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In Need of a Dog? Empty In Need of a Dog?

Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:58 pm

Vergil was getting his fair share of menial tasks with all the E rank missions he was being assigned lately and this one was no different. A job that's best left in the hands of the families that own such a pet they instead would opt to have a ninja search for it and return it to them. The fact that Vergil was the only one assigned to such a mission was pretty stupid as well as he had the entire village to search for the dog and that was possibly going to take forever to do. Hopping up the nearby buildings up onto their rooftops Vergil would travel from each building while having a good view of the streets below with his excellent eye sight for any signs of a small dog travelling along the streets alone. After a few minutes of doing such a search he noticed a restaurant owner picking up some food that they had accidentally dropped and had spilled out onto the street before suddenly a golden flash came from the shadows of an alleyway and snatched up some fruit before retreating into another alleyway. His Sharingan was able to see clearly that the flash was indeed that of a yellow dog matching the description of the dog he was looking for as he hopped down from his perch and dashed into the alleyway after the puppy.

Upon making his way into the alley he looked around the dark and shadowed corners for any hiding spaces the puppy may have been hiding in as he searched the ground for pawprints or leftover food in order to track it's location. Taking in a breath through his nose he tried to see if smell could help him find the pup as he could smell the slightest hint of a tangerine in the air which was the fruit that Mona had stolen when it was spilled out onto the curb... wait. Mona! The puppy was supposed to respond to the name Mona as Vergil called out the dog's name gently at first before growing a bit louder. A small yelp was heard from a corner behind him as he turned to see the puppy stepping out from it's hiding spot, shaken and terrified of this stranger calling his name, as Vergil got on a knee and reached a gentle hand down to the ground making a petting motion. Even though he'd never had a pet before he had cousins that happened to have pet dogs and cats that he had plenty of time to bond with and understand how to show you weren't a dangerous person for the animal to fear. After showing patience in doing the motion on the ground for the puppy, the puppy stepping closer and closer slowly, Vergil allowed the pup to sniff his hand before reaching out and scratching it's nose. Soon the pup trusted Vergil enough as he picked it up and began walking down the street back to Mona's house. He would end up getting Mona back completely unharmed, if not a little starving, before making his way back to the mansion to report the mission a success.

(WC 527)

(Claiming mission and bonus rewards, 1 stat, Chakra Anesthetic, 1 AP)
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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In Need of a Dog? Empty Re: In Need of a Dog?

Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:51 pm
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