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Duncan Crawford
Duncan Crawford
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A Letter of Peace (P, Xy) Empty A Letter of Peace (P, Xy)

Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:23 am
There was one more letter to write, one that the boy had almost intentionally been putting off. He had to deliver the news of his position to Kiri, their kage known as a terror, an old creature from a different era that had seen his fair share of conflict and world shattering events. A man whose death grip on his right to rule challenged by none, for they dare not stand against such a man. It wasn’t fear that held the boy back, but making sure his words were just right. He had no intention of insulting the man, and Max was trying his darnedest to work towards peaceful relations with all of the other major villages.  

“Greetings, Mizukage

I am Maximillian Yamaguchi, and I have taken the mantle of leadership in Kumogakure. I seek only prosperity for the lands, and in order for that to be the case I send you word of my desires for peace between our lands. I know not whether you saw our former leaders in a positive or negative light, but I hope that you do not hold the sins of those before me as my own, and we can forge a mutually beneficial relationship between our villages moving forward. I hope to cleanse our image in the eyes of the world and remove the taint that burdens us.

Also, for your own safety and the safety of those in your service, I sadly must inform you of a rogue shinobi roaming the lands known as Kenshin Uzumaki. He has pale skin, scars, and long silver-white hair. He is a serious threat, and one that you should watch out for. I don’t know for certain his location, but he was last seen in Wind Country near Sunagakure, and I have reason to believe he is still there. The village of Kumogakure is offering a bounty of 65,000 ryo to the man that brings me his head.

I know that our villages had little interaction in the past, beyond the Kage Summit and the Chuunin Exams. I wish to remedy this, to grow our bonds of comradery in keeping this land safe from those that wish to defile it. Your capability to rule and the respect I am told you wield with your presence alone is something I admire. I do hope to count you among my friends and allies in the trying times ahead.

I wish you well,

Raikage Maximillian Yamaguchi”

The letter wasn’t anything special, despite his attempts. Kiri and Kumo simply didn’t have much in the way of interaction from what Max had seen, and none of his files suggest anything different. There is one file that says that the man that helped Kumo conquer Suna is the brother of the Mizukage, but Max had no way of confirming the information and the varying reports of what actually happened at the takeover of Suna made it even harder for the boy to determine fact from fiction.

The messenger bird with the letter secured to its foot would fly towards Kiri. The young lord would hope it would not get caught in the awful storm wall surrounding the island the Mizukage ruled.
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