Takeshi wanted to make sure he knew everything there was to know about thee creatures before meeting them so he knew just what he could expect, he knew that he had read the entire bit of the book that the men had written about them, bt he figured he could pick their brain just a little further and make sure that he knew all there was to know. Takeshi finally after asking questions and talking to the two men for hours, he finally came to the point to where he felt confident that he was going to be able to fend for himself on that mountain and be able to befriend these birds. The end of the first day had come and they were just about to make camp off the side of the road a ways. Takeshi asked the two men if they had ever been accosted by bandits or the like while on their travels, both of the men laughed and told him that they had plenty of times. Confused, Takeshi asked what they ever did to protect themselves. They responded with an answer that he did not expect. They revealed that they were former Jounin from a village that was quite far from Hoshi, while they may be much older than when they were still fighters, they still knew plenty when it came to being ninjas and how to fight. Takeshi was so surprised by this and he needed to know more. They all began talking about the ways of shinobi and even more about the two men’s traveling career. They talked about all the times that they had been accosted by people on the roads, only to show them their actual power, and most times they would run off. But on occasion, they did have to fight whoever it was trying to rob them. Takeshi felt safer with that information and was happy to hear that they would be able to hold their own should anything happen.

Takeshi was beginning to get extremely tired, so he laid down on the floor and he stared into the sky and he was mesmerized by the beauty that the sky did hold. He could see just why these two men left the way of shinobi to join this life. A much more peaceful life with tranquil skies directly before your eyes every night, and plenty of stories to tell those who are around you. He dreamed of this sort of life at times, just being free and alone, maybe have an animal with him, but no one else. Just him and the road and all kinds of destinations to choose from. Takeshi’s vision began to blur, he told the men good night, they reciprocated and they all went to sleep. They woke up the next morning and had breakfast, luckily the men didn’t actually expect Takeshi to bring food with him, so they all had plenty to eat. They had some chunks of pork, eggs, and beans for breakfast and Takeshi absolutely loved cooking on an open fire. Takeshi and the men tore down their campsite and they loaded the wagon back up. They all hopped inside and they continued on to their destination. Two weeks would pass just like this, the same every single day, until Takeshi could finally see the Great Mountain in the distance. Takeshi looked in amazement and awe as they got closer to the giant mountain. This mountain was not the only one, but it was the only one you’d remember. The other mountains around it only stood at the ⅔ point of this mountain and they were nowhere nearly as impressive to look at. Takeshi loved the mountains and this was going to be one of his only experiences with them. The explorers began talking to Takeshi about the mountain and just how great it was when they did in fact see some giant figures circling around the Great Mountain and those that surrounded it. Takeshi could already make out their features because they were so large and he didn’t have any words to say about them. He had never anything that size, let alone a bird. They finally arrived at their destination, the foot of the mountain. The explorers told Takeshi about how to access the trail that the monks who lived there used to climb up the mountain. Takeshi wrote down their every instruction and thanked them for providing him with safe passage. The explorers both laughed and responded with, “I don’t know about safe just yet.” Takeshi and the explorers laughed. Takeshi bid them both safe travels, and they bid him the same. Takeshi waved as the two rode off into the horizon, with the sun to their backs for it was still morning at this time. Takeshi then turned around to face the giant mountain and he began to head toward the monk’s path. Takeshi read his notebook very intently about how to get to the path.

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Once he reached the path, he closed his notebook, set it in his backpack and he began to hit the trail up the mighty mountain. As he walked up the trail he began to see the giant birds more often and much closer. Takeshi’s stomach began to churn, he was beginning to get nervous about meeting the giants in their home area. But he soldiered on because this was his destiny and he knew that he was meant to meet these birds so they could become his ally. Takeshi was coming around a bend when he ran into the first bird on his travels. It was a tiny black bird, tiny being relative of course, when he saw the bird, he greeted with a hello and a wave. The little black bird hopped onto its feet for it was lying down before. “What do you want?” the little black bird that Takeshi assumed was Iris asked. “I want to meet with Zeus specifically, but I want to meet all of you that live upon this mountain.” The little black bird laughed and laid back down, she dismissed him with a continual laugh as Takeshi walked away. “She seemed nice.” Takeshi thought in his head.

As he continued up the path another bird stopped him in his tracks and began to come closer to him, squawking at him and pushing him closer to the edge, Takeshi thought about his training in the training grounds the day before departing. Takeshi allowed the bird to push him up to the edge until just before the bird went for one large push, Takeshi used the Body Flicker to make the bird miss and fall of the edge of the cliff, the bird then flew back up to the cliff and yelled at Takeshi, “What do you want?!” Takeshi remained calm and said that he wanted to speak with Zeus. She continued to squawk as she flew up the mountain, presumably to tell everyone that he was coming up the mountain. He didn’t seem bothered by it, he wanted to have everyone at the peak so he could speak with them all to become his ally in battle, so the first step is to get everyone, if she wanted to do that for Takeshi he was going to let her.

Takseshi continued up the path, but he got to the point that the explorers had described in their book about the bird that blended in with the mountainside and shot at them with Earth Bullets. Takeshi activated his Byakugan and he was able to spot the bird, the one with the name of Artemis.  Takeshi was able to spot a chakra system that was hanging right off of the side of the mountain was next to his position. Just as he had read, suddenly two Earth Bullets came soaring towards him. Takeshi looked around to see if there were any birds coming to help him, unfortunately for him there wasn’t. So Taeshi, just like he had done in the training grounds before departing for the Great Mountain, he used the Palms Revolving Heaven technique and deflected both of the bullets. Takeshi then saw the giant bird leave her post and come soaring towards Takeshi saw that the bird was not going to stop, so he used the body flicker technique and dodged the blunt attack, as the bird was just about to slam into the mountainside, it instead went directly inside, she was using the Hiding like a Mole technique! Takeshi was impressed that even something that size could perform such a feat. Takeshi was still able to see her chakra with his Byakugan so he watched as the bird changed direction directly for him. So Takeshi performed the Body Flicker once again, dodging the attack and finally decided to go on the offensive. Just before the bird would come out of the ground, Takeshi  performed the technique, tearing Earth turning palm technique. The bird flight was halted and was slightly harmed by the Earth being tossed around with part if her inside. But she flew away and perched on a branch on the other side of the valley, glaring at him with steely eyes. Takeshi stood in his fighting stance and yelled to her, "I only want to talk to Zeus!" Artemis then screeched and began another charge towards Takeshi, this time, he would not dodge. Takeshi waited until just before Artemis would slam into him. Takeshi jumped up and turned, grabbing on to her wing and activating the hiding like a mole technique. Artemis tried her best to get him off, but she was unable to do so. So she went directly out of the mountain and they flew above the ground by probably two hundred  meters. Takeshi didnt waiver, he held on as tight as he could. Artemis trying to roll in the air to get Takeshi off. Takeshi then performed the Assimilate all Creation technique. When he performed the hand seal on a flat part of Artemis' flight path, he grabbed a kunai out of his pouch and turned into the steel form. Artemis, with the sudden shift in weight, was unable to stabilize her flight path and began tumbling for the ground. She asked Takeshi to turn back or they were going to die. Takeshi said only if she stopped fighting him. When she refused he gripped on tighter and prayed. They were going to hit at any second when she finally relented. Takeshi then undid the technique and Artemis began a calm flight path, giving up on trying to get him off.

Takeshi then began to speak, "I dont think we've met. My name is Takeshi. What's yours?" He said, breathing heavily from the ruckus they just went through. "Artemis. What are you doing here?" Takeshi responded. "I want to talk to Zeus. That's all. I'm not here to hurt anyone. I know about all the terrible things that humans have done in the past, I hate that they did those things. I admire you guys and want to form an alliance with you." Artemis continued to fly forward. Then finally turned around and headed back toward the mountain. Just before they turned around, Takeshi could actually see the explorer's wagon and they were waving at him. Takeshi was sure they were laughing their hardest at him. Artemis flew Takeshi directly to the peak of the mountain and flew off, said good luck to him and was gone.

Takeshi was standing there in the middle of the clearing on the peak of the mountain, looking around for anyone. Takeshi activated his Byakugan again and looked, he immediately saw a giant red bird flying toward his location. Takeshi readied himself into a fighting stance and awaited the fireballs. Takeshi would stand there, patiently waiting. Waiting for anything, birds, fire, but nothing came. Takeshi saw the birds, they were staying still. Even the large red bird Ares was still. They were all acting as though they were waiting for something, or someone. Takeshi then saw out in the distance with his Byakugan what they were waiting for. A giant bird, bigger than any of the others, including Ares, was coming toward the mountain.

This bird was so massive that Takeshi could hardly believe it. The bird was coming closer and he screeched in the direction of the Great Mountain. As soon as Takeshi saw the bird fly overhead, he was sure it was Zeus. Zeus slowly landed onto the clearing on the peak of the Great Mountain and lower his head so he could look at Takeshi closely. Takeshi, still not even close to eye to eye, said, “Hello Zeus. My name is Takeshi Hyuuga and I am pleased to finally meet you.” Takeshi raised his hand to wave at the giant bird. Zeus stood back up and he let out another loud screech, Takeshi was unsure what the screech meant, but he was sure to stay on his guard, just in case things did in fact go south.

All of a sudden all of the birds moved in on Takeshi’s location at once, again unsure with what that meant, he stayed on guard and was ready to fight. But he tried not to stand in a position that was too aggressive and would make the birds feel as thought he was asking for a fight. Takeshi was amazed at just how many birds there were on this mountain, Takeshi counted 12 spectacular birds in total. Takeshi greeted each of them with a smile and a hello or  a wave. Takeshi looked around until finally Zeus began to speak, “According to Artemis, this boy here wants our company in his battles as a summon, while he is not the first to ask us for permission, he is the only one that can say that they had stayed on the back of any of us, especially one as rowdy as our Artemis.” Artemis was the last to land in the clearing, obviously embarrassed by the situation. The other birds began to snicker at her until Zeus spoke again. “There is nothing funny about that. Some of the humans do tend to be quite crafty, lucky for this one, he just happens to have had a bit of luck on his side when going against our Artemis. Now boy. What makes you believe that you are worthy of having us as your subservients in battle?” Takeshi felt all of the eyes pointed directly at him, unsure of what to say, he just gave it a shot from the heart. “I want no subservients, Zeus. I want allies. I want to have friends, or at least acquaintances that would be willing and ready to join me in battle when I needed. I would never view you as someone below me, because you’re not. Not even you Artemis. I want to battle with you all and I want to show you that us humans are not all terrible, some of us are good and have a great amount of respect for you and your kind. I want to become an Eagle Sage, that does not mean that I control you, as you well know. This would mean that I would spend a great deal of time training with you guys and practicing every day to being able to control myself and my own chakra, while also having you help me in battle if I was to ever need.” Takeshi was unsure if what he had said was going to be enough to bring all of the birds to his side, but only time would tell.

Zeus looked upon Takeshi and he began to speak to all who sat on the mountain, including Takeshi. “This boy has spoken with a true heart, in my opinion I believe he was telling the truth, but truly only time will tell. I believe that this boy should be put into one test to prove his worthiness of having us as his ally in battle. He shall have a friendly match against our fiercest fighter, Ares. What say you Ares?” As soon as Zeus had said his name. Ares was already leaping to his position, ready for battle. Takeshi agreed and put himself into a fighting stance, ready for whatever may be thrown at him. Ares stood in front of him, rearing to get a chance to fight this newcomer to their mountain, and Takeshi was willing to take on this challenge if it was to prove Zeus right that he was speaking the truth about Takeshi having respect for their kind. Takeshi waited for Zeus to initiate the battle and for Ares to make the first move. Zeus screeched to start the fight and Ares wasted no time. Takeshi watched as the giant bird lunged toward Takeshi and grabbed him with his massive talon, then flew straight up into the air with him in tow. Takeshi was amazed at just how fast this bird was. Takeshi performed the Water Style: Snake’s mouth technique and shot it directly into the face of Ares, the bird began to swerve and fly uncontrollably. Takeshi didn’t want to be dropped so when Ares opened up his talon in anger, Takeshi sunk his kunai into his flesh, holding him up with it. Ares screeched in pain and tried to peck at Takeshi with his giant beak, but Takeshi pulled out his tanto and slashed at the massive beak of the bird. Frustrated, Ares began a nosedive, directly for the floor. Takeshi didn’t know what to do in this situation, so he began to think. Takeshi was hanging onto the talon of Ares, and they were a few seconds from a crash landing that would kill them both. Takehsi thought and thought and finally came up with a plan. As they grew closer to the ground, Takeshi pulled his kunai knife out of Ares’ talon and used his basic medical ninjutsu to heal his foot, Ares screeched and asked him what he was doing, beginning to slow the descent. Takeshi told him that he was healing his talon and apologized for stabbing him. Explaining that he only did that so Ares would drop Takeshi and kill him.

Ares, confused pulled up from his nosedive and asked him why a human would want to heal a bird trying to kill him. Takeshi explained in a soft tone, still healing his talon, that not all humans were bad. Some were good, and some loved birds altogether. Ares flew away from the mountain and landed on a branch where the two of them could talk more privately. Ares looked at Takeshi and asked him why he wanted them to be his summons. Takeshi explained that he thought there were no better friends than birds, and no one better at battle. He explained how he thought birds were the most efficient and most practical with their hunts and fighting. After a while of Ares and Takeshi talking, Ares agreed to allowing Takeshi use him as a summon and how he would be happy to do so. Takeshi and Ares flew back to the clearing where all the rest of the birds cheered. As Takeshi climbed off of Ares. Zeus began to speak, “See here! This shall be our summoner. Takeshi Hyuuga!” Zeus yelled in a loud, booming voice. All the birds cheered and they began to introduce themselves to Takeshi Hyuuga, who was more than happy to meet each and every bird on the mountain, even Iris, the mean black bird who delivered mail. Takeshi and the birds then had a feast on the mountain and they celebrated the victory of Takeshi and celebrated their future life long partnership together. As they feasted, Takeshi had never felt so at home, and it didn’t even matter that he was with an entirely new species. They all felt like family and they treated him as such. They had some of the smaller birds playing music and Ares was cooking a large cow that they had found with his fire techniques. Takeshi was sitting directly next to the father bird Zeus and Takeshi thanked Zeus for allowing him and his kind to be his summons. Zeus then looked down at the boy and smiled, “I didn’t allow anything for no reason, you worked hard for that privilege, and as long as you continue to earn that privilege, then we shall be life long partners, ever betray us, and you will be dead to us.” Takeshi nodded and reassured Zeus that he would never do that. To that, they all lifted a drink and Zeus said, “To our partnership!” But then Takeshi added, “To our Friendship!” The birds cheered, as did Takeshi. As the night began to fall, Takeshi wondered where he was going to sleep and how exactly he was going to get home. Just as those thoughts entered his mind, Ares picked up Takeshi by his collar and set him in the nest that he was sleeping in. Takeshi felt the heat come from Ares and was able to be comfortable, as Takeshi watched the stars, his vision began to blur and he happily fell asleep.

Takeshi woke up to the screeching of Zeus. All of the birds began to screech as they stretched their wings and started to get ready for the day. As they were screeching, Ares nudged Takeshi to join in. Takeshi stood up and he gave out the loudest screech he could produce, Ares chuckled and nodded his head, “Pretty good for your first time.” Takeshi thanked Ares for the compliment and then he asked what they did first thing in the morning. Ares said that they usually begin their day with training, then do that until lunch time, take a break, then train until it's dinner time. Takeshi could not believe just how alike he and the birds were. Takeshi asked if he could join them in their training. Ares responded with a, “How else do you think you are going to be able to fight with us in battle. You gotta train like a bird to be the Eagle Sage my friend.  Takeshi and the birds trained hard the entire day, even to the point that Takeshi was not entirely sure he was going to be able to keep up with them. But he gave it his all and the birds noticed that. Takeshi ate dinner with them again and after dinner, Takeshi and Ares went for a fly as they talked about their lives. Takeshi told him about his mother, and Ares told him about his human owners. They both had to deal with a lot of abuse and trauma when they were younger, they just dealt with their problems in different ways. Takeshi got depressed, and Ares got angry. But they relished in the fact that they had something in common, even though they were very different species. Finally when they got back, Takeshi realized that he needed to be getting back home for now. Takeshi went over to Zeus and asked him if he could get a ride back to Hoshigakure, Ares stepped up and volunteered to take him back to Hoshigakurehimself. Zeus seemed to be very pleased to the liking that Ares had taken to the soon to be Eagle Sage, Zeus nodded and said that that would be fine and allowed Ares to take Takeshi back to his village. But they both agreed to leave in the morning, that way they could both be rested, especially after such a long and hard day of training.  Takeshi was excited to not only have found a new set of allies, but a new friend in Ares, and a new family with the birds of the Great Mountain. Takeshi could not wait to begin battling with his new family in tow, with them, he didn’t know how he could fail.

The next morning came so soon and both Takeshi and Ares got ready to leave, more so Takeshi because Ares was a bird and didn’t have much to pack. Takeshi packed up his backpack and got his tanto ready to go in its sheathe.  While Takeshi didn’t want to leave his newfound family, he knew that he was going to need to rejoin his team some time, it was going to be there that he was going to learn about how to get the sage mode, but it was going to be his new home at the Great Mountain was where he was going to train the technique and become proficient at using it. Takeshi began to say his goodbyes to all of his friends and his newfound family one by one until he finally got to Zeus. Takeshi walked up to the giant bird and gave him a hug in his leg, Zeus smiled and wrapped a wing around his back. Takeshi felt safe in his embrace and he knew that he was going to love each and every single one of his teammates/famiily members/ friends. He was more than excited to be able to go into battle, and to honestly just live with them. Takeshi did love the mountain and he knew that was going to be coming back extremely soon. Before he left, Takeshi grabbed the summoning scrolls that he had brought with him. He made sure to grab 12 scrolls for that is how many birds was mentioned in the book the explorers wrote. He went up to each and every one of the birds and asked them to sign a contract with him. Each of the birds gladly signed and he bid them all a wonderful day and told each of them that he couldn’t wait to see them again. Takeshi climbed up onto Ares and after giving the family one last wave, the two of them were off. Takeshi was happy because he got to go back with a friend, and at a much faster speed than the wagon they rode to the mountain with.

Takeshi watched as the clouds flew by and Ares and Takeshi talked the entire way there, he was beginning to teach Takeshi how to speak their language so they would be able to speak in battle without everyone else knowing what they were saying. Takeshi was a fast learner, luckily, so by the time that they got to Hoshigakure, he was able to vaguely understand what it was that they were saying when the screeched or chirped. Finally, Takeshi and Ares arrived at Hoshigakure and they began to say their goodbyes. Takeshi gave Ares a hug around his beak. Which Ares leaned into and wrapped Takeshi with his wing. Then they both let go of each other and Takeshi bid Ares a safe trip back. Takeshi and Ares both nodded toward each other as a sign of respect and Takeshi watched as Ares flew away. Just as he was flying away, Ares shot out a giant fireball. Takeshi laughed as he watched his friend fly away, back to his home. Back to both of their homes. Takeshi began walking back toward the gates of his home village, slightly sad, but mostly excited. Takeshi realized that he should go over to the library and tell the woman about his travels with the explorers and his experiences with the birds. Takeshi began running toward the library, forgetting how sore he was from the training with the birds, he began to walk a little slower because of the soreness.

He got to the library and he walked through the front door, the woman behind the counter had a book open and was writing in it. When she saw Takeshi, she lit up and asked if he made it to the Mountain. Takeshi had told her all about his travels with the explorers and all that he got to see in the two weeks of traveling. Then he continued to tell her all about his experiences with the birds, the fighting with Ares, how he won their trust, and the training session that they all had together. The woman was in absolute amazement that her little gift had turned into such a blessing. To thank her for all she did, Takeshi noticed the library was closing soon and asked if she would like to get some ramen as a thank you to her for opening this door in Takeshi’s life.  The woman accepted and said, “By the way, my name is Brianna.” Takeshi laughed because he realized that he had never asked her her name. Takeshi said, “It’s wonderful to meet you, Brianna. I am Takeshi, future Eagle Sage.” Takeshi and Brianna went and got ramen and talked the night away. Then Takeshi brought Brianna home and went home himself. It was time for some sleep.

TWC: 15421

+3000 Contract Summoning with Zeus
+3000 Contract Summoning with Ares
+1875 Contract Summoning with Hera
+1875 Contract Summoning with Xerxes
+1125 Contract Summoning with Poseidon
+1125 Contract Summoning with Artemis
+750 Contract Summoning with Athena
+671 Contract Summoning with Diana
+2000 to signing a contract with the Birds of the Great Mountain

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Takeshi woke up early in the morning, when he saw the time he groaned. “4:30 AM? I’m slacking… Well the sun still won’t be up for a little while so I still have time.” Takeshi slowly rolled out of bed and he grabbed his clothes and headed into the bathroom. He got into the bathroom and he began his morning routine. He made sure to trim the beard that was beginning to grow on his face. He finished up in the restroom and went back into his bedroom. He went into his closet, and grabbed his new flak jacket from the closet and he inspected it for any type of flaw or damaged, even though it was still brand new. Takeshi put his flak jacket on and started looking for his combat shorts. When he got his outfit on, he began inspecting all of his blades from his weapon pouch. Every blade and exploding tag needed to be in absolutely perfect condition for Takeshi to deem it worthy to going out into battle.

Takeshi felt all of his blades were ready for battle, so he moved on to his last piece of equipment before he was ready to move out of his bedroom and headed into the kitchen to begin preparing his breakfast. Takeshi knelt down to the trunk that was at the foot of his bed. He opened the trunk and he grabbed his tanto that was within its wooden sheath that was made of oak and mahogany. Takeshi grabbed his sheathed tanto and whipped it out of the sheath and inspected the blade. Takeshi then, after deeming it worthy for battle, hooked the sheath to Takeshi’s combat shorts and he headed out of his bedroom and headed into the kitchen to begin preparing his breakfast.

When Takeshi got into the kitchen, he thought about what he was going to have for breakfast. Takeshi looked through his fridge and grabbed his eggs. Takeshi wanted a quick breakfast that morning, so he grabbed some chorizo, which is a heavily seasoned and spiced sausage, and threw it on the pan that Takeshi had preheated with some oil on the pan. As the chorizo cooked, it shot extremely hot grease from the pan and it hit Takeshi directly in his eyes. Takeshi jumped back and tried rubbing his eyes to get the grease out of his eye, the stinging was absolutely painful, but it finally subsided and he grabbed the handle of the pan and began to toss the sausage and oil together to prevent it from burning. Takeshi grabbed his eggs and cracked them into a bowl very quickly before the sausage burned. When the eggs got into the bowl, Takeshi whisked the eggs together until they were mixed together and had some air bubbles formed at the top of the mixture. Takeshi poured the eggs onto the sausage that was in the pan. The smells of the concoction was intoxicating and Takeshi loved the smell of Chorizo when it was mixed with the eggs. The color being of a slightly burned brown, mixing in with the brightness of the orange colored eggs.

When the eggs were completely set and cooked, Takeshi moved the pan off of the hot burner. Then he grabbed a tortilla from the top of his cabinet and threw it on top of the hot burner that he just moved the pan off of. When the tortilla hit the fire and it immediately began to rise up from the introduction of the heat. When the tortilla was sufficiently warmed Takeshi grabbed it off the burner and he laid it down on the counter and he placed the chorizo and egg mixture on top of the tortilla. Once this was done, he grabbed his hot sauce from the cabinet and the sour cream from the fridge. Takeshi poured some of the hot sauce onto the eggs and then he put some sour cream on the mixture as well. Takeshi then rolled up the tortilla to form a burrito and he began to eat the breakfast burrito that he had made.

Once Takeshi had finished making his breakfast. Takeshi brought the plate to the dining room table and set it down onto the table. Takeshi grabbed the book that was sitting in the middle of the table and opened it and once he sat down, he began to read. The book that he was reading was the same book he had been reading for the last few days. The book was about Sage Techniques and the coveted Sage Mode. Takeshi had been reading about sage mode for weeks and it was something that he couldn’t bring his mind off of it. Takeshi had always wanted to begin learning the summoning techniques, but  he hadn’t really found a race that had interested him. This book was on how ninjas were able to obtain the natural energy and power that the sage mode does provide. It was something that Takeshi was so interested in because it is known to be able to increase your chakra potency which very interesting to Takeshi due to the fact that so much of his fighting style did in fact incorporate his chakra and the potency and power thereof.

Takeshi had finished his burrito and he decided that it was time to get over to the training grounds, he made this decision when he realized that the sun was just about to start to crest over the horizon and Takeshi knew that the grounds were going to have enough light to begin his training by the time that he would arrive at the training grounds. He grabbed his dishes and headed over to the kitchen and he began cleaning all of the dishes that he used to cook and eat breakfast with. Takeshi grabbed his pan and knives, and he wiped them clean with some soap and a clean soft cloth. Once he was finished with this, Takeshi then moved over to the regular dishes, the plates, silverware and the like. He scrubbed those clean with a sponge with a soft scrubbing pad with warm water and soap. Takeshi set all of his dishes to the side of the sink on the drying rack until he had all of the dishes cleaned. Takeshi then dried off all of his dishes and put them away into the cabinets or pan racks, wherever the specific dish belonged to.

Takeshi was done with breakfast and he was ready to get into town so he could get back in the training grounds and start his day of training. Takeshi grabbed the lunch that he had made the night before and threw it into the backpack and he began heading over to the front door. Takeshi stopped his walking and glanced over at the sign that he had next to the front door. “Prove her wrong.” Takeshi reminded himself as he gripped the straps of his backpack tightly, opened the front door, and headed out into the town. Takeshi realized that he hadn’t put his shoes on yet so he went back inside, threw his shoes on, and he headed back out the front door, locking it behind him.

The morning was as gorgeous as one could imagine, the sun was out, but you could certainly see the clouds forming around the village, almost as if it was sentiently surrounding the Village hidden in the Stars. Takeshi was on the main road, and he loved this part of the day, he got to see as the village was only starting to wake up. Takeshi saw only a few people on the main road, and even fewer people in the shops that lined the entirety of the main road in the center of the village. It was a good thing for Takeshi that he lived on the opposite side of the village from the training grounds. This provided Takeshi the ability to jog or walk or even run, all of it in the name of warming his body up and getting it ready for the training he was getting ready to put himself through to make sure that he had done everything he could to prevent his body from cramping up or becoming overly sore to where he wouldn’t be able to effectively train the next day.

Takeshi was passing by the bakery and the butcher shop and he made a mental note to stop by there after his training so he could pick up the ingredients that he needed for the dinner that he planned on making. Takeshi was walking by the library and this was when he remembered that he needed to return the book that he had been reading. Takeshi hadn’t finished it yet, so he decided that he was going to recheck out the book, as long as there was no one else waiting in line for the book. Takeshi walked into the library and spoke to the woman behind the counter, when he told her that he wanted to recheck out the book, the woman told him that there was no one in line for the book, so him rechecking the book out was going to be no problem. Takeshi asked the woman behind the counter about something that he had heard about when he was eating ramen the night before at the noodle shop.

“I had heard something about something called Den’s Scrolls. Can you tell me what those are about?” Takeshi leaned onto the counter as he asked the woman the question. The woman had a puzzled look on her face and then he saw the lightbulb go off in her head. The woman stood up from behind the counter and brought him over to an area that Takeshi had never been in before. Then the woman handed him a box that was not very heavy, when he opened up the box, he saw a couple scrolls laid out inside the box. The woman explained, “These are the scroll you have heard about. Make sure to be very careful with these, they are absolutely irreplaceable.” Takeshi nodded and thanked the woman. She smiled and walked back to her counter. Takeshi took the box to the table to the side of the library main room, set the box down, opened it, and admired the scrolls inside for a moment.

Takeshi finally grabbed one of the scrolls and opened it. When he did this he was enthralled with excitement when he read the contents. It turned out that the scroll was full of lessons and techniques that were known by the Sage’s. The “Den” that was the writer of these scrolls was a HogoKage and he, before dying from what he was told, gave the village all of his works on the Sage techniques and all of the techniques that he knew and learned when he was a sage. Takeshi’s eyes were wide open when he was reading the scrolls, the information that was written down was so mind boggling in how complex everything was. As he continued to read, the complexity of the techniques were explained down and Takeshi was beginning to understand what Den was speaking about when he was speaking about the Sage techniques. He then read about ways to obtain the sage mode and from there, the techniques learned only by the sages. One interesting way was to have a certain amount of summons, when he read this piece, Takeshi was excited because he was already thinking just that morning that he wanted to begin researching and experimenting with the summoning technique, and now he was going to have a whole different reason to learn and practice with the technique.

Takeshi continued reading the scrolls until he realized that he was burning daylight and reading was something he could do when it had become too dark to train. So Takeshi set the scroll back into the box and he carefully closed the box, and put it back on the same shelf in the same place that he had seen the woman from behind the counter take the box from. He then turned around and began walking towards the front door of the library, he made sure to thank the woman behind the counter, she responded with a “You’re welcome.” and he walked out the front door of the library. Takeshi’s mind was completely wrapped around the idea of Sage mode and summoning. Takeshi tried to think of what kind of summons that he had read about in the stories and fables. He had heard about toads, owls, even some dragons. But Takeshi tried to think if any of these races actually interested him, but he couldn’t really conclude that any of these would. So Takeshi tried to keep his mind centered on sage mode and think of any type of race that he could come into contact with, and maybe be able to come to agreements with them so they would become his summons into battle. Takeshi looked around the village, and he saw two hawks flying through the air. Takeshi always admired birds of prey. He loved their ability of flight, and their instinct for hunting. Takeshi thought in his mind, “I wonder if there is a bird race that I could have become my summons?” Takeshi continued to think about flying through the air, riding on the back of his summoned Eagle or Hawk. Takeshi spirits grew brighter and he was excited. But he knew that it was time to focus on his training for he had just arrived at the training grounds.

Takeshi had finished a spar with his teammate Sakuragi that didn’t end up in a good position, both were injured and had to go to the hospital due to injuries they had both sustained by Takeshi ramming into Sakuragi with a Body Flicker gone wrong. Takeshi had healed up from his injuries and he was ready to do whatever it took to continue his journey to becoming a great ninja. Even though Takeshi and Sakuragi ended their spar on bad terms. Takeshi still wanted to be a part of a team, but he wasn’t too sure about going into combat with him again. Takeshi was still lacking in combat experience portion of his make up, but Takeshi wasn’t going to let that get him down. Takeshi was still in possession of a strong arsenal of techniques and he was going to become a strong ninja, no matter what the cost.

Takeshi thought for a long time on how he was going to prove to everyone, especially his mother, that he was something of worth. Takeshi had spent many nights lying awake in bed to see just how he was going to do it. Takeshi thought of all of the strong ninjas that he had interacted with, or even just heard of. Ayato was a great example, he is even the head of the Hyuuga clan, so he was most certainly a ninja that was well respected throughout the village, that was something that Takeshi wanted. He wanted people to know who he was, but for the right reasons and out of respect, not out of fear or disgust. Takeshi thought of another ninja that he had heard of. “Hikari Namikaze” Takeshi spoke aloud as he thought of the Jinchurriki that called Hoshigakure home. Takeshi wanted that, Takeshi wanted to become recognizable and remembered for being a strong ninja, one way to do that was to take down and control one of the largest beings in their world, the tailed beasts. Takeshi decided that that was going to be his focus, Takeshi was going to become a Jinchurriki no matter what. That is what was going to get people to remember Takeshi for all the right reasons, instead of the bad.

Takeshi decided that before he went into the training grounds, he was going to stop by the library and get a little more information on these large beasts that Takeshi hoped to one day take down and to control. Takeshi also thought about how much help he could be if he was a Jinchurriki, Hikari was always going on the most elite of missions and was constantly charged with protecting the village. With Hoshi having two Jinchurriki’s under their employ, Tkaeshi believed that this would make the people of his village safer and be a more formidable challenger, keeping people safer from wrongdoing on a nationwide scale.

Takeshi arrived at the library and he made his way to the front desk. Takeshi greeted the woman behind the desk and asked her where the books on the tailed beasts would be. The lady behind the desk seemed shocked at Takeshi’s interest of the tailed beasts. Takeshic loved the tailed beast and there is nothing on the planet that would change his mind, he thought that all the Jinchurrikis in the past were great warriors, whether they used their power for good or evil, they were still great warriors. Takeshi wanted to be included in this group of people who fought valiantly for their cause, including fighting the tailed beast in an of itself is a great feat.

Takeshi began to read about the tailed beasts from the books that the lady behind the counter at the library had recommended for Takeshi to read.  The more that Takeshi read, the more that he knew that taming and having control of one of these beast’s power, the more he was sure that he was going to be a respected ninja in his village if he was to be the Jinchurriki to one of these amazing creatures. Takeshi took a liking to the One-Tailed beast, Shukaku. Takeshi read its stats aloud, to try and understand them even more. “An S rank organism that has the unique ability to control sand.” This was quite convenient due to its usual home of the Land hidden in the sand. Takeshi continued, “The elements that this beast is known to use is Earth and Wind, with an advanced element of Sand.” Takeshi continued to read the different techniques that this being had been reported to use. “Antlion is a technique that causes the ground and everything on and around it to be sucked in towards the middle of a large pit, much like the method an antlion uses to catch prey. Upon being dragged to the center, the victim will then be sucked underground. There the victim, depending on how deep the user makes them sink. The largest pit that had been made and recorded was 70 meters deep!” Takeshi could see all of the uses this technique would have during a battle with enemies of Hoshigakure. Takeshi continued to read about Shukaku and he was sure that that was going to be the beast that Takeshi wanted to battle and take control of. But he would be happy with having an ally with any of the tailed beasts.

Takeshi decided that he had done enough reading for now. If he was going to be taking on a Tailed Beast then he was going to need to be as strong as he could possibly be. That was the absolute truth, So Takeshi decided to go back outside and head into the training grounds. Takeshi had spent his entire time last time feeling the different forms from his Assimilate all creation technique that he had learned a week prior. Takeshi could remember how the composition of his body changed and shifted when he would go into each of those techniques. The feelings that he got and the certain enhancements that each form brought. Takeshi was excited with the new technique and was happy with the progress that he had made in learning and using that technique. Takeshi knew that today he was going to put his attention to more techniques that were going to be used to cause direct harm to his opponent. Takeshi thought for a while and he decided that he was going to focus on the ninjutsu side of things, he was especially going to focus on using his water element to use more techniques from that part of his arsenal. Takeshi thought for a moment and decided which technique he was going to use. He then ensured that there was a dummy in the middle of the training ground. Takeshi formed the correct hand seals for “1000 needles of death!” Takeshi yelled as needles began to form from midair and Takeshi felt the control of the needles in his body. Takeshi targeted the dummy and the needles went flying through the air at a speed of 70 and began to thrash through the dummy, leaving it in shreds. Takeshi enjoyed that technique, and he couldn’t wait to use that technique again, only this time, he hoped it was going to be in battle.

Takeshi activated his Water Trident technique to get a small boost in his speed. Takeshi realized that he wasn’t going to be able to always use the higher ranked techniques that gave me huge boosts. So he was working on handling the lower ranked techniques that gave him smaller boosts. Takeshi felt his chakra interact with the water element, and he felt begin to change and cover his entire body. Takeshi felt his body feeling different, he began to sprint and he felt so much faster than he was. Takeshi ran toward another dummy that was set in the middle of the training ground area, and just as he was coming into 10 meters away, Takeshi lunged forward at a speed of one hundred and twenty five, just before he came into contact with the dummy, Takeshi activated the Eight Trigrams: Mountain Crusher. Takeshi slammed his palm toward the chest area of the dummy and a giant hole went straight through the dummy and it began to fall apart. Takeshi was so excited with all of the techniques that he had been learning. Takeshi was so absolutely ready to continue his journey. He didn’t know how he could grow any farther in the stage that he was in. He wasn’t able to gain the Chunin rank because there were no exams coming soon in Hoshigakure. His team was so far behind him that he couldn’t really learn anything from them. Takeshi felt like he was stuck in a rut that he was allowed to get out of. Takeshi thought of the wanderers, how they could go from place to place without anything or anyone tying them down. Takeshi also thought about the Missing Ninja that would be able to jump him when he was by himself.  Takeshi did let this thought go away, but he did make sure to keep it in the back of his mind. Takeshi felt that if bad comes to worse, Takeshi is will have to dig deep and find his killer instinct. Takeshi wanted nothing more than to grow in his path of being a shinobi

Takeshi did have some issues, like his routines. Always doing the same thing, he always obsessed over them, but that was something he was going to begin to work on. Stop thinking about the process of how he cooked something before he ate it. Seemed to be another one of those things that figured was normal, but now seemed quite crazy. But he was sure there were other things about him that others would deem as crazy. He just needed to continue to navigate through life, fixing those weird things about himself. But with the help of his teacher Ayato and his other mentors that he followed, and his team. He was going to get through them. Takeshi loved the people that he was beginning to surround himself with, they were always keeping him on his toes and correct about everything, never an error to go unnoticed, which Takeshi could not be any more appreciative of.

Takeshi decided that it wasn’t too late to go train, so he stood up and stretched his body out. Got his mind ready for training once again, and assumed his fighting stance. While he may not be the most fit ninja in the village, he surely moved like one. Always ready for a fight or a counterattack, no matter what. Takeshi performed the hand seals for Assimilate all Creation technique, and he knelt down and touched the sand that was at his feet. Takeshi’s body began to change form into the Sand form that this technique allowed to its user. As Takeshi body went through the change, the weird feeling that Takeshi used to get when performing this technique was slowly subsiding. At first, it was a completely new feeling to him so he didn’t exactly know how to take it. But now that he has been using this technique constantly, it was easier for him. Takeshi felt the speed difference when moved in on a dummy with his body flicker. The speed he experienced was incalculable and almost to the point of being uncontrollable. Takeshi practiced the body flicker so he could get used to the speed that this form would give him. Takeshi practiced the Body Flicker multiple times on the dummy until he finally decided to add in some techniques to go with the Assimilate all creation technique.

Takeshi looked up into the sky and noticed that the clouds were beginning to form, he knew the rain was inevitable, this was exciting to him. Takeshi brought his focus back onto the dummy, still being in sand form. Takeshi rushed toward the dummy and just before running directly into the dummy, he performed the Leaf Rising Wind technique. The dummy was slammed into the air, and Takeshi quickly added to the combination by using the moisture in the air from the rain with the technique, “1000 Needles of Death!” Takeshi yelled as he performed the one handed hand sign. Just as he initiated the technique, a hundred needles made out water infused chakra formed and began to slash at the dummy, ripping it to shreds. Takeshi felt his mind thinking, he was trying to think of another combination that he could put together in battle, especially in the current circumstances with the rain. Takeshi decided that it was time for a break. Takeshi walked over to the large pine tree that sat on the end of the training grounds, he leaned on the tree as he sat on the still dry grass, and he watched as the rain began to fall. Takeshi looked up into the tree and he saw the leaves begin to flutter in the wind that was just beginning to pick up. Takehi loved nature, he loved everything about it. There was nothing more that Takeshi wanted than every day to have clouds cover the skies, and some water cover the grass from a fresh rain.

Takeshi ate his lunch and he continued to think about the scrolls that he had read before getting into the training grounds. The sage scrolls as he had begun calling them in his head. Those scrolls might just be the key behind getting Takeshi the next step in his journey to become a strong ninja. Takeshi stood up from his position on the tree, and he rested for a moment longer. The effects of using the S rank technique Assimilate all creation was wearing on him. His legs began to get weak and he was having a hard time keeping still. So Takeshi figured this would be a good time to call it a day, the sun was beginning to go down and the rain was beginning to pick up anyway. Takeshi grabbed his things and he began heading over to the library to take another look at the Den scrolls that he had read earlier that day, before getting into the training grounds. Takeshi walked into the library and tried drying off the best he could before going into the library. Takeshi walked back over to the box of scrolls that the lady behind the counter had showed him earlier that day. He grabbed the box, and he opened it. He grabbed one of the scrolls out of the box after sitting down at the same table he had that morning, and he began to read.

Takeshi learned all kinds of fantastical things lurking inside the pages of the scrolls. The years of research that must have been done to get all this information down to this simple to read document must have been so much work to complete, but yet, this was done by one of the Kage, so he knew that it was done by one of the best ninjas around. Takeshi continued to read to see what other kinds of techniques that the scrolls mentioned and he tried to see if there were any techniques that he would be interested in learning in the future that were sage techniques. As he looked through the scrolls, he noticed that the techniques in the scrolls actually shared a lot of the same elements that Takeshi used, both Earth and Water. There were a few Lightning release techniques that were in there alsom, which was even more intriguing to Takeshi because that was going to be his next element that he was going to begin training with also. Takeshi’s eyes felt as if they were glued to the paper of the scroll. He couldn’t bring his eyes off of it, until the woman from behind the counter walked up to his table to let him know that the library was getting ready to close and he was going to have to leave the scrolls in the library. Takeshi groaned because he did not want to leave the marvelous scrolls alone. But he understood why he had to. He thanked the woman from behind the counter for her help finding these scrolls, and explained to her quickly why he was so excited to read them. She wished Takeshi good luck and he put the scrolls back into the box. Once in the box, he stood up from the table, and brough the box back to the library shelf. Takeshi carefully set down the box onto the shelf and went back to the table to grab his things. Takeshi threw the backpack over his shoulder, and he headed toward the front door of the library. He thanked the woman from behind the counter again and walked out the front door.

The rain had begun to pour even harder than it was when he was leaving the training grounds, so he used his body flicker to get across the street to the bakery, he didn’t have a real reason to do so, he just didn’t feel like getting that wet at that moment. Takeshi walked into the bakery and greeted the shopkeeper, who reciprocated the greeting back to him. Takeshi looked through the bakery and he noticed that all of the products that she had on the shelves had been put out quite recently, everything still had that nice scent to it all. Takeshi was puzzled by this and thought it would have been too late to be putting out fresh product at this hour. So he walked over to the shopkeeper and asked her, “Isn’t it kind of late to be putting out fresh product at this hour?” Takeshi patiently waited for her response. The shopkeeper looked around at her shelves and grinned at Takeshi, “I thought the same when I first started this bakery, but every night around this time, I would get flooded with people just getting off of work or what have you looking for breads, desserts, all of that. So after a couple weeks of that happening to me and me happening to be out of what they were looking for. I began putting out new product every day about this time.” Just as the shopkeeper ended her response to Takeshi, there was a couple people walking into the bakery, that few turned into almost twenty people at a time in that little bakery. Takeshi’s eyes grew wide when he saw just how many people had walked into that bakery. The shopkeeper laughed and smiled at Takeshi when she saw his reaction, “See, son? That’s just what happens. Strangest dang thing.” The shopkeeper said to Takeshi. Takeshi laughed and he began grabbing the breads and pastas that he needed before the rest of the crowd snatched it off the shelves. Takeshi walked up to the shopkeeper again to buy his baked goods and pasta. The shopkeeper told him the total and he paid her. Takeshi then thanked the shopkeeper for her time and he began heading for the front door. Just before opening the door, he looked out to see if the rain was still coming down as hard as it was.

When Takeshi checked the rain he noticed that it had slowed since his coming into the bakery, but not wanting to get his baked goods wet, Takeshi quickly opened the door, and flickered his way down the street. Once he reached the end of the street, he was under a large tree that stood in the middle of the cross roads from the residential area and the rest of the village. Takeshi stood under the large tree for a few moments until finally deciding to run to his house, trying his best to dodge the rain. When Takeshi finally made it to his house, he flung the front door open and headed straight for the kitchen, after shutting the door behind him. Takehi got into his kitchen and he began to set all of his groceries on the counters. Takeshi looked at the ingredients that he had gathered, ensuring he had everything he needed to make his dinner that night. That was when he noticed that he had forgotten the meat from the butcher shop because he was too busy thinking about the rain. Takeshi slapped his forehead, completely embarrassed at just how forgetful he was. Takeshi looked out his front window to see if the rain had slowed any.

The rain had begun pouring hard again and Takeshi debated with himself on whether or not he should brave the cold and rain once again so he could get the meat that he needed from the butcher shop.  Takeshi spent a few minutes going over the pros and cons and after going back and forth a few times with his decision, he finally decided that it was worth it to go through the rain to get to the butcher shop before it closed for the night. Takeshi opened his front door, but this time, he had his umbrella. Takeshi whistled as he walked through the rain with his umbrella over his head. Takeshi reached that large tree that was at the crossroads between the rest of the village and the residential district, still whistling because he had his umbrella and didn’t need to worry about the fact that he was walking through the rain. It was strange to him that he had no problem, as a matter of fact, he actually preferred, to fight and train in the rain. But he didn’t actually like to walk in the rain out of leisure. While yes it was weird, there were plenty of weird things about Takeshi and this wasn’t one of those things that he worried about to terribly much.

Takeshi was walking down the street and he began thinking of the different techniques that he already knew to see if there was a technique that would help him in the rain if he had forgotten his umbrella. Takeshi thought of the Body Flicker, that did in fact help him not get as wet, it still was not a practical solution if  he ever needed to go from side to side and avoid things and/or people. Takeshi then thought of hiding like a mole technique, this would certainly get him out of the rain, but he wasn’t too sure if his groceries would handle too well being dragged under the ground.  Then Takeshi thought of one of the techniques that he had learned weeks ago, the Earth Tools technique. Takeshi thought about it for a moment and he remembered that that technique allowed the user to create all kinds of tools, not weapons, out of the earth. Takeshi had the umbrella between his chin and his shoulder, holding it up while he performed the hand seals. When he was done he put his hand to the ground and formed an umbrella. The umbrella was made of rock so it was quite heavy, but Takeshi figured that it would indeed help in a pinch where having a traditional umbrella was not feasible. Takeshi threw the rock umbrella to the side and watched it break into pieces of earth that it was made up of. Takeshi chuckled at the thought of the rock umbrella as he continued to walk through the rain with his traditional umbrella.

Takeshi got closer to the butcher shop when he realized the lights going off around the town, Takeshi not wanting to miss out on the meat from the butcher shop, he decided to put his umbrella in his backpack quickly and use the body flicker technique to practically teleport to the front door of the butcher. Takeshi looked through the glass and he saw the butcher just about to flip his sign to closed when he had noticed Takeshi standing in front of his door. Takeshi had moved so fast that it had startled the shopkeeper, who had then jumped back a half a meter from the sudden presence of Takeshi. Takeshi laughed and asked if he could grab something really quickly before he had closed. The shopkeeper smiled and let go of the sign, still showing that his business was open. Then he opened the front door of his business and welcomed Takeshi into his store. Takeshi smiled and thanked the shopkeeper, who was now headed back to the counter to help Takeshi grab some of the meat inside the case that sat toward the back of the shop. Takeshi was looking through all of the meat that was presented to him for his purchase. Takeshi decided to go with the skirt steak and pointed it out to the butcher. The butcher then put some gloves on and grabbed the skirt steak and he set the meat onto a piece of paper, Takeshi watched as he wrapped the meat up in the paper. Takeshi heard some stomping just outside the establishment and activated his Byakgugan to see what the noise was coming from. Takeshi saw three men who were just about to go into the store, then they put on some masks as if they were going to try and hide their identity. Takeshi told the shopkeeper to get down behind the counter and do not come up until he said it was safe to do so. The shopkeeper saw the look in Takeshi’s bulging eyes and complied, he got down behind the counter and just before the soon to be robbers burst through the door. Takeshi performed the hand seals for the Assimilate All Creation Technique. Takeshi then touched the steel frame to the meat case that sat at the back of the store, and his body quickly tuned into the steel form. Takeshi quickly, or as quickly as he could in this form, turned around used the body flicker technique to be directly in front of the door. Just Takeshi was about to flicker, the robbers burst through the front door, Takeshi swung his tanto blade, slicing one of the arms off the first robber that had come through the door. This one was already preemptively throwing a kunai knife through the door, Takeshi tried to reflect it, but it was too late. The kunai went soaring to the back of the store, when it finally reached its target. Takeshi was unable to check back to see where the kunai had landed because there were still two other assailants to deal with. The first one dropped to his knees and was screaming in pain due to the lack of his throwing arm, that was no longer attached to his body.

Takeshi saw the next guy through the door was going for a slash at Takeshi’s body. Takeshi stood there and took it, which in his steel form, did little to nothing to Takeshi’s body. Takeshi grabbed one of the arms that the assailant was holding onto the sword with, broke his wrist and headbutted in directly in the nose. The blood began spewing out of the nose of the second assailant, who dropped to his side, and was lying on the floor, presumably beginning to lose consciousness due to the lack of blood he was already experiencing. The third and last assailant came through the door and immediately started with Taijutsu moves, the third guy was obviously the most experienced out of the bunch. Takeshi went back to his regular form because he was unable to keep up with him in his Steel form. Takeshi leaped back from the fists that were flying Takeshi’s way and used the dynamic entry technique directly back in front of him, the kick landed a solid blow to the robber. The robber went flying back, right out the front door. This was the chance that Takeshi had to check on the well being of the butcher. Takeshi flipped over the counter and saw the shopkeeper. Sitting, leaning against the wall, blood pouring out of the back of his head, and a kunai stuck directly between his eyes. Takeshi’s heart sunk and his eyes began to water. Takeshi grew furious and his mind began to race. He focused back on the third assailant, who at this time was running away from the store. Takeshi sprinted out of the front door of the butcher shop, and used his Byakugan to find out just where this bastard was hiding. Takeshi found him hiding out in an alley, looking frantically around to make sure that he wasn’t followed by anyone, including Takeshi. With anger in his heart and being blinded by hatred, Takeshi’s vision began to blur. “This feeling… I haven’t felt this way…. In a….. Long ...NO!” Takeshi took control of his mind again and began running after the robber. Takeshi had worked so hard to get complete control of his mind back and he was not about to let all that work go to waste. Takeshi ran up the wall next to him and began sprinting towards the robbers location. Takeshi saw the robber still standing there with his Byakugan, so Takeshi slowly walked up to the ledge, as to not give away his position, then he used the Body flicker technique to close the gap directly behind the robber. Takeshi sent a right hook directly to his rib cage, breaking two of his ribs, then he sent a left hook to his left hip, cracking it. The robber felt straight to the floor. It was about this time that three ninjas came dropping in from the rooftops and used the temporary paralysis technique on Takeshi. Takeshi had a hard time moving, but he still could, this was confusing to him, but he explained the situation to the men anyway. Two of the ninjas ran over to the butcher shop to check on the other two robbers while the third stayed with Takeshi, he released the paralysis technique on Takeshi and began to help the third robber up.

Takeshi then asked what was going to happen to the three robbers. The ninja told him that they were being taken to jail immediately for processing, Takeshi felt comfort in that and thanked the ninja, he nodded, and thanked Takeshi for his help. Takeshi nodded and the ninja ran off. Takeshi sat there for a moment, just leaning against the wall in the alley and thought about the butcher. “Why were they in there? Why would they be there to kill the butcher?” Takeshi had much more questions than he had answers and it made his head hurt. Takeshi stood back up and headed back to the butcher shop. People had already begun swarming the area due to the commotion, but this is when the Queensmen had arrived. Takeshi arrived back at the butcher shop and was stopped by a Queensman when he tried to enter the building. “Sorry, no visitors as of right now. The shopkeeper has been killed by one of yours.” Takeshi was confused for a moment, trying to think of what he meant by one of ours. Takeshi then scowled at the Queensman and explained, “He was not one of mine. He was a no good scoundrel who deserves what he is going to get. I was the one who fought off the other two and ran the last bastard down!” The Queesman looked puzzled at Takeshi’s remark and responded with a cold tone, “Other two? There were no other bodies found in this building. Just the shopkeeper with one of your types of weapons stuck in his head.” Takeshi was completely torn apart by this news. “If there were no bodies, where did they get taken then?” Takeshi was so confused that he had to do some more investigating into what had happened.

Takeshi thought about what the ninjas looked like, they all had masks on and wait.” Takeshi thought for a moment. “I could still move even though they were using the paralysis technique on me. There was no way they were part of the Jounin rank if that was the case. They were still weak on that technique, which means they must still be of lower ranks than Ayato.” Takeshi was sure that he knew just what had happened. “If there were no bodies found in the building, then the two that I took out must have ended up somewhere. Those ninjas were on the scene pretty quick, probably even too quick. Was it possible that they were just executed? No. There’s no way, not that quickly.” Takeshi continued to think about the events that had taken place. This is when Takeshi thinks he had figured it out, “Those ninjas must have been in on the heist. Why they were going for a butcher, I have no idea. But there is no way that those ninjas just happened to be all combat ready and in the exact same place in the exact same time. They must have been waiting for their friends, the robbers, to show up with whatever the butcher had that they wanted. But when I happened to be there and messed up all their plans, the other three must have headed their way to save their friends, but didn’t want to be suspicious, so they played it off as if they were taking the three robbers to jail. They didn’t even take my information and I was a huge part of this case!” Takeshi couldn’t believe that he had been so blind to the facts that were so obviously flaunting themselves directly in front of his face.

Takehi didn’t know exactly what to do with this information. The Queensmen wouldn’t care, they don’t like our kind to begin with. He didn’t exactly know who he could trust in the ninja ranks already. If he told the wrong person, that could mean the end of Takeshi, and numerous others that fall for their schtick of being high ranking ninja police officers. Takeshi decided that he was going to do some more investigation himself, and find out just who the people in the mask were, what they wanted from the butcher, and why it was that they would disguise themselves as Jounin from Hoshi to rescue their fallen criminal friends. Takeshi didn’t exactly know how he was going to find them or how he could end their operation, but he knew for a fact he was going to. Takeshi walked back toward his home, when he saw a Queensman walking away from the scene and beginning to head into the residential district of the village. Takeshi decided to follow him to see where he was going to leave the scene of the crime like this. Takeshi followed his every move, using the hiding like a mole technique so he would not be seen, and followed him with his Byakugan. Takeshi noticed that he only had one arm and wondered how on Earth you would do your job with only one hand. Takeshi was wondering if maybe the Queensman had been in on the job, maybe he was going to meet up with the rest of the ninja group and that could be Takeshi’s chance to get them all in one place. The Queensman continued to walk through the residential district until he came to a house.

The house was nothing special and it looked like the other houses that were set directly next to it. Takeshi wondered just who the Queensman was there to meet, but he was hoping it would be the ninja group who killed the butcher. The Queensman walked up to the steps that led to the front door, when he stopped, took his hat off and pressed it against his chest. He slowly walked up the steps and began to walk toward the front door. Just as he was closing in on the front door. A woman answered the door, “Hey there William. How are you this fine evening?” The woman greeted the Queensman, known as william. He then, with tears in his eyes responded with a low and solemn voice. “Hello Anne. It’s great to see you. I’m sorry to tell you this, but Eiichi is dead. He was killed today in an armed robbery. He was found with a kunai knife in his head.” Upon hearing this news, Takeshi saw the woman’s eyes well up and her stance became extremely unstable. She began to sob hysterically and fell to her knees. Takeshi couldn’t help but to tear up with her, he wanted nothing more than to run up her steps and apologize and do his best to comfort her. William walked up to the woman, and put his hand on her shoulder. She stood back up and gave William a hug. Takeshi noticed something odd about William’s hand. He was reaching down into his weapon pouch. The woman pulled away when she noticed his hand wandering, when she noticed a kunai knife in his hand. Takeshi noticed that this man was using his left hand and there was blood dripping out of the other arm sleeve of the coat he was wearing. This is when Takeshi knew this man was the same man that he had chopped the arm off of earlier. The man that killed the butcher! Takeshi sprung up from the ground and threw one of his kunai knives directly for the man’s hand.

The kunai met its target and the man screamed in pain. Takeshi ran up to the man, grabbed his arm, and slammed his head into the siding of the woman’s house. She screamed in fear and ran into the house and locked the door behind her. This was a bit of relief for Takeshi, he couldn’t save the butcher, but he was hopefully going to save the wife. William had reached up to Takeshi’s head, grabbed it, and slammed into the deck. “I guess that’s what I get for not paying attention. Takeshi flipped back onto his feet, and he picked up the kunai that William had pulled out of his hand. Takeshi flipped the kunai in his hand so he was holding the handle and assumed a fighting stance. William came forward for a blunt attack, this was when Takeshi performed the hand seals for the Water Release: Snake’s Mouth technique. Takeshi shot out a giant mass of water in the shape of a Snake’s mouth and it hit William directly. William was sent flying back onto the road, William got up to perform a counter attack. But Takeshi was already on him with a Dynamic Entry that connected directly with William’s chin. The kick sent him flying back once again. William was close to losing his consciousness completely at this point. Takeshi ran up to him and picked his up by his collar. “What the hell are you up to?!” Takeshi yelled. William was too close to losing consciousness to speak. Takeshi was furious, but luckily the woman had called the Queensmen and they had surrounded Takeshi and the faux Queensman. The Queensmen were not entirely sure what the situation was, in their eyes, it was just a ninja taking out his aggression on a poor Queensman. So, not knowing for sure, they all quickly began yelling and shouting at Takeshi to stop hurting the Queensman and to explain himself. Takeshi stood straight up and he began to explain the entire situation to them. The Queensmen were shocked that one of their own would do this, they picked up William and they began to carry him to the hospital, at least, that’s what they told Takeshi. They thanked Takeshi for his help and for saving the woman. Takeshi nodded and he stopped the supervisor before he walked off and told him about the robbery and how there two other men and three ninjas that “Took the others away, including this imposter.” The Queensman wrote down everything that Takeshi had told him, took down his information, and thanked him again for all of his help.

At this point, Takeshi was exhausted, he had been training all day, then he watched a man die, a woman almost died, and fought off multiple men at one time. Takeshi was ready for bed, and he couldn’t imagine that all of this would have gone down a completely different road, if he hadn’t decided to brave the rain a little bit. Takeshi decided to head home and go straight to bed, after a shower of course. Takeshi still had one unanswered question about the whole situation. “What did those guys want with the butcher and his wife, why did they want them both dead? The questions did not go away the whole way home, through the whole shower, and even while he lay in his bed thinking. Takeshi tried to hold on to his consciousness, but he finally fell asleep.

WC: 9060

+1125 toward learning  
Water Style: Stormy Blockade

Iris contract summoning
Hermes "
+79 Contract Summoning with 
Previous progress above
+188 to mastering 
Genjutsu Release (No hand seals)
+750 to mastering Rock Pillar Spears (No hand seals)
+1875 to mastering Earth Style: Earth Golem(No hand seals)
+1875 to mastering Water Style: Suidhana (No hand seals)
+1125 to mastering (Gentle Fist: Shattering Thrust (+12 speed and chakra)
+917 to mastering Water Style: Stormy Blockade

 (+12 speed and chakra) (917/1125)

Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Soldier of Fortune
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Sensory Remove Default
Remove Remove Remove Remove Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 500

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