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Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:08 pm
Eventually, the bird Yensung had gotten for the letters written by Kinzoku would arrived at the Mizukage's office. The bird would gently prop itself on the edge of the windows. If said windows were closed, the bird would peck the window a number of times in an attempt to get the attention of those inside. If none were inside, the bird would do as trained and patiently wait until it was attended. Once this occurred, the recipient would see two pieces of paper. The first a brief letter from Kinzoku.

"Mizukage of Kirigakure,

I write to you to inform you that Kumogakure has reached out to us. A new shinobi has declared himself Raikage and leader of Kumo. Attached to this message is a transcript of the letter sent to us.

We plan on sending one of our own out into the field. Ita Uchiha. He will be task with going to Kumo to verify if this Raikage speaks the truth. 

How do you wish us to proceed?

Kinzoki Nazar
Hokage of Konohagakure"

The second note would read as follows.
“Hokage of Konohagakure,
I am Maximillian Yamaguchi, and I have taken the mantle of leadership in Kumogakure. I seek only prosperity for the lands, and in order for that to be the case I send you word of my desires for peace between our lands. I know that the taking of Sunagakure was a great loss to Konoha, and I wish to apologize on behalf of my predecessors, as their ambition knew no end. I hope that you do not hold the sins of those before me as my own, and we can forge a mutually beneficial relationship between our villages moving forward. 
For your own safety, I sadly must inform you of a rogue shinobi roaming the lands known as Kenshin Uzumaki. He has pale skin, scars, and long silver-white hair. He is a serious threat, and one that you should watch out for. I don’t know for certain his location, but he was last seen in Wind Country near Sunagakure, and I have reason to believe he is still there. I don’t believe you are in his sights, but I recommend taking the needed precautions. 
Also know that the village of Kumogakure is offering a bounty on the man. Should you bring me his head, I will pay you a sum of 65,000 ryo and gladly return the land of Sunagakure to you, along with any shinobi that wish to return to the homeland. 
I wish you good fortune in your endeavors,

Raikage Maximillian Yamaguchi”

The messenger bird would remain at the window ledge. If needed, it would take a reply and be on its way back home. If there were no reply, then it would still be on its way home.
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