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A Sad Old Man. Empty A Sad Old Man.

Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:20 pm
27 SUMMER, 419AV


It was those days wasn't it.. the smell of the air breezing throughout his nose he could feel life moving by with every sec. Nothing was the same but his age moving quicker than anything an Uchiha he was. One of the cursed clans he lived by them for many since he was born.  Even though he was about to have a family, it bothered him whilst he would sit up from his bed. The moments were passing by like no other and his breath would be in slow steps as if he was about to pass out. Re-calling his moments when he was a child. 

His mother was a caring mother, and that was it being different like all the other kids. He was a special hearted with mostly filled with happiness. he grew up with the best of his comrades and like no other Yasaki was determined to chase something else. with a smile across his face, those days went fast as expected but the uchiha was already starting to begin what was going on. by old age he would forget most things and seems he sat on his bed pondering what might have differed from the days.

as he would mourn from his childhood, his mother and mostly his family he didn't see them for forty-one-year. he was forty-three they hurt it his feeling knowing that time flew quicker than himself. and just like the felt nothing, in his bed just laying down depressed with sadness. Whatever it was, it would be it either way, and Yasaki either stayed in his bed for the rest of his life or do something. whilst being a jounin for his village it meant nothing to him. he can't even save a loved one it annoyed him.

he was in a feeling of sorrow but he understood no one will push him but only himself. life wasn't fair, and it always wasn't and to do something with his life would be today at all costs. he would not suffer for the rest of his life, no way he had a child, coming and needed him to give a life. it was his sixth birthday today, checking his calender Yasaki was disgusted. something wasn't right, and he knew it was bugging him. son, family they were important also, but he put himself in first before others. he clinched his fist whilst in bed, tearing away.

the uchiha was staying in his bed remembering the moments he lived through. His family meant a lot to him either way he will find a solution no matter what?  with his eyes matching him who he was delighted to discover this so-called power. To serve and protect his village, he would do it without a doubt. he hit the table right next to him with a single smash knowing that he will get the solution right. being old and grumpy was because his age and everything went quicker than he expected, a smile appeared from his face.

his mother and father would be pleased with what he currently has been doing even though he was old as a fool he still had the guts to never give up. his father taught him the art of puppetry, but as soon as he started to get older he wanted to study his family more so and often becoming what he was destined, a leader for his village. someone who people can look upto when he retires so the next gen can provide for the village at all costs. he was strong, and most ready for the.

with time just staying on his bed thinking about life the old fourty-three had a lot to do from writing stories and chapters for his kids. even though he missed his son's birthday, he still wanted to visit his family without a doubt. Nothing wasn't going to put himself to shame, a proud papa and someone who will not allow himself to be put down with things that are negativity. Yasaki nodded with a little smile across his face, and with that he got up from his bed knowing a man must do what he must do. And this was the first steps he took.

Yasaki was like no other he was always a bright young man and met his lover around twenty-three.  at first he wasn't interested but when time passed by he started to understood the love, she started to show him. he was attached to her at the end giving her all whatever she wanted. by time in front of his eyes when she was twenty-five she was attacked by bandits which he couldn't do anything but unlocking himself the precious doujutsu sharingan tomoe three it was so precious that he killed them all instant.

with burying her body as it was life was about death and losing a loved one shaped himself. but he didn't allow himself to be be in tears and with a simple nod to himself it was going to happen by the will of the god it did. only if he was close enough he would do something quicker he was mentally getting slower and slower but that didn't even bother him yet he heard news that his little brother was attacked.. what was going on? he clinched his fist whilst waking up knowing this was all a dream.

his family was alright, he was doing pretty good.. it was like as if time flew quicker than he expected. nothing was the same as placed his eyes with his hands touching himself. it felt different to him and of course he was worried for a moment, pleased all this was merly a dream whilst on his bed for sometime. he had to get up, and he had to do it wasn't going to be those days and he wasn't going to die laying on his bed without creating a story for himself, no doubt he was going to make history for his village and himself.

28 SUMMER, 419AV


It those days where he had to the chance to become who he wanted to become. By taking action means he would not allow not any other fools to determine who he was. And with that being said, he was Yasaki of the uchiha clan and as an old individual he was smart.  No way he would allow himself to put when he would be destroyed. It meant a lot for him for having a child, being a young one he always wanted to see him. He couldn't allow himself but be outraged for his actions. This wasn't Yasaki.  it was him changing to something else.

As an uchiha it destined him to become a man of his word, his family and kids. He could not because of the live he went through throughout the years of his childhood. He wasn't a raised right, and they went his parents when he was a little child. Losing them meant losing himself, as a shinobi of hoshigakure he understood one thing to truly become what he wanted to be. To relax and chill every moment as if it was it his last death.  Yasaki was a better man and grew up understanding the teaching he needed, having not a family, he was a ready to change it.

As he grew older, he started to understand the concept of life, and the further he went he started to change a lot of his thoughts. He was a shinobi of his village, and a jounin for sometime. he was seeking to get the chance of becoming a hogokage. It wasn't possible and even if it was, he must propose to the current cage to retire. There was no way he would do such a thing, but his power was unbelievable. he was a forty-three-year-old man and was seeking greatness. 

the uchiha nodded whilst staying on his bed, day dreaming understanding in order for him to get the chance he must first seek to increase his power. he was an old fool soon to be retiring but before he could he wanted to make a name for himself for this village. clinching his fist whilst staying in his bed, he was determined to change himself to a better man. with him being one step closer than always he always wanted to do what's good for his family, and for himself. whilst the uchiha would in his bed, mourning the life of himself. 

With time flying like it has always been, uchiha would prepare for himself at all costs his moments of life. Where he would allow himself not to get distracted, because that's who he was and wouldn't allow others to tell him who he was. he was determined, and no matter at all costs to find his son. he didn't even bother visiting his son's birthday, was he a bum after all? no way he wasn't him being him was who he was. And that was that with his pen from his left side and right book on his left he was ready. it was a moment where he started to think more about himself more than others. it made him who he was not what others were thinking about him. whilst still staying in his bed he was not motivated to not get out of his bed as he was simply an old man who didn't care. he had other plans and more of things he wanted to do. he was an Uchiha and needed to find a comrade to tell his stories with. it was a kind of frustrating he didn't  have anyone even though he was lonely, but he accepted it.

as an Uchiha he grew up with hate and wanting to vengeance his parents  but he understood whoever did was just another person who had nothing to do with their life. he totally ignored the situation and did what he must do. to seek out and claim what others do that is understanding himself mostly and becoming who he wants to become? he looked himself at the mirror and thought what the hell was he doing, women's was his type why didn't he go out and look for some or was he a lazy guy who gave up life without a doubt.

with the Uchiha delighted with what he received he would get up from his bed where he would go downstairs do the natural things. making some coffee and being a delightful person. it was a warm moment where he would allow himself to drink the coffee. it felt great like no other as his feelings started to add up. with illusions popping by the Uchiha was lost by what was happening and merely confused he was on his toes prepared at all costs.  he was, after all, a man who was looking for some way in life.

as he made himself a coffee, it was just an illusion he was in and himself was caught upon it thinking about his family, friends and mostly the loved ones. he had a son six-year-old which he didn't get to see and pretty often was caught upon by it. he was a solid guy and managed to not let his feelings get to him. he was smart also and had a lot of heart with skill. the uchiha was sipping away his coffee and just simply didn't care no more. as he would lay down on the bed, sleeping.

with movements passing by and time just flowing through and his age was getting closer by closer. he simply didn't care no more, staying in his bed as if it was his last moments, the uchiha was in a state of worry. he himself was accountable for this and no-one was going to support him but he, and with that being said, he stayed in his bed where he would daydream about his life. with taking sips of his tea he was in a moment where life was begun to hate him.

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A Sad Old Man. Empty Re: A Sad Old Man.

Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:03 pm
Sounds good. 

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