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Personal Training Grounds Training (P) Empty Personal Training Grounds Training (P)

Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:19 pm
   Persona went to the training grounds where three logs were set up side by side. Now was as good of a time as any for Persona to train. Persona set his packed bento box on top of the leftmost log. That food was for later, when Persona was finished training. The idea was to make the food a reward for Persona to train harder. The hungrier Persona would get the more Persona would train. The sun was particularly bright which reflected Persona’s current mood. He was pumped to finally get out of his house and learn some techniques on purpose.

   Persona stood in front of the middle log, his right hand outward facing it. “HAI”, he shouted as he planted the palm of his hand to smack the log. Persona winced as his strike connected against the log. He tied his hand bandages tighter. Persona then resumed his composure in front of the log getting ready to hit again. ”HAIII”, he shouted again. Thump. Thump. Persona kept at it, hitting the log very hard with a big smack. Eventually the log began to wear at point of impact.

   Persona looked at his bento box, huffing from his continual exertion. A bit of drool leaked from the edge of his mouth. Persona wiped the saliva from his mouth and returned his gaze towards the log. It needed replacement. Persona went towards the surrounding tree to retrieve another log. He hoisted it up on his back and dragged it next to the middle one. He took his stance and did one final whack towards the centered log, making it crumble to pieces. 

   Next, Persona made the tiger seal, practicing to jab it into the new log that was put into place. Thud. Thud. Persona took it slow before he sped up his process, jabbing multiple times in the course of a few minutes. He imagined it as what it was like for his brother to practice his tenketsu needles, but with more fingers between two hands. After a while the log looked like a smiley face with ‘X’ symbols for eyes. Persona chuckled at this notion that he just created a happy dead log while practicing. 

   Persona switched up his technique. Now, with each time he jabbed with his fingers in a tiger seal he would switch out his empty hands with a kunai. He repeated this process, sinking his kunai deep within the log. He was actually surprised how deep a kunai can go into a log when one applied enough force. It got to a point where sometimes Persona had trouble pulling the kunai out of the log with how hard he was jabbing into it. He could stand on the kunai from the amount of force. He had to use his feet one time even to pull the kunai out of the log. Persona assumed he would learn more about that at the academy he was attending. Thinking of the academy, Persona hoped he would finally make friends from there who would be willing to train with him. He hadn’t had a good sparring partner in forever. The last person he was able to spar was his brother Raijingu who only ever sparred with him raringly.

   Persona wanted to try his defense now. He put his right leg onto the log and kicked his back. As the log began to fall down, he rushed to the other side and with closed fists he heaved against the back of the log, quickly pushing it back up. Each time Persona did this he would kick the log harder, rushing over to the other side faster, and blocking it sturdier. At the fifth attempt, Persona got crushed by the log. It laid atop of him as he laid on top of the dirt. Persona held his breath at that point, afraid that if he let loose all the air in his lungs that he would surely be crushed to death. After 3 minutes of laying there with his breath held, Persona heaved his body up and rolled out from under the log. The log collapsed on the ground, dust flying into the air from its landing.

   Persona with his back on the ground, stomach up now, slowly tried to reach his bento box that was on that leftmost log still. He couldn’t reach it no matter how hard he tried. Now instead of dying from being crushed or suffocation, he worried about dying of starvation. He definitely had pushed himself over his capable limits. His whole body felt like a rice cake that was left out in the sun. Persona stared at the leftmost log trying to think. There was a rope tied around the middle portion of the log, he could reach it and try to lift himself up through that. Persona grabbed the rope and heaved only to find the rope to come loose. He collapsed once more, this time he was tangled up in the rope.  

   His arms, his legs, his whole body for that matter was covered in the thing. Persona rolled around on the ground and the rope rolled around with him. “AHH, I’M GOING TO DIE HERE!”, he shouted. Persona activated his Byakugan and stared at the rope. ‘Wait, that won’t do anything’, thought Persona. Persona deactivated his Byakugan feeling specially stupid from doing that. ‘Luckily no one was around to see. Wait, I need someone to see in order for someone to help!’, he thought. Persona wiggled around some more panicking at that thought.

   Persona stood upright, body still tied, he looked like a stick. He took one giant hop towards his bento box, drooling a pool. He bit off the wrapping of the bento box and shoved his face into it. He ate the food down barely chewing in-between bites. His swallowing was the loudest thing in that area, louder than the noise from the birds. His cheeks were puffed out, full of food until it was all gone. Persona burped. He became rejuvenated from the intake of energy he just received. He focused his chakra and  jumped. As his body fell towards the ground, there was a blast of smoke and Persona got out from the ropes stranglement. Persona looked at the rope angrily. 

   Persona decided to pick up the rope, but he found a piece of it was stuck under his shoe. While he yanked it with his hand, he went back down. His eyes stared out to the sky blankly as he fell once more. His body hit the ground hard and went back up in the air. The rope slowly tangled around him once more as his limbs and the rope mixed together in one big mess. Persona looked at the rope again angrily. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me”, he yelled at it, pulling. He got up to throw himself against the leftmost log. The bento box flew off. Persona hit against the log one, two, three times more. He tried to even scrape the rope against the log hoping the friction would tear the rope off, but it scraped against his skin too hurting him. Persona stopped. ‘Why don’t I just try that trick again?’, he thought. 

   Persona closed his eyes focusing his chakra once more throughout his body. He felt the chakra within moving about. Smoke re-appeared once more. Persona was now sitting on the leftmost log, the rope on the ground. Persona was not going to touch that rope again for the life of him. Persona recalled a technique his brother Raijingu used against eldest brother once. It was a tag, he placed on his brother to better track his movements. Persona grabbed a tag from the backpack he wore, and wrote the proper markings on it. Persona through the tag at the rope to make absolutely sure it didn’t move later on. Persona then leapt from the leftmost log he was on to the fragile middle one, and at last the rightmost log. He would not touch anywhere near where that rope was.

   Persona quickly ran all the way to the tree line, placing his hand against one of the trees there. He looked at the rope from afar. ‘Never again. Never again will it hurt me’, he thought, breathing hard. Persona imagined the rope to be a snake, slithering up his body, wrapping around his neck until it would look him in the eyes with his tongue sticking out. Persona shook his head hard at that thought. Persona  slid his back down the tree trunk. There was tons of shade where he was with only a bit of sun gleaming through. It wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold. ‘I should rest for a bit. It’s a well deserved rest right? I did good right?’, he thought trying to convince himself it was okay for him to rest. A leaf drifted down towards Persona from above. It landed lightly on his forehead. Persona grabbed the leaf, looking at it. It was a bright green color. ‘One leaf of one branch. Just like me’, he thought. Persona smirked, his eyes drawing closed from fatigue. Soon Persona was out like a light.

   When Persona blinked his eyes open it was completely dark.  His body was completely sore from him pushing it in the morning. He didn’t care though, he was eager to train. He got up and went back to the logs. A squirrel was munching on the rope that was there. Persona was glad the rope got what it deserved. He took out a loaf of bread from his bag and took a giant bite from it. Persona sat there next to the squirrel, both eating together. The squirrel wasn’t afraid at all of Persona and vise versa. ‘This squirrel is my pal’, he thought. At that very moment a hawk came down from the sky and grabbed the squirrel. The hawk flew off with him.

   It was too dark for Persona to see normally. Luckily for Persona his Byakugan was capable of handling this task. Persona activated his Byakugan, jumped onto the nearest log and palm bottomed the hawk. The hawk spiraled a bit, but was able to regain its stability before it was too late. The squirrel however, headed to the ground. Persona grabbed the squirrel, pulling him close to his body. Persona took all the damage as he crashed to the ground. Persona instantly went unconscious after the crash. The squirrel hopped out of his hands and turned to face Persona. A tear flowed from the squirrels eyes as it chittered sadly. The squirrel ran into the woods.

   The squirrel came back to Persona. He placed an acorn in Persona’s mouth hoping it would help him. The squirrel waiting for a response, didn’t get one. The squirrel deeply saddened went back to the lines of the trees where he watched Persona from afar, hoping he was okay. There was nothing else to be done, but wait.

   Persona grunted awake, rubbing his head. He got up, looking around. It was morning by this time. Persona not seeing anyone or anything, got his backpack that had came unwrapped from his arms. ‘I sure hope that squirrel is okay’, he thought. Persona turned to leave the training grounds. The squirrel watching Persona go, took note of his kindness. The squirrel owed Persona their life. 

WC: 1,894
Claiming: Discipline (250 req), 1,000 years of death (250 req), Inner to outter counter (250 req), Rope Escape Technique (500 req), Mark Seal (250 req) & 9 stats.
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Personal Training Grounds Training (P) Empty Re: Personal Training Grounds Training (P)

Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:08 pm
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Personal Training Grounds Training (P) Empty Re: Personal Training Grounds Training (P)

Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:34 pm
   Persona came back to the Training Grounds the next day. He had with him a new bento box and a canteen full of water. All of which was stored within his backpack for the time being. On his hip, his tool pouch was equipped onto his person like usual. His favorite short sleeve hoodie was on with his mismatched shorts. His moon necklace shined brightly as he moved under the sun. Persona felt training was the best way to blow off steam. His classes at the academy were frustrating him. Persona wasn’t the worst in his class, but he wasn’t the best either. ‘I’m smart where it counts’, he thought.

   He went to the rightmost of the three logs this time. He hit it in succession doing hand, hand, feet. Persona focused more on speed rather than power. His father had told him that when it came to the Gentle Fist art that they prized speed. Persona kept hitting the log, making a tempo in his head. Bum, bum, tsk. Persona hummed a tune to the sound of his own hits. It was incredible to listen to and made Persona think of all the different types of people there are in this world. At the academy he was told that there was always someone who made a jutsu out of something. ‘I wonder if people made a jutsu out of music’, he thought.

   Persona’s humming attracted himself a furry friend. The small creature scurried up to the top of the log he was hitting. Persona, not stopping, looked at the small squirrel. A smile came across Persona’s eyes. It was his friend from earlier, whom came to visit him. The squirrel made happy chitters and ran around in circles super fast. “My name is Persona. What is yours?”, he asked. The squirrel stopped running and stared at him dumbly. Persona guessed he didn’t have a name. Thinking, Persona went through a list of names in his head.  

   “It’s decided! I’ll call you… Koeda!”, said Persona. The squirrel jumped in joy at his new name. Koeda ran up Persona’s arms and perched itself on his shoulder. Persona kept training on; hand, hand, leg. Koeda, on his shoulder, mimicked Persona and did his own little punches. Persona noticing this said, “Wow, we make a real good team, Koeda.” Koeda chittered in agreeance. Persona perked up at that. ‘It was almost like I could really understand him’, thought Persona.  

   Huph. Huph. Persona was panting from his work out today. Koeda was panting too even though the squirrel did nothing, but hit air. Persona sat down on the log and took off his backpack. He removed his bento box from it as well as his canteen of water. He undid the bento box to reveal the contents of rice with vegetables. Persona took out his chopsticks, picking up some pieces of the food, he munched. Persona took another bit of food and put it next to Koeda’s mouth. Koeda opened his mouth and bit down on the food. His hands went up to his mouth to help him eat. His cheeks shook with great ferocity too as he nibbled on his food. 

   Persona and Koeda finished the bento box off. Persona opened the canteen and chugged down the liquid. He then poured it over Koeda. Koeda both drank the water and bathed in the water. When Persona ran out of liquid to spill over Koeda, Koeda shook himself dry. Koeda then proceeded to groom himself. Persona put everything back into his bag and put it over on his back. Koeda hopped over the strap of his backpack and re-landed on Persona’s shoulder. Persona got up from the log. 

   Looking around, Persona decided to go tree climbing. “What do you say, Koeda?”, he asked. Koeda chittered in agreeance. Koeda jumped off of Persona’s shoulder and ran up the nearest tree. Persona went after him, running so fast that his hair was trailing behind him. When Persona reached the base of the tree he looked up to view the whole height of it. The tree’s near Konoha are extremely high. Persona did not know how to climb a tree with only his feet yet. This would be some excellent training for Persona to do physically, however. 

   Persona jumped at the trunk of the tree, climbing upwards. Koeda was a natural and climbed the tree with ease. It was as if Koeda’s feet were made of glue. Persona kept at it, going inch by inch up. At one point Persona started to slide down, but he quickly whipped out a kunai and dug it into the bark to stop his descent. ”Why didn’t I think of that earlier?”, he asked Koeda. Koeda chittered back, seemingly laughing at Persona. Persona reached into his tool bag and retrieved another kunai for his empty hand. With a kunai now in each hand he climbed up much quicker. It did take a lot of strength, however for Persona to be able to hoist his whole body up using mostly his arms.

   Eventually, Persona reached one of the lowest surrounding branches. He climbed onto the branch, going into a crouched position. He activated his Byakugan to take a look around. Konoha was truly eye candy for any shinobi. Persona hopped up to the next branch making his way to the top of the tree. Koeda stuck mostly to the trunk of the tree, too lazy to move back and forth like Persona had to do. ”One day I will be able to climb these trees as fluently as you are able to.”, he said. 

   Persona and Koeda reached the top of the tree. The three logs from up there would look like ants if Persona didn’t have his Byakugan activated. Koeda looked at Persona, chittered and jumped off the tree. Persona screamed, “NOOOO!” Koeda somersaulted in the air. A quarter of the way through Koeda spread his legs and glided over the area. Persona smacked his forehead. ‘All along it was a flying squirrel. Really? I should have known better. Still, it is rare to see a flying squirrel over a regular one.’, he thought. Persona jumped down branch to branch to go meet up with Koeda.

    Koeda was waiting for Persona at the bottom of the tree. When Persona reached him, Koeda playfully threw an acorn towards Persona’s head. Persona dodged it only to get hit by the second one. Koeda chittered in laughter. Persona chased Koeda further into the woods nearby. Persona kept tripping on the roots and uneven ground on his chase. ‘Koeda must have known I would have trouble chasing him here. It is his home turf. Well, either way it is good training for me to practice chasing him here. Imagine if I were chasing an enemy here like this, I would lose him!’, he thought. Persona concentrated on the task at hand. 

   In order to increase his speed, Persona kept his knees up high as he chased the rascal. This helped make sure that he would not trip on anything along the way. At this rate, he was finally catching up to Koeda. When Persona was getting ready to grab Koeda, Koeda ceased his sprint. Persona looked ahead at what was in front of them both. Stomping into view was a huge bear that bore it’s sharp teeth at them. It snorted angrily at them. Persona grabbed Koeda by the tail and threw him towards the direction they came from. Koeda in a panic, glided back the way they came. Persona ran after Koeda in complete fear. The bear took this as a sign to chase them. He snorted once more, charging towards the both of them.

   The bear’s huge paw was rising higher in the air. It was attempting to maul Persona in the back while going full speed. Persona believed this to be the end for him. He felt the bear breathing on his back, that was how close the creature was to him. Suddenly, Koeda flew into the bear’s eyes. It clawed at them, blood squirting everywhere as Koeda dug deep. The bear swung its massive paws at Koeda, but the squirrel was quicker. Koeda dodged the bear’s claws going onto the swinging arm’s shoulder. The bear’s force behind his swipe didn’t subside however. The bear clawed himself in the face which produced more pain for the massive creature. 

   When the bear clawed itself additionally to what damage had been to it by Koeda, Persona grabbed the flying squirrel. Persona returned to running back towards the three logs, in the open clearing. He doubts the bear would follow them if he got out of its range fast enough. The bear afterall, was severely wounded. While they were running back, Koeda chittered, raising an angry fist at the bear. Persona could have sworn the flying squirrel was cursing at it. 

   Persona made it back to the three logs, placing Koeda down. Koeda was definitely on his scouting mode. He looked from every angle, making sure nothing was chasing them. He then sniffed the ground to make sure there were no other dangerous creatures in the surrounding. Persona was on alert too, he activated his Byakugan again to see what was around his surrounding area. Between the two of them, no enemy could remain undetected. 

   Persona could see the bear back in the woods. The bear was patting his wounded eyes and shaking his head wildly. He almost felt bad for the massive creature. No one should have to suffer like that. At the same time the bear did try to attack them. Persona noticed that Koeda had calmed down. He must have also known that the bear didn't care about them any longer. Koeda scurried back up Persona's arm. The mood between Persona and Koeda got real sullen, real fast.

   ‘I know what to do’, thought Persona. Persona walked over to the small pond that was close by. The pond was decorative with large stones around the edges of it. One of the shinobi here in Konoha was keeping it looking this way, but who Persona did not know. Persona looked at the pond to see Koeda’s and his reflections. This was a good place to reflect and pass the time. Persona needed as much mental training as he did physical. He picked up a hand full of stones that were near the edge of the pond. He moved one of the stones from his left hand to his right. With his right hand he flipped the stone in the air a couple of times before throwing it with a flick of his wrist. The smooth stone skidded along the water before sinking into its depths. Koeda jumped into the water to retrieve the stone. Persona found this to be funny because he still had a handful more of stones in his left hand. 

   Koeda came back to Persona with the stone in his clutches. It was quite impressive for the squirrel to be able to carry the stone and swim with it back. ‘This squirrel was quite skilled compared to what was normally known of them’, he thought. Persona picked up the stone from Koeda. ”Would you like to be a ninja squirrel?”, asked Persona. Koeda nodded his head to Persona. Persona raised his fist in the air in excitement. “Yes! You and I, Koeda. We will be the strongest Shinobi! And if we were to fall, we will fall like no other!”, yelled Persona. Koeda hopped around, sharing the excitement of Persona. Persona pulled one of his strips of cloth out of his bag that he uses for his hair. He tied the strip of clothing around Koeda’s neck. “We will become full-fledged Shinobi before we know it! With our own headbands and everything!”, he said, pointing to his marked forehead. 

   Persona skipped another stone across the pond. This time the stone skipped all the way to the land on the other side of the water. Like their stone technique, they will only improve. Persona watched Koeda go fetch the stone. This was the start to a new friendship. Persona and Koeda had a long journey ahead of them.

WC: 2,027
Claiming: Familiar: Flying Squirrel (WC 2,000 req)  & 10 stats

Name: Koeda

Species: Flying Squirrel

Appearance: Light Brown top with white underbelly

Passive Abilities: Gliding

Name: Koeda

Current Stat Points: 5

Health: 1

Stamina: 1

Chakra: 1

Speed: 1

Strength: 1

Jutsu Unlocked:

B-Rank: N/A 

C-Rank: N/A

D-Rank: N/A

E-Rank: N/A

Passive Abilities: Gliding

Armor: N/A (Wears a strip of cloth like a scarf)
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Personal Training Grounds Training (P) Empty Re: Personal Training Grounds Training (P)

Tue Oct 01, 2019 12:06 pm
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Personal Training Grounds Training (P) Empty Re: Personal Training Grounds Training (P)

Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:47 pm
   Today, Persona set up some hurdles all around the training grounds. He made the hurdles out of sticks, roots and grass he found in the nearby woods. Koeda grabbed some twigs, attempting to help him. Persona carefully twisted the roots and grass around the sticks to bind them together. He made the hurdles go at different lengths to help increase his response time when he would start running. This took Persona a good portion of the day to make. He made at least 20 different hurdles and placed them a good distance apart from each other around the training grounds. The hurdles were placed in a circle, making a track for Persona to follow consistently.
  Before Persona began to start his hurdle training he lifted his canteen to his mouth. He then stopped himself, not taking a sip. ‘Almost made the rookie mistake of drinking before a good run’, he thought. He placed the canteen back into his pack, throwing the whole thing to the side. Persona stretched out his limbs and went into a sprinting position. Koeda hopped off of Persona’s shoulder and went onto his pack that had been discarded to the side. At Koeda’s chitter, Persona started down his route that he had given for himself.
   The first hurdle was always the easiest. Persona measured up the size of it and hopped over, continuing his sprint. The ones that came after the first hurdle were a different story however. Persona jumped higher, lower, higher again and so on. The whole track he had set up was irregular. Some of the hurdles he had made required him to leap off the ground with his hands to fully get over them. It was rigorous training. Koeda watched Persona go down the path. The squirrel soon got bored and climbed up one of the largest hurdles. From on top of the tallest hurdle the squirrel jumped and glided along the air. 
   Koeda’s sudden movement cause Persona to look away from the hurdle ahead of him. As he turned his head towards his small companion, he tripped over one of the hurdles and face planted on the dirt. ‘Ow. Ow. Ow’, he thought, rubbing his now dirtied face. Koeda chittered one of his devious laughters from above. Persona slowly got raised himself from the ground. He twisted his one arm, but other than that there were no broken bones. Persona looked up at Koeda menacingly. “Be careful, you might have a sudden landing too”, he remarked. Koeda landed on top of Persona’s head and brushed his tail across Persona’s face. Persona was angry, but could not do anything about it. He knew it was both Koeda’s way of helping and making fun of him because no one likes someone’s tail in their face, but it did help wipe the dirt off of it too.
   ”Thanks”, said Persona begrudgingly. Koeda went around the track on his own. He climbed the first hurdle and glided over the rest, another way of making fun of Persona who sat there on the log watching him. When Koeda finished he landed on the log next to him. Persona got up angrily. He stomped towards the first hurdle and knocked it down. He then went to each consecutive one, destroying them. With the final hurdle he simply picked it up, throwing it at a random direction. Persona turned towards Koeda, forcing a smile saying “Who needs to train with hurdles anyway? It’s way better to train with actual people rather than some makeshift pieces of wood. You know what I really need? I need to find myself a sensei!”, he said. Koeda puffed up his chest making some loud, spaced out chitters. ”You could never be my sensei. Not only are you a dunce, but you are the size of a water balloon!”, said Persona who turned his head to the side, arms crossed.
   Koeda raised one of his claws towards Persona, shaking it furiously. Persona laughed. ”What are you going to do!?” Koeda jumped at Persona, skittering around his body, pinching him. The two of them tangled their bodies, rolling around in the dirt. They weren’t seriously fighting. The two of them were only letting out steam in a play fight. Play fighting became a regular activity for the two of them ever since they teamed up, but they were always the best of friends. No one won when they play fought either. It usually ended up with both of them getting tired, sprawled out on the ground. This particular play fight, they rolled themselves all the way into the pond, falling in.
   Persona and Koeda held their breaths as they fell into  the pond. The shock of the cold water causing them to instantly stop playing. Persona swam to the surface, Koeda holding onto Persona’s clothing. Both of their heads came above the water. Persona spit out a fountain of water from his mouth too. They dragged their bodies out from the pond. Persona reached his hand out towards Koeda. Koeda did a 360 flip, hitting his hand with his tail. This was his way of letting Persona know they were still cool. Persona sighed and walked to his backpack. He picked up the bag, and with Koeda left the area.

WC: 876
Claiming: 4 stats
Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
Stat Page : The Breaker
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Personal Training Grounds Training (P) Empty Re: Personal Training Grounds Training (P)

Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:25 pm
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